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What's Wrong With Hillary's Health? Three Blood Clots, A Concussion, Deep Vein Thrombosis

Three blood clots, a concussion, deep vein thrombosis
Hillary's shielded medical history is no longer just for conspiracy theorists as her 'penchant for privacy' gets serious scrutiny

  • Clinton suffered her first blood clot in 1998 while she was First Lady and experienced a second incident in 2009
  • She suffered a concussion after falling in her home in 2013 near the end of her tenure as secretary of state
  • Her doctors say she has deep vein thrombosis, which can lead to clotting in leg veins
  • She suffered a blood clot in her brain in December 2011 and takes blood thinners to treat her condition
  • She has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism
  • Broke her elbow, as spokesman warned it would crimp her texting 
  • Clinton collapsed when she left a 9/11 ceremony early on Sunday. Her office finally revealed she has pneumonia
  • Campaign spokesman Brian Fallon says Clinton plans to release more medical records this week as criticism mounts
Hillary Clinton's medical history – and her tendency to keep personal and medical information far from view – is coming in for new scrutiny following revelations that the candidate got diagnosed with pneumonia Friday in advance of her stumble in New York.

Clinton's stumble, caught on camera Sunday after she had to leave Sept. 11th anniversary memorial services after about an hour and a half, was the latest in a line of health spats that have made it into the news during her career.

'Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. What's the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems?' asked President Obama's former message guru David Axelrod in a tweet Monday – a message promptly retweeted by Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. 
To see details about Hillary's troubling multi-year health problems which make her unfit to be president, visit:

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Hillary Clinton Calls KKK Grand Dragon “Heart & Soul” of America!

A video has appeared on YouTube of Hillary Clinton speaking highly of former U.S. Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) who was a card-carrying member and recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan.

In the 1940s, Byrd obtained the Klan rank of “Exalted Cyclops” and spent decades promoting their vile, racist message. He took part in what was – at the time – the longest filibuster ever against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

As Byrd once announced:

“I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

And as Hillary opined:
“Senator Byrd was a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility.” And, “It is almost impossible to imagine the United States Senate without Robert Byrd. He was not only its longest serving member. He was its heart, its soul, and it’s historian.”

Why does Hillary Clinton get a pass for her friendship with a former, high-ranking KKK member?


 Hillary’s Risky KKK Gambit

 By Paul R. Hollrah
At an August 25 rally in Reno, Nevada, Hillary Clinton made what was a feeble attempt at blunting Donald Trump’s outreach to African American voters.  In her remarks she referred to recent news reports in which former Klansman David Duke is said to have endorsed Trump’s candidacy.  Attempting to cast doubt on Trump’s sincerity, she said, “Trump refused to disavow the support of David Duke, a notorious former leader of the Ku Klux Klan.”

It was a major unforced error.  Coming from a woman who has reportedly received $20,000 in contributions from KKK members in recent months, her attempt to tie Trump to the Klan can only serve to discredit her and to draw attention to the Democratic Party’s sordid racial history.  

When asked by reporters about his reaction to the Duke endorsement, Trump replied, “I didn’t even know he endorsed me.  David Duke endorsed me?  Okay, all right.  I disavow, okay?” 

His response was a far cry from Hillary Clinton’s warm embrace of the late Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd (D-WV) upon his death on June 10, 2010. 

On that occasion, Clinton heaped praise on the former Grand Kleagle of the West Virginia KKK, saying, “Senator Byrd was a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility...  It is almost impossible to imagine the United States Senate without Robert Byrd.  He was not just its longest-serving member; he was its heart and soul. 

“From my first day in the Senate, I sought out his guidance, and he was always generous with his time and his wisdom.  I admired his tireless advocacy for his constituents, his fierce defense of the Constitution and the traditions of the Senate, and his passion for government that improves the lives of the people it serves…” 

She concluded by saying, “Robert Byrd led by the power of his example, and he made all of us who had the honor of serving as his colleagues better public servants and better citizens.  After more than five decades of service, he has left an indelible imprint on the Senate, on West Virginia, and on our nation.  We will not see his like again.”

Coming from a woman who sees herself as the “champion” of the poor and underprivileged, her endorsement was overly generous for a man who had once recruited some 150 of his friends and acquaintances to create a new chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in Sophia, West Virginia.

