Wednesday, July 27, 2016

NYT: Clintons Failed to Disclose $2.35M Donation from Russian-Owned Uranium Corp

From the New York Times:
The headline in Pravda trumpeted President Vladimir V. Putin’s latest coup, its nationalistic fervor recalling an era when the newspaper served as the official mouthpiece of the Kremlin: “Russian Nuclear Energy Conquers the World.”
The article, in January 2013, detailed how the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, had taken over a Canadian company with uranium-mining stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West. The deal made Rosatom one of the world’s largest uranium producers and brought Mr. Putin closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain.
But the untold story behind that story is one that involves not just the Russian president, but also a former American president and a woman who would like to be the next one.
At the heart of the tale are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family. Members of that group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One.
Beyond mines in Kazakhstan that are among the most lucrative in the world, the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.
And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.
Read the rest of the story here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

“Protests, Booing And Open Dissent,” Oh My: Dem Disunity Continues Apace

"Convention Officials, Congressional Leaders And Even The Icons Of The Party's Progressive Wing… Were Subjected To Jeers, Catcalls And Chants."
Time : "A Day Of Protests, Booing And Open Dissent On Monday At The Democratic Convention Threatened To Derail The Party's Moment In The Spotlight…" "A day of protests, booing and open dissent on Monday at the Democratic convention threatened to derail the party's moment in the spotlight, exposing the fault lines that have divided the Democrats throughout the contentious primary between Sanders and Hillary Clinton." ( Time, 7/26/16)
The New York Times : "Democratic Party Leaders Scrambled… To Rescue Their Convention From Political Bedlam As Supporters Of (Sanders) Erupted In Boos, Jeers And Protests Against (Clinton)." "Democratic Party leaders scrambled on Monday night to rescue their convention from political bedlam as supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders erupted in boos, jeers and protests against Hillary Clinton after an email leak showed that party officials had sought to undermine Mr. Sanders in their race for the nomination." (The New York Times, 7/25/16)
Boston Herald Headline: "Raucous 'Bernie Or Bust' Revolt Disrupts Hillary Clinton Coronation" ( Boston Herald , 7/26/16)
NPR: "Convention Officials, Congressional Leaders And Even The Icons Of The Party's Progressive Wing… Were Subjected To Jeers, Catcalls And Chants." "Convention officials, congressional leaders and even the icons of the party's progressive wing - keynoter Elizabeth Warren and candidate Bernie Sanders - were subjected to jeers, catcalls and chants from an element of the audience." ( NPR, 7/26/16)
New York Post : "Diehard Bernie Sanders Supporters Hijacked The Opening Day Of The Democratic Convention… Loudly Booing The Mention Of Hillary Clinton's Name." "Diehard Bernie Sanders supporters hijacked the opening day of the Democratic convention on Monday - drowning out speakers with chants of 'Bernie! Bernie!' while loudly booing the mention of Hillary Clinton's name." ( New York Post, 7/26/15)
The Economist: "As The Convention Got Under Way, Boos Rang Out At Any Mention Of Mrs Clinton's Name." (The Economist, 7/26/16)
Boston Herald: "Warren Was Booed At One Point And Some Chanted, 'We Trusted You!'" "Warren was booed at one point and some chanted, 'We Trusted You!' - a reference to her praising Sanders during the primary before she endorsed Clinton at the end." ( Boston Herald , 7/26/16)
New York Post Headline: "Boos From Bernie Bros Dominate DNC" (New York Post, 7/26/15)
Atlanta Journal Constitution: "Things Began In Philadelphia With A Fleeing Party Chairman And Booing Bernie Bros." (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 7/26/16)
Wired: "A Mutiny Was Under Way At The Democratic National Convention…" "As Fudge addressed the crowd from the stage, a mutiny was under way at the Democratic National Convention." ( Wired, 7/26/16)
The Guardian: "A Stormy Opening Night…" "A stormy opening night of the Democratic convention battered the Philadelphia arena on Monday as defiant Bernie Sanders supporters resisted attempts to persuade them to embrace Hillary Clinton." ( The Guardian, 7/26/16)
NBC News: "A Turbulent First Day…" "At the very end of a turbulent first day of the Democratic National Convention, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took his final bow of the 2016 Democratic primary." (NBC News, 7/26/16)


