Friday, July 19, 2024

Trump 2.0, the GOP's Convention Triumph, and What Happens Next

By Ward Clark |

Stormy Petrel, the dark harbinger. (Credit: Ward Clark via AI - Night Cafe Creator)

Like so many of us, I watched the conclusion of the Republican National Convention last night. Like so many of us, I was anticipating former President Donald Trump's speech, given the intelligence we had received that, following the assassination attempt, he would be dramatically changing the tone of that speech. And, of course, we were all waiting to see his reaction to this:

And like so many of us, I realized that what I saw was remarkable. After what was one of the best-run, best-organized, most effective major party political conventions I've seen in over 30 years, we saw the final presentation: Trump 2.0, a changed man, calm, reflective, bringing a message of unity and purpose, talking not about himself but about America. His new, calmer demeanor this morning after the event is even impressing partisan Democrats. On Fox News, Democrat opinion writer Doug Schoen wrote:

Donald Trump may well have sealed the outcome of the 2024 election with a performance on Thursday night in Milwaukee that has largely been unmatched in recent American political history.

The former president eschewed the polarization and division that has marked much of his rhetoric in the past. In his speech officially accepting the Republican Party's nomination there were only a couple of references to the 2020 election. Trump was able to hit on key messages when speaking about topics like inflation, and especially immigration, in ways that were compelling and arguably responsive to the fundamental concerns of Americans.

I say this not to engage in hyperbole, as I have never been – and am not now – a Trump supporter. But as a political analyst, you have to acknowledge reality. And the reality of this speech was simple: Trump spoke of the American Dream, he spoke of bringing people together, he spoke of helping African-Americans, Hispanics and those who have been left behind. 

In short, Trump did something he has virtually never done before: speak to all the American people. As he said, he wanted to speak not to 50 percent but to 100 percent of the American people.

 Veteran commentator Carl Cannon is now referring to Donald Trump as the new Comeback Kid.

“Go and watch the video of a would-be assassin coming a quarter of an inch from taking his life,” vice-presidential nominee J.D. Vance told the hushed convention delegates on Wednesday. “When Donald J. Trump rose to his feet in that Pennsylvania field, all of America stood up with him. Donald Trump represents America’s last best hope to restore what – if lost – may never be found again.”

Even CNN's Van Jones was impressed, as my colleague Bob Hoge wrote on Friday after the convention closed.

The Democrats' August convention is likely to look very, very different. First, we have little idea who will emerge from that convention as the Democratic candidate, and honestly, they have almost no good options. Joe Biden's deterioration — his sudden fits of anger, his hissing whispers, his inability to complete sentences — compares much too vividly with Thursday evenings' calm, reasoned, humble, and reflective Trump 2.0.

And that's what is worrisome.

Desperate people can be dangerous. The Democrats' options at their convention are these:

  • Leave befuddled old Joe Biden in place, take the inevitable L, and concentrate on building a team for the next cycle.
  • Convince Joe to leave (if he has not already done so) and let Kamala Harris stand in as the candidate.
  • Have an open convention, with several candidates vying for the chance to be shellacked by Trump 2.0.

There doesn't appear to be any plausible scenario that makes a Democrat the 47th President of the United States. Keeping old Joe practically guarantees the loss. Keeping Kamala in place, likewise; she is already in over her head and is in no way qualified for the promotion. An open convention, no matter who is nominated, will leave the Democratic Party hopelessly shattered, to the point where they may be a decade rebuilding. The interesting question here is how the various Democrat constituencies will react to this — and to Donald Trump winning the election. Again, there are too many bad outcomes.

At this point, it's looking like Donald Trump has a lock on the 2024 election. So why am I not more optimistic?

Because desperate people can be dangerous, and when Donald Trump takes the 2024 election, many of the Democrats' special interest groups will be desperate. I'm not saying they will have reason to be; these are people who tend to invent things to be outraged about.

If we cast our optics back to 1968, to the Democrats' national convention in that year, coincidentally also in Chicago, we can see what may be a template for this year's Democrat convention. If we look to the summer of 2020, we may well see a template for what might happen after this 2024 election and the subsequent inauguration.

This is less certain, though, to my thinking, than it was only a month ago, and that is because of what happened at the GOP convention: There were protestors, there were marchers, but there was no mass violence, no arson, no vandalism. That's a hopeful sign.

But there was that nut who took a shot at a former President of the United States.

Since the late '70s, I've been watching politics like a lot of guys watch sportsball. I remember Nixon being forced out of office. I remember the various Clinton scandals. I remember Barack Obama's speaking at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, after which the common presumption was that he was an up-and-comer. And I have now seen an even more earth-shaking event in the 2024 Republican convention and the rise of Trump 2.0.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is on the verge of an internal civil war.

As I've been saying, we are in unknown territory. I'm cautiously optimistic that the peaceful conducting and closing of the Republican convention will prove prophetic for the Democrat convention, for the election, and the inauguration. 

But as my Old Man was fond of saying, it would be advisable to hope for the best but plan for the worst.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Natural: America Meets JD Vance


AP Photo/Evan Vucci

One word comes to mind after watching JD Vance's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention: authentic. In his nearly 40-minute speech, the young Senator from Ohio came across as witty, humble, affable, and passionate in his desire to represent the people from which he comes -- the overlooked Appalachian communities, and more broadly the struggling working class of America.

And there wasn't a hint of artifice in it. Vance appeared genuinely humbled to be there, genuinely concerned about the plight of the working class, and more than genuinely ready to lead on solutions for crime, addiction, national security, and a revitalization of the manufacturing industries that once employed his communities.

In short, Vance came across as a breath of fresh air. 

But perhaps a better term is this: natural. To riff off the Robert Redford film, Vance appeared so born for this moment that he didn't need to try hard to meet it; the ball just leapt from the bat and smashed the lights. Relaxed, confident, and thoroughly enjoying himself, Vance deviated from the script often to tease the Ohio and Michigan delegations, his own kids (assuming they were up late watching), and to make sure he told the crowd about his mother's 10-year recovery from addiction. He told hilarious stories about his grandmother and her love for firearms and "the F-word," and how she used a little bit of both to keep him from falling into the addiction and destruction cycle that afflicted too many of his friends.

To say that this is a rare combination is an exercise in understatement. But all one needs to do is watch political conventions to see just how rare it is, even for successful politicians. We've certainly seen plenty of these during the last three days, and some of those speeches have been excellent. However, none of them demonstrated quite as much ease, confidence, and power without outright yelling as Vance demonstrated last night by just being his authentic self. 

t's easy to see what Donald Trump saw in Vance as a running mate. On the campaign trail, Vance will be perhaps the most authentic person on the stump, assuming the Democrat ticket doesn't change. His life story has more compassion and empathy in a few sentences than Joe Biden's "Scranton Joe" routine. Kamala Harris speaks in Academia lingo and repetitive circular phrases. Vance can speak extemporaneously about his authentic life experiences in way to which voters can easily relate. Vance also provides a contrast to Trump's style in ways that complement it without competing with it. 

Perhaps the most compelling part of Vance's speech came toward the end, skillfully crafted to end on a unifying and emotional moment that spoke to what it means to be American. And it was about his family cemetery in Kentucky:

Now when I proposed to my wife, we were in law school, and I said, “Honey, I come with $120,000 worth of law school debt, and a cemetery plot on a mountainside in Eastern Kentucky.”

And I guess standing here tonight it’s just gotten weirder and weirder, honey. But that’s what she was getting. Now that cemetery plot in Eastern Kentucky is near my family’s ancestral home. And like a lot of people, we came from the mountains of Appalachia into the factories of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Now that’s Kentucky coal country, one of the 10 —Now, it’s one of the 10 poorest counties in the entire United States of America.

They’re very hardworking people, and they’re very good people. They’re the kind of people who would give you the shirt off their back even if they can’t afford enough to eat.

And our media calls them privileged and looks down on them.

But they love this country, not only because it’s a good idea, but because in their bones they know that this is their home, and it will be their children’s home, and they would die fighting to protect it.

That is the source of America’s greatness.

 Indeed it is. And it is that connection to America's core that will serve Vance well in the coming months of a very difficult campaign. 

America met JD Vance last night, but JD Vance knows America. 

Here's the whole speech. If you missed it last night, carve out 40 minutes this morning. You'll be happy you did. Unless your name is Kamala Harris or Joe Biden, that is.