As Clinton attempted to tie Trump to former Klansman David Duke, it was learned that another prominent Klan leader, Will Quigg, Grand Dragon of a California branch of the KKK, has raised some $20,000 for the Clinton campaign and that the Klan is officially endorsing her for the presidency. 

News reports tell us that, shortly after participating in a giant cross burning in Georgia, Quigg submitted to an interview with Vocativ, a highly-respected media technology company.  In that interview, Quigg is quoted as saying, “She is friends with the Klan.  A lot of people don’t realize that… For the KKK, Clinton is our choice.”

If David Duke is, or was, a Klansman, he must have been a very lonely man because the KKK is, was, and always has been an all-Democrat organization.  Because the Republican Party was born in 1854 as an anti-slavery party, white Republicans were never welcome in the Klan. 

However, since Hillary Clinton has introduced the Klan into the 2016 presidential campaign, I have taken the opportunity to review my copy of The Lynching Calendar, compiled largely from Tuskegee Institute records and various news archives by autopsis.org. 

Turning the 119 pages of The Lynching Calendar is a most troubling experience.  Each of those pages contains names, places, and dates associated with at least 25, sometimes hundreds, of atrocities in which blacks and white Republicans were violently murdered by the Klan.

Looking at page after page of those names, it is impossible to imagine the horrors they experienced.  And while nearly half of the 6,613 victims listed were blacks and white Republicans, all identified by name, some 3,690 are described only as “unidentified” black men, women, children, and infants. 

Those lynched during that sad period in American history included farm workers, sharecroppers, U.S. military personnel, members of Congress, state legislators, judges, prosecutors, medical doctors, clergymen, city and county elected officials, federal marshals, sheriffs, police officers, and militiamen.  Nor did Klansmen discriminate by age or gender.  They lynched men, women, children, and the elderly.  At times they lynched entire families.

In the days and weeks following the Orlando, Florida, night club killings of June 11, 2016, in which a lone Islamic terrorist murdered 49 people, many members of the mainstream media described the terror attack as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, mass murders in U.S. history. 

They failed to recall that, in October 1868, Klansmen murdered 63 African Americans in New Orleans, Louisiana, some 200 in St. Landry Parish, 162 in Bossier Parish, and 42 in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. 

They also failed to mention that, during the months of May and July, 1917, Democrat Klansmen murdered some 130 black citizens of East St. Louis, Illinois. 
They failed to report that on October 1-2, 1919, the Klan murdered some 200 blacks in a mass killing in Elaine, Arkansas. 
And they failed to report that, on May 31, 1921, some 150 blacks were killed in a major race riot in Tulsa, Oklahoma.     

But of all the murders committed by partisan Democrats in the 100 year period between 1865 and 1965, one of the most gruesome atrocities occurred in Valdosta, Georgia, on May 17, 1918. 

On that day a black woman named Mary Turner announced that she would see to it that the white men who had lynched her husband would be prosecuted.  Turner was nine months pregnant at the time.  She was dragged from her home, tortured, and hanged.

And while she was still alive, dangling from the rope, they slashed open her abdomen.  Her unborn child spilled out onto the ground where they crushed the baby’s skull with the heel of a boot. 

Mary Turner’s mistake was that she thought the rule of law was available to her.  She became a threat to the white Democrats who had lynched her husband and she paid for it with her life and the life of her child. 

In the years immediately following the Civil War, Democrat-controlled legislatures in the South enacted Jim Crow laws, supplementing the Black Codes that had been in force since colonial days. 

The Jim Crow laws and the Black Codes dictated where and for whom blacks could work, where they could live, where they could eat and sleep, which restrooms and drinking fountains they could use, and where they were allowed to sit in movie theaters and on trains and busses. 

The Black Codes and the Jim Crow laws were overturned with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

But even then, passage of the Act required the strong support of Republicans.  In the House of Representatives, Democrats voted 153-41 (63%) in favor of the bill, while Republicans voted 136-35 (80%) in favor of the bill.  In the Senate, the bill was approved by Democrats by a vote of 46-21 (67%), while Republicans voted 27-6 (82%) on final passage.    

It is interesting to note that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was essentially identical, word for word, to the Republicans’ Civil Rights Act of 1875, which Democrats had declared unconstitutional when they gained control of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1883. 

