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A New Year Wish For All


We, the members of the National Black Republican Association, wish all of our supporters the very best for the New Year 2024. 

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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Ron DeSantis Nails It on Civil War Question, Articulates the Reason the Republican Party Was Founded

By Jennifer Oliver O'Connell |

AP Photo/Ashley Landis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis capitalized on former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley's flub on what caused the Civil War

DeSantis was quick to criticize Haley at an Ankeny campaign stop Thursday morning. He told reporters she is "not a candidate that's ready for prime time."

"The minute that she faces any kind of scrutiny, she tends to cave," DeSantis said. "I think that that's what you saw yesterday. Not that difficult to identify and acknowledge the role slavery played in the Civil War, and yet that seemed to be something that was really difficult."

Where was this Ron DeSantis two debates ago? While campaigning in Iowa, DeSantis was asked this similar question posed to Haley on Wednesday. Here's his response.

Q: What would your answer be that Haley got in terms of the cause, the primary cause of the Civil War?

DeSantis: Of course you had the issue of slavery. You had the states that were concerned about Lincoln interfering and potentially eliminating it. And they viewed it as a state's rights issue not as a federal issue, and they were concerned. You have this Republican President who may come in and get rid of the institution of slavery, and you know, it's interesting because the Republican Party was founded to put a stop to the growth of slavery in this country, and the abolition of slavery was to this day, remains the party's top achievement. And it was a partisan achievement, because the people that were fighting Lincoln, the people that wanted to preserve slavery, they were Democrats. So, the Republican Party did that and that's something that you should acknowledge and be proud of as a Republican.

Had Haley uttered the word "slavery," in her initial response and connected the dots that the political party she claims was founded on blunting the expansion of and ultimate abolition of slavery, she wouldn't be getting dragged. Brittanica's simple summary would have even sufficed:

During the 19th century the Republican Party stood against the extension of slavery to the country’s new territories and, ultimately, for slavery’s complete abolition.

The tragic part of DeSantis' statement is this: the Republican Party has not been able to claim a "top achievement" for 170 years. There are a few they could tout: the appointment of Supreme Court justices who were instrumental in the overturn of Roe v. Wade comes to mind. But most Republicans are too cowardly and denatured by donors and polls to do that. Frankly, if every candidate running under the Republican Party banner makes it their goal to secure more achievements for the American people, they will make huge wins in 2024 from the top of the ticket to the bottom.

Friday, December 29, 2023

Democrats Have Turned Ballot Access Into a Political Circus

By Matt Vespa |

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The good news is that Donald Trump is back on the ballot in Colorado. The ugly part is that Maine opted to get involved in this facetious legal drama concerning Trump and the 14th Amendment. They removed the former president from their 2024 ballot, keeping this nonsensical lawfare alive. Anti-Trump attorneys and election officials are trying to argue that Trump committed an act of armed rebellion against the United States through the January 6 riot. That’s inaccurate. Trump hasn’t been charged with insurrection, and you’re not found guilty by default in this country, either.

Spencer wrote what Maine did last night: 

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, a Democrat, issued a 34-page ruling Thursday evening stating that former President Donald Trump is ineligible to appear on her state's 2024 ballot. 

The official ruling followed a hearing Bellows convened on December 15 on three challenges to Trump's eligibility for office: two based on Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and one filed under the Twenty-Second Amendment. "For the reasons set forth below, I conclude that Mr. Trump's primary petition is invalid," Bellows' ruling states. "Specifically, I find that the declaration on his candidate consent form is false because he is not qualified to hold the office of the President under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment."

California was exploring ways to bar Trump from their ballot. They finally ended that fool's errand yesterday. Ballot access has become a total circus, thanks to Democrats. Again, another institution has been corrupted—nothing is safe. Anti-Trump hysterics from the Left have perverted our justice system and intelligence community. The Department of Justice is coming after the Democrats' political enemies. The intelligence community leaks whatever it can to kneecap the former president and his supporters. Texas might be considering removing Biden. They should do so because, obviously, legal precedent and due process are irrelevant points of procedure.

This war isn’t about fighting for the moral high ground. There isn’t any in 2024. It’s about survival because we’ll lose if the GOP thinks we can win if we play by the rules. Democrats are like Hamas in one critical way: you can’t trust them.