WATCH: Allegedly COVID-Positive Biden Looks Completely Gone Boarding Air Force One, Theories Run Wild

By Bonchie |

AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez

As RedState reported, Joe Biden is allegedly COVID-positive. That led to a quick exit from Las Vegas, where the president was originally scheduled to hold a campaign event. The day before, he spoke to the NAACP annual convention, showing no sign of COVID, but plenty of signs of senility. 

Video of Biden arriving on the tarmac and boarding Air Force One immediately raised eyebrows. To put it succinctly, the president looked completely gone, and it sure didn't look to be COVID-related. 

Never has one minute said so much about a man's condition. The clip starts with Biden getting out of the presidential limousine, but something happens and he appears to freeze. After several seconds, a member of the Secret Service reaches over and helps him stand up. The president then turns to his right and attempts to give a thumbs-up to someone. It appears that he says "I'm good," though I'm not an expert lip-reader.  

From there, Biden begins to walk toward the short stairs on Air Force One, hunched over a bit with his arms locked by his side. As has been mentioned before, the loss of motor skills in one's arms and hands is a hallmark of Parkinson's disease. 

Biden then offers a salute before grabbing the handrail on the stairs. A couple of steps up, though, he freezes for a moment, appearing to lose his balance. He then continues in an extremely slow manner and with a very stiff presentation. At the top of the stairs, he again pauses momentarily, and his last few steps appeared heavily labored, as if he almost wasn't going to make it. 


The entire sequence was very disturbing, and though I usually try to steer away from conspiracy theories, I'm very skeptical that any of this is a product of COVID-19. I wasn't the only one either. Many speculated that the real reason behind this sudden departure from the campaign trail was to buy time for Biden and hide deliberations about his future.

I tend to agree. The timing here is far too convenient given news broke on Wednesday morning that Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has asked Biden to step aside. The DNC also just delayed its nomination process, pushing back its virtual roll-call. Then all of a sudden Biden has "got COVID" and is being rushed off to Delaware and not the White House for what will probably be at least a week of isolation? Yeah, I'm not buying it, and neither is almost anyone else. Something is up here.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

'Mine Eyes Have Been Opened': Madeline Brame's Ferocious Indictment of Alvin Bragg, Joe Biden


AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Last night's theme at the Republican National Convention -- Make America Safe Again -- didn't just exist as a slogan. National security and crime got an intense focus last night, especially in relation to border security and the fentanyl plague that has devastated middle America. Nearly every featured speaker, with the possible exception of Speaker Mike Johnson's compelling speech on conservative principles and Vivek Ramaswamy's on American exceptionalism (watch them here), related to the topic of security and the failures of Joe Biden to provide it.

But by far the most compelling voices on these issues came not from elected officials and candidates, but from everyday Americans whose lives have been tragically altered by crime. As the NY Times puts it in review, the stars of the evening were those lost in crime and drug waves, whose family members came to testify to the failures that let them die -- and let those responsible off the hook:

The theme was “Make America Safe Again,” and the stars of the night were not onstage. They were the deceased loved ones of one emotional speaker after another: women, children and police officers, the victims of illegal immigrants, vicious criminals and fentanyl dealers.

Anne Fundner, a mother of four from California, spoke tearfully of the death of her teenage son after a fentanyl “poisoning” that she laid directly at the feet of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Michael Morin told of his sister Rachel, “raped and murdered by a suspected illegal immigrant.” Mr. Biden never called, he said. Madeline Brame, the mother of a New York Army veteran stabbed on the city’s streets, passionately decried being “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” all to cheers.

 All three of these speeches had my wife in tears last nigh. Both Fundner and Morin struggled to get through their own emotions to finish their speeches, and the sight of that broke hearts wherever seen. This series of speeches, coming late in the program and after the highly anticipated addresses from Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley (watch them here), stole the show in an emotional sense. 

But the speech that brought the house down came from Madeline Brame. Brame, now a victim's advocate in New York City, had no trouble at all in speaking to the crowd about Alvin Bragg's refusal to prosecute those who killed her son, nor about the responsibility of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their progressive allies in making American cities more unsafe than they had been in decades. Brame offered no rhetorical quarter and took no rhetorical prisoners, and her stemwinder had the entire convention hall on their feet roaring in approval:


As I quipped in our live blog: "Man, can we just have Madeline Brame go on the road with Trump for the next three months?" It could produce a 50-state landslide. Well, 45, at least. 