Mrs. Clinton might also wish to consult her husband on the question of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, since both of his political mentors, Senators J. William Fulbright (D-AR) and John McClellan (D-AR), along with Senator Al Gore, Sr. (D-TN), opposed passage of the Act in the Senate.  In fact, Senators Fulbright and Gore participated in a filibuster designed to prevent its passage.

Demonstrating that he was no less fond of segregationists than his wife, Bill Clinton said on June 5, 1996, at a White House dinner honoring the memory of Senator Fulbright, “Hillary and I have looked forward for some time to celebrating this 50th anniversary of the Fulbright Program, to honor the dream and legacy of a great American, a citizen of the world, a native of my home state and my mentor and friend, Senator Fulbright.”

By attempting to tie Donald Trump to the KKK, citing the David Duke endorsement, Hillary Clinton is merely employing one of the favorite ploys in the Democrat Party playbook… i.e., to always accuse Republicans of doing that which Democrats, themselves, are doing. 

For example, during U.S. Senate debate on The Repeal Act of 1894, Democrats gave strong support to a provision in the law that would have removed all federal marshals stationed across the South to guarantee voting rights and other civil rights for blacks.  Just before the final vote on February 7, 1894, Senator George Hoar (R-MA) threw down the following challenge to Democrats:

“Mr. President, this is a question of fraud or no fraud…  If you will produce me a citizen of the United States, a Democrat, who lost his honest vote in consequence of intimidation or impediment created by these United States marshals, I will find on record here the proof of ten thousand Republicans who have lost their votes by Democratic practices…. 

“Mr. President, the nation must protect its own.  Every citizen whose right is imperiled, if he be but one, when it is a right of national citizenship and a right conferred and enjoyed under the Constitution of the United States, has the right to demand for its protection the entire force of the United States until the Army has spent its last man and the Navy fired its last gun.  Most of us have nothing else than the right to vote….  The urn in which the American casts his ballot ought to be, aye, and it shall be, as sacred as a sacramental vessel.”

In the 122 years, 7 months, and 3 days since Senator Hoar threw down that gauntlet, no Democrat has had the courage to take up his challenge.

Perhaps it’s time for Republicans in 2016 to renew that challenge. 

For every Republican Klan member Democrats can identify, Republicans will produce a thousand Democratic Klan members.

And since Barack Obama is so fond of apology tours, perhaps he could be persuaded to spend his remaining days in office apologizing for the thousands of African Americans and white Republicans systematically murdered by members of his party.  It’s time to “pin the tail on the donkey.”  

Paul R. Hollrah is a retired government relations executive and a two-time member of the U.S. Electoral College.  He currently lives and writes among the hills and lakes of northeast Oklahoma’s Green Country.
Editor’s Note:

The Democratic Party was sued by Wayne Perryman for that party's 200-year history of racism and the case went all the way to the US Supreme Court. 
In his lawsuit, Perryman describes in detail how the Democratic Party became known as the "Party of White Supremacy" and fought to preserve slavery, started the Ku Klux Klan to kill Republicans (black and white), enacted discriminatory laws to deny civil rights to blacks and fought against the civil rights laws of the 1860s and 1960s.
Perryman also wrote a book called “Whites, Blacks and Racist Democrats: The Untold Story of Race & Politics Within the Democratic Party from 1792-2009.”

As author Michael Scheuer wrote, the Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism.
See "The Black-O-Scope Show" videos for a visual presentation of the sordid history and current failed socialist policies of the Democratic Party that have caused great harm to black Americans.

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Vet Confronts Clinton: ‘I Would Have Been Prosecuted’ For Mishandling Intel

By Mikael Thalen
"Had I communicated this information not following prescribed protocols, I would have been prosecuted and imprisoned"

A US Navy veteran confronted Hillary Clinton during the Commander in Chief forum Wednesday over her handling of confidential information.

During the event’s question and answer segment, the former naval flight officer argued that Clinton was given preferential treatment by the FBI and DOJ in response to her use of a private email server.