BREAKING: Another State Boots Trump From 2024 Ballot

By Spencer Brown |

AP Photo/Reba Saldanha

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, a Democrat, issued a 34-page ruling on Thursday evening stating that former President Donald Trump is ineligible to appear on her state's 2024 ballot.

The official ruling followed a hearing Bellows convened on December 15 on three challenges to Trump's eligibility for office: two based on Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and one filed under the Twenty-Second Amendment. "For the reasons set forth below, I conclude that Mr. Trump's primary petition is invalid," Bellows' ruling states. "Specifically, I find that the declaration on his candidate consent form is false because he is not qualified to hold the office of the President under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment."

That section of the Fourteenth Amendment states:

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability. 

Claiming that she did "not reach this conclusion lightly," Bellows states in her ruling that "Democracy is sacred, and the highest court of this state has repeatedly recognized that 'no right is more precious in a free country than that of having a voice in the election of those who make the laws under which, as good citizens, we must live.'"

Bellows, apparently, believes that such a "precious right" is not for those who support the 45th president. 

"I am mindful that no Secretary of State has ever deprived a presidential candidate of ballot access based on Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment," Bellow continued, pushing sympathetic media to report her ruling as historic, or something. "I am also mindful, however, that no presidential candidate has before engaged in an insurrection," she added — even though Trump has not been charged nor convicted of insurrection.

"The oath I swore to uphold the Constitution comes first above all," Bellow insisted while ignoring the idea of due process and inventing convictions on charges that do not exist. Instead, she ignored these inconvenient facts to insist it is her "duty" to "ensure that candidates who appear on the primary ballot are qualified for the office they seek."

In a statement, Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung called Bellows "a virulent leftist and a hyper-partisan Biden-supporting Democrat who has decided to interfere in the presidential election on behalf of Crooked Joe Biden." 

"We are witnessing, in real-time, the attempted theft of an election and the disenfranchisement of the American voter," Cheung continued. "Democrats in blue states are recklessly and un-Constitutionally suspending the civil rights of the American voters by attempting to summarily remove President Trump’s name from the ballot." 

Calling such "partisan election interference efforts" a "hostile assault on American democracy," Cheung said that "Biden and the Democrats simply do not trust the American voter in a free and fair election and are now relying on the force of government institutions to protect their grip on power."

As the Trump campaign statement noted, "[s]tate courts in Michigan and Minnesota have rejected these bad-faith, bogus 14th Amendment ballot challenges, as have federal courts in New Hampshire, Arizona, Florida, Rhode Island, [and] West Virginia" in addition to "ten other federal jurisdictions."

Pledging to "quickly file a legal objection in state court to prevent this atrocious decision in Maine from taking effect," Cheung said "both the Constitution and the American people are on our side in this fight. President Trump's dominating campaign has a commanding lead in the polls that has dramatically expanded as Crooked Joe Biden's presidency continues to fail."

The decision comes after Colorado's Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that Trump was disqualified from appearing on the Centennial State's ballot, a decision which is now on hold pending review by the Supreme Court of the United States. Similar to the Colorado decision, Bellows suspended the effect of her decision "until the Superior Court rules on any appeal."

Bellows was previously the Democrats' nominee for U.S. Senate in Maine but was defeated in the general election by Republican Senator Susan Collins. She subsequently was elected as a state Senator before resigning her seat to become Maine's top election official. Before running for elected office, Bellows worked for the ACLU. 

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Even Die-Hard Liberals Admit Trump Is the Country's Only Chance At Returning to Normalcy

By Sarah Arnold |

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Left-wing New York Times is admitting that former President Trump will bring normalcy back to the United States after President Joe Biden failed to "put things back in order." 

Pollster and NYT columnist Kristen Soltis Anderson acknowledged that Trump's chances of taking back the White House in 2024 stand a strong possibility as Americans become increasingly frustrated with Biden's lack of leadership. 

"The 2024 election will not be fought along the conventional axis of left and right or even change and more of the same," Anderson wrote. "Voters very much want change; they have made that clear with the absolutely abominable ratings they give our leadership in poll after poll."