But don't miss the speeches from Fundner and Morin, either. They may not have reached Brame's rhetorical power, but the emotional impact of their stories should not be overlooked or missed entirely. All three made security and civil peace a personal and compelling issue in this campaign, and Democrats won't have anything to offer to counter it. 



Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Trump’s Near Miss — The Day George Washington’s Words Came To Life

By John Nantz |

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

Thank God former President Donald Trump survived the assassination last Saturday during his campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. Unquestionably the guiding hand of Providence protected him on that fateful day. A mere turn of the head was the difference between life and death, and possibly civil unrest on a scale not seen since the Civil War. America has been the beneficiary of providential acts since its inception. 

Even a cursory overview of American history displays the hand of God in our national affairs. In a letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Savannah Georgia, dated 14 June 1790, George Washington said, “May the same wonder-working Deity, who long since delivering the Hebrews from their Egyptian Oppressors planted them in the promised land — whose providential agency has lately been conspicuous in establishing these United States as an independent nation — still continue to water them with the dews of Heaven and to make the inhabitants of every denomination participate in the temporal and spiritual blessing of that people whose God is Jehovah.”  

Beyond Divine intervention, questions about the events of Saturday become gravely concerning. The actions, or inactions, of the Secret Service (SS) personnel assigned to Trump’s security detail are under incredible scrutiny, and have been subjected to some of the most unhinged conspiracy theorizing — mostly from individuals who have no background in law enforcement or dignitary protection. Even for some with credibility on this subject matter, the lure of “likes” and “reposts” seems just too seductive to ignore.  

Despite some of the irrational and uninformed guess work, there are a multitude of incredibly troubling questions that need to be answered. Having served for three and a half years on the FBI’s Attorney General’s Protection Detail (AGPD), I can provide some insight on the facts as they are known. 

Perhaps, the most significant question is how did someone gain access to an elevated position 130 yards from Trump’s podium, with an unobstructed view of the intended target? Many sources have reported the Trump detail was short on resources, and the SS Agent In Charge (AIC) requested additional support. Setting the question of additional support aside, the building where Thomas Matthew Crooks established his shooting position, given the lack of SS resources, could have been secured by one or more local law enforcement officers. This practice is fairly routine throughout the dignitary protection field. 

During several interviews with Fox News over the weekend, retired SS agent and former head of the Presidential Protection Detail, Frank Loveridge, said that “there’s a paper trail.” He went on to clarify that Trump’s detail would have produced an intricately detailed operations plan for the event, specifying who was responsible for securing the nearby building. Subsequent reporting from Fox News indicates that local law enforcement authorities were responsible for securing the building. And, reports state that at least one local police officer was involved in climbing to the roof, confronting Crooks, and retreating as Crooks turned to fire on him. Shortly thereafter, Crooks began firing on Trump’s position.  

Despite the strong likelihood that the responsibility was delegated to local law enforcement, it’s still the SS’s responsibility to ensure that all ancillary components are properly briefed as to their assigned tasks. This was a routine matter when I was assigned to the AGPD, a “no fail” environment where ultimate responsibility for operational elements under a detailee’s purview are his alone. There can be no excusing the SS for failing to properly plan for and ensuring the proper deployment of local law enforcement personnel. To be sure, any failures on the part of local law enforcement should be dealt with at the level of their chief executive. 

On a positive note, during a press conference held Sunday, FBI Special Agent In Charge (SAC), Kevin Rojeck stated unequivocally, “this evening we had what we are calling an attempted assassination against former President Donald, J. Trump.” It was encouraging to hear SAC Rojeck properly classify the incident as an “attempted assassination,” in light of the FBI’s equivocation with regards to the Congressional baseball shooting which occurred on June 14, 2017. FBI officials were quoted as characterizing the domestic terrorism event as “suicide by cop.” There are still many good men and women who continue to work selflessly in pursuit of the criminal elements that threaten civil liberties and the safety of the American people. At this point, it can only be said that SAC’s Rojeck’s comments were forthright, and set the tone of the investigation going forward. 