Elizabeth Warren Was Paid Over $200,000 To Help Defend Traveler's Insurance From Claims That It Broke Consumer Protection Laws In Asbestos-Related Cases
Warren Was Paid $212,000 Over Three Years By Travelers, The Nation's Largest Insurer. "For her contribution, Warren was paid $212,000 over three years by Travelers, the nation's largest insurer." (Noah Bierman, "Warren Had Key Role In Asbestos Court Case," The Boston Globe, 5/1/12)
Warren Consulted On Travelers Indemnity Company v. Pearlie Bailey, et. al. (Office Of The Secretary Of The Senate, Personal Financial Disclosure Of Elizabeth Warren, 5/14/10)
Warren Worked For Travelers Indemnity's New York Law Firm, Simpson, Thatcher & Bartlett, LLP. (Office Of The Secretary Of The Senate, Personal Financial Disclosure Of Elizabeth Warren, 5/14/10)
Travelers Was Sued For Breaking Consumer Protection Laws In Asbestos-Related Cases
"Johns Manville, Once The Nation's Largest Maker Of Asbestos, Filed For Bankruptcy In 1982." (Tiffany Kary, "Travelers Ordered to Pay $500 Million to Johns Manville Asbestos Victims," Bloomberg, 12/16/10)
In 1986, A Federal Bankruptcy Court Judge Approved The Establishment Of A Trust To Settle All Asbestos Claims Against The Bankrupt Johns Manville. "The case centers on Denver asbestos manufacturer Johns-Manville Corp., which filed for bankruptcy in 1982 under the weight of asbestos liability claims. To deal with the potentially unwieldy size and complexity of those claims, a federal bankruptcy court judge in 1986 approved establishing the Manville Personal Injury Settlement Trust to settle all asbestos claims." (Zack Phillips, "Supreme Court Bars New Manville Asbestos Claims Against Travelers," Business Insurance, 6/19/09)
Under The Agreement Johns Manville's Insurance Company - Travelers - Would Contribute Millions To The Trust In Exchange For Immunity From Future Claims. "Under the agreement, Manville's insurers-including Travelers, its primary liability insurer until 1976-contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the trust in exchange for immunity from future claims that were "based upon, arose out of, or related to Manville's liability insurance policies." (Zack Phillips, "Supreme Court Bars New Manville Asbestos Claims Against Travelers," Business Insurance, 6/19/09)
By 2001, The Manville Trust Had Slashed The Payments To Victims Dying Of Cancer To $10,000 Or Less - Down From Hundreds Of Thousands Per Claimant In The 1980s. "The Manville Trust, the first major compensation fund that followed the bankruptcy of Johns-Manville Corp., has paid out more than $2 billion but is now paying victims 5 cents on the dollar to assure there will be money left for other claimants. The trust has slashed payments to victims dying of cancer to $10,000 or less--down from hundreds of thousands per claimant in the late 1980s." (Lisa Girion, "Firms Hit Hard As Asbestos Claims Rise," Los Angeles Times, 12/17/01)
Plaintiffs Began Filing Suits In State Courts Against Travelers Despite The Original Agreement That Established The Trust. "Ten years later, plaintiffs began filing suits in state courts against Travelers, despite the agreement that was approved by a bankruptcy court in New York." (Arthur D. Postal, "Bankruptcy Asbestos Settlement Protects Travelers, Says High Court," Property And Casualty 360, 6/19/09)
The Lawsuits, Filed In 2001, Accused Travelers Of Breaking Consumer Protection Laws Because It Allegedly Hid The Dangers Of Asbestos While Serving As Johns Manville's Primary Liability Insurer Until 1976. "The lawsuits at issue were filed in 2001 against Travelers accusing the carrier of breaking consumer protection laws and other laws because it allegedly hid the dangers of asbestos while serving as Manville's primary liability insurer until 1976. Moreover, the company failed to warn the public, the suits claimed." (Arthur D. Postal, "Bankruptcy Asbestos Settlement Protects Travelers, Says High Court," Property And Casualty 360, 6/19/09)
In 2004, Travelers Settled With Several Plaintiffs, Agreeing To Pay $500 Million In Exchange The Court Clarifying Its 1986 Order Barred Such Lawsuits Against The Insurers. "Travelers in 2004 settled with several plaintiffs, agreeing to pay $500 million in exchange for an order from the bankruptcy court clarifying that its 1986 order barred such lawsuits against the insurers, which the court granted." (Zack Phillips, "Supreme Court Bars New Manville Asbestos Claims Against Travelers," Business Insurance, 6/19/09)
In 2008, The 2nd Circuit Court Of Appeals Reversed That Ruling Saying The Bankruptcy Court Had No Authority To Block Lawsuits Against The Insurer. "However, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals reversed that ruling last year. It said the bankruptcy court had no authority to block the lawsuits because they involved insurers and not the bankrupt Manville estate." (Zack Phillips, "Supreme Court Bars New Manville Asbestos Claims Against Travelers," Business Insurance, 6/19/09)
In June 2009, The Supreme Court Overturned The 2nd Circuit Courts Ruling - Thereby Shielding Travelers From Future Lawsuits Against Asbestos Victims. "In June 2009, the Supreme Court overturned a ruling that allowed suits against units of Travelers by people harmed by exposure to asbestos." (Arthur D. Postal, "Bankruptcy Asbestos Settlement Protects Travelers, Says High Court," Property And Casualty 360, 6/19/09)
"Barry Ostrager, Attorney For Traveler's At Simpson, Thacher & Barlett In New York, Said The Decision Upheld His Argument Before The Supreme Court That The '1986 Injunction Did And Always Has, Barred The Direct Actions.' Specifically, the court said in its decision 'that the terms of the 1986 injunction bar the direct actions against Travelers, and the finality of the Bankruptcy Court's 1986 Orders generally stands in the way of challenging their enforceability.'" (Arthur D. Postal, "Bankruptcy Asbestos Settlement Protects Travelers, Says High Court," Property And Casualty 360, 6/19/09)
Warren Was Roundly Criticized For Her Role In Defending Travelers Insurance
The Boston Globe : "… Warren, Who Has Gained Fame For Defending Consumers Against Big Business, Was In This Case Working On Behalf Of A Big Business." (Noah Bierman, "Warren Had Key Role In Asbestos Court Case," The Boston Globe, 5/1/12)
"'She's Supposed To Be A Consumer Advocate? That's Laughable,' Said Gayla Benefield, An Asbestos Victims' Advocate And Victim Herself. 'Those Lawyers Are Trying To Keep Every Penny Away From People Who Are Faced With This Disease. I Guess She's Just Doing Her Job, But I Don't Think She Would Get The Vote Of Anybody Who's An Asbestos Victim.'" (Hillary Chabot, "Foes: $ Taints Prez Adviser's Credibility," The Boston Herald, 7/5/11)
An Attorney Who Represented Thousands Of Asbestos Victims Said Travelers Was "Tried To Get Out On The Cheap. Instead Of Answering For What They Did In Front Of Regular People On A Jury, They Want A Bankruptcy Court To Bail Them Out." "Attorney Justin Shrader, who has represented thousands of asbestos victims, said the kind of trust that Warren is defending will often pay out very low amounts to victims and allows companies to make a quick settlement to avoid years of future asbestos lawsuits. 'Travelers saw the handwriting on the wall in the '80s. They were looking at thousands of victims who were going to get cancer over the next several decades and tried to get out on the cheap. Instead of answering for what they did in front of regular people on a jury, they want a bankruptcy court to bail them out,' Shrader said." (Hillary Chabot, "Foes: $ Taints Prez Adviser's Credibility," The Boston Herald, 7/5/11)
Warren Helped Defend A Conglomerate In Fighting Against A Congressional Requirement That To Pay Millions Of Dollars Into A Fund For Retired Coal Miners
Warren Wrote A Petition To The U.S. Supreme Court To Help LTV Steel "In Its Fight Against A Congressional Requirement That It Pay Millions Of Dollars Into A Fund For Its Retired Coal Miners' Health Care." "US Senator Scott Brown has attacked Elizabeth Warren in recent days for her legal work on behalf of Travelers Insurance in an asbestos case, asserting that it undermines her reputation as a consumer advocate. But Travelers is not the only large corporation Warren has represented. Warren also helped write a petition to the US Supreme Court for LTV Steel in the 1990s, assisting the former industrial conglomerate in its fight against a congressional requirement that it pay millions of dollars into a fund for its retired coal miners' health care." (Noah Bierman, "Elizabeth Warren Assisted Mining Company," The Boston Globe , 8/25/12)
  • Warren's Work On Behalf Of LTV Steel "Would Seem To Undercut Her Image As A Middle-Class Champion." "Her advocacy on behalf of a large corporation, opposing a mandate to pay for the health benefits of blue-collar retirees and their families, would seem to undercut her image as a middle-class champion, the central message of the Democrat's Senate campaign against Brown, the Republican." (Noah Bierman, "Elizabeth Warren Assisted Mining Company," The Boston Globe , 8/25/12)
Warren Argued That LTV Steel Should Be Able To Defer Its Obligations To Assist In Coal Miners' Health Care While It Emerged From Bankruptcy. "The case involved the question of whether LTV, which was emerging from bankruptcy when the Coal Act took effect in 1993, could be forced to pay out more money after its bankruptcy was completed. Warren argued that the company's obligations under the Coal Act should have been addressed as part of the bankruptcy. Warren worried that in the future, similar claims would also have to be put off until the bankruptcy procedure ended, her campaign said. That could imperil victims of companies that shut down completely instead of reorganizing as LTV did, her campaign said." (Noah Bierman, "Elizabeth Warren Assisted Mining Company," The Boston Globe , 8/25/12)
The Clinton Administration Argued LTV And Other Companies Were Trying To Take Advantage Of Bankruptcy Law To Avoid Their Responsibility To Coal Miners. "But opponents, including the Clinton administration, argued that LTV and other companies challenging the statute were trying to take advantage of the bankruptcy laws to avoid their responsibility. And mine workers and their advocates also argued that if LTV or any other company tried to avoid paying into the Coal Act fund, the entire fund could collapse." (Noah Bierman, "Elizabeth Warren Assisted Mining Company," The Boston Globe , 8/25/12)
AFL-CIO President Richard Tumka And Former Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller Were Among Those On The Left Who Opposed LTV Steel's Arguments. "'No exception should be made to this act,' Richard Trumka, then president of the United Mine Workers, told a congressional panel in 1993. 'When it unravels, you will have roughly 200,000 miners and beneficiaries out there that will lose their health care.' Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, of West Virginia, made a similar argument, telling the panel that retirees, whose average age was 77, could be left 'out in the cold' if firms won any exemptions from the law." (Noah Bierman, "Elizabeth Warren Assisted Mining Company," The Boston Globe , 8/25/12)
As A Senator, Warren Bends Over Backward To Support The Medical Device Industry In A Cozy Relationship That One Democrat Staffer Described As "Repulsive"
Time Headline: "Elizabeth Warren Goes To Bat For Medical Device Industry." (Massimo Calabresi, "Elizabeth Warren Goes To Bat For Medical Device Industry," Time, 2/5/15)
Warren's "Coziness" With Medical Device Companies "Is Now Earning Her Criticism Within Her Party, With One Former Democratic Senate Staffer Describing Some Of Her Positions As 'Repulsive.'" "Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic star who just last week unveiled a bill targeting the profits of large drug makers, doesn't sound like much of a populist when it comes to another group of big health care corporations, the medical device manufacturers, many of which happen to be headquartered in the Senator's home state of Massachusetts. Warren's coziness with those companies is now earning her criticism within her party, with one former Democratic Senate staffer describing some of her positions as 'repulsive.'" (Massimo Calabresi, "Elizabeth Warren Goes To Bat For Medical Device Industry," Time, 2/5/15)
Warren's Support Of The $336 Billion Medical Device Industry "Contrasts With Her Criticism Of Other Industries." "Warren's record supporting the medical device industry, which had $336 billion in domestic revenues in 2013, contrasts with her criticism of other industries. On a section of her website devoted to 'leveling the playing field' she says, 'The most profitable corporations should have to pay their fair share.' The Obamacare medical device tax that she wants to repeal will cost the industry $29 billion over ten years, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation. In a hearing this year on a Republican bill that she said would have lowered the cost of Obamacare on businesses, Warren said, 'I'm against adding $53 billion to the deficit so that corporations can push their costs and responsibilities onto the government.'" (Massimo Calabresi, "Elizabeth Warren Goes To Bat For Medical Device Industry," Time, 2/5/15)
"Since She Launched Her Campaign For The Senate In 2011, Warren Has Come Out In Favor Several Medical Device Industry Priorities." "Warren is widely seen as the defender of everyday Americans against the scourge of business interests that she says manipulate Washington, rig regulation and fuel corporate welfare. But when it comes to the medical device industry, she sings a different tune, albeit quietly. Since she launched her campaign for the Senate in 2011, Warren has come out in favor several medical device industry priorities, including rewriting Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, bolstering federal research funding and making permanent certain temporary tax credits for research and development." (Massimo Calabresi, "Elizabeth Warren Goes To Bat For Medical Device Industry," Time, 2/5/15)
In Her 2015 Pharmaceutical Bill, Warren Included A Loophole For Medical Device Manufacturers To Be Exempt From Her Proposed Penalties. "What Warren didn't say was that her bill has a loophole in it for medical device manufacturers. Those companies, which make everything from latex gloves to Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines, would be exempt from her proposed penalties unless they also make drugs. At the same time, her bill explicitly ensures that the so-called 'medtech' companies would benefit from the research dollars that her 'swear jar' would generate." (Massimo Calabresi, "Elizabeth Warren Goes To Bat For Medical Device Industry," Time, 2/5/15)
In April 2012, Warren Said It Was "Essential" To Repeal The Medical Device Tax
Warren Said Repeal Of The Medical Device Tax Was "Essential." "Three changes in government policy are essential: a more efficient regulatory system at the FDA, repeal of the medical device tax, and an increased national commitment to research and education." (Elizabeth Warren, Op-Ed, "A Climate For Innovation," Mass Device, 4/17/12)
Warren Said When Congress Taxes The Sale Of A Specific Product Through An Exise Tax It "Too Often Disproportionately Impacts The Small Companies With The Narrowest Financial Margins And The Broadest Innovative Potential." "Smarter regulation is key, but it isn't enough: innovation also depends on a fair tax system. When Congress taxes the sale of a specific product through an excise tax, as the Affordable Care Act does with medical devices, it too often disproportionately impacts the small companies with the narrowest financial margins and the broadest innovative potential." (Elizabeth Warren, Op-Ed, "A Climate For Innovation," Mass Device, 4/17/12)
Warren Said The Medical Device Tax Would Push Companies Of All Sizes To Cut Back On Research And Development For Life-Saving Products. "It also pushes companies of all sizes to cut back on research and development for life-saving products." (Elizabeth Warren, Op-Ed, "A Climate For Innovation," Mass Device, 4/17/12)
Warren Called For "An Appropriate Offset" To Repeal The Medical Device Tax "Without Cutting Health Care Coverage For Millions Of People." "With an appropriate offset, we can repeal the medical device tax without cutting health care coverage for millions of people or forcing Americans to fight the whole health care battle all over again." (Elizabeth Warren, Op-Ed, "A Climate For Innovation," Mass Device, 4/17/12)
Further Underscoring The Shadiness Of Her Big Business Associations, Warren Refuses To Release A Full Accounting Of Her Corporate Legal Work
In May 2012, Warren's Campaign Refused To Release A Full List Of Cases She Has Been Involved In. "Her campaign would not release a full list of cases she has been involved in. And, while some representation appears in scattered court records, much of her consulting can be done without placing her name on dockets as an attorney of record." (Noah Bierman, "Warren Had Key Role In Asbestos Court Case," The Boston Globe, 5/1/12)
In September 2012, Warren Said She Did Not Have A List Of Corporate Clients She Has Represented. "Pressed by host Jim Braude to release a list of other corporate clients she has represented, Warren said, 'I don't have it.'" (Michael Levenson, "Elizabeth Warren Defends Work On Asbestos Lawsuit," The Boston Globe, 9/24/12)

