Monday, October 25, 2021

Twitter Suspends GOP Congressman for Saying Rachel Levine Is a Man


Photo by: Caroline Brehman/Pool via AP

The official Twitter account of Congressman Jim Banks (R-Ind.) was suspended for tweeting, “The title of first female four-star officer gets taken by a man” in reference to Rachel Levine, Biden’s assistant secretary for Health & Human Services (HHS), being sworn in as a four-star admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps earlier this week.

When Biden promoted Levine, the administration called him the “first-ever female four-star admiral,” effectively robbing a real woman from ever holding that title.

“My tweet was a statement of fact. Big Tech doesn’t have to agree with me, but they shouldn’t cancel me,” Banks said in a statement posted to Instagram. “If they silence me, they will silence you. We can’t allow Big Tech to prevent us from telling the truth.”

Twitter similarly suspended me earlier this week for pointing out the same biological fact as Congressman Banks.

Banks, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), also called on Republicans to “restore honesty to our public forums and hold Big Tech accountable” if they win back control of Congress next year.

For the time being, Banks is posting to his personal Twitter account.

“Twitter has suspended my official account for posting a statement of FACT. I won’t back down.”

Twitter similarly flagged a tweet by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for violating their hateful conduct policy, which “determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

“A dude who lived the first 50 years of his life as a man isn’t the first female anything. China is laughing at us,” Greene tweeted.

Indeed they are.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Farce of American Despotism

By Roger Kimball | American Greatness 

The Soviets had the gulag, we have “cancel culture” in our universities and a brittle obsession with race and weirdo sexuality everywhere. 

Reflecting on Joe Biden’s disastrous “town hall” with Anderson Cooper on Thursday, The Spectator’s Dominic Green asks a question that has to weigh heavily on the mind of every American adult: “Is it more worrisome that Joe Biden might not be in charge, or that he actually is in charge?” I have long argued that allowing Biden to appear in public is a form of elder abuse, and I have speculated that he really is not in control of his actions but is manipulated, puppet-like, by a shadowy cadre of unnamed string-pullers I have called “The Committee.”

I do not have any proof that such is the case. I infer the existence and machinations of The Committee from Biden’s ostentatious incompetence and apparent senility. Has any president in the history of the Republic overseen such a destructive litany of failures so early in his tenure? Observers around the world caught their breath in August as our botched exit from Afghanistan went from appalling to something much worse and more deadly. What will be its defining image? The desperate Afghans clinging to and then falling from the landing gear of a transport plane as it took off from the Kabul airport? Or will it be the images of the slaughter perpetrated by a suicide (that is, a homicide) bomber outside the airport, an incident that killed some 170 people include more than a dozen U.S. military personnel?

Or maybe it will be the image of the drone strike launched in retaliation for that slaughter, a strike that was supposed to have targeted an ISIS-K operative but in fact killed zero terrorists and instead blew to bits 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children. The United States initially said they had obliterated an ISIS-K operative along with the collateral damage, but eventually they had to admit that, nope, they got no bad guys, just 10 innocent Afghans. 

General Mark “White Rage” Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, initially called the attack a “righteous strike,” but then walked that back to describe it as a “heart-wrenching” “horrible tragedy of war.” Meanwhile, Joe Biden himself called the evacuation from Afghanistan an “extraordinary success.” 

I wonder what the hundreds of Americans stranded in Afghanistan think about that? The administration initially said that everyone who wanted to get out could get out, then it acknowledged that a handful of Americans were left behind, then “about a hundred.” That number has just been adjusted up to more than 400. I wonder, too, what the families of those murdered by the Taliban, and then hanged from construction cranes as “examples” to the populace, think of that judgment? Something similar, I suspect, to what the husband and children of Negar Masoomi, the pregnant policewoman who allegedly was murdered in front of them by Taliban agents in September, think. 

But whether Joe is calling the shots or is merely the Howdy Doody mannequin manipulated by others, it is clear for all to see that the United States, as Green puts it, is “heading nowhere good.” And the volume keeps getting turned up on the awfulness. 

Everyone has minuted the disaster at our southern border, where thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens are pouring into the country, only to be packed off and resettled in a town near you. It was horrible a couple of months ago. Now it is a screaming catastrophe, as another huge caravan of migrants is wending its way through Mexico towards America. Just so, inflation had spiked over the summer, but now it is out of control, the worst in decades, a situation compounded by a crippled supply chain as hundreds of cargo ships loiter off the coasts of California and New York, unable to make port or be unloaded. 

