Thursday, June 20, 2024


 By Judd Garrett 

As we as a country celebrate Juneteenth, the final end of slavery in the United States 159 years ago, I am always amazed at the fact that over 90% of the black vote continues to go to the Democrats. The overwhelming majority of the harm that has been done to black people in the history of our country was done by Democrats. Democrats were the party of slavery; Democrats fought against reconstruction in the south; Democrats were the party of Jim Crow; Democrats where the party of segregation; Democrats were the party that started the Ku Klux Klan; and many more Democrats voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Bill and the 1965 Voting Rights Act then Republicans.

In modern-day America, the overwhelming majority of black communities are run by Democrats, and those communities are infested with gangs and drugs and crime and failing schools which continually repress the people in those communities. In the post-Civil War south, many former Confederate states often used poll taxes, literacy tests, intimidation and black codes to control people of color from becoming totally free, the modern Democrats use substandard education, welfare dependency, drug addiction and mockery to control the black population and keep them voting Democrat, even though the politicians they vote into office rarely make their communities any better.

In the history of the United States of America, the Democrats have always been on the wrong side of racial issues. There’s absolutely no debate about that. And even now, in the year 2024, when the overwhelming majority of the American people want to have a colorblind society – a society that no longer judges people based on the color of their skin – the Democrats again are drumming up and then exploiting racial animus, pushing DEI programs and intersectionality which forces people to judge each other based on the color of their skin.

Simply because the preferential races now are people of color and not white people does not make the racism any less evil. Racism is racism is racism is racism. There’s not one kind of racism which is bad and another kind of racism which is good or preferred. Racism is wrong. And contrary to what the Democrat and the far left want to claim, black people and people of color can be racist. And it is racist even to make the statement that black people and people color can’t be racist.

If we want everyone to stop judging each other based on the color of their skin, then we must stop judging each other based on the color of their skin. Was it wrong that for the first 87 years in our country’s history, black people in southern states were held in slavery? Of course it was. But it wasn’t wrong because the people held in slavery were black, it was wrong because human beings were held in slavery. Slavery is wrong, regardless of the color of the skin of the people who are the slaves and the skin color of the slaveowner.

So, on Juneteenth, as we celebrate the end of slavery in America, we also must acknowledge that slavery still exists in the world. Over 20 million people are still held as slaves around the world in Africa, in the Middle East, and in Asia. We continually bring up the slavery that ended 159 years ago in America, but we rarely bring up the slavery that is currently going on today. We are told that we must remember the slavery that existed in this country so we can make sure that that it never happens again, but we are not learning that lesson, if we fail to shine light on the blight of slavery that still persists around the world today. We can’t say that slavery in America that ended 159 years ago was one of the evilest things that has ever occurred and then refused to acknowledge or do anything to stop the slavery that still exists.

Because of the unwillingness of the creators of the Juneteenth holiday to use our dark history of slavery as the impetus to start a movement to eradicate slavery around the world today, one can only conclude that Juneteenth was created as a way to continue to stoke the racial animus in our country so that the black vote continues to go to the Democrats so they continue to control the black population in America with their failed policies. So as black people in America wake up on Juneteenth in Democrat run communities which lead the country in crime and gangs and drugs and failing schools, if they want to free themselves from the legacy of slavery in America, they should take a chance and vote for Republicans who will do the most liberating thing for them – treat them like human beings and not a skin color.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Detroit Poll Finds Barely Half of Black Michigan Voters Supporting Biden


AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden has recently appeared to focus many of his policy decisions involving everything from marijuana policy to the war in Gaza based on how he believes it might help him with voters in Michigan, particularly Black voters. But if the results of the latest polling out of the Great Lakes State are anywhere near accurate, Uncle Joe may want to spend a bit more time out among the people and not at glitzy, high-dollar celebrity fundraisers. A USA Today/Suffolk poll reveals that barely half of Black Michigan likely voters (54%) support Joe Biden currently. That doesn't automatically translate into huge gains for Donald Trump in this demographic because he was the first choice for 15% of Black respondents. But he is still registering gains while Joe Biden is undeniably losing traction. (Newsweek)

While fewer Black voters in two critical swing states plan to vote for President Joe Biden compared to 2020, former President Donald Trump has seen his support among Black voters jump into the double digits surpassing his 2020 influence, a poll published on Sunday shows.

"Biden is still the first or second choice of the vast majority, while most would avoid Trump," a USA Today/Suffolk University phone survey of 500 registered Black voters in the swing states of Michigan and Pennsylvania found.

However, the poll conducted between June 9 and 13 and has a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points, also shows that the former president is gaining on his previous polling among Black voters in 2020.

When reviewing polls like these, we should always keep in mind that there is a significant difference between approval, support, and eventual voting patterns. Far fewer people may be willing to say that they approve of Biden's job performance thus far or label themselves as his "supporters," but that doesn't mean they will automatically vote for Donald Trump by any means. Some of them may hold their nose and vote for Biden anyway, but others could either vote for a third-party option or simply stay home. Neither of those second and third options is good for Joe Biden's chances in Michigan, particularly when it comes to getting out the Black vote. 

No credible political analyst believes that Donald Trump will carry a majority of the Black vote in November. But he doesn't need to. He's already doing five points better with that Demographic in Michigan than he did in 2020 and his numbers are going in the right direction. Conversely, if Biden only turns out 70% or less of the Black vote there with the rest going with some other option (he received 92% in 2020), Michigan is probably unwinnable for him.

The same poll focused on Black voters in Pennsylvania and the results were similar. Biden's support has softened considerably since 2020 while Donald Trump is registering some modest gains. Similar to the situation in Michigan, Donald Trump doesn't need to pick up all of the Black voters who are not currently supporting Biden. They will have other options. RFK Jr. is expected to make the ballot in the Keystone State, and Cornel West has been active there, so he will be available as a write-in option at a minimum. Pennsylvania was razor close four years ago, and it would take all that many voters migrating elsewhere for it to slip from Biden's grasp this time.

One Suffolk polling analyst broke down the numbers as an easy-to-grasp ratio. For every 2020 Black Biden voter who pulls the lever for Trump, Biden would need to attract an extra 13 Black voters that didn't turn out last time. That's a fairly steep hill to climb. This particular demographic is of interest to election analysts because Pennsylvania and Michigan have the exact same percentage of Black voters in the population (12.4%). That is a significant amount when a race is as close as this one is expected to be. And those voters are currently drifting away from Biden at nearly the same rate in both states. Obviously we are still too far out from November 5 to draw any firm conclusions or make predictions now, but I would wager that Donald Trump's team is seeing signs of life in quite a few states that barely slipped from his grasp four years ago. 

Monday, June 17, 2024

Tech CEO Shames Woke DEI Crowd With His New Term, MEI - and Elon Musk Is a Fan

By Margaret Clark |

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, Pool

It's 2024 and that means smart people are circling back to age-old common sense ideas, and it's becoming "new." 

Alexandr Wang, founder of Scale AI in 2016, is making new friends and gaining praise for his tech company's vision statement where he coined a new term to combat DEI, which stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Wang’s phrase is DEI’s new nemesis: MEI, for Merit, Excellence, and Intelligence: 



Alexandr Wang @alexandr_wang

·Today we’ve formalized an important hiring policy at Scale. We hire for MEI: merit, excellence, and intelligence.


Alexandr Wang's company has come far in its six years. It's worth $14 billion, has won government contracts with the Department of Defense, and has partnered with OpenAI. This is something he attributes to having a quality team not based on color, gender, or any other stereotype.

Wang calls his company a "meritocracy," and vows it will always stay that way. It's silly to think that over 50 years after the Civil Rights Movement, we are having to combat an inverted, whitewashed, new type of racism and discrimination branded as "equality." Wang puts the woke in their place and explains it in simple words that they should be able to understand. 

"There is a mistaken belief that meritocracy somehow conflicts with diversity. I strongly disagree," Wang wrote. "No group has a monopoly on excellence. A hiring process based on merit will naturally yield a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. Achieving this requires casting a wide net for talent and then objectively selecting the best, without bias in any direction. We will not pick winners and losers based on someone being the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ race, gender, and so on. It should be needless to say, and yet it needs saying: doing so would be racist and sexist, not to mention illegal."

His announcement got the attention and praise of tech guru, Elon Musk. 



Elon Musk @elonmusk

Replying to @alexandr_wang and @scale_AI



Alexandr Wang @alexandr_wang

Thank you Elon! This means a lot as a founder to get your support.


The nation is starting to wake up to the foolishness of DEI. Job listings for the positions are down 44 percent. Many places are laying off their DEI departments. What started as a response to the mobs after George Floyd's death has now been able to slip quietly into the back. Anyone who has ever run a successful company or organization knows that the program was doomed to fail from the beginning. The problem is that we should be smart enough not to let the left "experiment" on our society with their outlandish ideas to begin with. And we shouldn't be bullied into programs by mobs. 

ScaleAI raised $1 billion in funding in May, making Wang, 27, the youngest self-made billionaire. We should listen to those like him at the top: Merit, talent, intelligence, and quality count. 

We cannot be competitive in any industry when we are eliminating talented people from employment pools simply due to the color of their skin or gender. This affects us not only at home, but it affects our international standing as well. The fact that the left has fought for this program proves what Republicans have said all along: it's not about quality for them -- it's about dominance. They don't care about real progress for the country, they only care about getting their way. 

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Updated Rules Agreement for Presidential Debate Announced by CNN

AP Photo

The first presidential debate will be held in less than two weeks. CNN will host the debate on June 27 in Atlanta. 

Additional details about the debates have been agreed to by the Trump and Biden campaigns. CNN announced an update on how the debate rules will be handled.

The moderators will be Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. There is no such person on CNN who is not biased toward the Democrats but Tapper and Bash are the network's usual go-to hosts for politics. The Trump campaign agreed to the choices. 

The debate rules and format have been agreed to. 

The 90-minute debate will include two commercial breaks, according to the network, and campaign staff may not interact with their candidate during that time.

Both candidates agreed to appear at a uniform podium, and their podium positions will be determined by a coin flip.

Microphones will be muted throughout the debate except for the candidate whose turn it is to speak. While no props or pre-written notes will be allowed on the stage, candidates will be given a pen, a pad of paper, and a bottle of water.

Allegedly, the Biden campaign wanted the candidates to sit, not stand, but the Trump campaign would not agree to that. Commercial breaks are somewhat unusual but the main change is that there will not be a live audience. That means no real-time reactions as the debate plays out. 

The staff will not be interacting with the candidates during commercial breaks. That means Biden's tightly sealed cocoon will be less so as he faces questions that we assume have not been pre-approved by this campaign. And, there will not be notes allowed, which will be a disadvantage for Biden, who always has a notecard or two in his hand. 

Can Joe Biden stand for 90 minutes and argue his point? Sure. He'll be pumped up with whatever his handlers pumped him up with for the State of the Union address. That speech's duration was a little less but he got through it on his feet, and then he remained in the room as he talked to people in the audience on his way out. 

It would be a mistake to set the bar too low. For instance, thinking Biden remaining on his feet for 90 minutes and being able to answer questions for the duration equals success for him is a bar he will clear. Republicans should be pointing to all the quotes from observers who claim Biden is a great debater and knowledgeable on the issues of the day.

The microphone being cut when it is not a candidate's turn to speak is an aggressive move. It is easy to think that the rule is to silence Trump. The former president isn't known to have discipline when it comes to waiting for his turn to respond. However, if you watch their 2020 performances, you will see that Biden also was undisciplined. He cut in when he didn't like what Trump was saying. 