WATCH: Navy vet asks Clinton how she expects those with access to classified info to trust her #NBCNewsForum
“As a naval flight officer, I held a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmentalized Information clearance. And that provided me access to materials and information highly sensitive to our warfighting capabilities,” the vet said. “Had I communicated this information not following prescribed protocols, I would have been prosecuted and imprisoned.”
Accusing Clinton of “clearly” corrupting national security, the military veteran went on to ask how those connected to the intelligence community could trust her leadership.
“Secretary Clinton, how can you expect those such as myself who were and are entrusted with America’s most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you clearly corrupted our national security?”
Clinton responded by claiming that information sent and received on the personal server “was not marked” in any way to indicate the contents were classified.
“So I did exactly what I should have done and I take it very seriously, always have, always will,” Clinton said.
Despite the claim, a report released earlier this month on Clinton’s interview with the FBI showed the former secretary of state said she was unaware that the letter “C” meant confidential when it appeared on a 2012 email.
In 2011 it was also revealed that Clinton instructed one of her top aides to remove the classification markings from a sensitive document so it could be sent over an unsecured network.
According to FBI Director James Comey, “110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received.”

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Dems Fume at Trump’s Outreach to Blacks

The Wall Street Journal

Unable to defend their own dismal record at bettering black lives, liberals lash out at the GOP candidate.

By Jason L. Riley

Donald Trump visited a black neighborhood in Philadelphia on Friday and a black church in Detroit on Saturday. And liberals went berserk.
If he’d known Democrats were so fearful of GOP black outreach, perhaps Mr. Trump wouldn’t have waited until two months before Election Day to start campaigning in inner cities.
During a roundtable discussion with businessmen, elected officials and clergy in North Philadelphia, Mr. Trump listened to stories about violent crime and bad schools.
Speaking before a congregation at the Great Faith Ministries church in Detroit, he referenced “all those closed stores” he saw while riding through the neighborhood “and people sitting down on the sidewalk, and no jobs, and no activity. We’ll get it turned around.”
Mr. Trump said “nothing is more sad than when we sideline young black men with unfulfilled potential, tremendous potential,” and he added that safe communities and good schools would be a priority of his administration. He called for a new civil rights agenda that includes school choice.
For weeks, Mr. Trump has been criticized by Team Clinton and the political left for courting black voters while standing in front of white audiences. Now we know such criticism was disingenuous at best.
A Clinton campaign official called Mr. Trump’s Philadelphia visit “an offensive gimmick.” At a weekend press conference organized by the Clinton campaign, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan referred to the Republican presidential candidate as “the most phony major party nominee that I have seen in my lifetime” and wondered aloud what Mr. Trump was even doing in his city. “Are you here just to use Detroiters as props in a re-imaging campaign?”
In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York, who heads the Congressional Black Caucus political-action committee, was asked whether Mr. Trump deserved “any credit at all” for campaigning in the inner city. “It’s not real,” said Mr. Meeks, adding that the GOP nominee has “racist tendencies” and is trying to “con African-Americans.” The congressman called for “the types of policies that are being talked about by Hillary Clinton” and cited “raising the minimum wage” and “investing in historically black colleges.” Alas, it’s Mr. Meeks and his fellow Democrats who should get real.
Unions support minimum-wage hikes because they help limit competition from workers who might accept lower wages and threaten union jobs. And Congressional Black Caucus members support them in return for handsome campaign contributions from Big Labor. However, economists generally agree that minimum-wage mandates disproportionately harm the employment prospects of younger and less-skilled workers, many of whom are black. A 2011 study for the Employment Policies Institute by William Even and David Macpherson found that minimum wage hikes implemented between 2007 and 2010 cost young black men more jobs than the Great Recession did.
If Mr. Meeks is serious about addressing the immediate education needs of black families, calling for additional funding for historically black colleges is an odd place to start. Some of these colleges do a fine job of educating blacks, particularly in the fields of math and science, but the reality is that some 90% of black students don’t attend them. And given that the typical black 12th-grader is several grade levels behind his white counterpart in reading and math, is the bigger problem the underfinancing of black colleges or a K-12 public education system that is producing so few college-ready blacks?
Hillary Clinton and her campaign surrogates can brag about giving black communities far more face-time than the GOP, but they can’t brag about the results of liberal policies. Democrats are calling Mr. Trump names because they can’t defend their track record. Homicides in Philadelphia rose last year and are up 6% this year. In 2015, Detroit students scored the lowest among big-city school districts on national math and reading tests.
Minority children with access to school vouchers and charter schools are narrowing the achievement gap, while Democrats and teachers unions are working hand in glove to limit school choice. Mrs. Clinton has adopted the provably false union line that charters get better academic outcomes by accepting only the most motivated students. And the new Democratic platform drafted in July proclaims support for “high-quality public charter schools,” so long as they don’t “replace or destabilize” traditional public schools. In other words, the party supports charter schools so long as no one attends them.
Mr. Trump has been polling in the low single digits among blacks, and his current black outreach is probably too little, too late if the goal is to win significant black support. But Democrats aren’t very concerned about the percentage of blacks who support the Republican. Their bigger worry is the level of overall black turnout. The political left is furious at Mr. Trump for campaigning on their turf because he could soften support for Mrs. Clinton. They are terrified that too many of the black voters who turned out for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 may decide to stay home.