Meanwhile Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s transportation secretary is off on paternity leave with his hubby and their adopted child. Santa is predicted to be leaving the North Pole a little light this holiday season, since many of the gifts people ordered will be delayed. And it’s a good thing his sleigh is powered by reindeer, since gas is going to be awfully dear by Christmas. At some spots in California, it is already north of $8 a gallon. 

Last week,  the world, including our so-called “intelligence” services was surprised the the news that the Chinese had recently  tested a nuclear capable hypersonic rocket. The news of that broke right around the time that the State Department issued a tweet proudly announcing “International Pronouns Day.” “Today on International Pronouns Day,” it read, “we share why many people list pronouns on their email and social media profiles.”

Noting that until recently, the United States set “the global standard in political imagery,” Green argues that that day has passed. “The US no longer defines that global standard,” he writes.

The Chinese are the masters of political performance these days, whether it’s allegorical nationalist ballets at sporting events or the other nationalist ballet, the synchronized ovation in the Great Hall of the People. Yet our politicians feel they have to keep up with the old American standard. The result, as it was for the Soviets, is farce. We are now beating ourselves at our own game.

Indeed. And one result of that farce is that the mummers’ play of political correctness increasingly substitutes for serious politics, even as the ideology of wokeness replaces genuine enlightenment. “Twenty-first century America,” Green rightly comments, “is a shadow of its former self, so its politics have become a shadow play of propaganda.” 

Marx famously adapted Hegel’s observations about history repeating itself, noting Hegel forgot to add that it does so first as tragedy, then as farce. That is the mode of American despotism at the moment. The Soviets had the gulag, we have “cancel culture” in our universities and a brittle obsession with race and weirdo sexuality everywhere. Are we supposed to be proud or alarmed that Rachel Levine, (né Richard) is the first “transgender” Assistant Secretary of Health and four-star admiral? Tocqueville saw the essentials of our peculiar servitude in his brilliant analysis of “democratic despotism.” Naturally, though, he missed some of the more farcical aspects for who, in 1830, could have predicted “International Pronouns Day” or phenomena like Rachel Levine? 

Montesquieu put his finger on our situation when, in Considerations of the Causes of the Greatness of the Romans and Their Decline, he noted that “in a free state in which sovereignty has just been usurped, whatever can establish the unlimited authority of one man is called good order, and whatever can maintain the honest liberty of the subjects is called commotion, dissension, or bad government.” Montesquieu was talking about the moment when the Roman republic gave way to the autocracy of Augustus. Mutatis mutandis, what he says applies equally to our situation in which sovereignty has been usurped and concentrated in the hand of a tiny oligarchy that mouths clichés about “our democracy” the better to subvert it.

YAAHA Educational Fund 2021 Video Features Black Pioneer Marine Biologists

Photo (L to R): Ernest Everett Just, Roger Arliner Young, Evan Forde, Ashanti Johnson

The non-profit organization, the Yocum African American History Association (YAAHA), has released a video that features four black Pioneer Marine Biologists as part of the YAAHA Educational Fund 2021.

Ernest Everett Just, Acclaimed African American Pioneer Biologist

Roger Arliner Young: First African American Woman To Receive A Doctorate Degree In Zoology

Evan Forde: First African American Oceanographer Scientist Researcher on A Submersible Craft

Ashanti Johnson: First African American To Earn An Oceanography Doctoral Degree From Texas A&M University


YAAHA’s educational campaign is designed to “Build Leaders Through Black History Education.”

A donation in any amount would help YAAHA inform the public about African American achievements missing from history books, including the inspiring stories of the four black Pioneer Marine Biologists.

Please donate now to this worthwhile educational campaign and be a positive part of history training.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

High Stakes in Virginia

By Thomas Sowell |

Although Virginia has been a politically blue state for years, this year's election has the Democrats' governor facing a serious challenge.

One of the reasons is that many Virginia parents are outraged by the "woke" propaganda their children are being subjected to in the public schools -- and the governor has sided with the education bureaucrats and the teachers union.

This is one battle in a much bigger war, and the stakes are far higher than the governorship of Virginia or the Democrats and Republicans. The stakes are the future of this nation.

When school propaganda teaches black kids to hate white people, that is a danger to all Americans of every race. Anyone at all familiar with the history of group-identity politics in other countries knows that it has often ended up producing sickening atrocities that have torn whole societies apart.

If you have a strong stomach, read about the 1915 atrocities against the Armenians in Turkey, "ethnic cleansing" in the Balkans, or the reciprocal atrocities between the Sinhalese and Tamils during their civil war in Sri Lanka.

Do not kid yourself that this cannot happen in America. The relations between the Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka were once held up to the world as a model of intergroup harmony.

