Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Trump

By Jeff Crouere | Townhall.com

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

As the world is on fire, President Joe Biden was once again relaxing in Delaware last weekend. According to a recent analysis, Biden has spent approximately 40% of his presidency on vacation, earning him the title of the most “idle” President, according to The New York Post.

Of course, throughout his presidency, Americans have witnessed a Commander-in-Chief who is mentally incompetent and has difficulty speaking in public, remembering names, or exiting a stage. He needs note cards while meeting with foreign leaders and follows a script prepared by his staff when conducting press conferences. 

During impromptu press encounters, Biden often makes embarrassing misstatements that need to be clarified by his staff. Obviously, others are “pulling his strings” and directing him from “behind the curtain.”

A President in mental decline cannot lead a nation, inspire its people, or forcefully advocate for an agenda. At this point, the American people have seen enough of this President and do not want another Biden term in office. 

The latest Gallup survey shows Biden with an anemic 37% approval rating, with an amazingly low 5% level of support from Republicans. However, the shocking number that should concern Biden’s re-election team is his support among Democrats dropped 11% in the last month. 

Thus, it is no surprise that a Democrat member of Congress, U.S. Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota, has officially entered the race for President. He will be challenging Biden for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. 

In an interview on “Elizabeth Vargas Reports,” Phillips admitted the obvious problems that all Americans are facing. He said there was a “massive” affordability crisis, “crime in cities and chaos,” and “a border crisis.” Phillips claimed that “mortgages are skyrocketing, fuel is too expensive,” and “food is too expensive.”

In comments that were reminiscent of many speeches from President Donald Trump, Phillips noted that Americans are “falling behind” and that “middle-class, hard-working people are not being heard. They are angry, they’re frustrated.”

Phillips blasted the federal government for being run “so ineffectively and so inefficiently.” He said the federal government “does not focus on customer service” and “doesn’t use zero-based budgeting.” Phillips correctly identified one of the key problems in our federal government today, the lack of congressional “term limits.” In his view, “we have the same people making the same decisions, and often the same mistakes time and time again. I’m making a proposition for change.”

His pitch to American voters would be much more convincing if Phillips had not voted “nearly 100% in support of Biden’s policies.” These policies have created an array of problems domestically, including an economic crisis, an energy crisis, a border crisis, an urban America crisis, a drug overdose crisis, and a crime crisis.

In the realm of national security, Biden has promoted “woke” military leaders who have been unable to meet our recruitment goals. Biden has sent so much military assistance to Ukraine that our military is running short on ammunition. 

Biden’s policies have also created a variety of international crises, namely two ongoing wars. Along with the war in Ukraine, Israel is at war with the terrorist group Hamas. The war began on October 7th as Hamas crossed into Israel and killed over 1,400 innocent people and took 222 hostages.

As Israel responds by bombing Hamas targets in Gaza and enters with ground forces, additional terrorist groups are joining the war. On the border with Lebanon, Hezbollah is firing rockets into Israel. Other Islamic terror groups are attacking U.S. bases in Syria and Iraq, which prompted a surgical strike from our military forces in the region. 

The war has also sparked protests by pro-Hamas radicals throughout the Middle East, Europe, Australia and in the United States. 

The war in Israel is threatening to develop into a world war as China has sent six warships to the region. In response to the Hamas attack, “the largest mass of U.S. ships” in “decades” will be deployed to the “region.” The collection of U.S. ships will include the USS Gerald R Ford and the USS Dwight D Eisenhower, along with “additional fighter squadrons.”

None of this chaos would be happening if Donald Trump were still President. His economic policies created low inflation and low gasoline prices. His pro-domestic energy policies created energy independence for our country. His border security policies included a border wall, the elimination of “catch and release” and the remarkably effective “remain in Mexico” program. 

Under President Trump, the United States enjoyed low mortgage rates, so young couples were able to realize the American dream and consumers did not have skyrocketing credit card interest debt.

While Trump was President, the military was strong and there was no recruitment crisis. He believed in “peace through strength” and did not enter any new wars. 

He initiated the withdrawal from Afghanistan, but would have completed it with “dignity,” and ensured billions of dollars in weaponry was not left behind for the Taliban. Trump would have insisted that the United States retain control of the massive Bagram air base. 

Also, Iran, which is funding Hamas and their terrorist attacks in Israel, was constrained during the Trump presidency. He initiated tough economic sanctions, ended the idiotic “Iranian nuclear deal,” and killed their top terrorist commander, Qasem Soleimani. 

Under Biden, the Iranians have been enriched and empowered, resulting in more funding for Hamas. Unfortunately, Biden restored financial support for the Palestinians, which Trump had ended. It is widely believed any funding for the Palestinians goes almost entirely to Hamas.

While Trump was President, the United States was economically strong, secure at the border and the world was much safer. There were no wars raging in Ukraine or Israel. In fact, Trump negotiated four peace deals for Israel known as the Abraham Accords. It should have resulted in Trump receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Today, peace is a distant memory and people throughout the world are facing the prospect of a world war, the terrifying consequences of the Biden presidency.

Monday, October 30, 2023

This Too Shall Pass

Alan Joseph Bauer | Townhall.com

 AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura

The antisemitic Left seems ascendant. The UN appears to be pro-Jihad. Even these terrible days will pass into something better.

There is a famous story about King Solomon, the wisest of all men. He asked a jeweler to fashion him a ring that would help him to keep his head straight at all times. The jeweler was overwhelmed by the task given him and did not know what to offer the king. With the deadline approaching, the jeweler made a gold ring engraved in Hebrew, “This too shall pass.” King Solomon was thrilled with the ring. When one finds himself in bad times, he must hold onto himself and remember that the storm will pass and a better day will arrive. When, on the other hand, a person finds himself on the top of the world, a word of caution—this too will pass, so prepare yourself for the day after.

If one watches or reads the news, it would seem that the world has gone mad. Israeli citizens were murdered, raped, and tortured in the most hideous ways possible. More videos and stories keep coming out, as do first-hand accounts of the human-looking animals who took part in the attack as well as those who were first on the scene. Just when one thinks that he has heard the worst, a new story comes out with gruesome pictures of something that one would have thought a human being could never do to another person. The depravity of the Hamas barbarians and their fellow jihadis in the Palestinian Authority, ISIS, Hizbollah, and Iran has been shown to the world, and the world wants to throw up. Even their brethren Arabs are embarrassed by their behavior. It has been said that Egypt and Saudi Arabia sent traditional funeral gowns in their aid packages allowed into the Gaza Strip. Hamas got the message: drop dead.

The event itself has been overwhelming here in Israel. Virtually every interview of someone involved in repelling the attack or in dealing with the aftermath cries during his or her interview. But the savages are the rock stars du jour on college campuses and on the streets of cities that were stupid enough to take in huge numbers of “refugees” and immigrants from countries that hate the West and its freedoms. Poland and Hungary were pilloried by the EU for not taking in more Muslim refugees; they said that their presence would damage their culture. Watching the jubilant support for the Hamas animals on college campuses all over the US and on the streets of major Western capitals, one realizes that these two countries that went through the double hell of the Nazis and the Communists had it right. The US and the UK would be better off with far fewer people who think that jihad is good and western values are bad.

If one thinks of certain periods in relatively recent human history, there were times when all seemed lost. Hearken back to late 1941 or early 1942. The Nazis and the Japanese controlled most of the globe. England was barely hanging on, and the Nazi flag flew from the French coast until nearly Moscow. Think of October, 1962. A U-2 plane had been shot down over Cuba. American forces were gathering in Florida and Soviet submarine captains had been approved to use nuclear-tipped torpedoes against US aircraft carriers. The world seemed on the verge of nuclear war. With much blood, treasure, and determination, the Nazis and Japan were crushed. Belligerent Kruschev blinked and the missiles were removed from Cuba, over loud complaints from Fidel Castro.

The jihadis and their supporters seem on top today. They can threaten to exterminate Jews here in Israel and they physically attack Jews on US campuses. They seem ascendant. But their time is coming soon. The Muslims who came to the US from failed countries will continue to fail in the US. Their left-leaning friends in the trans, gay, environmental, and other communities will finish their studies and go back to living in their parents’ basements. Israel finally has a free hand—at enormous price—to do the job right. The other day, they used for the first time in ages a fighter jet over the West Bank to blow up active terrorists hiding under a mosque. The gloves are off and the rules have changed. The Hamas losers, when captured, do what their friends in the West always do: act like the victim. Watch some of their interviews with Israeli security officials. They make it sound like the women they raped and killed threw themselves upon them. Losers they are and losers they will forever remain.