Monday, July 25, 2016

IN THE HOUR OF CHAOS premieres Tuesday on Ch. 8 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

In new era of turmoil, ‘In Hour of Chaos’ doc gives a timely look back at MLK Sr.

Given all the violence and unrest sweeping through Baton Rouge, Dallas, Miami and Minnesota and the debates over black, blue or all lives mattering in the fallout, it seems relevant to dial back to earlier times in the black struggle in America – back to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but before he marched out from Selma, and back to the man who started it all, if by proximity alone: the Rev. Martin Luther King Sr., father of the historical Civil Rights leader, aka “Daddy King.”
He’s the central subject of Bayer Mack’s documentary “In the Hour of Chaos,” to debut on Cambridge Community Television’s Channel 8 at 8 p.m. Tuesday and plays again four times over the next four days.
Mack, who hails from Louisville, Ky., and is the founder of Block Starz Music Television, an independent film and television company, is no stranger to Cambridge audiences. In 2014 he partnered with Cambridge resident Hasson J. Rashid, who hosts two shows on CCTV, to get Mack’s documentary “Oscar Micheaux: The Czar of Black Hollywood” in its lineup.
“In the Hour of Chaos” unfurls a languorous, solemn rewind of history, though it takes its name from the 1988 song by the rap group Public Enemy, “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos.” The primary source for the film is Murray M. Silver’s book, “Daddy King and Me,” as well as other autobiographies and biographies about Daddy King, his son and other King family members and associates.
One of the film’s starkest revelations is the degree of violence and poverty MLK Sr. grew up in amid the backwoods of Georgia, and the conflicts and tragedies that shaped his son as he emerged from the shadow of his father.
“There are critical lessons in this film that we as Americans still haven’t learned,” Mack said of the project, “which is why we are still fighting old battles.”
For details and other broadcast times, go to CCTV’s website.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dems In Disarray Prior To Convention