They got along better than blacks and whites have ever gotten along in the U.S. But then a talented demagogue polarized the country with group-identity politics, to get himself elected prime minister.

Once he was elected, he was ready to moderate his position. But you cannot just turn group hatred on and off, like a light bulb. He was assassinated and the hatred continued on.

There is a point of no return in America as well. And we may be nearing it, or perhaps past it.

Low-income minority students, especially, cannot afford the luxury of having their time wasted on ideological propaganda in the schools, when they are not getting a decent education in mathematics or the English language.

When they graduate, and go on to higher education that could prepare them for professional careers, hating white people is not likely to do them nearly as much good as knowing math and English.

This may be a new issue to some people, but such irresponsible indoctrination has been going on for decades. Back in 1993, my book "Inside American Education" had a long chapter titled "Classroom Brainwashing."

Anyone who reads the school propagandists' own words quoted there can find that a sickening experience as well.

Parents who protest the arrogant abuse of a captive audience of children are performing an important public service. They deserve something better than having the Biden administration's Attorney General threatening them.

But this whole issue is far older and far bigger than the Biden administration. It will be a cancerous threat to this country, long after the current administration is over.

Poisonous indoctrination will not stop unless it gets stopped. But most parents and voters have lives to lead, and cannot keep monitoring everything the schools do.

Most low-income parents lack the one thing that would get them taken seriously by the education establishment -- an ability to take their children to other schools.

Parents and voters in New York state can go on the Internet and see the State Education Department's data on how many students in traditional public schools and in charter schools pass the math and English tests. People in other states may have something similar.

In low-income minority neighborhoods, most of the students in unionized public schools fail both these statewide tests. But most students in charter schools in the same neighborhoods pass those same tests -- several times more often.

In 2013, a 5th-grade class in a Harlem charter school scored higher in math than any other 5th-grade class in the state.

Neither the educational problems nor the propaganda problems can be solved without allowing parents the option to take their children out of the failing schools they are forced to attend.

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305. His website is

Friday, October 22, 2021

The Confusing Mr. Biden

By The Editorial Board | The Wall Street Journal 

President Joe Biden participates in a CNN town hall at Baltimore Center Stage in Baltimore, Oct. 21. - PHOTO: NICHOLAS KAMM/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

The President’s town hall performance is cause for concern.

White House handlers shield President Biden from the press as much as possible, and Thursday’s town hall on CNN shows why. Even with a friendly audience and softball questions, Mr. Biden’s performance revealed why so many Americans are losing confidence in his Presidency.

One big problem is that Mr. Biden often doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about. Take rising gas prices that are a growing public concern. Mr. Biden blamed the OPEC cartel for not producing more oil, but then he said the answer is “ultimately . . . investing in renewable energy.”

Most cars still run on gasoline, not solar or wind power. Electric cars remain impractical for most Americans. The way to reduce gas prices is to produce more oil to increase the supply. Mr. Biden wouldn’t have to plead with OPEC to produce more if he weren’t working so hard to limit U.S. oil production.

How about the supply-chain bottlenecks contributing to shortages and inflation? Mr. Biden blamed Covid and employers who won’t pay enough to attract workers. But employers are bidding up wages nearly across the economy and they still can’t fill the more than 10 million job openings nationwide.

Asked if he’d call in the National Guard to address the shortage of truckers, Mr. Biden said he would. But the deployment of the Guard is actually controlled by Governors, as the White House later clarified.

Mr. Biden’s confusion extended to foreign policy, which is supposed to be his strength. Regarding Taiwan—a crucial issue with China—Mr. Biden misstated U.S. policy. Asked “can you vow to protect Taiwan,” Mr. Biden said “yes.”

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper must have figured this was news, because he gave Mr. Biden another chance: “So are you saying that the United States would come to Taiwan’s defense if—”

Mr. Biden: “Yes.”

Mr. Cooper: —“China attacked?”

Mr. Biden: “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.”

The actual U.S. policy toward Taiwan is “strategic ambiguity” about U.S. intentions. The Taiwan Relations Act commits the U.S. to help Taiwan defend itself but does not include a NATO-like commitment to go to war to defend the island democracy. Many people think the U.S. should make such a commitment explicit so Beijing doesn’t miscalculate and invade the island. Was Mr. Biden announcing a change in U.S. policy?

Apparently not, because the White House soon walked back Mr. Biden’s words. Strategic ambiguity lives, or perhaps we should say strategic confusion in the case of Mr. Biden. You have to wonder what the hard men in Beijing think of this performance. Does the fast White House retreat from Mr. Biden’s words mean the U.S. doesn’t intend to defend Taiwan? What is U.S. policy? Wars have started amid such mixed signals to adversaries.

