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U.S. has a replacement fertility rate problem

By William Haupt III | The Center Square contributor

Meghan Huberdeau /


"When women are in charge of their own bodies, they have enjoyable sex lives without the fear of unwanted pregnancies. We just have to accept the fact that birth rates will fall." – Vanessa Nakate

During the 1950s, the Twilight Zone's Rod Serling did a radio commercial for Planned Parenthood. He stoically said, "At the current birth rate of 4 million births a year, America will not be able to care for many of these unwanted babies. Shame on us for bringing babies into a world that has no room for them. And shame on those who fail to do something about it – when they can. Support Planned Parenthood and have babies only when you want them and only when you can afford them."

In 1981, Congress passed President Ronald Reagan's Adolescent Family Life Act. Government invested in programs to prevent teenage pregnancy through "abstinence." Parents taught their children about sex when they felt they were ready to learn about it. High school students only took one health-ed class that taught reproduction, hygiene, fertilization, family planning and respect for their bodies.

Since the unholy marriage of teacher unions with the federal government, public schools around America have become factories to clone new progressives. From outlawing prayer in classrooms, to making the pledge of allegiance optional, to teaching students about safe sex; and if they have an "accident" they can have an abortion – the public education system has totally failed America.

The adoption of common core, the dictates of federalism and teacher unions, made moral and character education an after-thought. Obsessive talk about social justice, racism, fairness over achievement, and social and economic reparations have replaced vital curriculum that students will need long after graduation. They no longer teach students how to be responsible U.S. citizens.

According to a Guttmacher Institute study, nine out ten teachers surveyed believe students should be taught about contraception and abortion in middle school or sooner no matter what their school district policy is. The vast majority also believe that sex education courses should cover where to go for birth control and abortion, how and when to use a condom, and diverse sexual activities.

Although "abstinence" is still taught in public school sex-ed classes, in the last decade teachers have been focusing on safe sex, birth control, proper use of condoms, abortion, and on sexually transmitted diseases. The average amount of teaching time spent on abstinence is down to 15%.

"That which matters most, must never be replaced by that which matters least." – Marcus Aurelius

Teachers point to the decline in abortions the past decade as proof teaching sex education at a younger age cuts down on abortions since teens know how to use contraceptives. Yet they neglect to mention contraceptives and abortion cut down the birthrate too low for generation replacement.

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, it was a gift from their progressive god. When voters were about to give Congress back to the GOP, the Democrats turned the midterms from a referendum on Biden and the Democrats' failures, "into voting for abortion and against the GOP."

Results from a recent Pew research poll on abortion shows 80% of Democrats say abortion should be legal on demand. This is compared to 38% of Republicans that believe abortion should be legal in most cases with some exceptions. Some 40% of independents favored abortion in most cases.

The U.S. birthrate has been declining since the end of the baby booming 1950s. It accelerated in the 1970s and leveled off due to easy access to abortion and contraceptives. Since 2007, it has been declining and is dangerously low. The fertility rate now sits at 1.61 children per woman in the U.S., the lowest rate in history. And this is well below the necessary replacement fertility rate of 2.1.

"A shrinking population will reduce green house gases which is good for everyone." – Nancy Pelosi

The replacement fertility rate is what a country must maintain to keep population numbers stable. When the fertility rate falls below replacement level, the population grows older and shrinks, which puts more strain on governments. Today’s babies are tomorrow’s workers, taxpayers and "voters."

The Democrats depend on idiopathic eccentrics that will need to be replenished. Making abortion the party's call to arms is "Kevorkian" since Democrats abort twice as many babies as women in the GOP.

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world." – Vladimir Lenin

A number of recent headlines have attributed our historically low birth rates to an aging population, under reported abortions, contraceptives, and the cost of raising children. Regardless of why the U.S. fertility rate is so low, Democrats are promising young fertile women easier access to abortion.

Anything that lowers the fertility rate will also lower the number of Democratic voters. A new CDC report projects the U.S. fertility rate will continue to decline. Yet Democrats want to repeal the Hyde Amendment to pay for abortions for those on Medicaid who mostly all vote Democrat.

The left has proven, “There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Barack Obama told us, "I won, you lost, numbers don't lie." After Roe, 15.7 million children were conceived due to liberal abortion laws, but were never born. That is not only a lot of lives; that is a lot of votes for any political party. In the not so distant future when the last Democrats are standing in line on Election Day, it would be interesting to ask them if he or she is pro life or pro abortion.