Anderson admitted that Biden did not deliver his promises while campaigning against Trump in 2020. And after three years of his reckless policies that caused soaring inflation, millions of illegal aliens to enter the U.S., and a botched Afghanistan withdrawal that left Americans dead, voters are in desperate need of fresh blood in the White House. 

"But instead of clamoring for someone to blow everything up, they are crying out for someone to put things back in order," she continued. "Voters wanted this from Mr. Biden and clearly feel he didn't deliver, which is why Mr. Trump currently leads by notable margins across most of the key swing states."

Citing a recent NYT/Sienna poll that found Trump is leading Biden in five of the six key swing states, Anderson admitted that enthusiasm voters once had for the president is quickly declining. Americans said that Biden's policies have personally and financially hurt them throughout multiracial and multigenerational people. 

The Times writer noted that more than two-thirds of the electorate sees the country moving in the wrong direction due to the Left's progressive, anti-America agenda. 

An ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 51 percent of respondents want Trump as their preferred 2024 Republican nominee, compared with 25 percent for his nearest opponent, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) 

Even those who are anti-Trump still say they would vote for him over Biden in the next election. 

A 19-year-old college student told ABC News that she would vote for Trump even if charged "because he might be a bad person, but he is a good president."

56-year-old woman, who accused Trump of trying to "bribe the officials when they were trying to change over the election process," said that all politicians are "crooks and criminals" and that she could not bring herself to vote for Biden again. 

"There's nobody left. At least he had the jobs and everything going; you just had to weed out a lot of his comments and stuff," she said of Trump.

"Since Biden's been in office, I've been struggling bad. I've had to have help from my little brother and my kids, and I don't like that," she said. "I didn't have to have all that help when Trump was in office. Since Biden's been in office, every month, it's like, am I going to make it? If my house weren't paid for, I wouldn't make it."

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Reuters: A Migrant Caravan is Coming and it is Spectacular


AP Photo/Edgar Clemente

Spectacular in this case means alarming. There is a huge caravan of mostly Central American and Caribbean migrants walking from southern Mexico with the goal of reaching the U.S.-Mexico border. There are thousands of people in the caravan.

Reuters reported that they walked from the southern border city Tapachula on Sunday to arrive in Alvaro Obregon to spend Christmas Eve in a public square and then continue walking north to cross Mexico until they reach the U.S. border.

Migrant rights activist Luis Garcia Villagran urged that migrants must not become political bargaining chips in the upcoming presidential election in the United States, where migrants were heading.

“We won’t be stopped, we’ll keep walking,” he said.

Local authorities estimated the size of the caravan to average about 8,000 people per day. A Reuters witness traveling with the group said most migrants were from Central and South America but also the Caribbean.

 8,000 people per day from one caravan. The southern border is already seeing daily averages of 8,000 to up to 10,000 illegal immigrants per day on a regular basis. It is an historic level of illegal immigration yet the Biden administration is deliberately allowing it to become the new normal.

That migrant rights activist might want to talk to Joe Biden if he’s concerned about illegal immigrants being in the fray during the 2024 presidential election. Too late, it’s already happened and it should. Joe Biden politicized the management of the southern border when he ended Trump’s border policies and agreements on his first day in office. Biden wanted to show he is the anti-Trump president when it comes to the border and he sure did. Trump had the border as secured as it can get and Biden undid it all. He should have been impeached for dereliction of his top duty – to keep the homeland safe – but he had a Democrat-controlled House for most of his administration.

The number of illegal immigrants that were recorded by Border Patrol in November was an all-time record high for the United States. As the Biden border crisis continues, month after month, CBP has developed a habit of reporting the previous month’s numbers later and later into the next month. It’s bad and they try to put it off as long as possible.

The person facing a possible impeachment process over his dereliction of duty at the southern border is DHS Secretary Mayorkas. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green calls Mayorkas “cowardly” for trying to bury the November numbers in a late Friday news dump ahead of the Christmas weekend.

Among the Border Patrol arrests in November were 18 people whose names were on the terrorism watchlist. Through the first two months of fiscal 2024, agents have nabbed 30 terrorism suspects at the southern border, putting the country on pace to break the record of 169 set under Mr. Biden in the previous year.

Customs and Border Protection released the numbers Friday afternoon, ahead of the Christmas holiday weekend.