BREAKING: DWS Is Resigning As DNC Chair At The End Of The Convention. “The controversial chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, announced Sunday she would resign at the end of her party’s convention this week, a victim of her toxic relationship with peers and a trove of embarrassing internal emails.” (Daniel Strauss And Marc Caputo, “Wasserman Schultz Steps Down As DNC Chair,” Politico, 7/24/16)

“Democratic Leaders Are Scrambling To Keep The Party United” … “A Long Way To Go To Unite The Party” … “An Unusual Degree Of Drama”

Reuters: “Raising Doubts About Hillary Clinton's Chances For Party Unity… Lingering Bitterness From The Heated Primary Campaign Between Clinton And Sanders Erupted…” “Democrat Bernie Sanders demanded the party chairwoman resign and questioned the vice presidential pick of Tim Kaine on Sunday, raising doubts about Hillary Clinton's chances for party unity on the eve of her presidential nominating convention. Lingering bitterness from the heated primary campaign between Clinton and Sanders erupted after more than 19,000 leaked Democratic National Committee emails seemed to confirm Sanders' frequent charge that the DNC played favorites in the race.” (Reuters, 7/24/16)

CNN: “Democratic Leaders Are Scrambling To Keep The Party United…” “Democratic leaders are scrambling to keep the party united, but two officials familiar with the discussions said Wasserman Schultz was digging in and not eager to vacate her post until after the November elections.” (CNN, 7/24/16)

Reuters Headline: “On Eve Of Democratic Convention, Clinton Struggles For Party Unity” (Reuters, 7/24/16)

Sacramento Bee: “Clinton Loyalists Acknowledged How Much Democrats Have Yet To Do To Unify Their Ranks.” “But with Sanders supporters wending their way to Philadelphia on GoFundMe accounts and in caravans from across the country, Clinton loyalists acknowledged how much Democrats have yet to do to unify their ranks.” (Sacramento Bee, 7/24/16)

Baltimore Sun: “The Uncertainty Gives The Democratic National Convention An Unusual Degree Of Drama.” (Baltimore Sun, 7/23/16)

Business Insider: “A Long Way To Go To Unite The Party… The Tensions Have Only Escalated Over The Past Several Days…” “But while Trump's anti-Clinton convention theme dismayed many top Democrats, when Sen. Bernie Sanders takes the stage on Monday, he'll still have a long way to go to unite the party. … The tensions have only escalated over the past several days, after damaging internal Democratic National Committee emails published by Wikileaks appeared to show the party's hostility toward Sanders' candidacy.” (Business Insider, 7/24/16)

The Washington Post: “The Democratic Party Arrived Here Still Divided…” “The Democratic Party arrived here still divided over the results of its presidential primary season, with anger at the nominating process, the Clinton-Kaine ticket and hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee spilling into the party’s final meetings before the convention begins.” (The Washington Post, 7/24/16)

The Washington Post Headline: “Democrats Grapple With Intraparty Divisions Two Days Before Convention Opens” (The Washington Post, 7/24/16)

The Week Headline: “Democratic Party Shows Signs Of Divide Leading Into Convention” (The Week, 7/24/16)

Complied by the RNC.

Limbaugh's Predictions About DNC Convention: Pessimistic, Negative, Dark, Abysmal, Apocalyptic

My Predictions for the DNC

RUSH: Don't let me forget this, Mr. Snerdley -- I'm gonna make some predictions for you about what we're gonna see at the Democrat convention next week. It's gonna bear out everything I've said since the beginning of this program today. 

For example, I'll just give you one heads-up.  Patricia Smith, the mother of one of the four killed at Benghazi, was ridiculed, was lambasted, was ripped to shreds, was destroyed by the Democrat Party and the media for having the audacity to take the stage at the Republican convention and talk about the death of her son.  It was exploiting a death for the purpose of criticizing Hillary.  It was just unbecoming.  The Republicans should be so ashamed, so ashamed.  And then when she had the audacity to say that she blamed the death of her son on Hillary Clinton, that was it. The media and the Democrat Party went into full destruction mode, and they did everything they could to try to destroy the credibility of this woman and the Republican Party and the convention, and yet you watch what happens next week. 

We are going to see at least six family members of people, supposedly innocent people gunned down, murdered by the cops.  The cops are once again going to be portrayed as the enemy next week on the stage at the Democrat National Convention.  Law enforcement is going to be held up as the enemy for the express purposes of rallying the votes of a bunch of people as a result of having told lie after lie to them, such as "hands up, don't shoot," such as the mess that was Baltimore.  And there's not gonna be one condemnation you'll see anywhere in the Drive-By Media. 