According to the CDC, the fertility rate has consistently been below replacement since 2007 and it is expected to continue to decline without incentives for women to have more babies; not less. If Democrats keep the House and increase their numbers in the Senate they will pass legislation that makes abortion on demand as common as going to the dentist yearly to get your teeth cleaned.

At a time America and the rest of the world is facing a fertility crisis, Democrats made abortion at all stages of pregnancy the heartbeat of their campaign. This proves they only care about winning at any cost today with no regard for future Americans. Anything that lowers our fertility rate is bad for America.

"A politician thinks of the next election: a statesman of the next generation." – C F Clarke

The Democrats have gone too far left to turn back. America has a serious replacement fertility rate problem and instead of incentivizing women to have more babies, the Democrats are promising them more abortions. It is a sad day for America when the Democratic Party can only base its campaigns on unrestricted abortions.

"The great difference between the real statesman and the pretender is; that one sees into the future, while the other regards only the present. One lives for the day, and acts on expedience; the other acts on enduring principles and acts for immortality." – Edmund Burke



Why the Left Cannot Successfully Reproduce Over the Generations

By Michael Brown |

Source: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Any ideology that cannot successfully reproduce over the course of several generations is doomed to fail. Put another way, any ideology that must rely on indoctrination more than (biological) reproduction cannot succeed in the long term. What does this imply for the future of leftwing secularism?

My thesis here is simple. 

On average, religious people have more children than non-religious people, and since religious people tend to lean right and non-religious people tend to lean left, there will be a long-term decline in the left-leaning base. Thus, according to, “The Future of Secularism: a Biologically Informed Theory Supplemented with Cross-Cultural Evidence,” published in the journal of Evolutionary Psychological Science in 2017, “Overall, religious people out-reproduce secularists. Consequently, the proportion of secularists in most if not all countries will decline noticeably.”

More specifically, the report suggested that “Atheism may be doomed because adherents use contraception more, while religious people tend to have higher rates of reproduction, a new study suggests.” Not surprisingly, as noted by Prof. Ryan P. Burge, “In 2018, 77.3% [of American atheist voters] identified as Democrats, 11.7% were independents, and 10.9% were Republicans.”

Whatever the reason may be, atheists have fewer children, on average, than religious believers, and atheists lean left in their ideologies and voting patterns. In fact, already in 2014, Kurt Schlichter wrote, “Democrats are waging war on the faithful and are even comfortable booing God on national TV. Give it three more presidential election cycles and the Democrat Party’s platform will be expressly antireligious.”

Just two years later, Michelle Boorstein penned an article for the Washington Post titled, “Meet the ‘Nones,’ the Democratic Party’s biggest faith constituency.” (The “nones” refers to people who identify with no formal religious affiliation.)

So, the Democratic Party’s biggest “faith” constituency is actually the group that claims no specific religious faith. But of course!

And I would expect that, over time, the “nones” will have fewer kids, on average, than people of deep religious faith.

Even more obviously, it is self-evident that abortion supporters will have fewer children, on average, than pro-lifers. The former also lean left; the latter lean right. Are you seeing a pattern here?

It’s the same with homosexual couples. They might be deeply devoted to each other. They might love each other as much as heterosexual couples do. They might love children, too. But since they cannot reproduce through sexual intimacy, it is much more difficult for them to become parents, having to rely on adoption or some artificial means of reproduction, also requiring the involvement of outside parties.

In stark contrast, children are the natural product of the most intimate act of love between two human beings, provided they are heterosexual. So, love directly begets children in marriage as created by God. But same-sex “marriages” violate God’s order and therefore, no matter how loving, cannot reproduce biologically by love.

And which way do LGBTQ+ voters lean? According to a 2020 UCLA study, “Nearly nine million LGBT adults are registered and eligible to vote in the 2020 general election. Half of registered LGBT voters (50%) are Democrats, 15% are Republicans, 22% are Independents, and 13% said they identify with another party or did not know with which party they most identify.”

Consider also this very interesting situation in Europe, where birth rates continue to decline at perilous rates.

As argued on the Gatestone Institute website in 2017 by Giuolo Meotti, “As Europe's leaders have no children, they seem to have no reason to worry about the future of their continent.” Or, to quote Douglas Murray, “Europe today has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself or even take its own side in an argument.”