And two of the biggest losers are the UN and its head, Antonio Gueterres. He joins the long list of criminals and cranks like Nazi officer Kurt Waldheim and Kofi Annan, whose son made money off of the UN oil deals for Iraq. Gueterres made the standard statement that it was forbidden for Hamas to do what it did. Then of course, playing tennis with himself, he said that Israel could not keep bombing Gaza. Then he let the cat out of the bag. He said that well, Israel really should not be so surprised: after 56 years of suffering, of course the Gazans were going to explode and do something. Talk about blaming the victim! News Flash:  The Palestinian Arabs tried to wipe out Israel before 1967 as well.

It is interesting and depressing to see the behavior of the left. Some simply call for the annihilation of Israel. Others call for a cease fire. Okay, Israel has suffered 1,400 killed and 5,400 injured. Time out! And of course Gueterres and his fellow garbage lefties tell Israel to stop bombing Gaza. Hamas chose to kill civilians in the most brutal ways possible. Hamas also chose to set up shop in civilian areas. Israel has every right to destroy those who attacked her. Where they hang their shingle is their problem.

What Gueterres said about Israel deserving it is one of the biggest libels and fallacies of the failed war on terror. Many over-credentialed leaders concluded that poverty and misery were the drivers for terror. But Bin Laden was a multimillionaire, as are the heads of Hamas in Qatar, with their $500 million real estate portfolio. A woman who blew herself up in a Haifa restaurant during the intifada was a practicing lawyer. President Assad of Syria is a physician. The issues are religious and ideological. The heads of Hamas and other organizations happily keep their people miserable so as to have a pool of future terrorists. But the fight is one based on ideology. Even if one were to make Gaza into Singapore and give every resident a million dollars, they would still want to kill Jews and make Israel disappear. It’s not my imagination. A woman from Gaza whose son received special medical treatment in Tel Aviv at the height of the second intifada said proudly that she hopes he grows up to be a jihadi martyr.

We are going through a very challenging period. Good, truth, justice, love, and peace will reign in the future. Now is the time to fight the murderers and their supporters on the left. A victory is assured. As to our troubled times: that too shall pass.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Soros-Funded PAC Labels Black Republican An Uncle Tom In Campaign Ad

By Sarah Arnold | Townhall.com

AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

A radical super PAC is running a vicious attack ad against Republican Daniel Cameron, the GOP candidate for Kentucky Governor.

A George Soros-funded PAC is sparking controversy after running a racist ad attacking Cameron, labeling him as an Uncle Tom.

Black Voters Matter Action PAC refers to the Republican, who, if elected, would be the first African-American governor of Kentucky, as “Uncle Daniel Cameron.” The ad also uses the saying, “Skinfolk ain’t kinfolk,” — a common expression used by black liberals to suggest that anyone who disagrees with them politically is a race traitor.

Cameron has said that he has endured “racist attacks” from the Left for years solely based on the fact that he is a Republican. 

“I never faced racism or discrimination while growing up or working in Kentucky until I decided to stand up to the national Democrat establishment,” Cameron told The Daily Wire. “I don’t support their policies, so the Left attacks me for my skin color.”

The Republicans lashed out at the Democratic Party, which thinks someone cannot be black and be a conservative.

“I believe here in Kentucky, you shouldn’t be judged by the color of your skin but by the content of your character,” Cameron continued. “The same cannot be said of Joe Biden, out-of-state, radical left interest groups, and the national Democrat Party, who think you can’t be black and conservative. I never faced racism or discrimination while growing up or working in Kentucky until I decided to stand up to the national Democrat establishment.”

Cameron seeks to defeat Democrat Andy Beshear (D-KY)-- a progressive liberal who pushes gender-affirming care for children. 

In 2020, Democrats labeled Cameron as a “sell-out” and “Uncle Remus” following his speech at the Republican National Convention. 

More recently, the Lexington Herald-Leader printed a political cartoon portraying Cameron riding the coattails of the Ku Klux Klan.



How About Democrats Pay KKK Reparations to Black Republicans?

Saturday, October 28, 2023

New House Speaker Mike Johnson Lays Out Plans to Impeach Biden

By Sarah Arnold | Townhall.com

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA.) suggests that one of his first business orders is to advance efforts to impeach President Joe Biden. 