Republicans said that seemed to be an attempt to bury the bad news amid holiday cheer.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green said it was “cowardly of Mr. Mayorkas.”

The scariest part is the number of people apprehended that appear on the terror watch list. Those are just the ones who were apprehended, not the ones who were gotaways. Who knows how many people on the terror watch list are roaming around the country undetected? The government does not know. In FY 2023, there was a record number of people apprehended on the terror watch list. FY 2024 isn’t looking any better so far.

Chairman Green said that the House Homeland Security Committee will be “initiating impeachment proceedings against Secretary Mayorkas early in the new year.”

That’s good and certainly appropriate but the fact remains that Mayorkas works for Joe Biden and takes his orders from him. Biden wants open borders and Mayorkas is doing what he is told to do. The House may impeach Mayorkas but the Democrat-controlled Senate will not. And Biden won’t remove Mayorkas from office. Our only hope of securing the border and getting the humanitarian crisis and the national security crisis under control is to replace Joe Biden in November 2024 with a Republican president.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

A Christmas miracle during the Battle of the Bulge

By William Haupt III | The Center Square contributor

dvoevnore | shutterstock

“For a day, the God of goodwill was once more master of this corner of the earth when He united opposing men of different honors to share brotherly love in His name." – Jean-Paul Sartre

In many sectors along the Western Front during World War I, troops spontaneously stopped fighting at Christmas and enjoyed a brief but welcome respite from the horrors of war. Such moments of humanity were largely lacking from World War II. But one notable exception occurred during the Battle of the Bulge, when seven young soldiers were spared from the fighting on Christmas Eve.

During World War II, due to the love and courage of a mother, a miracle took place on Christmas Eve in the Ardennes forest during the Battle of the Bulge. Elisabeth Vincken from the German city of Aachen was forced to seek a new home when her house and bakery were destroyed by an Allied bombing raid. They fled to a small hunting cottage her husband used on weekends before the war.

The Vinckens, with their 12-year-old son Fritz, sought refuge there to be isolated from the war. Her husband, a member of the defense squad in Monschau, near the cottage, came home to visit them regularly. It was an act of God that brought a storm that kept him from coming home for Christmas.

On Dec. 16, 1944, nine days before Christmas, the Germans launched Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein – "Operation Watch on the Rhine." It was the last major counteroffensive against western Allies. This caught the Allies by surprise, as desperate Allied units tried to fend off this ruthless German attack. Soon, the entire Ardennes Forest was overwhelmed in a contentious battle for its survival.

Elisabeth and Fritz were alone in the cottage with a plump rooster intended to be cooked for their Christmas dinner. Elisabeth had named the rooster Hermann Göring after the prominent well-fed head of the Nazi air force. He was not very well-liked by the Vincken family or by other Germans.

Early on Christmas Eve, she heard a loud, anxious knock on the door of the cottage. Elisabeth quickly blew out the candles so Fritz could open the door. When she saw three soldiers on her doorstep, she ran to greet them herself. She found three young American GIs outside. One was deathly pale, laying face down in the snow. They'd been separated from their battalion three days.

They didn't speak German, and Elisabeth spoke no English, but she looked at the desperate men and invited them in. This was a dangerous act of kindness. Had the Germans found her harboring the enemy, she would have been executed. Yet she allowed them in and sent Fritz outside to fill a bucket with snow. She had Fritz take off their jackets and boots and rub their frozen feet with snow.

One soldier and Elisabeth spoke a little French and they started communicating. The American GIs were Jim, Robin and Harry, the one who was wounded and soon fell into sleep. Elisabeth ordered Fritz to fetch six potatoes and Hermann the plump rooster so she could cook these young men a warm Christmas meal. She told Fritz, "They need a hot meal much more than we do this evening."

Elisabeth ripped her bed sheet into bandages and did her best to treat Harry's wounded leg. With the smell of the hot chicken filling the room, there was another knock on the door. Fritz believed it was more lost Americans and opened the door. But this time, however, it was four young German soldiers. Elisabeth ran to the door and quickly stepped outside and greeted them with "Fröhliche Weihnachten" – "Merry Christmas." The soldiers returned the greeting. The corporal explained they had lost their regiment and were concerned that they'd freeze to death if they remained outside all night. They were hoping that someone in the cottage would allow them to stay there until daylight.