We take no pleasure in pointing this out, since the U.S. needs a President who can handle the strains of the job. Mr. Biden was never Demosthenes, and all Presidents stumble in speech. But Mr. Biden’s frequent public confusion about the major issues of the day is a reason for the growing public concern.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

‘Woke Racism’ by John McWhorter

 By Tunku Varadarajan 

Illustration of John McWhorter by BARBARA KELLEY

For the left, antiracism is the new religion, and ‘pious, unempirical virtue signaling’ is a form of political activism.

‘This book frankly leapt out of me,” writes John McWhorter, “during the summer of 2020.” The country was convulsed not just with Covid-19, but with protests in response to the killing of an unarmed black man by a white policeman whose actions were caught on camera. Mr. McWhorter began to write in the first week of August. Eight weeks later, he’d finished “Woke Racism,” a book that hits back at the “antiracists” who prowl public life in search of transgression, and whose mission to rid America of “racist” thought he likens to that of a religious cult. His book is a cry from the heart, and readers should gauge the depth of his indignation from the fact that its working title was “F*** ’Em.”

This eloquent manifesto is Mr. McWhorter’s 22nd book, a majority of those on the subject of linguistics. His is a split personality: A linguist in his day job as a professor at Columbia University (specializing in creoles, particularly the Saramaccan language in Suriname), he’s also an outspoken commentator on race whenever the national mood requires it. As Mr. McWhorter’s thinking on race is in conflict with that of the black American political mainstream, he’s often miscast as a black conservative by glib taxonomists. But he’s careful to point out that he wasn’t “thinking of right-wing America as my audience,” even as he acknowledges that many liberal readers will think him “traitorous” for writing this book.

Mr. McWhorter’s target audience is, precisely, the one that would regard him as racially incendiary. It includes white progressives who have “fallen under the impression that pious, unempirical virtue signaling about race is a form of moral enlightenment and political activism.” Equally, it comprises black people who have succumbed to the “misimpression” that the way to their own salvation lies in “a curated persona as eternally victimized souls.”

Mr. McWhorter’s targets in “Woke Racism” are antiracist crusaders whom he calls the Elect—borrowing a term used by the essayist Joseph Bottum in his book “An Anxious Age” (2014). Mr. McWhorter chooses not to call these people Social Justice Warriors or Inquisitors, deeming those labels “unsuitably dismissive” and “mean,” respectively. He’s not the first to trace the “rootstock” of their ideology to critical race theory. This is a once-fringe belief, now muscling its way into mainstream thought, that every individual’s fate is determined by racial “hierarchy” and power. The theory contends, writes Mr. McWhorter, that a nonwhite in America is “akin to the captive oarsman slave straining belowdecks in chains.”

The Elect, Mr. McWhorter notes, pursue a proselytizing brand of antiracism that has had a particularly harmful effect on academic inquiry, “sometimes strangling it like kudzu.” Bestselling books like Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility”—which flagellates white people for their incurable racism—and Ibram X. Kendi’s “How to Be an Antiracist” are the gospels of the antiracist left.

The Elect have a weapon in their arsenal that lends them outsize power. As a result of the “genuine and invaluable change” that has occurred in the modern white American since the Civil Rights movement, “being called a racist is all but equivalent to being called a pedophile.” Those who police our minds for racism believe that Americans who don’t fight to overturn “the systemic pervasiveness of white supremacy” must be regarded as racist themselves. The world of the Elect is “Manichaean,” its fervor “absolutist.”

How can academics, journalists, CEOs and others combat this new culture of race-based anathema? Mr. McWhorter’s answer is refreshingly non-theoretical. Do not debate the Elect, he counsels, for “they seek not conversation but conversion.” Asking them to heed the post-Enlightenment commitment to free speech is a waste of time. We must “work around” them.

Invoking Alexander Solzhenitsyn—who wrote of the everyday courage needed to resist Soviet oppression—Mr. McWhorter says that America needs “civil valor” to combat the Elect. A critical mass of people must steel itself and start confronting the tormentors. He points to examples where people or corporations have pushed back against woke pressure: Trader Joe’s, the supermarket chain, declined to change its ethnic-oriented branding of certain products after facing accusations of racism (and offering, at first, an apology); hundreds of professors gave their support to Abigail Thompson, a math professor at the University of California, Davis, who refused to comply with “diversity” requirements imposed on her by administrators.

These examples—and others he’s compiled in his book—show us, says Mr. McWhorter, that the Elect can be put in their place if Americans behave like Galileo did before the Inquisition.