To quote Meotti at length, “There have never been so many childless politicians leading Europe as today. They are modern, open-minded, and multicultural and they know that ‘everything finishes with them. In the short term, being childless is a relief since it means no spending for families, no sacrifices, and that no one complains about the future consequences. As in a research report financed by the European Union: ‘No kids, no problem!’.

“Being a mother or a father, however, means that you have a very real stake in the future of the country you lead. Europe's most important leaders leave no children behind.

“Europe's most important leaders are all childless: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and the French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron. The list continues with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.”

Seeking to rebut this, the EU vs Disinfo website rejected the idea that, “THE EUROPEAN LEADERS DON'T HAVE CHILDREN BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT WORLD'S FUTURE.”

But that is to turn things upside down. Rather, the argument is that leaders without children will not be thinking about future generations in the same way that leaders with children will. This makes perfect sense. 

And it takes an overtly anti-religious mindset, like that of Communist China, to devise the one-child per family policy ostensibly out of concern for future generations. Talk about an incredibly misguided calculation.

Yet there is a bright side to all this. Not only are people of faith reproducing, but many countries are waking up to the weakness of leftist ideologies, most recently in Italy, where the election of Giorgia Meloni has stirred up a firestorm of leftist criticism. 

As noted by Ed Morrissey on HotAir, “Voters in yet another EU nation turned away from the leftward tilt of Brussels and more toward self-determination. Italy has elected its first right-wing coalition government in decades, and will almost certainly have its first female prime minister. Giorgia Meloni led her Brothers of Italy into a dominant role in the coalition, as both CNN and Reuters describe this as ‘the most right-wing government since World War II’ . . .”

As for Meloni, she proudly identifies as an Italian. And as a Christian. And as a woman. And as a mother. (Take a minute to watch this amazing clip in Italian, with English captions.)

As for the religious left, that too continues to decline, most notably in America.

All this makes perfect sense.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Hurricane Ian devastates SW Florida: Sanibel Causeway will need to be rebuilt, governor says

By FOX 13 news staff | Josh Cascio reports

Aerial view of Sanibel Causeway (Credit: Lee County Sheriff's Office)

Hurricane Ian swamped southwest Florida, leaving behind a damaged power infrastructure in two counties, turning streets into rivers and damaging two bridges, including the Sanibel Causeway.

Governor Ron DeSantis provided an update Thursday morning, saying the electric grid for Lee and Charlotte counties will likely need to be rebuilt, described Hurricane Ian's devastation in the area a "500-year flood event."

Part of the Sanibel Causeway that collapsed (Credit: WZVN-WBBH)

Sheriffs in southwest Florida said 911 centers were inundated by thousands of stranded callers, some with life-threatening emergencies. The U.S. Coast Guard began rescue efforts around daybreak on barrier islands near where the Ian struck, DeSantis said. Fire departments fanned out in flooded areas as well.

Flooding in Fort Myers

According to Lee County officials, people were stuck in attics and even roofs of some buildings, reports FOX 4. On Wednesday, East Naples deputies performed 30 water rescued.

Overnight, Punta Gorda city officials said their water supply emptied. 

"They are pumping at a rate of over 13 million gallons per day and cannot keep up," they said.

Thursday, the Sanibel Lighthouse appears to still be standing. It's located on the eastern end of the island. It was built in 1884 and given to the City of Sanibel in 2004 for restoration purposes.

While the exact figure for injuries and fatalities is not confirmed, the Lee County sheriff said the number of deaths could be in the "hundreds." 

During a phone interview with Good Morning America, Sheriff Carmine Marceno said there are thousands of people who still need to be rescued. Lee County includes Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, and Captiva Island.

"I don’t have confirmed numbers, but I definitely know the fatalities are in the hundreds," he said during the interview. "There are thousands of people that are waiting to be rescued."

The major hurricane pushed a wall of storm surge accumulated during its slow march over the Gulf, flooding Fort Myers roadways even before making landfall in Coya Costa.

FORT MYERS FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 29: Stedi Scuderi looks over her apartment after flood water inundated it when Hurricane Ian passed through the area on September 29, 2022 in Fort Myers, Florida. The hurricane brought high winds, storm surge and rain to the area causing severe damage. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

In Naples, the first floor of a fire station was inundated with about 3 feet of water, and firefighters worked to salvage gear from a firetruck stuck outside the garage in even deeper water, a video posted by the Naples Fire Department showed. 