Elisabeth replied, "Of course you can. You can also have a fine, warm meal and eat till the pot is empty. But we have three other guests, whom you may not consider friends." Her compassion now turned to concern. "You know this is Christmas Eve, and there will be no shooting or war in here."

The German corporal quarried if the men inside were Americans. Elisabeth sternly replied. "Listen, you could be my sons, and so could those inside. A boy with a gunshot wound, fighting for his life, and his two friends, lost like you and just as hungry and exhausted as you are. This one night, this Christmas night, let us forget about killing. Let us forget about war. Let us thank God we are alive."

The corporal stared at her stoically. Elisabeth decided it was time to break the dangerous silence. She clapped her hands and told the Germans to leave their weapons outside it they want to come in. Elisabeth quickly retreated inside and told the American GIs what had transpired. They agreed to give their guns to Elisabeth, who took them outside and put them with the Germans' weapons.

When Elisabeth brought the German soldiers over to meet the GIs, they stoically stared at each other. Elisabeth intervened again. She strategically placed her guests around the dinner table and whispered to Fritz, "Get more potatoes and fresh oats. These boys are hungry, they are starving."

The German corporal produced a bottle of red wine and a loaf of rye bread to share with the GIs. Elisabeth said grace and prayed for peace. Fritz noticed their guests had tears in their eyes. For one night they could do something other than fighting each other. For one night, they were seven lonely young men, lost in the woods, far from home, who were taken in by a God-fearing Christian woman.

After dinner, one of the Germans who spoke fair English and had studied medicine examined Harry's wound. He explained to Harry he needed to clean his leg daily with soap and water. He added, "You also need to eat more healthy foods like red meat to make up for your blood loss."

The two groups slept peacefully through the night in peace and prepared to part their ways in the early AM. In the morning, Harry was given some broth and more of the German wine, some sugar, and the only egg in Elisabeth's home. The other soldiers ate oatmeal and slices of warmed bread. Elisabeth helped them fashion a stretcher for Harry out of two polls and her Christmas tablecloth.

Before departing, the German corporal showed his map and compass to the Americans, explaining how to get to the nearest American-controlled area. He also cautioned them to avoid the town of Monschau, which had been occupied by the Germans two days prior. Elisabeth then gave the soldiers back their weapons and watched them disappear into the forest in opposite directions.

This story has survived thanks to Fritz Vincken, who lives in Honolulu. Then President Ronald Reagan referenced it in a 1985 speech he gave about German reconciliation.

"Two former war heroes who met today at the unification ceremony; each an enemy of the other 40 years ago; each a witness to the horrors of war, broke bread together on Christmas Eve together in Aachen during the middle of World War. II. They came together then, as they have today, just as Germany has done too." -

President Trump Releases Beautiful Christmas Greeting Including the Biblical Story of the Birth of Jesus Christ in Rare Upload on His YouTube Channel

 By Jim Hoft | Gateway Pundit

President Donald Trump released a beautiful Christmas greeting to his millions of followers today on YouTube.

President Trump has not posted on his YouTube account in 3 months. He made the exception on Christmas Day.

Here is his powerful statement.

President Donald Trump: As the president of the United States it’S my tremendous honor to finally wish America and the world a very Merry Christmas.

For Christians, this is a holy season, the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

More than 2000 years ago, the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. He said, “Do not be afraid. You have found favor with God.” The angel told her that she would give birth to a baby boy, Jesus who would be called the Son of the Most High. Nine months later, Christ was born in the town of Bethlehem. The Son of God came into the world in a humble stable.

Whatever our beliefs, we know that the birth of Jesus Christ and the story of this incredible life forever changed the course of human history. There’s hardly an aspect of our lives today that his life has not touched. Art, music, culture, law and our respect for the sacred dignity of every person everywhere in the world.

"At Christmas, we give thanks to God and that God sent his only Son to die for us and to offer everlasting peace to all humanity. And we recognize that the real spirit of Christmas is not what we have, it’s about who we are. Each one of us is a child of God. That is the true source of joy.

This time of the year that is what makes every Christmas merry. Above all, during the sacred season, our souls are full of thanks and praise for Almighty God for sending us Christ His Son to redeem the world.

