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Stop Bad Mouthing President Obama

Stop Bad Mouthing President Obama
The evidence suggests that President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder did not have a clue regarding the scandals involving Benghazi, the IRS, the Associated Press, and Fast and Furious.  Obama's racist white staff never informed their black President or their black Attorney General what they were doing behind closed doors.  
Have you ever noticed that for most of his presidency, Obama reads from teleprompter speeches that were prepared and approved by white staffers (David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel)?  The in appropriateness of using of a teleprompter during press conferences is perhaps the reason why he has not had very many live press conferences.  It is obvious that he doesn't know how to handle questions without his white staff preparing the answers for him.
Have you noticed the difference between his prepared speeches and his live press conferences?  In his speeches he is smooth and articulate, but in his press conferences, he stumbles over every word and often times has to come back later to revise his statements, or have his press secretary to do it for him.  History shows that the racist Democratic Party would never put a black man in charge of anything without controlling what he says and what he does.
Let’s look at some of the evidence.
Benghazi Scandal
On Benghazi, the congressional hearings revealed that it was the white staffers of the CIA and the State Department that prepared the talking points (just like his white racist staff prepares his speeches), then they told their two black puppets (Ambassador Susan Rice and Obama) to go out and present the edited information to the American people.  The hearings verified that Obama wasn't in those talking point meetings.  He only knew what his white staff told him.
After being told what to say, Obama obeyed his white masters and went on The View, 60 Minutes and to the United Nations and repeatedly said exactly what he was told to say.  He had no idea what was going on.
After looking like a fool, the President was shocked and angry when he learned that his white staff, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had kept the truth from him.  But they reminded him that he is merely a puppet president, so just shut up and do what he is told.
IRS Scandal
Again, the congressional hearings revealed that on the issue regarding the IRS, neither the black Attorney General nor the black President was aware that the white IRS Commissioners were investigating the Tea Party and 9-12 applicants.   That's why during his first press conference after the scandal broke (and after the IRS had apologized), Obama said: "If these allegations are true..." He had no idea what was true.
Obama didn't know what was going on because his white racist White House Counsel, Kathryn Ruemmler, who knew about this problem since April, did not trust their black President with the information.  They were convinced that if they told this black President and his black Attorney General what was really going on, they would screw things up.
Associated Press and Fast & Furious
On the issue of the Associated Press, the same thing occurred.   Neither Obama nor Holder knew what was going on because their white racist staff kept these two black men out of the loop.  The white press secretary made this very clear during his press conferences.  He reiterated over and over again during the press conference, that the President and the Attorney General knew nothing about this.
It was obvious from the congressional hearings that neither Holder nor Obama knew anything about the Fast & Furious gun scandal.  Holder wasn't stumbling over the questions because he was trying to keep information from Congress.  Instead, his white staffers never told this black man about the program because they did not trust a black Attorney General with this type of information.  The hearings revealed that the orders for the Fast & Furious program came from a white Assistance Attorney General.  The same was true with the Associated Press scandal.
 Obama’s Political Career
Did you notice that when Obama decided to run for a second term as President, David Axelrod (the white man who was his chief of staff in the White House) immediately resigned to run (or shall I say “control”) Obama’s campaign?   The racist Democratic Party has never liked black folks.  It was David Axelrod who refused to let Obama meet with the Congressional Black Caucus during his entire first term.
Obama has been a puppet of the white racist Democrats from the start.  When he was being groomed to run for the office of President (after he became a U.S. Senator), his white advisors (according to a PBS Documentary on his rise in politics) provided him with the following two year plan: (1) “avoid controversial issues for two years” [to eliminate a track record that can be used against him] and (2) “have no out of state speaking engagements for one year” [keep a very low profile].
 His profile was so low that the congressional records show that he was the last one to ask a question during committee hearings, waiting up to two hours before he was allowed to do so.  According the PBS documentary, during this period, his chief advisors were David Axelrod (who started with him when he ran for the U.S. Senate) and Tom Daschle.  In essence they told the black man to:
 "Speak when you are spoken to
And come when you are called
And one of these days,
You'll make a good watch dog.”
And he did.  Obama never speaks until his white Democratic Party masters tell him to do so.  The evidence suggests that Obama is merely a black puppet whose strings are being pulled by the white racist Democratic Party to accomplish their racist agenda.
Notice that white Democrats never talk about nor do they let Obama talk about high black unemployment or the conditions in the inner-cities.  Obama doesn't have a clue about what's going on in his own administration.
The hearings revealed that Obama’s white staff held meetings where he was excluded and develop programs and policy positions and he was never included.  This is why no scandals involving the Obama Administration can ever be compared to Watergate.  Nixon’s staff respected him.  They had to, because Nixon taped everything in the White House.
Since the beginning of their party, it has always been the goal of the racist Democrats to "keep a black man in his place."  And they have always accomplished this by keeping information from the black man.   It’s obvious who the racist are – white Democrats.
Finally, have you noticed that every time Congress asks Obama's staff, why didn't they inform the President regarding what they were doing, they never had an answer?  Most white Republicans think that Obama's staff is merely trying to protect the President.  They don't seem to realize that it is not protection, but the lack of confidence they have in their black man.
Note:  The PBS Documentary referred to, was aired in 2008 with the following title:
“The Choice 2008 – Two Journeys –One Destination”
Rev. Wayne Perryman is the author of “Unfounded Loyalty,”  “Whites, Blacks and Racist Democrats” and “Teens & Young People Who Impacted The World.”  He can be contacted at: