Sunday, November 30, 2014

Time For Blacks To Leave Democrats Behind

By Shawn


If there's one demographic Democrats never have to worry about, it's African-Americans. The black vote has traditionally gone to Democrats in a landslide, and the man at the top of the ticket seldom makes a difference. 95 percent of black voters pulled the lever for Obama in 2008, of course, but that's only slightly more than the 91 percent that voted for Walter Mondale in 1984. Blacks vote Democrat; it's that simple.

The question is: why?

With an established pattern of voting going back decades, one would think that Democrats would have, by now, done something positive for their number-one constituents. But one look at the record shows that this isn't the case.

Black unemployment is still out of control, the nation's schools are failing black children in almost every conceivable area, and blacks still struggle mightily with crime, poverty, and incarceration. Even with a black man in the White House, nothing has changed.

Democrats Have Their Own Interests

It's time for black voters to take a close look at their allegiance to the Democratic Party. President Obama's decision to provide amnesty to roughly 5 million illegal aliens should give any black voter pause. How does this move serve the black community? When black people are already suffering from scarce job opportunities, how will an influx of newly-legal workers affect their prospects of solving the unemployment problem?

While Democrats have not always enjoyed power on the national stage, they have presided over most of the country's minority-rich cities for the last fifty years. Their leadership must therefore be called into question when we see the state of things in New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and other cities where violence, drugs, and gang warfare have ruined once-great communities. Their policies have failed, full-stop.

And now that they have cemented themselves as the party of black voters, Democrats can turn their attention towards shoring up the Hispanic vote as well. If history is any indication, illegal immigrants would be better off jumping back over the fence than submitting to Democrat rule.

Other than illegals themselves, no one wants to see deferred deportations more than the businesses that take advantage of them.

By paying undocumented workers less than the minimum wage, these businesses are able to exploit human labor in an unsavory and unethical way.

At the same time, they shut the doors of employment to lower-skilled, entry-level workers, many of whom are black. In catering to illegals, the Democrats have essentially chosen big business over lower-middle class individuals. There is no way to square this with their supposed ideological aims, but it fits perfectly in with their actual goals.

Democrats don't want an educated, successful generation of African-Americans (or any minority, for that matter). When people realize their capacity for independence, they begin to resent those who haven't. They begin to see how these dependency programs have the opposite of their intended effect. They begin to question why so much of their paycheck is going to people who don't care to work for one of their own. And they begin to vote Republican.

When your party's existence is contingent on a permanent underclass, there is a conflict of interest. Once black voters see this conflict, the game is up for Democrats. It's just a matter of when.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Liberals Willing To Fight To The Last Drop of Black Blood

By Ann Coulter

The riot in Ferguson reminds me, I hate criminals, but I hate liberals more. They planned this riot. They stoked the fire, lied about the evidence and produced a made-to-order riot.

Every other riot I've ever heard of was touched off by some spontaneous event that exploded into mob violence long before any media trucks arrived. This time, the networks gave us a countdown to the riot, as if it were a Super Bowl kickoff.

From the beginning, Officer Darren Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown wasn't reported like news. It was reported like a cause.

The media are in a huff about the prosecutor being "biased" because his father was a cop, who was shot and killed by an African-American. What an assh@le!

Evidently, the sum-total of what every idiot on TV knows about the law is Judge Sol Wachtler's 20-year-old joke that a prosecutor could "indict a ham sandwich." We're supposed to be outraged that this prosecutor didn't indict the ham sandwich of Darren Wilson.

Liberals seem not to understand that they don't have a divine right to ruin someone's life and bankrupt him with a criminal trial, just so they're satisfied.

The reason most grand jury investigations result in an indictment is that most grand juries aren't convened solely to patronize racial mobs. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon was basically demanding an indictment of Wilson before Big Mike's body was cold. It was only because of racial politics that this shooting wasn't dismissed without a grand jury, at all.

Obama says anger is an "understandable reaction" to the grand jury's finding. Why? And why -- as almost everyone is saying -- are we supposed to praise the "peaceful protests"?

There's nothing to protest! A cop shot a thug who was trying to kill him. The grand jury documents make perfectly clear that Big Mike was entirely responsible for his own death. Can't the peaceful protesters read?

The night of the riot, Obama said the law "often feels as if it is being applied in discriminatory fashion." Maybe, but not in this case -- except toward Officer Wilson.

I know liberals were hoping they had finally found the great white whale of racism, but they're just going to have to keep plugging away. They might want to come up with a more productive way to spend their time, inasmuch as they're about 0:100 on white racism sightings.

Anyone following this case has seen the video of Big Mike robbing a store and roughing up an innocent Pakistani clerk about 10 minutes before being shot by Officer Wilson. They've seen him flashing Bloods gang signs in photos.

They know Brown's mother was recently arrested for clubbing grandma with a pipe over T-shirt proceeds. They've seen the video of Brown's ex-con stepfather shouting at a crowd of protesters after the grand jury's decision: "Burn this bitch down!"

Liberals will say none of that is relevant in court, but apparently they don't think actual evidence is relevant either. It's certainly relevant in the court of public opinion that the alleged victims are a cartoonishly lower-class, periodically criminal black family.

TV hosts narrated the riot by saying it showed "the community" feels it's not being listened to. Only liberals look at blacks looting and say, See what white Americans made them do?

That's their proof of injustice -- look at how blacks are reacting! (While I don't approve of the looting part, I do approve of the whole throwing-bottles-at-CNN part.)

The looters aren't the community!

The community doesn't want black thugs robbing stores and sauntering down the middle of its streets. The community doesn't want to be assaulted by Big Mike. The community didn't want its stores burned down.

That community testified in support of Officer Darren Wilson. About a half-dozen black witnesses supported Officer Wilson's version of what happened. One was a black woman, who saw the shooting from the Canfield Green apartments. Crying on the stand, she said, "I have a child and that could have been my son."

And yet, she confirmed all crucial parts of Wilson's account. She said "the child" (292-pound Big Mike) never had his hands up and the cop only fired when "the baby" was coming at him. "Why won't that boy stop?" she asked her husband.

I always want to know more about the heroic black witnesses. They are put in a position no white person will ever be in and do the right thing by telling the truth -- then go into hiding from "the community" being championed by goo-goo liberals.

White people don't feel any obligation to defend some thug just because he's white. Only blacks are expected to lie on behalf of criminals of their own race.

But real heroism doesn't interest liberals. They only ooh-and-ahh over blacks with rap sheets. The only meaningful white racism anymore is the liberal infantilization of black people.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

13 Facts About Ferguson the Media Will Never Tell You

By Jim Meyers

(Larry W. Smith/EPA/Landov)


According to protesters who erupted in violence after a grand jury declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., this was the case of a white policeman shooting an unarmed black teenager with his hands in the air in a community plagued by racial tension.

That's an account promoted by many in the mainstream media as well. But here are several facts about the case that are harder to find:

1. Surveillance video showed that shortly before the confrontation, 18-year-old Brown stole cigarillos from a convenience store and shoved a clerk who tried to stop him.

2. The autopsy report showed that Brown had marijuana in his system when he died.

3. Officer Wilson, driving to the call of a medical emergency, first encountered Brown walking in the middle of a street and told Brown and his friend to walk on the sidewalk. Brown responded with an expletive.

4. Wilson chose to confront Brown only after he saw the cigarillos in his hand and recalled the radio report of a robbery at the convenience store.

5. Wilson said when he tried to open his car door, Brown slammed it back shut, then punched Wilson in the face.

6. Fearing another punch could knock him out, Wilson drew his gun, he told the grand jury, and Brown grabbed the gun, saying "you are too much of a pussy to shoot me."

7. An African-American witness confirmed that Brown and Wilson appeared to be "arm-wrestling" by the car.

8. Another witness saw Brown leaning through the car's window and said "some sort of confrontation was taking place."

9. After Wilson fired a shot that struck Brown's hand, Brown fled and Wilson gave chase. Brown suddenly stopped. An unidentified witness told the grand jury that 6-foot-4, 292-pound Brown charged at Wilson with his head down. Wilson said Brown put his hand under the waistband of his pants as he continued toward Wilson. That's when Wilson fired.

10. A witness testified that Brown never raised his hands.

11. Gunpowder found on the wound on Brown's hand indicated his hand was close to the gun when it fired. According to a report, the hand wound showed foreign matter "consistent with products that are discharged from the barrel of a firearm."

12. Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist who reviewed the autopsy for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, said the gunpowder "supports the fact that this guy is reaching for the gun, if he has particulate matter in the wound."