I think the real difference in this debate is the lack of an audience. In past debates, Trump used guests effectively to make a splash - like in 2016 when women who accused Bill Clinton of abuse were seated up front during his debate against Hillary Clinton. Trump feeds off an audience's response to him. 

It's possible, but unlikely, that another candidate may join Trump and Biden on the stage. 

In order to meet CNN’s qualifications for the debate, candidates must satisfy the requirements outlined in Article II, Section 1 of the US Constitution to serve as president. Both Biden and Trump meet those requirements, as do Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein, who are running on non-major-party tickets.

Participants must also file a formal statement of candidacy to the Federal Election Commission. All five have done so.

All participating debaters must appear on a sufficient number of state ballots to reach the 270 electoral vote threshold to win the presidency and receive at least 15% in four separate national polls of registered or likely voters that meet CNN’s standards for reporting. Polls that meet those standards are those sponsored by CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, Marquette University Law School, Monmouth University, NBC News, The New York Times/Siena College, NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist College, Quinnipiac University, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

Will Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. make it to the debate stage? I don't think so and, frankly, neither Trump nor Biden wants that. They know that Kennedy pulls from both of them but usually from Biden more than Trump. 

No matter what happens, as long as Biden remains standing, he will be declared the winner by the media. We've seen this show before. The good news is that Trump is more experienced as a politician. His campaign is more experienced and disciplined this time. I assume that Trump will prepare, as Biden is scheduled to prepare this week. It is to Trump's advantage that he has already debated Biden.

Remember, Paul Ryan is on record as saying Joe Biden has noticeably aged since he debated Biden in 2012 during the Obama-Romney presidential race. He said Biden is not who he was in 2012. 

Biden is not up for another four years in office. It's clear to anyone who sees or hears him. Democrats are admitting this, too, but he's their guy. Trump will be a sharp contrast to Biden, which is good news for Team Trump. 

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Sanity! International court reject transgender Thomas’ appeal to compete in Paris Olympics against biological females

By Florida Congressman Vern Buchanan


While it shouldn't be newsworthy in the first place, in today's woke and warped reality where men can get pregnant and so-called "equity" matters more than equality and merit, it's worth celebrating a very rare win for common sense in this country. 

This week, I was very pleased to see an international court reject transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ appeal to compete against biological female swimmers in the upcoming Paris Olympics. 

While the Left was all-to-happy to scream "FOLLOW THE SCIENCE" at anyone who even dared to question the benefits of mask mandates and extreme lockdown policies throughout the pandemic, they've suddenly thrown science out the window when it comes to allowing biological males (like Thomas) to compete against biological females. 

As the former All-American swimmer and superstar athlete Riley Gaines powerfully states: 

It’s not sexist to acknowledge biological differences. Men, on average, are stronger, taller, and faster than women — it is fact. These advantages do not disappear because an individual wills it to be so.

To tell young girls that they must compete against athletes who possess these inherent physical advantages is to tell them that their efforts and achievements are less valuable.

It is to tell them that they are not worthy of calling themselves champions, that they must resign themselves to competing for second place.

It’s a devastating message to send to the next generation of female athletes.

I couldn't agree more. 

I was also pleased to see a federal judge just block President Biden’s new changes to Title IX, which would have tragically required schools to allow biological men to use women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and dorms on college campuses. If that's not wrong, I don't know what is. 

It is well past time for the Left to finally heed their own words and follow the actual science.

Friday, June 14, 2024

POLITICO Hints at the Obvious: The Biden Crime Family Is a Real Thing


AP Photo/Matt Slocum

One of the things you learn about in mafia movies, and I assume the movies mostly match real life, is that the Don uses intermediaries to do his dirty work. 

The Big Cheese is under constant public scrutiny, so he avoids saying or doing anything explicitly and obviously illegal, leaving that to his underlings. 

This is (mostly) how Joe Biden works his crime family. He may occasionally say hello to his marks or make an introduction, but the orders, actions, and money are all done and gotten through others. The only thing you know for certain is that the Don lives high off the hog, with no apparent means of support aside from some nominal amount. 