Controversy boils around the question of whether the SS counter sniper team was required to seek approval from SS headquarters before using deadly force to neutralize the threat posed by Crooks. This notion is counter to every practice I’ve ever encountered over the course of a twenty-six year career in law enforcement. The decision to utilize deadly force belongs to the law enforcement officer as presented in the moment. It cannot be outsourced. I cannot imagine any law enforcement officer seeking permission to fire his weapon from someone removed from the elements of ability, opportunity, and jeopardy — which must be present when the decision to engage arises.

We are incredibly fortunate as a nation to still have Donald Trump with us. Moreover, Trump has named J.D. Vance as his Vice Presidential candidate — a man most worthy of the honor. The Democrat candidates wither in the shadows of the Republican’s two robust and intellectually nimble candidates. 

Whatever the FBI and SS investigations reveal, the moment that will echo forever through the hallowed halls of history will be a triumphant Trump, rising from his knees — bloodied — to shake an indomitable fist in the face of everything tyrannical. To a roaring crowd he shouted “fight!” We must all join him in the political fight at the ballot box, and install him as our next President. Undeterred by the loathsome assassins bullet, rally behind Trump and make America great again.

Monday, July 15, 2024

The Republican Party nominees for President and Vice President of the United States


BREAKING: Donald Trump Officially Wins GOP Nomination; FL Delegation Puts Him Over the Top

By Jennifer Van Laar |

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Donald Trump is now officially the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2024, after a roll call vote during the opening session of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

Trump's son Eric announced earlier Monday that he'd be the one pledging the delegates that would put his dad over the 1,215 delegate mark.

He did just that, with his sister Tiffany and his brother Don Jr. beside him - and with his wife, RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump, rushing to stand at his side.

After Saturday's assassination attempt, the moment was undoubtedly extra emotional for Donald Trump's children. They all have the same unbreakable, "Let's fight" attitude their father has displayed since the moment after he was shot on Saturday.

Trump Announces VP Pick

By Spencer Brown |

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

U.S. Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) was revealed as former President Donald Trump's running mate on Monday afternoon as the Republican National Convention got underway in Milwaukee, bringing the 2024 veepstakes to a close and finalizing the GOP ticket ahead of November's election.

Trump announced the pick in a post on Truth Social:

After lengthy deliberation and thought, and considering the tremendous talents of many others, I have decided that the person best suited to assume the position of Vice President of the United States is Senator J.D. Vance of the Great State of Ohio. J.D. honorably served our Country in the Marine Corps, graduated from Ohio State University in two years, Summa Cum Laude, and is a Yale Law School Graduate, where he was Editor of The Yale Law Journal, and President of the Yale Law Veterans Association. J.D.’s book, “Hillbilly Elegy,” became a Major Best Seller and Movie, as it championed the hardworking men and women of our Country. J.D. has had a very successful business career in Technology and Finance, and now, during the Campaign, will be strongly focused on the people he fought so brilliantly for, the American Workers and Farmers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, and far beyond....

....As Vice President, J.D. will continue to fight for our Constitution, stand with our Troops, and will do everything he can to help me MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Congratulations to Senator J.D. Vance, his wife, Usha, who also graduated from Yale Law School, and their three beautiful children. MAGA2024!

Within minutes, the first Team Trump video promoting the 2024 Republican ticket hit social media.

Trump's decision was kept remarkably quiet until just before the announcement was made, a significant achievement given how much attention was focused on the shortlist bandied about by pundits in recent weeks. That could be due to, as some outlets reported on Monday, Trump not finalizing his decision until the last minute — reportedly as late as the 2:00 p.m. ET hour. 

Even as of midday Monday when potential VP picks Doug Burgum, JD Vance, Marco Rubio, and Glenn Youngkin were all in Milwaukee at various convention-related events, it was reported that they were each just "awaiting President Trump's tap on the shoulder." 

Throughout the day on Monday, one by one, contenders were told they had not been selected as Trump's running mate — a method straight out of "The Apprentice." First Rubio was ruled out, then Burgum. 

Vance will address the country from the Republican National Convention stage in primetime on Wednesday followed the next night by Trump's address to close out the 2024 convention in Milwaukee.

Trump Classified Docs Case Dismissed

By Spencer Brown

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Federal Judge Aileen Cannon dismissed the classified documents case brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith against former President Donald Trump on Monday morning, a massive win for Trump and a significant indictment of the Biden administration's legal attacks on the current president's political opponent. 

