Saturday, September 17, 2016

Congressional Black Caucus Members Falsely Accuse Donald Trump of Racism

By Frances Rice

Have they no shame?

While wrongly accusing Donald Trump of racism, members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) themselves have engaged in racial discrimination by refusing to admit a white liberal, Rep. Democrat Stephen I. Cohen, who succeeded former Rep. Harold Ford in representing a majority black American district in Tennessee .
Even more egregious, the CBC turns a blind eye to the devastation caused to black communities by the failed socialist policies of their party, the Democratic Party.
Yet, these same sellouts to their black constituents are quick to rush to the nearest microphone to fabricate charges of racism against Donald Trump because he is shining a light on how the Democratic Party has destroyed black communities for 60+ years.
In full faux outraged mode and determined to paint Donald Trump as a racist, the CBC first regurgitated Democratic Party talking points about an over 30-year old law suit involving a New York rental agency for some properties owned by Donald Trump’s father.
The rental agency had vetted potential tenants based on income.  As is typical of left wingers, the income vetting was recast into race vetting. With that false narrative in play, the court at that time ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. How does that case make Donald Trump today a racist?
Not finished with trying to tar Donald Trump as a racist, the CBC hauled out a 27-year old Central Park jogger rape case. Well, below are the facts about that case.
It was 1989. The crack epidemic had torn through New York as poverty soared to 25% and the city’s elites reaped the rewards of a booming Wall Street. The murder rate had risen to 1,896 killings a year; 3,254 rapes would be reported in the five boroughs, but only one captured the city’s extended attention.
On the evening of  April 19th, a 28-year-old investment banker Trisha Meili, who was white, jogged across the northern, dilapidated section of Central Park. She was brutally attacked – bludgeoned with a rock, gagged, tied and raped. She was left for dead but discovered hours later, unconscious and suffering from hypothermia and severe brain damage.
That same night, a group of more than 30 youths had entered the park from East Harlem. Some engaged in a rampage of random criminality, hurling rocks at cars, assaulting and mugging passersby.
Among the group was Salaam, along with 14-year-olds Raymond Santana and Kevin Richardson, 15-year-old Antron McCray and 16-year-old Korey Wise. The teenagers – four African American and one Hispanic – would become known collectively as the Central Park Five.
Four of the boys signed confessions and appeared on video without a lawyer, each arguing that while they had not been the individual to commit the rape they had witnessed one of the others do it, thereby implicating the entire group.
Meili, who made a miraculous recovery and testified in court, could not remember any details of the attack.
All five boys pleaded not guilty at trial the following year. The jury found all five boys guilty. The court condemned them to prison to serve sentences ranging from five to 10 years and five to 15 years. Wise, who had remained in the city’s notorious Rikers Island jail, was sentenced as an adult.
During that time, Donald Trump paid a reported $85,000 to take out advertising space in four of the city’s newspapers, including the New York Times.
Here is the ad.

Trump later apologized. But Barbara Res, a member of Trump’s inner circle through much of the 1980s who served as his executive vice-president in 1989, told the “Guardian” she never witnessed any signs of racism throughout her time at his company.

 “I think he got angry when he saw what happened to that woman, and I think he reacted to it,” she said of the Central Park jogger case. “I think we were all horrified at what happened. I think everybody basically supported Donald. I don’t think he was trying to be racist – I think he was trying to be a proponent of law and order.”
It is truly sad, that rather than being concerned about what happened to an innocent woman, the CBC uses her tragic case to falsely accuse Donald Trump of racism, all in a disgusting attempt to help Hillary Clinton get elected.