The Drive-By Media will applaud this.  The Democrat Party has developed this tactic.  They parade ostensible victims of Republican policy, of evil American culture, you name it, they parade 'em before congressional hearings, and now they're gonna parade them before their convention.  The contrast is gonna be stark, and the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton are going to once again mount an assault on law enforcement next week, making the calculation that there are many more victims of law enforcement that will applaud that than there are members of law enforcement; strictly a numbers game. 

It will be another cheap attempt to rally the African-American vote.  You watch.  That's just one example of the drivel that's gonna happen next week.  You want to talk about negative, you want to talk about dark, you want to talk about pessimistic, you don't know until you actually watch four days of a Democrat convention what negative, dark, abysmal, apocalyptic is.  You'll see. 


RUSH: Look, folks, I mentioned earlier at the top of the program that I wanted to make some predictions of what the Democrat convention next week is gonna be, especially bouncing off this way that they're try to characterize the whole Republican convention plus Trump's speech last night -- dire, dark, filled with hate.  As you know by now, having listened to the program today, I believe they own those concepts.  I believe they market those concepts.  I believe the Democrats benefit from creating hate. 

I think the Democrats benefit creating fear.  I think they do it on purpose. I think they want people scared. I think they want people scared of everything but government.  I think want people scared of themselves.  But the idea that what Trump did was rooted in hate and fear and darkness, that's the Democrat Party.  They are responsible for the dark clouds of decline and pessimism that hang over this country today.  They side with the perpetrators in many crimes that are committed.  It's just incredible.

Now, in addition to my predictions, I want to urge you to, Dinesh D'Souza has an absolute -- if you liked Trump's speech last night, any part of it, all of it, you are gonna eat this movie up.  This movie tells the truth about the Democrat Party like you don't see done anywhere.  For example, you may know all this, but imagine seeing this on the big screen with an audience of people seeing it and people who've not heard this kind of stuff asserted before, and it's not just asserted.  Dinesh D'Souza proves it. 

The Democrat Party is responsible -- this is right from the movie -- is responsible for most of the great crimes, the political crimes in American history. It's Hillary's America, and this is what it shows.  The Democrat Party is the party of slavery.  Do you know the Republican Party was created to end slavery?  Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president, and his objective was to send slavery.  The Democrat Party was the party of the Ku Klux Klan, and still is.
The Democrat Party is the party of slavery.  The Democrat Party's the party of segregation.  It was the Democrats who did all the lynching.  It was the Democrats who turned the fire hoses on protesters.  It was Democrat police officers who beat John Lewis upside the head in Selma.  It was the Democrat Party that engaged in forced sterilization.  It was the Democrat Party engaged in sympathy for fascism and communism in the 1930s. 

They are the party of slavery.  They were the Southern plantation owners.  The great Democrat senators of the 1950s, J. William Fulbright, all of these great Democrats were segregationists.  One of the greatest political crimes has been to successfully transfer all of that in people's minds to the Republican Party.  The Democrats' relationship to the Ku Klux Klan, it was Democrat governors that refused to allow black students to enter the universities.  Lester Maddox, George Wallace were all Democrats. 

And this movie exposes this in ways that you haven't seen done.  You may have read it in books, you may have heard people like me talking about it, but you've not seen this portrayed on the big screen.  Progressive historians have covered all of this up and managed to transfer all this to conservatives, to the Republican Party. 

But America didn't do these things.  You see, America's not guilty of slavery.  America's not guilty of this.  The Democrat Party is.  The Democrat Party was the home of all this stuff.  Now, what is the relevance of all of this history to today?  The relevance is that even today the Democrats have created urban plantations that resemble these old rural plantations.  These new plantations, the inner city, they're in Detroit, Oakland, Baltimore, rundown buildings, run down dwellings, broken family structure, high levels of violence. 

Democrats provide residents a meager provision, but there's no real opportunity to get ahead.  These are places of hopelessness.  These are places of fear.  And while these dilapidated places exist, what are these people afraid of?  They're afraid of Republicans.  They're afraid of conservatives who haven't had a hand in any of this.  And Obama is so upset at people who have left the inner cities and moved to suburbia that he's got new housing laws that are being implemented all over this country while nobody notices, and laws such as this. 

If a developer, say, let's pick Westchester County in New York, which is an upwardly mobile suburban area.  If a developer wants to build a housing development, in order to be granted zoning and other permissions, he has to also build what is called affordable housing within the development.  Obama and the left are so ticked off that some were able to escape the inner cities.  That's not fair.  That's not right. 