In her decision granting Trump's motion to dismiss the case "based on the unlawful appointment and funding of Special Counsel Jack Smith," Judge Cannon said Smith's appointment by Attorney General Merrick Garland "violates the Appointments Clause of the United States Constitution."

In addition, Judge Cannon found Smith's "use of a permanent indefinite appropriation also violates the Appointments Clause."

The ruling means the classified documents case is now officially closed and, unless an appeals court or ultimately the Supreme Court disagree, there will be no further prosecution for Trump's handling of documents after leaving office. 

Trump reacted to the order on Truth Social, saying "this dismissal of the Lawless Indictment in Florida should be just the first step" as "we move forward in Uniting our Nation after the horrific events on Saturday...followed quickly by the dismissal of ALL the Witch Hunts."

"The Democrat Justice Department coordinated ALL of these Political Attacks, which are an Election Interference conspiracy against Joe Biden’s Political Opponent, ME," Trump's post continued. "Let us come together to END all Weaponization of our Justice System, and Make America Great Again!"

The rationale behind Judge Cannon's ruling was raised by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with his concurring opinion in Trump v. United States. As Townhall reported on Thomas' opinion:

"To guard against tyranny, the Founders required that a federal office be 'established by Law,'" says Thomas. "As James Madison cautioned, '[i]f there is any point in which the separation of the Legislative and Executive powers ought to be maintained with greater caution, it is that which relates to officers and offices.'"

Put succinctly by Thomas: "If Congress has not reached a consensus that a particular office should exist, the Executive lacks the power to create and fill an office of his own accord."

When Attorney General Merrick Garland named Jack Smith as Special Counsel, "he did not identify any statute that clearly creates such an office...[n]or did he rely on a statute granting him the authority to appoint officers as he deems fit, as the heads of some other agencies have," writes Thomas. "Instead, the Attorney General relied upon several statutes of a general nature," none of which "appears to create an office for the Special Counsel, and especially not with the clarity typical of past statutes used for that purpose."

More from the opinion penned by Thomas on why Smith's appointment is invalid:

Even if the Special Counsel has a valid office, questions remain as to whether the Attorney General filled that office in compliance with the Appointments Clause. For example, it must be determined whether the Special Counsel is a principal or inferior officer. If the former, his appointment is invalid because the Special Counsel was not nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate, as principal officers must be... Even if he is an inferior officer, the Attorney General could appoint him without Presidential nomination and senatorial confirmation only if “ law vest[ed] the Appointment” in the Attorney General as a “Hea[d] of Department.” ... So, the Special Counsel’s appointment is invalid unless a statute created the Special Counsel’s office and gave the Attorney General the power to fill it “by Law.” 

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

By Judd Garrett

Shots were fired during a Trump campaign rally in Pennsylvania, yesterday. A bullet hit the former President in his ear, and he dove to the ground, engulfed by Secret Service agents. When he stood up with blood running off the side of his face, still surrounded by Secret Service, he pumped a defiant fist in the air at the crowd, and shouted, “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” 

The rally was held in Butler, Pennsylvania, population 13,000. Why would a Presidential candidate hold a rally in a place like Butler, PA? Those are the types of people Trump represents. The forgotten men and women living in small town America, the people who are being crushed by the globalist vision of the world, the disposable people, the people who “cling to their guns and bibles”, the “deplorables”, the people that the elite left detests. Those are Trump’s people. He was in middle America, the heart of America, while Joe Biden campaigns on the coasts with billionaires and Hollywood royalty.


The globalist elites, who Joe Biden does the bidding of, are at war with middle-class America. They are at war with everything that is good in America. That’s why Biden opened the border allowing illegal aliens to come into our country to take our jobs, suppress wages and murder Americans. That’s why he allows the Mexican cartels to bring deadly drugs into our country to poison our communities and kill over 100,000 of us every year. Those shots yesterday were not just fired at one man, they were fired at each one of us. They didn’t just try to kill Trump, they tried to kill everyone who he stands for, who he fights for, everyone who the globalist’s agenda is crushing under their iron boot. That bullet was a shot right at the heart of America.


Trump is in good company though. They killed Lincoln; they killed Martin Luther King; they killed the Kennedys; they killed Gandhi; they tried to kill Reagan. They killed Jesus. They always try to kill the good ones. When evil comes after you, you know that you are doing something right. The evil always tries to kill the good; it is not the other way around. Evil doesn’t try to kill evil. Evil lets evil live.