Mr. Riley, a Manhattan Institute senior fellow and Journal contributor, is the author of “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed” (Encounter Books, 2014).


Blacks Better Off Voting for Trump

By Clarence V. McKee

I have written often about blacks’ blind loyalty to a Democratic Party plantation system that has given them little leverage in presidential politics and has been harmful to black America — especially the poor. 
That’s why I was so glad to see Donald Trump venture where no Republican presidential candidate has dared to venture to “tell it like it is” regarding the condition of urban black America; expose the “dirty little secrets” that no black or white Democrat will talk about; and that most black journalists and civil rights groups refuse to hold elected officials accountable for!
So what did Trump say that is inflaming the black and white liberal Democrat establishment and their friends in the media?
He just told the truth:
Black parents have a right to walk outside without being shot and to a good education for their children.
Almost 4,000 have been killed in President Obama’s hometown area since his presidency began.
Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter and looter.
Our job is to make life more comfortable for the black parents who want their kids to be able to walk home safely from school and the senior citizen who wants to be safe waiting for a bus.
There is no compassion in allowing drug dealers, gang members, and felons to prey on innocent people.
The Democratic Party has betrayed the African-American community and its crime, education, and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty.
And they really got upset when Trump said: “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?”
Every one of these statements is true! Trump’s comments mirror what many black conservatives have been saying for decades.

Those criticizing Trump most likely don’t live in neighborhoods within earshot of gunshots day and night and don’t send their children to the inferior schools that many inner city children are forced to attend.
So, when white Republican Donald Trump exposes the subtle classism and racism of the liberal Democrat establishment, they can huff, puff, and call him and his supporters racists all they want, but they can’t deny the truth!
When was the last time we heard members of the Congressional Black Caucus who represent most of these urban terror zones, the NAACP, the National Association of Black Journalists or any black elected official in these cities raise important issues. How many black and white Democratic officials (until there are riots) have we heard calling for an end to the violence and slaughter of so many, including innocent children, in gang infested neighborhoods in Chicago, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Miami and other urban areas?
When it takes a white Republican to step up to the plate and tell the truth about the problems facing blacks in our cities, they are and should be embarrassed — all of them — black and white alike!
It’s a no-win issue for Trump.
Since they can’t attack him for telling the truth, they criticize him because he spoke to white audiences. If he had gone to a black audience, they would have criticized him for not daring to say it in front of a white audience because of fear of losing their votes.
It’s about time a white politician went before a white audience and spoke about the issues of inner city America! White Democrats and Republicans have historically not done that.
Trump did and for that he should be commended!
The only thing I would have added to Trump’s speeches would have been to commend the great success of America’s black athletes at the Olympics including Simone Biles in gymnastics; Simone Manuel, in swimming; Daryl Homer, in men’s fencing; Michelle Carter in the shot put; and so many others.
This election may be black America’s last chance for relevance in presidential elections for decades.
They are the only voter group that does not ask their elected officials: “What have you done for me lately.” And for that, they have paid dearly!
If after Donald Trump’s unprecedented direct appeal for support by a Republican Presidential candidate, 90 to 98 percent of blacks vote for Hillary Clinton, they will get what they deserve—total, yet quiet, disrespect from both Parties.
They could go down in history as being perfect political examples of the “will you respect me in the morning” syndrome and be irrelevant in Presidential politics for the next 20 years.
But, if on the other hand, 15-20 percent of a black silent majority say “we have had enough” and vote for Trump, history will be made and the Democrats’ chains on black America could be cut.
Clarence V. McKee is president of McKee Communications, Inc., a government, political, and media relations consulting firm in Florida. He held several positions in the Reagan administration as well as in the Reagan presidential campaigns. He is a former co-owner of WTVT-TV in Tampa and former president of the Florida Association of Broadcasters. Read more of his reports — Go Here Now.