Naples is in Collier County, where the sheriff’s department reported on Facebook that it was getting "a significant number of calls of people trapped by water in their homes" and that it would prioritize reaching people "reporting life-threatening medical emergencies in deep water."

In Port Charlotte, along Florida’s Gulf Coast, the storm surge flooded a lower-level emergency room in a hospital even as fierce winds ripped away part of the roof from its intensive care unit, according to a doctor who works there.

Water gushed down onto the ICU, forcing staff to evacuate the hospital’s sickest patients -- some of whom were on ventilators — to other floors, said Dr. Birgit Bodine of HCA Florida Fawcett Hospital. Staff members used towels and plastic bins to try to mop up the sodden mess.

"As long as our patients do OK and nobody ends up dying or having a bad outcome, that’s what matters," Bodine said.

Boats floated onto flooded streets and were swept ashore.

TOPSHOT - Residents inspect damage to a marina as boats are partially submerged in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers, Florida, on September 29, 2022. - Hurricane Ian left much of coastal southwest Florida in darkness early on Thursday, bringing "catastrophic" flooding that left officials readying a huge emergency response to a storm of rare intensity. The National Hurricane Center said the eye of the "extremely dangerous" hurricane made landfall just after 3:00 pm (1900 GMT) on the barrier island of Cayo Costa, west of the city of Fort Myers. (Photo by Giorgio VIERA / AFP) (Photo by GIORGIO VIERA/AFP via Getty Images)

The medium-sized hospital spans four floors, but patients were forced into just two because of the damage. Bodine planned to spend the night there in case people injured from the storm arrive needing help.

For WINK-TV, the wall of storm surge that Ian brought entered the newsroom set in Fort Myers. 

According to one of their meteorologists, Matt Devitt, they lost power and were unable to continue broadcasting. By 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, he said the worst surge was behind them and water levels were slowly lowering.

"This was, without a doubt, the strongest hurricane in Southwest Florida history," he wrote on Facebook. "Stay tough, we’re almost through it. I’m thinking of all of you. We WILL rebuild back to the community we know and love."

Brittany Hailer, a journalist in Pittsburgh, contacted rescuers about her mother in North Fort Myers, whose home was swamped by 5 feet (1.5 meters) of water.

"We don’t know when the water’s going to go down. We don’t know how they’re going to leave, their cars are totaled," Hailer said. "Her only way out is on a boat."

President Joe Biden has since approved a disaster declaration for Sunshine State on Thursday morning following Ian's trek across the state.



Florida man, 72, dies after going outside during Hurricane Ian to drain pool, deputies say

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

If This Is True, Democrats Are in Real Trouble for Years to Come

By Matt Margolis | P J Media

Saul Loeb, Pool via AP

The Republican Party has been trying for a long time to win over more minority voters with limited success. The minority vote is crucial to Democrats’ hopes of remaining in power, which is why they so desperately try to protect it with endless allegations of racism directed at the GOP.

But the Democrats’ virtual monopoly on the minority vote is collapsing. Despite Democrats spending years branding Trump as a racist, his outreach helped bring minorities back to the Republican Party. Those efforts, combined with Joe Biden’s incompetence in the White House, could be the biggest threat to the Democrats’ chances in November and beyond.

According to the latest Rasmussen Poll, Republicans maintain a lead in the Generic Congressional Ballot — but that might not be the Democrats’ worst problem. The Democrats’ advantage over Republicans among black voters in the Generic Ballot is only 24%.

According to the poll, 50% of white voters, 31% of black voters, and 42% of voters from other minorities would vote Republican in November, while  55% of black voters, 38% of white voters, and 43% of other minorities said they would vote Democrat. That’s a gap Democrats can’t be comfortable with.

For years, minority voters, particularly black voters, have so consistently voted Democrat that to see numbers like this must scare Democrats down to their core — as it should. The minority shift towards the GOP won’t be unique to this campaign cycle, either, and assuming the GOP continues to make inroads with minority voters, the Democrats’ power in Washington will dwindle.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Letter Reveals Obama Foundation Is Keeping Classified Docs in Abandoned Furniture Warehouse

By Matt Margolis | P J Media

AP Photo/Michael Sohn

The Obama Foundation stored classified documents in an abandoned furniture warehouse, according to a 2018 letter from the Obama Foundation to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

The letter, available on the Obama Foundation website and dated Sept. 11, 2018, reveals that the Obama Foundation not only acknowledged possessing classified documents but also admitted that they kept them in a facility that did not meet NARA standards for the storage of those documents.