Tonight, we ask that God will continue to bless this nation and we pray that he will grant every American family a Christmas season full of joy, hope and peace."


Monday, December 25, 2023

December 1776: America's First Christmas, the Victory That Marked It, and the Heroes That Made It Happen

By Ward Clark |

AP Photo/Mel Evans, File

There's an old saying in military circles about the U.S. Army, in the form of a quote: "We will cross a frozen river, at night, to kill you in your sleep — on Christmas morning. We've done it before." That saying refers to the American Revolution Battle of Trenton, only months after the Declaration of Independence when General Washington led his men across the frozen Delaware River to attack Hessian mercenaries in Trenton, New Jersey. This battle, this victory, gave hope to an infant republic that was still struggling to survive.

Partisan politics reigned, inflation soared, and the country was deeply divided. You may think this is America in 2023, but this was the United States in December 1776. In one of the darkest periods in American history, the economy was in ruins, and Washington’s army had lost one battle after another.  

The mood of the six-month-old country had deteriorated from optimism to defeat. But on Christmas Day, amid a raging Nor’easter, a small group of soldier-mariners from Marblehead, Massachusetts, conveyed Washington’s army across an impassable, ice-filled river, changing the course of history. 

Washington's troops were in miserable condition on this cold December night. Many of them didn't have shoes, and the trail they left on the march was marked with blood seeping through makeshift wrappings on frozen feet. Enlistments were on the point of running out. Rations were running low, and forage was non-existent. Men were beginning to desert. General Washington realized that the newborn Republic needed a victory to boost morale and strengthen the resolve not only of his troops but of the new nation. The general who was to become the father of our country delivered.

The general's plan didn't go off without a hitch. Of the three groups that intended to cross the Delaware, only one was successful in doing so, the troops under General James Ewing being unable to make the crossing, while troops under Colonel John Cadwalader were able to cross but were forced to leave their artillery behind. Washington nevertheless ordered the attack, and the Hessians were routed in street-to-street fighting.

The Hessians suffered 22 men killed, 83 wounded, and almost 900 captured. The Continentals lost two men during the approach march and the battle, both on the march from the river to Trenton, and five were wounded, including one Lieutenant James Monroe, who would later be President of the United States.

It's impossible to overstate the importance of this battle. While small when viewed against modern warfare, both in scale and scope, it was nevertheless seminal. General Washington gave the country a victory it sorely needed, which did wonders for the mood of the new republic at a time when good news was sorely needed.

This is something worth reflecting on, especially today when too many people seem to see the national government as some combination of Santa Claus and a cheap cable-channel "Judge" show. We could use resolve like this today; in fact, I'm pretty damn sure we're going to badly need resolve like this again, and soon.

I think we still have courage as a people. I recall President Reagan’s speech about “The Boys of Pointe du Hoc,” and I also recall some talking head interviewing a journalist who had been embedded with some of our troops in Iraq in 2003.  The talking head, safely ensconced in a studio, referenced this speech by President Reagan lauding the courage of those men who stormed the beaches of Normandy and asked the journalist, “…where are young men like that today? Are there any?”

“Yes,” the journalist replied.  “We have many of them, and a lot of them are there, today, in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

And that’s what might just save us as a people, as a nation, and as a republic. It won’t be the professional grievance-mongers, the race hustlers, the permanently “offended” that make America work – not ever. It’s the courage and moral fortitude of the regular workers and business people of America who, once the screeching of the previous types has finally tapered off, will spit on their hands and get on with the job. It will be people like the boys of Pointe du Hoc. It will be men like those who crossed the Delaware with George Washington.

That’s resolve. That's the courage to keep on, to stay the course.

I have two ancestors who signed the Declaration of Independence and who placed their lives and fortunes on the line: Thomas McKean and Abraham Clark. My wife descends from Marylander Charles Carroll, who did likewise. We should never forget the courage of these men, the hardships and dangers they faced, their resolve, and, on this Christmas Day, the lasting Christmas gift they gave us on the frozen streets of Trenton.

Merry Christmas To Our Supporters!

Image by equnyeli

This Christmas Day is a time to reflect on our blessings as we enjoy the festivities with our families.

Let us also take time to remember our brave service members and all those who are away from their families this holiday season.