Antiracist activists have learned, he says, that they can get what they wish for if they use loudly condemnatory language. After all, no one wants to be shamed as racist on social media—the 21st-century equivalent of being burned at the stake. Mr. McWhorter equips us with some “sample scripts” that might be used in response to antiracist bullies by their beleaguered quarry. An example: “I will not sign this petition, and I don’t care what you call me when I don’t.” Another: “No, we will not refocus our entire curriculum around antiracism. We do not think of battling racism as the most important goal of our program.” Having risen in rebellion, the brave must stand their ground. “Be Spartacus,” Mr. McWhorter says.

This is a tonic to hear, of course. Yet to some weary Americans, resigned to seeing wokeness end jobs and wreck reputations, Mr. McWhorter may sound naive or overoptimistic. (Didn’t Spartacus die in battle?) At present, people at the commanding heights of our culture are all too eager to cave, no matter how loudly an individual accused of racism asserts his innocence. That said, it would be bracing if—as a start—people stopped apologizing when hounded by the Elect.

The book finishes with a robust marine metaphor. Mr. McWhorter suggests that the woke be dealt with the way some swimmers deal with sharks. “You can make a shark approaching you go away by bopping it on the nose,” he writes. The Elect are like sharks. They need to be bopped on the nose.

A faultlessly polite man, he stresses that he doesn’t mean anything physical.


Mr. Varadarajan, a Journal contributor, is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and at New York University Law School’s Classical Liberal Institute.


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Democrat Strategist Has an Ominous Warning for His Party in 2022


AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Biden’s tanking poll numbers nationally and in key swing states spell big trouble for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections, says Democrat strategist Douglas Schoen. He says they could endure a “blowout defeat.”

“President Biden is in a significantly weaker position now than both of his most recent Democratic predecessors — Bill Clinton and Barack Obama — at this point in their presidencies,” Schoen notes in an op-ed in The Hill. “Which suggests that Democrats could suffer even more substantial losses in 2022 than the party did in 1994 and 2010.”

Schoen served as an adviser to President Clinton and advised Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 presidential campaign.

“Indeed, voters nationally and in seven key swing-states disapprove, rather than approve, of the job President Biden is doing by a margin of 7-points or greater, according to a Civiqs survey released last week,” he continued. “Nationally, one-half [50 percent of voters disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as president, while just 42 percent approve.”

Schoen noted that Obama’s net approval rating was 19 points higher than Biden’s right now, and yet in the 2010 midterms, Democrats lost a net of 64 seats in the House, and Republicans gained six seats in the Senate. In 1994, Democrats lost a net of 52 seats in the House, and Republicans gained eight seats in the Senate.

While there’s still more than a year before the midterms, Schoen acknowledged that “Democrats’ blowout midterm defeats in both 1994 and 2010 can be attributed in large part to their passage of massive spending and tax bills in the years prior.”

“The Democrats’ 1994 defeat came after they pushed through Congress the then-largest tax increase in history without any Republican support,” Schoen points out. “And in 2010, Democrats lost due in large part to voters’ perception of an ineffective economic stimulus, as well as governmental overreach on healthcare and the economy by the administration and congressional Democrats.”

History seems to be repeating itself as Democrats are pushing a $3.5 trillion spending bill, which even Schoen admits will not only bring massive tax increases, but also increase annual deficits, the national debt, and inflation. This, he believes, will likely spark an “electoral backlash” bigger than both 1994 and 2010.

Historically speaking, the party in power loses seats in midterm elections. Between Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal and other bad policies, things aren’t looking good for him. While some in the party think there’s time to recover, Schoen suggests that things could actually get worse for the Democrats. He’s likely right. Last month, another Democrat strategist saw the writing on the wall and advised Democrats to steamroll their agenda while they still can. That seems to be the approach they’re attempting to take, apparently unwilling to realize that their radical agenda is what is causing the shift against them in the first place.



Democrats Are Increasingly Freaking Out About 2022


AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The 2020 election was a tough one for Democrats. Other than the presidency and the Senate, Democrats suffered at the ballot box. The party lost 11 House seats and face the narrowest House majority in two decades. Add to the damage the beating Democrats took in state races, and 2020 looked like a pummeling indeed.

The Biden presidency hasn’t made things any better. The party is dealing with infighting between moderates and far-left members, and the president’s approval ratings are abysmal. On top of these factors, Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) became the latest among 10 key Democrats to announce their retirement ahead of the 2022 election cycle last week.