During an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Johnson said that removing Biden from office is a real possibility due to the president's ties to his family's corrupt money-funneling scheme.

Johnson said that the Republican Party is the rule-of-law party and will follow the truth where it leads and engage in due process. 

"We have the receipts on so much of this now," Johnson explained, suggesting that Biden was involved in his family's foreign business dealings. "It's a real problem."

"That's the reason that we shifted into the impeachment inquiry stage on the president himself because if, in fact, all the evidence leads to where we believe it will, that's very likely impeachable offenses," he added. "That's listed as a cause for impeachment in the Constitution — bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors."

Republicans have been after Biden for months after explosive revelations revealed the president was involved in his son's shady foreign businesses and profiting from his abuse of power. 

In September, then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA.) announced an impeachment inquiry, uncovering corrupt allegations into Biden's actions. 

More from Trending Politics: 

Associates of Hunter have claimed Biden took part in dozens of business meetings with executives from foreign companies like Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, which counted Hunter as a member of the board. The investigation has revealed how Biden and Hunter used pseudonyms and burner email accounts to coordinate the White House's strategy in responding to allegations that Biden pressured Ukrainian officials to fire a prosecutor investigating Burisma for corruption. With Speaker Johnson now at the helm, expect the impeachment inquiry to gain steam and turn Washington's focus back on Biden's unseemly family affairs. Hunter continues to negotiate with Washington, D.C. U.S. Attorney David Weiss over a plea deal while President Biden remains "consumed" by the drama, lashing out at aides who recommend he distance himself from his struggling son.

 The House Oversight Committee recently discovered a $200,000 payment to Biden from his brother, James Biden. The payout happened the same day one of James Biden's business ventures granted him a loan in the same amount.

Friday, October 27, 2023

The New York Times Shows You Who Democrats Are

By Derek Hunter | Townhall.com

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File

There’s just something about the politically progressive left that is simultaneously hilarious and disgusting. They demand “tolerance,” while shouting down or attacking (even killing) people who disagree with them. They “celebrate diversity,” as long as everyone agrees with and marches in lockstep with them. They abhor violence, but not when it’s committed by their readymade mob. Every single day the left in this country shows you exactly who they are, and it’s wildly unAmerican.

Remember when Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) wrote an op-ed in The New York Times in the summer of the BLM/ANTIFA riots about the need to restore order to the cities those Democrat activists were terrorizing? The response from the “reporters” at the paper was outrage, disgust and panic.

The left was beside itself over the very idea that the opinion pages of their newspaper would run an opinion with which they disagreed. Naturally, the party of skin color had Times employees complaining how running the piece “puts black employees lives in danger.” They never said how, they didn’t have to – the hive mind does not need orders to be given to know what to do.

The concept of restoring order, ending the looting, arson, murder and attempted murder by a group of progressive Brown Shirt fascists was a bridge too far. The Times announced they’d made a mistake in running the opinion column on their opinion pages, showing a level of fealty to the left-wing mob that would’ve made Pravda blush.

No Times employees were killed, black or not, but the truth had no place in the discussion. The point of the exercise was to assert dominance over management, which they did by getting the liberal opinion editor fired for doing his job. They also got the paper’s ownership to kneel before them, putting the mob in charge and taking the paper further to the left by making it clear that even entertaining an opinion you don’t share will cost you.

Flash forward to the terrorist attack on Israel. The progressive left denounced the violence, mostly, but quickly moved on. Within a week they were openly discussing how Israel must keep any response “proportional,” which is code for “They only killed some Jews, let’s not go crazy in response.”

To Democrats, doing anything to Jews is like punching elderly Asian women minding their own business on the streets of Oakland, San Francisco or New York City – only a crime for as long as people are paying attention. After that, not so much.

Right and wrong have no place on the left, everything “moral” is situational. That’s the only way people can be more outraged over the potential response to a terrorist attack than they were over the attack itself. Well, that and a massive dose of anti-Semitism, which the left has always embraced. The Nazis, after all, weren’t named the National SOCIALIST German Worker’s Party ironically.

Being the moral compass of the left, the Times has distinguished itself as a bastion of Hamas propaganda. No matter how many people allegedly “died” in a “hospital bombing,” the Times was there to parrot it, unquestioningly. Two hundred? Three hundred? Five hundred? Ok, sure. Never mind the lack of bodies or the fact that a parking lot was the scene of most of the devastation, a narrative needed to be fed.