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Donald Trump In Detroit : Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes With Trump In Detroit: How The Donald Has Become 'The Hope Candidate'


DETROIT, Michigan — Donald Trump, the 2016 GOP presidential nominee, delivered a positive and uplifting message filled with hope and opportunity here at the Great Faith Ministries International church.

In addition to Dr. Ben Carson and Omarosa, Breitbart News accompanied Trump on the trip to Detroit to provide an original and behind-the-scenes look into how he is offering an uplifting message to all Americans—including the black community.

"Our nation is too divided. We talk past each other, not to each other and those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what is going on," Trump told the church-goers from the podium, where he briefly spoke about why he was there. "They don't know. They have no clue. I'm here today to learn. So that we can together remedy injustice, in any form. And so that we can also remedy economics so that the African-American community can benefit economically through jobs and income and so many other different ways."

Trump's speech on the podium came after he taped an interview with Bishop Wayne Jackson, who along with his wife Dr. Beverly Jackson, serve as the senior pastors for the inner city Detroit church. The interview will air next week.

Left to right, Bishop Jackson, Trump and Detroit police chief James Craig chat during the meet-and-greet

Left to right, Bishop Jackson, Trump and Detroit police chief James Craig chat during the meet-and-greet




After the interview, before Trump's speech, he sat in the front row of the church's pews for the opening of the Saturday service—and even danced along a little bit with the black leaders as the service opened up with a few upbeat songs. Later in the day, with Carson as his guide, Trump visited Carson's boyhood home in Detroit–walking down Carson's street talking to the people there, many of whom seemed supportive of what Trump is doing.

Carson shows Trump the home he grew up in as a kid in Detroit.

Carson shows Trump the home he grew up in as a kid in Detroit.

Carson and Trump talk to Carson's boyhood home's current homeowner.

Carson and Trump talk to Carson's boyhood home's current homeowner.

Carson and Trump talk to the neighbors too as they stroll through the world renowned neurosurgeon's old stomping grounds.

Carson and Trump talk to the neighbors too as they stroll through the world renowned neurosurgeon's old stomping grounds.

In the speech in the church, Trump laid out how the permanent political class has failed everyone in the United States including America's black communities.

"Our political system has failed the people and works only to enrich itself," Trump said. "I want to reform that system so that it works for you, everyone in this room. I believe true reform can only come from outside the system. I really mean that. Being a businessman is much different than being a politician because I understand what is happening. And we are going outside the establishment."


Trump has already successfully defined himself as a candidate of change, while his opponent Hillary Clinton represents the status quo. In this Detroit event, however, aides to Trump note he took a different tact: His new aim, in addition to representing change, is to begin representing "hope"—and a positive outlook for the United States with an uplifting policy agenda designed to fix problems for everyone in the country.

"What we're seeing is a fundamental shift in the campaign," Jason Miller, Trump's senior communications adviser, told Breitbart News. "Mr. Trump was already the change candidate, but this week his message of inclusion and optimism made him the hope candidate as well. With Hillary having abandoned the campaign trail in order to dodge questions about her continual ethics issues, I'm not sure how she ever gets that back."

Trump offered policy specifics for the inner cities: he called for a revitalized Motor City, with "factories everywhere" and "new roads and bridges" as well as "new schools—especially schools."

Trump addresses the church

Trump addresses the church

But the most important promise in Trump's speech came at the end of that line, when the billionaire businessman and political outsider promised the people of Detroit—and really everyone nationwide who was listening as the speech was carried live on major networks—"new hope."

The themes of "hope" and "change" are strong in the American electorate, and it's those two promises that propelled Barack Obama—America's sitting two-term president—into the White House in 2008. Many, whether they like Obama or not, do not believe he has delivered on the promises he made of hope and change. Many believe he has failed, and has become one of the most divisive presidents along party lines in history, alienating millions of Americans who don't support his agenda.

"Mr. Trump is working hard for all votes because he wants to be a voice for all Americans," Trump's national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, who is also black and accompanied the campaign on this Detroit trip, told Breitbart News. "He came to Detroit to listen, and became a voice of hope."

Pierson noted his positive tone in this speech, before a church congregation in the inner city—which drew him a standing ovation after he quoted from Scripture—is a problem-solving themed agenda.