As a result, the 2022 midterm elections are looking more like an uphill battle for Democrats, and they’re freaking out about it. Back in September, Democrats were already talking about a “bloodbath” and “going for broke” on progressive agenda items, but their mood is growing increasingly fearful.

According to The Hill:

“To be blunt, I’m not feeling good about where we are,” one senior Democratic congressional aide said. “Look, it was never going to be easy or anything. It was always kind of contingent on what got done. I just think we’re starting to see how fragile this is.

The numbers already favor the GOP. The Republicans only need to turn five seats red to gain a majority in the House, and that’s even without redistricting, which will also work to the GOP’s advantage next year.

The Senate currently sits at 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris as a tying vote, and several Democrats are vulnerable, including Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.), who won a special election to fill a seat that is up for reelection this cycle.

The 2022 election is also a clear referendum on President Biden and his agenda, which have given Republicans plenty of ammunition to use throughout the campaign season. Approval numbers and recent issue polls don’t bode well for Biden and his party.

On top of all these genuine concerns for the Democrats, a slew of “longshot” candidates have entered key races, drawing attention and donations away from Democrats who stand a better chance of winning their elections. Democrat strategists have their hands full with some unviable candidates.

The Hill reports:

Up and down the ballot, Democrats have long grumbled about candidates they deem to be inconsequential attention suckers. They argue there’s limited value to contenders who launch far-fetched bids that take away time, media focus and money from other choices.

Democratic candidates are still raking in boatloads of cash, and some seats are a shoo-in for the party no matter how much Biden drags them down. Democrats also still hold a slim lead in the generic ballot. Still, the Democrats are definitely aware of the steeper and steeper uphill climb they face in the upcoming midterms.

Pollsters are also seeing how events and trends are shaping the 2022 election season:

“President Biden’s backslide on leadership, honesty and competence and the fact that he has lost some ground on handling of the COVID pandemic has to be concerning to Democrats,” Tim Malloy, a polling analyst at Quinnipiac University, told The Hill.

Malloy said that the Biden administration “has had a grueling few months” and that things like surging gas prices and rising costs due to ongoing global supply chain issues won’t help alleviate Democrats’ troubles, especially with the holiday season drawing closer.

Inflation, the pandemic, the border chaos and Afghanistan are helping the GOP to hop on the offensive, hitting Biden and both House and Senate Democrats on their handling of recent crises. It’s not a shoo-in for the Republicans, but it’s looking better as time goes on. And that’s causing the Democrats to get worried.



'Let's Go Brandon' Is the #1 Hip Hop Song in the U.S.


Loza Alexander official music video for "Let's Go Brandon" [YouTube screenshot]

Alternative rapper Loza Alexander’s surprise hit “Let’s Go Brandon” has topped the iTunes hip hop chart at #1. The anti-establishment banger currently sits at #2 overall, just behind power-ballad star Adele and ahead of industry heavy-hitters Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Elton John, and Justin Bieber. When you add up the mind-boggling amount of legacy media promotion these stars are granted as a matter of course, Alexander’s achievement is all the more impressive.


The expression “Let’s Go Brandon” was inadvertently created by NBC reporter Kelli Stavast as she was trying to interview NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. Brown had just won his race at the Talladega Superspeedway, and the crowd behind him was raucously performing the popular “F**k Joe Biden” chant. “You can hear the chants from the crowd,” said Stavast in an awkward attempt to wave away the elephant in the room, “Let’s Go Brandon!” The moment went viral, and “Let’s Go Brandon” is now the SFW version of the original chant.

The song has been boosted by some pretty high-profile fans; Fox News wrote about it two days ago, and Donald J. Trump, Jr. gave it a social media boost. The song sports the prestigious yellow “Best Seller” flag on Amazon after hitting #1 in their Rap & Hip Hop category, as well.

Alexander says he’s ready to release an extended version of the song as soon as his fans push sales to #1 in all categories. And who knows? It could happen!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Pelosi, Schumer watch support nose-dive among Black, Hispanic voters

By Kery Murakami |The Washington Times 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., speaks with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., during Paid Leave for All rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Support among Black voters and other minorities for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer is plummeting.

From April to September, Black support for Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer dropped from 50% to 39%, according to Pew Research polling data provided to The Washington Times.

Support among Black voters for Congress’ overall Democratic leadership skidded from 82% to 59% in that time frame.

The decline mirrors Mr. Biden’s waning popularity among minorities. Black respondents who approved of Mr. Biden’s job performance dropped from 85% to 67% during the same five-month span. It dropped from 72% to 56% among Hispanics and 68% to 54% among Asians.

The eroding job approval for Democratic leaders follows party infighting in Washington, gridlock in Congress and the Democrats’ failures to deliver promised racial justice overhauls of policing and elections.