Only after it could no longer be denied that the whole story was a lie, and that any explosion was a result of terrorists, not Israel, did the Times step up and admit they’d made a mistake. Who knew journalistic standards still existed. Only when enough people tisk-tisk the paper for reprinting terrorist propaganda can they be counted on to do the right thing.

In an editor’s note, the Times wrote, “Given the sensitive nature of the news during a widening conflict, and the prominent promotion it received, Times editors should have taken more care with the initial presentation, and been more explicit about what information could be verified.”

Forget about “the sensitive nature of the news during a widening conflict,” how about because it’s supposed to be your job? Is that not enough? If it’s not, maybe get out of the business.

But this is the left, this is the media, and this is the Democratic Party. That’s how the Times can hire an openly Hitler-loving “journalist” to cover the Israel-Hamas war (which side do you think he’ll come down on?) while still pretending to be honest brokers. That’s how the left can demand a cease-fire in Gaza before there’s even an accurate body count or any accounting of the hundreds of hostages Hamas took, but any discussion of peace talks in Ukraine is doing Putin’s will. All that means is they’ve figured out how to skim from Ukraine, there’s no such “consulting jobs” for the families of politicians in Israel.

All the rot on the left can be found in the pages and offices of The New York Times. “But isn’t the Times owned by a Jewish family?” some will ask. Yes, but progressives are progressives first, anything else a distant second. Being Jewish and this being about Israel is coincidental. It’s an American company, owned by Americans, and is rabidly anti-American, just like the rest of the left. They waive the flag when convenient or necessary, but return it to its doormat status as soon as the moment passes. And, as in the case with the Israel-Hamas war, they work hard to get that moment to pass as quickly as possible.

It's who they are; it’s who they all are. Pay attention and, most importantly, believe them. Because if you think what we’ve got now is bad, what comes after is much worse.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

BREAKING: House Republicans Elect Trump Ally Rep. Mike Johnson as the New Speaker of the House

By Jim Hᴏft | Gateway Pundit


A Historic Moment for Louisiana and the GOP as Johnson Emerges Victorious in a Tumultuous Leadership Battle

On Wednesday, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) was elected as the new House Speaker of the 118th United States Congress after twenty-two days, with fourteen candidates vying, four nominees, and four floor votes.

During the roll call, it was noted that 429 members were present to cast their votes: 220 were Republicans, with one member absent, while 209 were Democrats, with three absentees. Johnson achieved the 220 out of 215 votes needed to claim the sought-after Speaker’s gavel.

Former GOP nominees Jim Jordan, Tom Emmer, Steve Scalise, and former speaker Kevin McCarthy voted for Mike Johnson for House Speaker.

Just hours before the pivotal vote, Johnson took to social media platform X to make a powerful, patriotic statement. Displaying an image of the American flag, with time-honored phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

On Tuesday night, Johnson emerged as the GOP’s last man standing, winning the House speaker nomination from his party after several rounds of voting. Throughout the evening, Johnson held a steady lead in the voting, with Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL) emerging as his closest competitor.

Upon his election as the Republican candidate for Speaker of the House, Congressman Mike Johnson invited his colleagues in the GOP conference to lower their heads and unite with him in a moment of prayer.

“Democracy is messy sometimes, but it is our system. This conference that you see, this House Republican majority, is united,” Rep. Johnson said during a press conference Tuesday night.

“We’re going to serve the people of this country. We’re going to restore their faith in this Congress, this institution of government… We’re going to restore your trust in what we do here. You’re going to see a new form of government and we are going to move this quickly. This group here is ready to govern. We’re going to govern well. We’re going to do what’s right by the people and I believe the people are going to reward that next year. But we have a lot of big priorities ahead of us right now. The world is on fire,” he added.

The road to Johnson’s election was far from smooth. The GOP has been embroiled in a tumultuous battle for the speakership, which saw multiple high-profile candidates bow out of the race.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) was initially nominated but withdrew his candidacy when it became evident that he lacked the votes to secure the position.

Last week, the conference also dropped Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) as their nominee after his bid for the speakership failed for the third time on the House floor. Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN) also withdrew his candidacy after failing to garner enough votes.