Trump earns standing ovation

Trump earns standing ovation

"He gave a positive uplifting speech and delivered a strong policy agenda for economic growth, education, and prosperity for communities that have suffered under insider politicians," Pierson said.

In the event, Omarosa, the former Apprentice contestant, noted, "the spirit was so high." At one point, Trump even held up and kissed a baby.



"Did you see how many 'amens' Donald Trump got?" she told Breitbart News backstage after Trump spoke. "It was just incredible to see him connect with the parishioners and really bring a powerful word of hope to this congregation. I thought it was phenomenal."

Omarosa, who's also now a pastor as Trump noted in his speech, said Trump is clearly gaining support in the black community.

"You were in the room," she said. "You felt the spirit. It was authentic. It was a very natural connection because they know that Mr. Trump is going to fight for them. When he talked about jobs, when he talked about the economy, when he talked about his family and his faith, they connected, because those are things that all Americans worry about. They're worried about their families, they're worried about their futures. And they're very excited about someone who's going to put God back into the schools, God back into every element of our lives. Unapologetically, Mr. Trump is a man of faith."

Carson echoed Omarosa in his own exclusive interview with Breitbart News. 

"I thought it was extremely well done," Carson said of the event backstage afterwards. "Donald Trump was well-received by the audience here and it's very important for people to see for themselves rather than have this man interpreted for them by the media that has another agenda. The whole concept of togetherness and strength, we have radical Islamic terrorists who want to destroy us. And we're just going to make it easy for them if we try to destroy ourselves. We need somebody who really wants to look at the totality—how do we Make America Great Again? We can't make it great again unless every part is great, including cities like Detroit."

After Trump was so well received in this Detroit church, Bishop Jackson bestowed upon him a prayer shawl on stage before Trump moved on to his next stop in the inner city.


Carson, Trump's former rival in the primaries turned strong supporter, advised him on the way here on messaging and tone, and the results of the advice Trump is taking not just from Carson but others in his inner circle including Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and more, is showing up in the analytics. Carson told Breitbart News that Trump is gaining support in the black community.

"You look at the NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll that was out a couple of weeks ago, he got 1 percent of the black vote," Carson said. "A week later he got 8 percent of the black vote. I suspect it will only go up because he's reaching out. In the past, the black community felt there was really no other alternative except the Democrats—even though the Democrats weren't doing anything for them. I think it's good to introduce some competition here. Let the Democrats come up with something that really works. And let the Republican come up with something that works, and let people make a decision based on something intelligent rather than blind loyalty."

That NBC polling is hardly the only indicator that Trump's support in the black community is increasing, despite media claims otherwise. In fact, as Breitbart News reported after his speech in West Bend, Wisconsin, in the wake of recent Milwaukee riots, Trump's appeal in the black community according to Los Angeles Times polling increased multiple fold up to more than 14 percent. And the way that the Democratic Party—and particularly Hillary Clinton—are responding to it is not by offering any substantive criticism or alternative policy-focused solutions for America's struggling inner cities like Detroit. Instead, she went to Reno, Nevada, a little more than a week ago to slam Trump as a racist in her speech, bashing the "alt-right" in the wake of Trump's hiring of Stephen K. Bannon—Breitbart News' executive chairman who is currently on leave from this network—as his campaign CEO. Carson said Hillary Clinton's attacks on Trump over race are "absurd" and a "desperate play."

"Really, when you stop and think about it, the real racism are the people who think that people have to think a certain way—they have to act a certain way—and if they don't they're an 'Uncle Tom,' they're a 'traitor,' what have you," Carson said. "That's ridiculous. That's the most racist thing I've ever heard."

Indeed, during his speech, Trump made a reference back to the fact that the party that nominated him for president—the Republican Party—freed the slaves under President Abraham Lincoln, who was a Republican. Republicans have led the way on Civil Rights for more than a century, championing the civil rights reforms of the 20th Century, and have led the way on women's rights as well.

"Becoming the nominee of the Party of Abraham Lincoln — a lot of people don't realize that Abraham Lincoln, the great Abraham Lincoln was a Republican — has been the greatest honor of my life," Trump said. "It is on his legacy that I hope to build the future of the Party but more important the future of the country and the community."