So what Obama wants to do is take the inner cities to the suburbs, and that's what he was in the process of doing, and it's all part of Obama's scheme to make sure that certain segments of America pay for the discrimination and their mobility and their freedom and so forth, to avoid certain other things and people.  It's despicable in Obama's world.  But it's the Democrat Party.  And I'm telling you, Dinesh D'Souza's movie shows these were exactly the same features of the old slave plantation. 

Wait 'til you see the comparison between rundown places like Detroit and Oakland and Baltimore with the old slave plantations, in terms of where the slaves lived.  So America is not a dystopia, but certain places in America look like it, and the Hillary Clinton Democrats are responsible -- all the while Hillary and Bill Clinton are personally getting filthy rich using the power they have acquired to sell access and secrets!

This movie is great, and the fact that it's opening this weekend on the eve of the Democrat convention...  Here's how you find out where it's nearest you.  The website is  No apostrophe, no punctuation, just  Enter your ZIP code and find out where the nearest theater is showing the flick. Next week at this convention, you watch what you're gonna see. 

You're gonna see a parade of victims. 

You're gonna see victims, families of victims shot by the police.  You're gonna see an image that portrays that the cops are indiscriminately and wantonly shooting innocent people of color and minorities.  That's the image of this country and Democrat Party will portray. You talk about negative? You talk about hate? You talk about fear? You talk about dark? It'll be four straight days of nothing but whining and moaning about all the unfairness -- and keep in mind when you hear it, they've been running the show for 7-1/2 years. 

Everything they're complaining about, they have had control over.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary Throws Women And Gays Under The Bus With Tim Kaine VP pick

Tim Kaine’s lengthy self-described “conservative” record is wildly out of step with the Bernie Sanders wing of the party and will do little to unite the fractured party. The below information shows how far right Kaine was willing to go as a candidate for Governor.

Listen To Tim Kaine’s “I’m Conservative” Radio Ads From 2005
By Andrew Kaczynski
In his radio ads during the contentious 2005 Virginia gubernatorial campaign, Kaine touted his support for restrictions on late-term abortion, while his issues page mentioned Virginia’s history of “fiscal conservatism.”
At a rally introducing her new running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, Clinton declared the senator was a “progressive who likes to get things done.”
Kaine has a liberal record as a senator — but when he was running for governor of Virginia in 2005, he brandished his conservative beliefs on “issues of personal responsibility.” The ads can be seen and downloaded on his gubernatorial election page.
In one radio, Kaine declares his social conservatism on issues like same-sex marriage and parental consent for abortion, and banning late-term abortion. (Kaine’s position overall has been that he personally opposes abortion as a Catholic, but will support abortion rights.)
“I’m conservative on issues of personal responsibility,” Kaine said. “As a former Christian missionary, faith is central to my life. I oppose gay marriage, I support restrictions on abortion — no public funding and parental consent — and I’ve worked to pass a state law banning partial-birth abortion.”
In another ad, titled “conservative,” Kaine says he will enforce the death penalty (which became an outsize issue in the 2005 campaign) and how he is “conservative on personal responsibility, character, family and the sanctity of life. These are my values, and that’s what I believe.”
Kaine’s issues page reveals support for so-called covenant marriage legislation, “enforcing the current Virginia restrictions on abortion and passing an enforceable ban on partial-birth abortion that protects the life and health of the mother,” and support for Virginia’s fiscal conservatism.
“Virginia has a long and storied history of fiscal conservatism and responsibility that has often been a model for the rest of the nation,” his issues page reads.
“I’m Tim Kaine, I’m running for governor and I’m not afraid to tell you where I stand. My opponent Jerry Kilgore has just come out with even more negative ads. Once again he’s hiding behind a slick radio announcer to distort my record. I’m conservative on issues of personal responsibility. As a former Christian missionary, faith is central to my life. I oppose gay marriage, I support restrictions on abortion — no public funding and parental consent — and I’ve worked to pass a state law banning partial birth abortion. Jerry Kilgore knows this the real difference is Attorney General Jerry Kilgore promoted a law banning partial birth abortion that he knew was unconstitutional. He played politics with abortion and as a result Virginia still has no ban. As governor, I’ll always put principle over politics and you’ll always know where I stand. That’s who I am and what I believe. I’m Tim Kaine, candidate for governor and this ad was paid for by Kaine for governor.”
“I’ll enforce the death penalty as governor and I’m against same-sex marriage. I’m conservative on personal responsibility, character, family and the sanctity of life. These are my values, and that’s what I believe.”
Complied by the RNC