The leadership vacuum was created following the ouster of Kevin McCarthy. His removal paved the way for a new leadership election, but the process was fraught with internal divisions and public scrutiny.

All the 25 RINOs who voted against conservative favorite Jim Jordan on the third vote on the House floor have voted for Johnson.

  1. Don Bacon (NE-2nd): Patrick McHenry
  2. Vern Buchanan (FL-16th): Byron Donalds
  3. Ken Buck (CO-4th): Tom Emmer
  4. Lori Chavez-Deremer (OR-5th): McHenry
  5. Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-26th): Scalise
  6. Anthony D’Esposito- (NY-4th): Lee Zeldin
  7. Jake Ellzey (TX-6th) Mike Garcia
  8. Drew Ferguson (GA-3rd): Scalise
  9. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1st): McHenry
  10. Andrew Garbarino (NY 2nd): Lee Zeldin
  11. Carlos Gimenez (FL-28th): McCarthy
  12. Tony Gonzales (TX-23rd): Scalise
  13. Kay Granger (TX-12th): Scalise
  14. John James (MI-10th): Scalise
  15. Tom Kean (NJ-7th): McCarthy
  16. Jen Kiggans (VA-2nd): McHenry
  17. Nick LaLota (NY-1st): Zeldin
  18. Mike Kelly (PA-16th): Scalise
  19. Mike Lawler (NY-17th): McHenry
  20. Marinette Miller-Meeks (IA-2nd): McHenry
  21. Marc Molinaro (NY-19th): Zeldin
  22. John Rutherford (FL-5th): Scalise
  23. Mike Simpson (ID-2nd): Scalise
  24. Pete Stauber (MN-8th): Bruce Westerman
  25. Steve Womack (AR-3rd): Scalise

Johnson, currently serving his fourth term representing Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District, is no stranger to leadership roles within the Republican Party.

Johnson serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Republican Conference and is a key player on the Judiciary and Armed Services Committees. He also holds the position of Deputy Whip for House Republicans. This is his second term as Vice Chairman, and he has previously served as Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, often referred to as the “intellectual arsenal” of Congress and the largest caucus of conservatives on Capitol Hill.

A dedicated husband and father of four, Johnson is deeply rooted in his Christian faith, often leading prayers on Capitol Hill.

Johnson is a constitutional law attorney, having earned his degree from Louisiana State University. He has devoted his career to defending fundamental freedoms and traditional values, both in the courts and in the court of public opinion.

Political Record

Foreign Policy: Johnson has consistently voted against aid to Ukraine, with the exception of the very first aid bill.

Social Issues: He is pro-life and has been a vocal supporter of religious freedom.

Immigration: Johnson supported President Trump’s 2017 executive order that prohibited immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Party Loyalty: He is a policy-driven legislator who votes in line with his GOP colleagues, with a Liberty Score of 74%.

Per NBC: Johnson’s voting record earns him a lifetime rating of 92% from the American Conservative Union and 90% from Heritage Action.

Experience: With seven years in Congress, Johnson is an experienced lawmaker. This is his fourth term.

Trump Ally: Johnson was a member of President Trump’s legal defense team during both impeachment hearings and has been a staunch ally of the former President.

Election Integrity: He voted against certifying Biden’s election and has been actively involved in investigations into Biden crime family.

Constituency: Johnson represents Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District, home to 760,000 residents.

Electoral Success: He won his congressional seat with the largest margin of victory in his region in over 50 years.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Obama's Racist Chickens Have Come Home to Roost


(Logan Police Department via AP)

Someone recently asked me who I thought was a worse president, Barack Obama or Gropey Joe Biden.

“Trick question,” I responded. “I’m pretty sure Obama is pulling Joe’s puppet strings. Except for that time Joe allegedly dropped a crab cake in his Depends while talking with the pope. Or when Brandon let go in front of Prince Charles’s wife. That was all Joe.”

That said, Obama was clearly more insidious. He is considered intelligent, but Joe is not. When Obama spoke people believed him. Even — or especially — when he said clearly vile things about rural white people clinging to their God and guns. Or about how slavery still affected black people 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation set them free?

OBAMA-RAMA! In a spectacular and historic example of presidential clownery, Obama once told Christians to get off their “high horse” regarding terrible things done in the name of religion and actually mentioned the Crusades, which was an 11th-century response to centuries of Muslim aggression. He then mention the Inquisition and slavery in the same sentence.