Rising inflation and a struggling economy are other reasons for voters, including minorities, to be unhappy with Democrats, who have complete control of power in Washington, said Brendan Steinhauser, a Republican political consultant in Texas.

“Everybody was better off before Biden economically,” said Mr. Steinhauser, a former campaign manager for Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican and an organizer of the tea party march on Washington in 2009. “People aren’t seeing a lot from the Biden administration, except for a lot of spending and paying some people not to work.”

Mr. Schumer, New York Democrat, and Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, refused to answer questions for this article, as did the Democratic House and Senate campaign committees.

Georgetown University political science professor Nadia Brown, an expert in Black women in politics, said the dwindling support also could reflect frustration over Democrats’ failure to pass popular liberal policies such as subsidized child care, which is one of the measures in Mr. Biden’s stalled $3.5 trillion social welfare and climate change bill.

“The policies that Americans want aren’t happening,” she said. “The politics is happening.”

Support for the Democratic leaders also dropped among other minority groups polled by Pew.

In April, 64% of Hispanics approved of Democratic leaders’ job performance. In September, the number tumbled to 51%. Support for the Democrats among Asians fell from 64% to 55% during that time.

The decline in support among minorities, who were key to winning the White House, threatens Democrats’ chances of keeping control of the House and Senate in next year’s midterm elections.

However, the drop in popularity for Democrats hasn’t meant a lovefest for Republican leaders. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky also took hits, according to the Pew data.

Job approval for Republican congressional leaders dropped from 32% in April to 27% in September. Even among White respondents, those who approved of the job the Republicans are doing edged down from 33% to 29%. Support for Mr. McCarthy and Mr. McConnell also dropped among Black, Hispanic and Asian voters in the survey.

Mr. McConnell and Mr. McCarthy also refused to comment for this article, as did the Republican campaign committees for House and Senate candidates.

Indeed, Americans — regardless of party or race — are not happy with the job performance in Washington.

“It’s a plague on both of their houses,” said Mr. Steinhauser. “I don’t know if people feel like there’s a good alternative offered by Republicans. There’s still work to be done.”

Still, he viewed the unhappiness of minority voters as an opening for Republicans with that solidly Democratic bloc.

Mike Madrid, a former political director for the California Republican Party, said the declining approval numbers toward all congressional leaders by people of all races reflect the country’s economic woes.

“People are feeling less confident. The mood of the electorate is beginning to sour,” he said. “There’s a trepidation that the stimulus money is ending and maybe not having a way of being able to get back into the workforce.”

Mr. Madrid said every elected official in Washington is at risk. “It’s not a good prognosis for incumbents,” he said.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Colin Powell Dies of COVID Complications


General Colin Powell, the former U.S. Secretary of State and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, passed away Monday morning, due to complications from COVID-19. He was 84 years old.

“We want to thank the medical staff at Walter Reed National Medical Center for their caring treatment,” his family said in a statement posted to his Facebook page. “We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great American.”

Powell was fully vaccinated against COVID, the statement added.

Powell was the first African-American Secretary of State.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

The COVID Controversy: Is the truth finally being told?

 Dr. Harvey Risch Explains Hydroxychloroquine

NOT from the mainstream media. Two of the nation's leading physicians give you the shocking truth the mainstream media will not tell you.

Yale Professor Harvey Risch was interviewed by author John Leake about Covid-19. Professor Risch explains how hydroxychloroquine – a safe, effective, and inexpensive drug – was fraudulently misrepresented and suppressed by public health agencies, academic journals, and mainstream media. This propaganda campaign against hydroxychloroquine has resulted in the preventable deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. 




COVID Masks That Are Made In Filthy Conditions

 This is shocking video!

Progressive federalism is the new socialism

By William Haupt III | The Center Square contributor

President Joe Biden speaks Aug. 31, 2021, from the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington. - Evan Vucci / AP photo

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, and be a socialist nation." – Norman Thomas

Every time Democrats want to execute a newly concocted leftist scheme, they have one motive: to expand federalism. Augmenting the power of the central government is diminishing the independence of individual states by assuming responsibilities assigned to them within the 10th Amendment. Big government was the colonies greatest fear. It would negate everything they had rebelled against. Big government would increase taxing without representation for things they did not want or need.

Although the colonies revolted for many reasons; taxation without representation to finance the wars and the spending of British big government ignited the fuse of the Revolution. The colonies discovered quickly after they began to reap the harvest of their investment in the New World that "the more they produced, the more homage they had to pay to the king" as a punishment for their success. They revolted because big government was too expensive and they wanted no part of it.

