Thursday, April 19, 2018

Donate To Our GoFundMe Campaign To Support Our Black Success Stories

A message from Frances Rice
Lieutenant Colonel (USA Retired)
Chairman, National Black Republican Association:

We all know how social media suppresses conservative voices.

Diamond & Silk videos were called “unsafe for the community” by Facebook.

Our positive historic Black role model videos were labeled “unsuitable” by YouTube.

You can help us produce and promote our positive Black success videos and counter social media bias with a donation to our GoFundMe Campaign.

Your contribution will help us advocate traditional values: marriage, stable families, education and hard work.

Our “"Profiles of African-American Success" historic documentaries, produced by BSMTV, feature Black American entrepreneurs who achieved great success in the late 19th century and early 21th century.

Four videos are posted on our GoFundMecampaign site:

  • Reginald F. Lewis: America's First Black Billion Dollar Businessman

  • Frederick D. Patterson: This Black Man Had His Own Car Company 100 Years Ago

  • Jeremiah G. Hamilton: This Black Man was a Millionaire BEFORE the Civil War

  • Cathy L. Hughes: First Black Woman to Head a Publicly-traded Company

Your donation, in any amount, will help us succeed in our mission to promote conservative values.

Please make a contribution to our GoFundMecampaign today at:

Thank you for your help,
Frances Rice