We, the members of the National Black Republican Association, wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Frances Rice, Chairman

Saturday, December 23, 2023



In the wake of the Colorado Supreme Court’s outrageous ruling that bars Donald Trump from the ballot in that state, many Republicans have urged that states controlled by the GOP do the same thing to Joe Biden. My point here is not to endorse that strategy–partisan majorities banning their political opponents from participating in elections is obviously not a good thing–but rather to note that, if Republican-leaning courts in some states are so inclined, there is a rather clear legal path to barring Joe Biden.

I wrote here about the federal bribery statute, 18 U.S. Code § 201, and the fact that an officeholder (Joe Biden) need not have personally benefited in order to be guilty. Rather, if he is involved in the sale of his influence, he is guilty of bribery no matter who cashed the checks (Hunter Biden and other relatives). An officeholder found guilty of bribery can be sentenced to 15 years in prison and “disqualified from holding any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States.”

But, you may say, Joe Biden has not been found guilty of bribery. True. But there is also a federal law that a makes insurrection and rebellion a crime, duplicating the language of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Donald Trump has been neither charged nor found guilty under that law, either.

The Colorado courts relied on the report of the Democrats’ January 6 Committee in finding Trump to be an insurrectionist. So the Republicans’ House impeachment committee could issue a report finding that Joe Biden knowingly participated in his family’s influence peddling scheme, and thus is guilty of bribery under Section 201. There is ample evidence already in the public record to support such a finding.

So it seems to me that the cases are exactly parallel. If a Congressional committee finds that Biden has violated Section 201, a Republican-leaning court could use that as a basis for a finding that Biden should be “disqualified from holding any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States,” and bar him from the 2024 ballot.

Would that be a good idea? In principle, no. But the Democrats can be deterred from their anti-democratic conduct only by the realization that the tables can be turned against them.

Friday, December 22, 2023

Argument Between Chicago and Texas Over Busing Migrants Takes Off


(AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

There has been a lot of back and forth between the state of Texas and the Windy City this week over migrants. If you missed Karen’s rundown yesterday it’s definitely worth a look to get the full backstory. Very briefly, we had a record number of migrants at the southern border this week (12,000 in a single day) and as always Gov. Abbott is making sure that sanctuary cities like Chicago get a small portion of those migrants delivered to their doorstep by bus.

That led to another outburst from Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson who accused Gov. Abbott of “attacking the country” and causing chaos. I’m sure it genuinely feels that way when these needy people with no jobs and no ability to speak English arrive expecting to be taken care of but again, whatever Chicago is getting is a small fraction of what’s happening in Texas on a weekly basis. But on this issue the party of empathy doesn’t seem to have much of it to offer. In fact, as of last week Chicago has started impounding buses that arrive from Texas.

In recent months, so-called “rogue buses” that arrive without prior notice have left city officials scrambling to accommodate asylum seekers.

Now, those buses “shall be subject to seizure and impoundment,” according to the ordinance passed Wednesday. They will also be fined $3,000 on top of storage and towing fees.

The city towed and impounded the first bus under the new order at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, a spokesperson for the Mayor’s Office said in a statement Thursday.

Yesterday, Gov. Abbott responded by chartering the first migrant flight to Chicago.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for the first time this week chartered a plane to fly migrants from his state to Chicago, marking an escalation after months of having bused migrants to Democratic-run cities to protest President Joe Biden’s border policies.

Abbott, a Republican, acted after Chicago began impounding buses carrying migrants. The city has said it’s enforcing a new ordinance that impounds buses without permits and those that fail to drop off migrants at designated spots…

The flight from El Paso arrived in Chicago on Tuesday night carrying about 100 people, according to Abbott’s office, which said the passengers signed consent forms available in multiple languages before they departed.

Abbott started the busing of migrants back in April 2022. Since then he has bused about 83,000 migrants to six specific cities.


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Greg Abbott @GregAbbott_TX

Texas’ border busing mission provides vital relief to our overwhelmed border communities.

We have bused over 82,900 migrants to sanctuary cities.


All of the pushback he has received, all of the moaning from blue city mayors, has been over 83,000 migrants in the span of 18 months. And just the 25,000 migrants Chicago (a city of 2.7 million) has received has created genuine chaos. This story about the wrangling over how to manage the migrants is two weeks old.