The Obama Foundation agreés to transfer up to three million three hundred thousand dollars ($3,300,000) to the National Archives Trust Fund (NATF) to support the move of classified and unclassified Obama Presidential records and artifacts from Hoffman Estates to NARA-controlled facilities that conform to the agency’s archival storage standards for such records and artifacts, and for the modification of such spaces. The first transfer of $300,000 was already made on August 9, 2018. An additional interim transfer will be made within 180 days of that date. Subsequent payments are subject to the negotiation of terms of the digitization process and museum operations.

Media reports confirm that the Obama Foundation had rented space from Hoffman Estates to store these documents, and extended their original lease for four more years back in August.

“While no firm date has been announced for the completion and opening of the Barack Obama Presidential Library near the University of Chicago, its future contents will stay in Hoffman Estates for four more years,” the Daily Herald reported. “Village board members unanimously approved an extension to the special-use permit that enables landlord Hoffman Estates Medical Development LLC to lease the 74,200-square-foot former Plunkett Furniture store at 2500 W. Golf Road to the National Archives and Records Administration through Dec. 31, 2026.”

This means that, as the debate over the supposedly classified documents at Mar-a-Lago is unfolding, the Obama Foundation is, at this very moment, storing classified documents in unused retail space in the suburbs of Chicago.

While the storage of these documents appears to be with the full knowledge and coordination of NARA, it still raises significant questions, not just concerning the raid of Mar-a-Lago, but also surrounding the legal actions being taken by the Biden administration against Trump over the storage of these documents. Seeing as Mar-a-Lago is Trump’s Florida home, it is protected by Secret Service, making it far more secure than whatever setup they likely had at the former furniture store space. There is no mention of what kind of security measures are in place to protect the Obama documents — if there are any at all.

Recent Speech by Italy’s New Leader Giorgia Meloni Shows Her Love for God, Family and Homeland

By Joe Hoft | Gateway Pundit

The new leader of Italy is a conservative woman who loves God, her family, and her country.  She shared her thoughts in early 2020 at an event in Rome. 

Meloni's Speech Against New World Order: "They attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity"

In the 15-minute speech below, Giorgia Meloni shares her remarks at the God, Honor, Country: President Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and the Freedom of Nations – A National Conservatism Conference in Rome, Italy – February 3, 2020.

Our worldview is the exact opposite of what they would like to force on us…

…Our main enemy today is the globalist drift of those who view identity and all its forms to be an evil to overcome.  And constantly ask to shift real power away from the people to supernational entities headed by supposedly enlightened elites.

Let us be clear in our mind, because we did not fight against and defeat communism in order to replace it with a new international regime, but to permit independent nation states once again to defend the freedom, identity and sovereignty of their peoples…

 …As a serious alternative to the beaurocratic super state ..and although that someone in Brussels or Frankfort, Davos or the City of London, lacks democratic legitimacy, everyday it commissions the economic choices and political decisions of those who have invested in that legitimacy by their popular vote.

It means that whether the false democrats like it or not, national conservatives in every latitude are actually the only real Democrats. Because it is only by defending the nation states, that we defend the political sovereignty that belongs to the citizens of that state…

Meloni goes on to talk highly of Ronald Reagan and President Trump.  Watch the entire speech which Meloni gives in English by clicking on the below link.


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The New English Dictionary, Democratic Party Edition

By Mark Lewis |

Source: Ian Nicholson/PA via AP, File

In the game of power, tyrants will do anything to obtain it, hold onto it, and destroy anyone who dares oppose them. The Democrats know how to play the game superbly. The problem they have is, since their policies do not work and are not supported by most of the American people, they must resort to subterfuge. Thus, Democrats lie, misdirect, obfuscate, toss dirt in the air, and throw feces in the faces of everybody to cover up their own stink. They are masters at that, too.

Changing the definitions of words to deceive the simple-minded is an old trick. The Democratic Party has a whole new dictionary, new meanings for old words and concepts, which is intended for one purpose: gain and hold power. Here is a sampling of the new definitions Democrats have placed on common words and ideas, artfully designed to bamboozle the bamboozlable. Just remember. When you hear any Democrat (or sycophant) use any of these words or concepts, herein lies what they really denote:

“Extremist”: anybody who doesn’t agree with, and submit to, Joe Biden and the Democrats.