13. Wilson said Brown was physically uncontrollable and "for lack of a better word, crazy." He said that during the confrontation, he was thinking: "He's gonna kill me. How do I survive?" Legal experts say police officers typically have wide latitude to use deadly force when they feel their safety is threatened.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

School choice backer Scott sees rise in black support in Florida

By Sean Higgins


Florida Gov. Rick Scott did something Tuesday that Republicans rarely do in elections: He doubled his share of the African-American vote from the last time he ran, picking up 12 percent on Tuesday, according to exit polls.


Education reform advocates such as former D.C. Councilman Kevin Chavous are pointing to that as proof that black voters responded to Scott’s support for school choice and his willingness to take on teachers unions.


"That’s the reason why Rick Scott won that election," said Chavous, now executive counsel for the American Federation for Children, a pro-school choice group. "He really had no base of support in the African-American community but for this one issue."


Scott defeated Democratic candidate Charlie Crist, 48-47 percent, in an election that saw higher African-American turnout than when he first won office in 2010. That year, African-Americans accounted for 11 percent of the overall vote with more than half a million casting ballots. Only about 6 percent of blacks voted for Scott.


Four years later, African-American turnout rose to 14 percent of the overall vote, with just under 800,000 casting ballots. This time about 12 percent voted for Scott. The total votes Scott received from the community rose from 34,000 to 95,000.


That 61,000-vote increase is particularly noteworthy because it almost entirely accounts for Scott’s final margin of victory over Crist, which was about 66,000 votes.


Ever since the civil rights battles of the 1960s, Republican candidates have done very poorly among African-American voters, with their percentage of the vote often in the single digits.


Educational choice is one area in which Republican and African-American opinion overlap. An August nationwide survey of 2,269 people by the group EducationNext, a project of Stanford University, found that a strong plurality of African-Americans, 47 percent, supports charter schools. Only 29 percent oppose them.


Scott has been on the forefront of the issue and had repeatedly clashed with teachers unions who see them as a threat to traditional public education, which is heavily unionized. Shortly after taking office in 2011 he expanded the state’s tax credit scholarship — or voucher — program, which gives state business a 100 percent tax credit for contributions to state-approved educational nonprofit groups.


The program serves an estimated 67,000 students, most of whom are black and Hispanic. Many of the schools involved in the program are run by or affiliated with black churches.


The same year he signed legislation that created merit pay for teachers, ended tenure for new hires and required teachers to be evaluated. Scott has even suggested the state could benefit from a law that would turn public schools into private charter institutions if they performed poorly enough.

The 3 million-member National Education Association and the 1.6 million-member American Federation of Teachers staunchly oppose such policies. The two unions have a joint state branch, the Florida Education Association, that filed suit along with the Florida School Boards Association in August to end the tax-credit program.


"It diverts state revenue for the purpose of creating an unregulated hodgepodge of private schools," FEA attorney Ron Meyer said when the suit was announced.


Scott responded that killing the voucher program was an "unconscionable" action that would "have terrible consequences on the lives of Florida's poorest children."


A prominent Florida figure in the civil rights movement, the Rev. H.K. Matthews, publicly urged Crist to denounce the lawsuit. Crist had supported the tax voucher program when he was the state’s Republican governor from 2007 to 2011. Now a Democrat seeking union support, he refused to defend it.

"He runs the risk of estranging black voters who would otherwise support him," Matthews told the Miami Herald in September.


The two unions were prominent in the race and donated a combined $1.75 million to Crist's political action committee. That's not counting the money the union spent themselves on the race and or their heavy involvement in Election Day get-out-the-vote efforts. AFT President Randi Weingarten even spent the final weekend of the election campaigning against Scott.


John Kirtley, a Tampa venture capitalist and vice chairman of the Alliance for School Choice, noted that Crist's victory strategy depended on huge, enthusiastic African-American turnout.


"He had Biden, Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton all here in South Florida at the end, all going to the churches. But I have to wonder how enthusiastic some of the churchgoers were, knowing that their schools will be closed if the union lawsuit wins, and Crist endorsed the suit?" Kirtley said.


Scott, meanwhile, tried to build some inroads with the black community, holding meetings with Manuel Sykes, a prominent St. Petersburg pastor and school voucher supporter who switched parties and joined the GOP in October.


"Standing up for this program and having these pastors rally around him made a huge difference," Chavous said. "The union having candidates who say that everything is fine [with public education] just isn't going to work."



Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Black Republicans make history

By TheGrio


Mia Love and Tim Scott



Utah’s Mia Love and South Carolina’s Tim Scott certainly had a lot to celebrate last night as the results came in. The two black Republicans made U.S. history with their election victories.


Last election season, Love was only narrowly defeated by the incumbent, Democratic Rep. Jim Mattheson, by less than 800 votes — total. Despite her loss, she was an instant hit with the Republican party — she even gave a speech at the Republican National Convention! This time around, Love won a seat at the House, making her the first black


Republican woman in Congress but also the first ever Haitian-American ever in Congress.


Scott was already in the Senate when he ran this year, but he hadn’t been elected. Governor Nikki Haley appointed him after Senator Jim DeMint resigned in November 2012, so this year’s race against Democratic challenger Joyce Dickerson was about finishing out the rest of DeMint’s six-year term. Scott will have to run for re-election in 2016 to earn a full six-year term himself. But he has already made history nonetheless — his win marks the first time an African-American has been elected in the South to the Senate since Reconstruction. The win also makes him the first ever African-American to serve in both the House and Senate.


These two historic wins are surely steps forward in the legacy of our national elections. That’s definitely something to celebrate no matter your party affiliations.


Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Voter Fraud and Voter I.D.

By Thomas Sowell


One of the biggest voter frauds may be the idea promoted by Attorney General Eric Holder and others that there is no voter fraud, that laws requiring voters to have a photo identification are just attempts to suppress black voting.

Reporter John Fund has written three books on voter fraud and a recent survey by Old Dominion University indicates that there are more than a million registered voters who are not citizens, and who therefore are not legally entitled to vote.

The most devastating account of voter fraud may be in the book "Injustice" by J. Christian Adams. He was a Justice Department attorney, who detailed with inside knowledge the voter frauds known to the Justice Department, and ignored by Attorney General Holder and Company.

One of these frauds involved sending out absentee ballots to people who had never asked for them. Then a political operator would show up -- uninvited -- the day the ballots arrived and "help" the voter to fill them out. Sometimes the intruders simply took the ballots, filled them out and forged the signatures of the voters.

These were illegal votes for Democrats, which may well be why Eric Holder sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil.

As for race-based "voter suppression," amid all the political hysteria, how many hard facts have you heard? Probably none that supports that claim. Widely available free photo identification cards mean that poverty is no barrier to voting.

Since blacks and whites both have to show photo I.D. for everything from cashing checks to getting on a plane, why has requiring a photo I.D. for voting caused such shrill outcries?

Unfortunately, this is part of the cynical politics of promoting as much racial polarization and paranoia as possible, in hopes of getting more black voters to turn out to vote for the Democrats.

Nothing is too gross when promoting racial hysteria in an election year. Veteran Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel from Harlem declared that Republicans "don't disagree -- they hate!" According to Rangel, "Some of them believe that slavery isn't over and that they won the Civil War!"

Republicans did win the Civil War. That's why there is no more slavery. It was a Republican president who issued the Emancipation Proclamation. It was a Republican-controlled Congress that voted for the 13th Amendment, outlawing slavery.

In the 1960s, a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. If we are going to talk about history, let's at least get the facts right.

Only an utter ignorance of history, in this era of dumbed-down education, could allow demagogues like Rangel to get away with the absurdities that abound in election year politics.

Images of lynching and Jim Crow laws that made blacks sit in the back of buses are used against Republicans, even though the "solid South" was solidly controlled by Democrats during that era.

Bull Connor, who turned police dogs and fire hoses on civil rights demonstrators, was a Democrat. So were other Southern segregationists. In those days, you could go hundreds of miles through the Jim Crow South without seeing a single Republican official. That is why political observers called it "the solid South."

Perhaps the biggest voter fraud of all is the fraud against black voters, by telling them bogey man stories, in order to try to get them to come out on election day to vote for Democrats.

The most cynical of these bogey man ploys is Attorney General Holder's threats of legal action against schools that discipline a "disproportionate" number of black boys. Unless you believe that black boys cannot possibly be misbehaving more often than Asian American girls, what does this political numbers game accomplish?

It creates another racial grievance, allowing Democrats like Holder to pose as rescuers of blacks from racist dangers. The real danger is allowing disruptive students in ghetto schools to destroy the education of other black students -- in a world where education is the only hope that most ghetto youngsters have for a better life.

Sacrificing these young people's futures, in hopes of gaining some additional black votes today, is as cynical and fraudulent as it gets.