In response to the fallout over the now-rejected Brighton Park base camp site for migrants, three Chicago aldermen have called for the resignation of seven officials from Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration.

The letter – signed by aldermen Anthony Beale, Ray Lopez and Anthony Napolitano – said the city needs “individuals who are serious, deliberative and collaborative in addressing the ongoing migrant asylum-seeker crisis…” and that “What we have seen in Brighton Park, however, does not show members of your administration as being either serious, deliberative or collaborative in addressing this issue.”

The request was rejected by the mayor’s office, which issued a statement that said the aldermen’s correspondence was “not serious.”

But again, the border patrol had 12,000 migrants show up on Monday this week. Most of those people are probably going to be released simply because facilities for holding migrants are already overwhelmed. Many if not most will wind up in Texas. How is the state supposed to deal with that on a daily basis?

This report says 200,000 people have arrived so far this month. If that’s true then December could set another new record for the number of border encounters. The problem keeps getting worse. At what point is the federal government going to come up with a plan to deal with the problem?

 Finally, former Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot was interviewed about the border crisis yesterday. She ran through all of the usual talking points about what a terrible guy Gov. Abbott is. But CNN actually pressed her a little asking if she could at least understand the situation Abbott is in given that Texas was dealing with an order of magnitude more migrants than Chicago has been. Lightfoot’s answer, in so many words, was no.



Late-Night Flights Still Bringing Migrants to NYC


(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

This is a story that mostly dropped out of the news for a while thanks to a complacent legacy media effort, but it never really went away. Not only has Joe Biden been inviting millions of illegal aliens into the country, but after they arrive, he’s been giving them free airline flights to the destinations of their choice. As Republican commentator Ashley St. Clair found out the hard way recently, that’s still happening. While waiting for a flight from Phoenix to New York City, she noticed that her plane was filling up with migrants. Presumably, none of them had booked tickets of their own. But when she tried to inquire about the situation she was basically told to mind her own business. Fly the friendly skies, eh? (Townhall)

Delta and American Airlines are under fire for flying illegal migrants from President Joe Biden’s Arizona processing centers into domestic U.S. hubs on late-night flights.

According to reports, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has become a significant hub for illegal aliens to travel around the United States.

Republican commentator Ashley St Clair was on a flight from Phoenix to New York City when she noticed that her Delta Airlines flight was filled with illegal aliens.

In a video posted to social media, St Clair showed illegal migrants lined up waiting to board her flight, and when she asked a representative about it, he said: “What does it matter? They’re humans, too.”

Here’s the video of the migrant flight that St. Clair posted to social media. There are others at the link above.

One of the first questions that never seems to be addressed is that of who is paying for all of these thousands of airline tickets. The airlines don’t simply ferry people around out of the goodness of their hearts and it seems highly unlikely that many of the migrants show up with that kind of cash on hand. (The cartels take most of it.) So who is covering the cost? The obvious answer is ‘you are, of course.’ But the funds must have been allocated somehow. It would be nice if the White House would come out and tell us.

Ashley St. Clair raises that question and another as well. She could see that many of the migrants being seated with her were still carrying the bags they were given at the Phoenix migrant processing center. What sort of medical screening was done on these people before they were simply jammed into a plane with American citizens? Did any of them have criminal records? Shouldn’t the public have that information available?

We should also revisit the fact that the Mayor of New York City has already been sounding the alarm about all of the migrants showing up in his city and demanding sanctuary. He has gently pointed the finger at the White House, only saying that New York requires “more federal resources.” Other than that, he and most of his fellow Democrats try to blame it on Trump. But is Mayor Adams aware that he wouldn’t be swamped with nearly as many migrants if Joe Biden wasn’t shipping them directly to the city in the dark of night on a regular basis?

This situation seems too warped to be real. Joe Biden has managed to turn the CBP into a travel agency. The people who are being paid to protect our borders and keep out those seeking to enter illegally are now providing rides and flights to all parts of the country. This is obviously happening every night. And you’re paying for all of it when none of these policies have ever been voted on in Congress to my knowledge. That’s extremely generous of you. You might want to keep this in mind when you go to the polls next year.