Trump has, in previous interviews with Breitbart News, expressed how proud he is to carry on this Republican tradition of leading on civil and women's rights while Democrats choose to not only not lead, but in many cases work on the other side. In this speech—in the aforementioned policy specifics—Trump laid out how he plans to lead on the 21st Century's civil rights agenda, an agenda focused on jobs, education and opportunity for all.

Just like with previous civil rights movements, Democrats—who have nearly unanimously ruled America's inner cities for decades, in some cases more than half a century, driving their economies into the ground—are on the other side of the civil rights agenda.

"I believe that we need a civil rights agenda for our time," Trump said. "One that ensures the rights to a great education — so important — and the right to live in safety and in peace and to have a really, really great job. A good paying job and one that you love going to every morning. That can happen. We need to bring our companies back."

Pastor Darrell Scott, a Cleveland-area black pastor and Trump supporter who was in attendance in Detroit on Saturday, issued a statement from the campaign shortly after the event.

"In his remarks today, Donald Trump called for a new civil rights agenda that includes the right to a safe community, the right to a great education and the right to a secure job," Scott stated. "These civil rights are in addition to the fundamental, constitutional civil rights of our society and the absolute commitment to equal protection, ending discrimination and safeguarding the dignity of all citizens – and that includes their inviolable freedoms and liberties. Mr. Trump will also defend our religious freedoms, and the freedom of Americans from all communities to worship in peace."

In addition to Scott's statement, the Trump campaign detailed the policy specifics in a press release designed to address each of the "civil rights agenda" items and more. It's because of these efforts that Lynne Patton, a black woman executive who has worked for the Trumps in various capacities for years, was so proud of her boss in Detroit on Saturday.

"I could not have been more proud to stand by this incredible man's side today," Patton, who in addition to serving as the Trump campaign's Trump family ambassador is working on minority engagement for the campaign, told Breitbart News. "The immediate bipartisan headlines that followed praising my boss' call for unity, inclusion, dialogue acceptance commitment & opportunity cannot even begin to measure the level of energy & excitement that enveloped us from the moment we stepped off the plane. The Motor City will prosper once again under a Trump Administration."

Patton became a surprise star at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July, where she delivered a sizzling speech about how Donald Trump and his family care about everyone—a speech that came after a video she crafted detailing how Trump's companies have hired more minority and women executives than any other she's worked at. What Patton, Omarosa and so many others who have worked with Trump over the years suggest is that the real estate magnate has always cared about the black community; and that he wasn't attacked by Democrats on racial lines until he ran for president as a Republican. Trump, despite the mainstream media narrative to the contrary, has a long and deep history of breaking racial barriers and working African American leaders on issues of equality and civil rights.

"As someone who has been with this family each and every day for the past seven years, I know Mr. Trump—I know his heart and I know his passion for this country to be true," Patton said at the RNC. She continued:

Tonight, as we stand in the shadow of one of the darkest months in modern American history I know now more than ever that Donald Trump is the law and order leader we need to heal a wounded and divided nation. We all watched, horrified and helpless, as a radical Islamic terrorist targeted members of the LGBTQ community in Orlando. We've seen discord in our urban communities sparked by the senseless deaths of young black men in Baton Rouge, in Minnesota, and far too many places around this country. We watched in horror as our nation's finest were gunned down in Dallas and Baton Rouge as they sought to protect the very people protesting them. But in order to heal as a nation, we must stop viewing these incidents as attacks on the LGBTQ community or attacks on the black community or even attacks on the law enforcement community. They are attacks on America, they are attacks on our values, they are attacks on the very foundation of civil society. Sadly, there is not one person in this room who can deny that historically black lives have mattered less. My life mattered less, and whether we like it or not, there are people out there who still believe this to be true. But tonight, as a minority myself, I personally pledge to you that Donald Trump knows that your life matters, he knows that my life matters, he knows that LGBTQ lives matter, he knows that veterans lives matter, and he knows that blue lives matter. This country is sadly more divided than it was eight years ago. But tonight, don't hope for change: Be the change.

To wrap it all up, it wouldn't have been a complete day if Trump didn't thank the law enforcement community in Michigan for everything they do. Back at his plane before heading back to New York City, Trump took individual photos with many of the officers who were part of his security detail during the Detroit trip–and a group photo with all of them.


In contrast to Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, goes for days without doing public events. In fact, it has now been 273 days since she held a press conference.