I have a personal belief that if one has to go back centuries for an example of misdoings, he has lost the debate. I apply the same rule to people who post a sepia-toned photograph of a dead black man hanging from a tree to “prove” systemic racism. The past, though frequently ugly, is gone and can’t be undone. We can only learn from it. Let’s stick with facts regarding today. As you’re about to see, Obama’s words are a joke, but they had the effect he wanted.

Marxism requires special ingredients that are easy to identify. The first ingredient is victimhood. Rich vs. poor, black vs. white. Anything will do as long as you can weaponize those who can be convinced to feel mistreated.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video about the deleterious effects of victimization. Replace the word “kulaks” with “middle-income people” and realize that you are the target of modern Marxism.


Obama, the most successful black man in the history of American politics, spent his two terms telling black people they were victims and that white people were responsible.

It’s been six years since Obama left the White House, and black people are worse off now than they’ve been in generations. President Trump’s policies led to the lowest black unemployment rate in history, yet the Marxists convinced black people he was somehow “racist.”

Rather than elevate black people, the far left has created a situation where black crime is legal and white people are racist if they notice. Shoplifting alone has gutted major cities, and most of the videos we see show black perps. Some localities have made it illegal to try to stop thieves. Businesses even fire employees for trying to stop criminals from stealing, to the point that the stores close and the workers lose their jobs.

Hundreds of businesses have left West Coast cities and taken their jobs with them. Once flourishing cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland are turning into ghost towns. Crime, drugs, and tent cities have taken over, as planned by the Marxists looking to enslave us all.

FACT-O-RAMA! Marxists need crime to cause chaos. Communism won’t be accepted if citizens are safe and prosperous. Once the Marxists take over, the criminals will wind up in jail or, worse, will be executed. Util then, Good Samaritans like Daniel Penny, who tried to stop a homeless black man from attacking a subway car full of people, will be persecuted.

Black people are continually victimized by Marxists. In San Francisco, locals want “justice” for a black man killed while fighting a security guard who tried to stop him from stealing. This is what happens when lefty politicians convince black people they are “victims” and then make crime an entitlement.

Black crime is now acceptable. What could go wrong?

The truly insidious move here is that someday a reckoning will occur. Whether a patriotic president wins or globalists take over our nation, criminals, many of them black, who enjoyed surfing the Democrat-created crime wave will likely end up in prison, never realizing they were pawns.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Here is a video of a man who set a car on fire and began openly urinating before he stabbed himself in the once-beautiful town of Seattle.

When black kids riot, Marxist politicians excuse the behavior by calling the chaos a “teen takeover.”

BLAST-O-RAMA! As of this writing, 2,572 people, most of them black, have been perforated in Chicago, and 523 of them gave up the ghost. 

Democrats allow and excuse criminal behavior. Chaos is essential to their final goal. Never mind the growing stack of dead black bodies

The Marxist politicians in our nation’s biggest cities pretend racism — not Marxist ideologies that allow black crime — is responsible for so many black men in jail. Prisons were emptied and cashless bail kept criminals on the streets. Police departments were defunded. The number of black people murdered soared, but Marxist politicians consider this collateral damage. They’ll sacrifice black lives to bring communism to the U.S.

PINKO-RAMA! Since 2020, commie-nonsense ideas, such as defunding the police, have cost more black lives in three years than the KKK killed in its entire 157-year existence. 

What Have We Learned?

We have learned that Obama was in a prime position to elevate black people — for eight years — but chose to sacrifice them for his greater cause: communism.

Whether the next president leads us back into a law-abiding country or Marxism, the criminals of today will end up in jail or dead. That’s the bolshie way.

Black Americans experienced their lowest level of unemployment in history under Donald Trump, only to have Joe Biden and his tatterdemalions knock them back into poverty and crime, yet Trump is somehow “racist.”

Even better, I’ll be labeled a racist for writing about how Democratic demagogues get black people killed and you’ll be called a bigot if you send this article to your pink-haired, non-binary transamabob-in-law.


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Monday, October 23, 2023

The American Mainstream Press is Sinister and Deadly

By Jeff Davidson | Townhall.com

Townhall Media

The events of the past week and a half confirm what many on the right have long known. The American mainstream media is sinister and deadly. This has been going on for at least a decade and, quite likely, far longer.

