Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Give Them an Inch and They Want the Third Trimester: How the Left Made This Happen


AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin 

As a kid, my mother allowed me to have one cookie per day. When I pushed to eat the whole box in an afternoon, I was told I couldn’t have any more cookies. What did I learn? Don’t be greedy, and don’t be pushy. Somehow, pro-abortion lefties never learned that lesson. 

Women pushed a bill that would allow abortion up to the point of birth. 

This is what happens when a generation of participation trophy kids grows up. Children who never heard the word “no” from their mommies are finally feeling the clown-slap of reality. They pushed for a woman’s “right” to abort a child up to the point of birth. I know pro-choice women in their 20s who are against this. The spoiled left went a trimester too far. 

What does this SCOTUS decision really mean if the final decision looks like what leaked? It means each state will now decide whether or not to allow abortions. Somehow, coastal snobs are suddenly concerned about what happens to women in the “fly-over” states. 

On one hand, I can’t blame the left for pushing the abortion envelope. The violent bolshies learned they can burn our cities with near impunity while non-violent J6 pro-Trump prisoners are sent away indefinitely. What’s the message being sent here? Do what you want, hippies; the government is on your side, and they won’t say no to you, just like your mommy. 

Would the Supreme Court have even discussed Roe v. Wade had the left not pushed hard to abort a baby up until the day before birth? We will never know. All I know is I lost my daily cookie by being greedy. I may have sulked, but I didn’t riot. 

Should we expect riots? Duh. We know that the left has gone easy on violent Marxists who rioted, looted, and burned during the nationwide 2020 riots. We also know the right to have an abortion is the left’s biggest worry. Today’s Marxists have little reason not to burn their cities. They’ve gotten away with it in the not too recent past. 

People are asking if this “leak” was planned. Protestors got to the Supreme Court REALLY quickly, and many had pre-printed signs. Dementia Joe Biden had a statement ready to go. It included the following: 

And it will fall on voters to elect pro-choice officials this November. At the federal level, we will need more pro-choice Senators and a pro-choice majority in the House to adopt legislation that codifies Roe, which I will work to pass and sign into law. 

Even Foggy Joe knows there is a red tsunami coming in November’s midterm elections. What better way to rally young, left-leaning voters than to tell them they can’t kill their unwanted babies? Expect a tirade of plump, purple-haired harpies screeching that “old white men” can’t control their overly pierced bodies. Antifa members will likely don their battle panties and take to the streets in cities like Seattle and Portland where they know they won’t get bopped by cops. 

This SCOTUS leak comes almost exactly six months before the midterms elections where the Marxist left is expected to take a pounding. Coincidence? You decide. 

Give Them an Inch and They Want the Third Trimester: How the Left Made This Happen – PJ Media