“Fascist”: 1. anybody who voted for or supports Donald Trump and the Republican Party. 2. See “extremist.”

“Fascism”: whatever Donald Trump and the Republican Party believes.

“Democracy”: whatever the Democratic Party believes and says it is, including illegally raiding the homes of their political opponents, who are all “fascists.”

“Destroying democracy”: anything Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans do.

“Election denier”: people who have a question—any question—about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Only that election. This definition does not apply to anyone (e.g., Hillary Clinton) who questioned the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and tried to overthrow it, or to any Democrat who might have lost any other election and refused to concede (e.g., Stacy Abrams, 2018). Democrats always win elections fairly and Republicans always steal elections through voter fraud or some other nefarious scheme.

“Voter fraud”: demanding a person be alive and prove U.S. citizenship in order to vote.

“Racist”: 1. all conservative white people. 2. any white policeman who tries to arrest a black criminal.

“Racism”: whatever conservative white people do that Democrats don’t like, e.g., breathing.

“Crime”: crime? what crime? I have armed bodyguards and live in a gated community.

“Recession”: wait until the current quarter’s economic data is released because this definition is in flux and might need to be changed again.

“Inflation”: something to be ignored or endured so that we wonderful, rich elitists, who aren’t affected by inflation, can bring in the Green Utopia that you peasants are too stupid to understand, and that will make us even richer and more powerful.

“Ukraine”: 1. the most important country in the world whose borders must absolutely be secured, regardless of how much money and suffering it causes the American people, most of whom probably don’t even know where, or what, Ukraine is. 2. RINOs like Mitch McConnell accept this definition.

“Border crisis”: only happening in Ukraine.

“Adolf Hitler”: Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump”: Adolf Hitler.

“Ron DeSantis”: Adolf Hitler, Jr.

“Stolen election”: any election won by a Republican.

“White supremacists”: extreme terrorist group (see “racist”), worse than al-Qaeda, the greatest threat to American democracy today, probably the greatest threat the world has ever faced. Led by Donald Trump.

“Gun owner”: fascist child-murderer.

“Securing our borders”: synonym for racism and xenophobia.

“Insurrection”: what the January 6 Trump supporters were guilty of because he ORDERED them to do it.

“Peaceful protests”: what BLM and Antifa were involved in after the George Floyd incident.

“Chinese Wuhan virus”: 1. doesn’t exist, only Covid-19 exists. 2. if it does exist, it is racist to say so.

“Science deniers”: 1. the unvaxxed. 2. people who don’t believe all the ice in the world will melt by the year 2100 and put all land under 40 feet of water if we don’t buy electric cars and start eating bugs NOW.

“Woman”: 1. anybody who wants to be one. 2. only a biologist knows for sure.

“Man”: 1. anybody who wants to be one. 2. a binary who can become pregnant.

“Baby”: we don’t know what it is for sure, we only know we don’t want any more of them because they are troublesome and they will probably interfere with our careers and sexual hedonism.

“Nuclear family”: outmoded social concept only desired by extremists, racists, sexists, white supremacists, Bible-bangers, Jesus-freaks, slave owners, colonialists, and others who hate women.

“Abortion”: the Holy Grail. Untouchable. To be allowed any time, anywhere, for any reason, up to, and beyond, the time of birth.

Again, this is just a sampling, and the list is probably endless. The key is, of course, to understand what a Democrat means when he/she/it says one of the above. They generally don’t mean what you mean, or what most normal people mean. And it is in this manner that they continue to deceive countless voters. “Well, they only want democracy…” Yes, if you let them define the term any way they want to, which is exactly the point and exactly what they do.

Caveat emptor.

Royal Expert Gives CNN a Harsh Reality Check About Slavery Reparations

By Katie Pavlich|

Source: (Photo by Jason Mendez/Invision/AP)

During his show from London night just hours after Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest, CNN host Don Lemon brought up the issue of slavery and colonialism reparations during an interview with a British expert. 

In the exchange, Lemon explained why some believe slavery reparations are necessary but may have been shocked about who his guest said should be paying the bill. 

"You have those who are asking for reparations for colonialism and they're wondering, you know, $100 billion, $24 billion here, there, $500 million there. Some people want to be paid back and members of the public are suffering when you have all of this vast wealth. Those are legitimate concerns," Lemon said. 