Here We Go Again

The latest episode of the mainstream media's utter irresponsibility is publishing 'news' that Israeli Defense Force rockets fired on a hospital in Gaza filled with Palestinian doctors, nurses, administrative staff, patients, and visitors. 

This claim has been so thoroughly disproven that those who published this utter and despicable lie ought to retire from the profession if, indeed, you can still call it a profession.

Film footage of rockets being fired by  Hamas into Israeli territory shows that one of the rockets went off course and struck near the hospital where the alleged massacre took place. The rocket did not hit the hospital, as reported by the New York Times, and on down. 

The rocket hit a parking lot near the hospital, and many cars and other vehicles were damaged beyond repair. The damage to the hospital itself was minimal. Some people were hurt as a result of Hamas striking its own people.

Why Wait for the Facts?

Instead of waiting for the facts, which a responsible media would have done, the American mainstream media, full blast, accused Israel of this atrocity. What was their source? Hamas leaders themselves. 

These leaders claimed that Israel had fired on the hospital and had killed 250, then revised that number to 500, in an attempted genocide. Any reporter worth his or her salt would have investigated further. Any responsible publication would have ensured they had the facts before proceeding. But no, that's too much to ask of the American mainstream media.

Instead, they published this blatant lie and broadcast it around the world. They inflamed the Middle East in ways that actual war doesn't usually do. In one Arabic country after another, in the principal cities, there were demonstrations -- not just thousands, tens of thousands marching and chanting, against Israel for being monsters, genocidal, and wishing to eradicate the Palestinians by any means possible.

Not Nearly the First Time

If only this were the first time that the American mainstream media acted in sinister and deadly ways. Unfortunately, this is become de rigor with them. If you recall, more than a decade ago,  George Zimmerman, who is a Hispanic individual, was besieged in an apartment courtyard by Trayvon Martin, who was bashing Zimmerman's head into the sidewalk Zimmerman was finally able to reach for his gun and put an end to Martin's attempted murder, by killing Martin. 

What did the American mainstream press report? That Zimmerman was a white man who stalked Trayvon Martin and shot him in cold blood. As such, the press fanned the flames of racial hatred in America, which ended up costing some people their lives at other times and in other places

To this day, there are many on the Left who still believe this narrative, even though the facts of the case thoroughly document and thoroughly prove that it was, indeed, Trayvon Martin who was the aggressor and it was Zimmerman who was fighting for his life. 

A Career Criminal at 18

Not long afterward, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, allegedly said, "hands up, don't shoot," except that he never did. He tried to wrestle the gun away from a police officer while that officer was still seated in his own squad car. 

The press ran with the story that the police officer fired on Michael Brown, who was completely innocent. Ironically, video footage from a convenience store surfaced that showed just 10 minutes before; Brown had choked a clerk, much smaller in size than himself, when stealing from the store. 

Brown was a hardened criminal in the body of a youth who pranced around town as if he owned it. The press never reported that. As with Trayvon Martin and so many others, when they published a picture of Brown, they showed him in a high school graduation cap and gown. 

Hey, we all looked pretty good in high school and innocent in our ten and 12-year-old pictures. Why the press continues to use these angelic poses as opposed to how these perpetrators actually looked in the present speaks to their unending attempt at sinister reporting. 

To emphasize, when the press fans the flames of racism and racial hatred, people die. People die in riots, street skirmishes, fires, and random shootings, and via homemade bombs.

With Blood on Their Hands, Knowingly

The current sinister and deadly lie about Hamas rockets that the American mainstream media has presented to the world is going to kill thousands of people in the coming weeks, months, and years.

The truth will not emerge in those countries, and most of those people who are in the streets protesting against Israel and against Jews and against America will not know that the story was misreported. 

Many street demonstrators live in relatively closed societies where they do not get the full story if they get any accurate news. The lie spreads and spreads and becomes part of the prevailing lore that propels countries and peoples to hate Israel and hate America.

No Retraction

The American mainstream press has since found out that what they reported was completely inaccurate. The retractions, if any, will appear on page 16 in the fourth column way down on the page. There is no remorse on the part of Leftist newspaper publishers. They could not care less that they framed, condemned, and misrepresented Israel. They are happy to do so and, given the chance, will do so again and again. 

They are sinister and deadly, and there's no other way to put it.