That is how Joe Biden's crime family works. 

POLITICO last week dropped a story that, without explicitly saying Biden was involved in influence peddling, described how Biden's influence peddling family works



POLITICO @politico

Joe Biden insists he's not involved in his family's business dealings. His aides are a different story.

Many of Biden's closest staffers and advisers have doubled as his relatives’ business associates — both during and after their time working for him.


Anybody who paid even the most modest attention to the influence-peddling operation knows the outlines of how Biden's scam works, but POLITICO lays it out in reasonable detail. 

For years, Joe Biden shared a bookkeeper with his son, Hunter. He also shared a personal lawyer with his brother, Jim. And when Jim Biden wanted to know more about one of Hunter Biden’s associates, he hired the former head of Joe Biden’s Secret Service detail to investigate.

Since 2019, Joe Biden has repeatedly distanced himself from his family’s business dealings, saying that he has never so much as discussed them with his relatives or with anyone else. But House impeachment inquiry interviews, public records and emails reviewed by POLITICO show that members of his inner circle were regularly enmeshed in those dealings: Many of the president’s closest staffers and advisers have doubled as his relatives’ business associates, both during and after their stints working for the man at the center of the Biden family orbit.

Biden knows nothing about any of this. Not that his closest aids and his brother and son are traveling the world scooping up money and gifts for no discernable work, joining Boards of scammy companies, doing business with the Chinese Communist Party, or any of the myriad activities that are so obviously corrupt?

Biden's aides even do this while working for The Big Guy, Pedo Peter, or Sleepy Joe--whatever nickname you want to use for President Sniffy. 

Those overlaps reflect an all-in-the family approach to business and politicking that dates back a half-century to the president’s first Senate bid, run primarily by his parents and siblings. Since then, his political patrons have at times forged business ties with his relatives, who in turn have converted some of their business partners into campaign supporters. And over a lifetime in public life, some of the president’s aides have taken on roles as surrogate members of the tight-knit Biden clan.

The Bidens’ approach complicates their efforts to distance the president from his family’s ventures.

As Jim and Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings have caused controversy and several of their business partners have been convicted of federal fraud and corruption crimes in recent years, any potential links between their business dealings and the president have come in for renewed scrutiny.

To allay concerns about any intermingling of their affairs, the Bidens have said that they observe strict interpersonal firewalls to avoid discussing business among themselves.

But with so many former and current aides in the mix — and with the surfacing of private communications in which Jim and Hunter Biden suggest they represent their powerful relative in business matters — onlookers are forced to take family members at their word that those firewalls always held.

 Do you get the sense that the author, Ben Shreckenger, is more than a little skeptical of the Biden clan's assurances? Everybody around Joe is talking about how they have connections at the highest levels, get money for it, talk amongst each other, and Joe has nothing to do with it...

Just how stupid are you? Ben obviously knows that Biden is as dirty as a pig in s**t, and even got the story published. But, for some strange reason, others in the mainstream media haven't picked up this ball and run with it. 

I wonder why?

I'm not going to recapitulate Ben's story, both because it is a waste of time and because he deserves to get your attention, the clicks, and all the credit for doing the work

I'm here to give my own $.02, which comes down to this: the Biden crime family is not only real, but people who even the Mainstream Media should admit are credible have laid it all out there for them to inform the American public. 

Yet they don't. They focus on "convicted felon" Donald Trump, screaming about hush money payouts that were legal and old, and about which literally nobody cares except for them providing an excuse to prosecute Trump for a non-crime. 

Here we have Biden selling America out, doing business with Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, and God knows who else, and the media shrugs. 

One last thing: I see the publication of this story now as part of the tug-of-war between competing factions in the Democrat Party. One faction is trying to oust Biden, while another is defending Biden. There is no way this story would have been published unless some Democrat bigwig wanted it to be--likely somebody in the Obama/Axelrod camp. 