Since the Great Depression, government has been expanding and usurping states rights at an unprecedented pace. With a rising interest in socialism during the Great Depression and their promise to bring economic and socioeconomic security to America, FDR quickly recreated the theology for future Democrats: "Big government is the answer for every problem in America."

FDR created so many new government programs and agencies even Democrats bemoaned the costs and rising national debt. He spoon-fed Americans and kept them on life support long after they didn't need it. And Americans are still paying for FDR's "alphabet soup" menu of bequests today.

"Socialism can best be described simply as redistribution of capital." – Norman Thomas

As Democrats in Congress move ahead with their $1 trillion infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion bill to expand entitlements, the devil is in the details. Both bills fund programs that the states are responsible for already. Democrats preach the merits of these federal gifts as an improvement over what the states are doing now since they will be paid for and managed by the federal government.

Milton Friedman once reminded us, “Government is doing so many things it ought not to be doing. And it performs the functions it ought to be performing poorly.” The federal government is already on overload with over 2,300 programs! Policy-makers can't manage what they have. Biden is more focused on expanding the welfare state than he is on fixing the economic crisis the leftists created.

According to Democrats, Biden's infrastructure and entitlement schemes will be funded by huge tax hikes on the rich. His corporate tax increase will destroy business investment, which will result in more unemployment. His capital-gains tax increases will discourage new investment and start-ups.

"It is time big business and the wealthiest pay their fair share for these entitlements." – Joe Biden

Biden's wish list cannot be funded solely by tax increases. Congress is aware of this. According to the CBO, if both bills pass as written federal debt per U.S. household will rise from over $180,000 today to a projected $290,000 by 2031. As debt rises, taxes will be increased on everyone since the rich will either stop producing or eventually run out of money to give to the federal government.

In nine months, we have seen what over borrowing and spending has done to the Trump recovery. Rising debt has already triggered an economic crisis with soaring interest rates and less economic output. We are following the path that Greece took a decade ago when their economy went belly up. Even with all the EU bailout money the Greeks received, their per capita income is down 35%.

Almost all of Biden's infrastructure proposals can be funded from the state level. The only one who is making out is the Democrats. Every dime the states get "back" from the federal government is money that they paid in taxes. The devil is always in the details. By the time the states get their money back, there are so many strings attached they were far better off keeping it in the first place.

"Socialism works because people don't know how to manage their own money." – Hugo Chavez

For the last decade, almost all states have increased their state gas tax to fund their own highway and rapid transit systems to meet their personal needs. Biden's infrastructure bill allocates funding politically. Blue states get a much larger piece of federal pie for state projects than the red states.

Entitlements are subjective to the needs of individual states. States are currently funding programs that Democrats want the federal government to take over and federalize. This is federalism in its finest hour. Taking over and running state entitlement programs and turning them into a national mandate puts the federal government in charge of providing services that belong to the states.

Blue states have a multitude of programs to attract and maintain illegal immigrants while red states don't want them there at all. Currently, states utilize federal subsidies to meet specific needs within their states. But Biden's entitlement package eliminates state management of entitlements and replaces them with a federal "one size fits all potpourri" of federally mismanaged and regulated entitlements.

Nary a day goes by that Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden don't caterwaul that big business is greedy and selfish and vows to punish them. Yet Biden's bill includes billions in federal gifts for manufacturing, research, green energy, broadband, utilities, electric cars, wind power, etc. This is socializing industry through the back door. Now they are accountable to the government.

"Cuba is living proof that we socialists repair everything that the capitalists destroy." – Fidel Castro

Ronald Reagan told us, "Anything the government gives you costs too much." Federal handouts come with liberty-restricting strings attached. This doubles and even triples the administrative cost of managing anything that the state did on their own. Additionally, these federal programs include massive regulations, rewards to the labor unions, and costly environmental regulations attached.

In his inaugural speech, Joe Biden promised to unite America for the greater good of the nation. But he did not mention his intention was to make everyone conjoin with the rest of the progressives so they could turn America into a socialist nation. Expanding federal power and refusing to work with the GOP and red states shows that his hidden agenda was to ditch republicanism for socialism.

Federal failures are so common they are expected. Congress never admits wasting our tax dollars. In fact, they use every failure as an excuse to grab more power. Biden's package of freebees to the states is designed to fail. And that is what progressives want. When th efederally financed scheme fails, liberals blame local mismanagement and take it over. Their plan will turn Federalism into socialism.

"The main propaganda trick of supporters of the allegedly progressive policy of government control is to blame capitalism for all that is unsatisfactory in the present-day." – udwig von Mises