"I think you're right about reparations in terms if people want it though, what they need to do is you always need to go back to the beginning of the supply chain. Where was the beginning of the supply chain? That was in Africa," royal expert Hilary Forwich explained. "Across the entire world when slavery was taking place which was the First Nation in the world that abolished slavery? First Nation in the world to abolish it...was the British." 

"Two-thousand naval men died on the high seas trying to stop slavery. Why? Because the African kings were rounding up their own people. They had them on cages waiting in the beaches. No-one was running into Africa to get them," she continued. "I think you're totally right. If reparations need to be paid we need to go right back to the beginning of that supply chain and say, who was rounding up their own people and having them hang from cages. Absolutely, that's where they should start. And maybe, I don't know, the descendants of those families where they died in the high seas trying to stop the slavery, those families should receive something soon." 

An interesting conversation indeed.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIEW THE VIDEO: Don Lemon STUMPED After Suggesting To Royal Commentator That Crown Pay Reparations

Sunday, September 25, 2022

McCarthy, House Republicans highlight economy, education in 'Commitment to America' agenda

By Timothy H.J. Nerozzi | Fox News

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., speaks about Republicans' "Commitment to America" agenda at DMI Companies in Monongahela, Pa., Friday, Sept. 23, 2022.  (AP Photo/Barry Reeger)

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy reveals details of 'Commitment to America' governing agenda if Republicans gain majority

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy introduced the GOP's "Commitment to America" package on Friday, Republicans' shared sales pitch ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

McCarthy came out swinging in his speech, accusing Democratic lawmakers of ignoring rising crime, decrying restrictions on parental rights and promising to repeal the recent expansion to the Internal Revenue Service.

The agenda includes a slate of general policy recommendations in four broad categories: "An Economy That's Strong;" "A Nation That's Safe;" "A Future That's Built on Freedom;" and "A Government That's Accountable."

"We want an economy that is strong. That means you can fill up your tank. You can buy the groceries. You have enough money left over to go to Disneyland and save for a future — that the paychecks grow, they no longer shrink," McCarthy told the crowd, laying out what Republicans say they will do if they gain the House majority. 

He continued, "We have a plan for a nation that's safe. That means your community will be protected, your law enforcement will be respected. Your criminals will be prosecuted. We believe in a future that's built on freedom — that your children come first."

The GOP leaders say the agenda was formed with input from Republicans across the country with the explicit purpose of avoiding "top-down" party politics.

The agenda follows the playbook of the "Contract With America" that helped former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., win a GOP majority in the 1990s.

Republicans say it's the culmination of more than a year of work, starting with the GOP-only "China Task Force." McCarthy liked that model and stood up several other task forces earlier this year, including on the economy, tech, health, energy and more. 

McCarthy's speech focused heavily on rising crime and the rapid decrease in sentencing under local and state Democratic governments.

"We watched what they did to our communities, defunding of the police. We've got crime problems from Portland to Philadelphia now, with DAs and prosecutors that looked the other way," McCarthy said.

McCarthy also turned the microphone over to the audience for a Q&A session.

The agenda comes at a critical time in the midterms. Republicans have held an advantage because of the shaky economy and President Biden's low approval ratings. But Democrats have claimed some new momentum after Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court and mounting legal troubles for former President Donald Trump.

McCarthy revealed the Commitment to America package in Washington County, Pennsylvania. The state is the focus of both parties' attention as the outcome of its upcoming elections could serve as a bellwether for shifting political allegiances.

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WaPo/ABC poll: GOP holds +5 edge on generic ballot -- and wide leads on top issues


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Has the cancellation of the red wave been … canceled? The Washington Post/ABC Poll series has hardly been friendly to the GOP — and in fact, its previous iteration had Democrats up a point. That survey sample in April was of registered voters, however, and even then was an outlier in a sea of Republican leads.

So it seems rather interesting that just as other pollsters have begun showing Democratic rebounds, the new WaPo/ABC poll shows Republicans with a one-point edge on the generic RV ballot now that they’re applying a likely-voter model:

Statistically, this isn’t much of a change, of course. And it may not even signal that much of an added Republican advantage even if it were. Generally speaking, Democrats need something around a D+5 in this measure to break even in congressional elections due to the structural nature of such polls and the House itself. A D+1 is not a good result for Democrats, so the current D+0.8 in the RCP aggregate isn’t much of a comfort for them — at least not as a signal for the outcome of control of the House.