I still think it is unlikely that Biden's Democrat enemies will succeed in ousting him--Biden may not run things on his own, but he still has the Trump card (as it were): he is in the Oval Office. If he wants to stay on the ticket, he will stay on the ticket. 

Still, this story will likely not be the last to take a shot at Biden, and no doubt people are whispering in his ear about serving out his term and pardoning Hunter in the interim between the election and the inauguration of the next president. 

I am no soothsayer, but I expect this will not work. 

Jill Biden wants to remain First Lady. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The Morning Briefing: Biden's Cardboard Cutout Stand-In Makes First Public Appearance


AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Bear in mind as we go through this latest episode of "Wow, He's Gotten Even Worse," that we are barely a week removed from the lackey Biden apologists in the mainstream media rending their garments because the Wall Street Journal dared publish a story about the fact that Old Joe is losing it a bit. The Journal article was rather generous, saying that Biden is "slipping" "behind closed doors."

Maybe no one at the Journal has internet. 

Yesterday, I wrote a column in which I referred to First Lady Jill Biden's "Weekend at Bernie's" plan should her husband become unfit for public appearances between now and the election. I was being my usual flippant self, of course — I can be a jerk, but I don't wish harm on anyone. 

The lapdog media's overwhelming attempts to keep the myth of a mentally functional Biden are failing, largely because it's difficult to sugarcoat the video evidence relating to the man who has the most visible job in the world. This is from something that Robert wrote yesterday:

And now, finally, even low-information voters are waking up to what is going on: a new poll shows that even as the leftist political and media elites continue to prattle about his “stutter,” the American people aren’t buying it. Increasing numbers know that Old Joe ain’t home.

The pollsters at Rasmussen Reports noted on Monday that “a majority of voters perceive him as losing his mental sharpness.” The latest Rasmussen survey shows that “57% of Likely U.S. voters think that, over time, Biden is getting less and less mentally sharp. Thirty-three percent (33%) disagree.”

Robert goes on to speak for all sane Americans when he marvels that 33% of those polled still think that Biden has something going on upstairs. It's important to remember that he was never really firing on all cylinders even before the years began to take their toll. 

As we have discussed many times before, Biden seems much worse with each new public appearance. He keeps going viral for all the wrong reasons. The latest is the strongest yet that the Republic is hanging on by a thread as long as this desiccated husk is in the Oval Office. 

This is from Matt

Mere days after Joe Biden appeared (to many) to have soiled himself in Normandy, France, another incident occurred, contributing to the large mountain of evidence of Biden's cognitive decline. On Monday, Biden appeared to freeze momentarily during a Juneteenth commemoration at the White House. 

Footage from the event that has since gone viral shows Biden bizarrely motionless while everyone around him appeared animated and engaged in applause and dance during a performance by gospel artist Kirk Franklin.

Words can't adequately describe Biden's latest day trip to Bizarroworld. Take a look at the video before we go further: 


We can talk about Mr. Kamala Harris's inability to bust a move and the ugly dude in an ugly dress who's standing next to him later. Or not.

Biden looks more than a little frozen up there — he's catatonic. The guy has no idea anyone else is around. He doesn't need Secret Service protection, he needs a full-time nurse, a juice box, and a comfy room that is far, far away from the Gold Code and the nuclear football. 

This tweet of mine from last week applies to this debacle as well:

You know who else is thinking that? Kamala Harris. Look at the smile on her face in the video and the way that she pays no attention whatsoever to her boss the grinning idiot stiff. 

It is impossible for me to feel bad for Biden. If he were somebody's crazy grandpa at the park, sure, he'd be an object of pity. As long as he is in a position to have the people running that empty head of his continue to destroy the country, he is the face of everything I despise about the Left. 

Despite the monumental embarrassment and shame that he is bringing upon the country, these zombie moron appearances of Biden's are useful reminders for the voters. 

I hope that his handlers let him off leash every day between now and November 5.