Update: I missed that this was their registered-voter result. Their pollster Langer Research notes up front that it goes to +5 on the LV model:

His party struggling in the midterms, his economic stewardship under fire and his overall job approval under 40 percent, a clear majority of Democrats in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll say the party should replace Joe Biden as its nominee for president in 2024.

In the midterm election ahead, registered voters divide 47-46 percent between the Republican and the Democratic candidate in their House district, historically not enough to prevent typical first-midterm losses. And one likely voter model has a 51-46 percent Republican-Democratic split.

A big hat-tip to Liam Donovan for that catch.

However, it’s yet another piece of evidence that likely-voter models are about to shift the reporting on prospects for this midterm election. Rather than look at the chart from RCP, let’s look at the list of results on which it’s based:

All of the polls for the current RCP aggregate average are from this month. Notice anything else? Every single poll showing a Democratic lead uses samples of registered voters. Not one likely-voter survey has Democrats in the lead. Republicans lead in two of the three likely-voter surveys, and tie in the third, but they don’t trail in any of them.

And why might that matter? Let’s turn back to the Post’s analysis:

At this point, both sides are highly motivated to turn out in November. Among registered Democratic voters, 3 in 4 say they are almost certain to vote compared with about 8 in 10 Republicans. Independents are less motivated. Four years ago, Democrats were about as mobilized as Republicans and had a clear lead in overall support. Eight years ago, when Democrats suffered losses, Republicans were more motivated.

Recall anything else about eight years ago? The polls and the polling analysis missed the mark by a wide margin. Pollsters waited until late to apply likely voter models and then missed how the enthusiasm gap would play out — and that was with a relatively popular incumbent president and relative economic stability. Four years ago, Trump was deeply unpopular and coming off the Russia-collusion accusations, so that midterm was far more predictably favorable to Democrats — so the polling analysis largely held up.

The key is to focus on the fundamentals, such as enthusiasm, trust on the issues, and presidential favorability. On that latter score, Democrats are in serious trouble when polling likely voters:

President Biden continues to be a drag on Democratic candidates this fall. The Post-ABC survey pegs his approval rating at 39 percent, with 53 percent disapproving, including 41 percent strongly disapproving. The share of Americans saying Biden has accomplished “a great deal” or “a good amount” has grown from 35 percent last November to 40 percent today, although a 57 percent majority still says he has not accomplished much or anything.

Another key is independents, and again, likely-voter indies are breaking Republican in the WaPo/ABC poll:

Political independents narrowly favor Republicans, 47 percent to 42 percent, in the vote for Congress. In 2018, the final Post-ABC poll found Democrats holding a seven-point advantage among independents. Democrats’ competitiveness with independents is perhaps notable, given that independent voters disapprove of Biden by 60 percent to 31 percent.

What about the issues?

Voters say inflation and the economy are two of the most important issues in their decision, along with abortion and education. Republicans hold a 17-point advantage among registered voters on trust to handle the economy and an 18-point advantage on trust to handle inflation. But Democrats answer with a 17-point advantage on trust to handle abortion.

On other issues, Republicans hold a 22-point advantage on handling crime while Democrats hold a 21-point advantage on climate change. Democrats and Republicans are about even on handling education and schools.

Voters prioritizing abortion and/or climate change were going to vote Democrat anyway. Voters prioritizing the economy, inflation, and crime are not going to vote for the current status quo even if they might at times have trusted Democrats on those issues in the past. And if you want a peek at the priorities in this cycle, this chart sums it up:

Note that these are not in descending order when you combine the top two importance responses. The ranking in that calculation becomes:

Economy: 85%

Inflation: 78%

Education and schools: 77%

Crime: 67%

Immigration: 63%

Abortion: 62%

Climate change: 50%

Here’s the most fundamental fundamental to keep in mind when analyzing the midterms: voters decide based primarily on their daily lived experiences. When the economy is good, crime is low, and their kids get an education rather than an indoctrination, they stick with the status quo and/or focus on aspirational issues like climate change. In a stagflationary environment where crime is exploding around them and their children are getting indoctrinated rather than educated, voters will demand change and a focus on everything that’s going wrong in their lives and communities. The issue priorities in this poll form a gigantic flashing neon sign of discontent, especially the specific result on inflation.

With that in mind, even the R+1 on RVs looks a bit like wishful thinking for Democrats. And it might be, given the historic lean that the WaPo/ABC poll gives Democrats. One has to wonder how low Biden’s job approval will drop as pollsters shift to LV models over the next few weeks, too.