The left has been trying to get rid of Trump for 8 years. They impeached him twice. They indicted him 92 times. They falsely accused him of colluding with the Russians and being a stooge of Vladimir Putin. They stole the election from him. They tried to silence him; they tried to jail him; but he wouldn’t go away; he refused to surrender; so, now they actually tried to kill him. They knew exactly what they were doing.


In April, Democrat Representative Bennie Thompson proposed a bill to take away Secret Service protection from convicted felons, just before Trump was convicted in a bogus felony trial. Trump would be dead right now if Thompson’s legislation had passed. Thompson knew what he was doing. He was creating a situation that would open the door to an assassination attempt on Trump. He knows the rhetoric of hatred and violence directed at Trump could inspire one unhinged person to take matters into his own hands. It only takes one.


While Trump was President, Madonna said she had fantasies about “blowing up the White House with Trump inside. Comedienne Kathy Griffin posted a picture of herself holding Trump’s severed head. Actor Johnny Depp, asked the question, “when was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

In 2017, in the final scene of New York City’s Public Theater’s “Julius Caesar”,  a Trump-like figure playing the title role was stabbed to death by a band of angry Senators.

Celebrities Robert DeNiro, Snoop Dog, Mickey Rourke, Moby, Anthony Bourdain, and many others, have all threatened violence and even death at Donald Trump at one time or another. There has never been this level or volume of hate directed at one politician, like there has been at Trump.

It is not just the overt threats that can motivate someone to try to assassinate a politician, it’s the de-humanizing of him. It starts with something like censorship, and then with cancel culture, all the things that conservatives, especially Donald Trump, have been facing for the last 5 to 10 years from the left. Trump has been silenced, he’s been deplatformed, he has had his basic human rights stripped from him. When you’re not worthy to speak, you’re not worthy to be a member of society. When they take your human rights from you, they take your humanity from you, and it then becomes that much easier to take your life from you.


The characterizations of Trump by many of the celebrities who influence society have been as evil and sinister as they have been wrong. Actress Chrissy Teigen claimed that Donald Trump will "come after" her if he re-takes the White House. George Clooney warned that if Trump won our “democracy” was at risk, and Julia Roberts claimed that “our children’s future, our grandchildren’s future… [are] at stake right now.” 


Jane Fonda said that if Donald Trump is elected in November, we will not have a “livable future” and Trump poses an “existential” threat to America.




Political commentators Rachel Maddow warned that Trump would try to take her off the air, and in a not-so-subtle reference to Adolph Hitler and Nazism, she claimed that Trump “plans to build camps to hold millions of people.” 


The New York Times called Trump an “authoritarian” and said that his rhetoric was “fascist”. On July 5, 2024, a week after Biden’s disastrous debate performance, the magazine, The Nation wrote an article entitled, Why Aren’t We Talking About Trump’s Fascism?

In September 2022, Joe Biden gave a speech in Philadelphia in which he called Trump’s MAGA movement, “semi-fascist”. And on Monday, on a call with his supporters, Biden told them directly, “we’re done talking about the debate… It’s time to put Trump in a bullseye.” 

They knew exactly what they were doing. They created a perfect storm of dehumanization and vilification which would lead directly to what happened yesterday. And after all that hate toward Trump has been disseminated for years, the question is not, ‘why would someone try to assassinate Donald Trump?’; the more accurate question is, ‘why would someone not try to assassinate Donald Trump?’ If he is truly as evil as the left and the media continually portray him, if he is truly the next coming of Adolf Hitler and going to put millions in concentration camps, if he’s an existential threat to America, assassination should be a viable option.


It’s like that philosophical question: ‘If you lived in 1930 and knew then what you know today, would you have assassinated Adolph Hitler?’ Most people would say, ‘absolutely’. And they would believe they would be doing the right thing, the moral thing, what was best for humanity. How many times has Trump been called a fascist, a Nazi, Adolf Hitler by the left and the media? And each time they did that, they knew they were putting a target on his back. Thomas Crooks, the man who shot Trump, most likely believed that he was doing the right thing, the moral thing; he most likely believed that he was saving the country, saving the world, saving humanity.


But Trump is none of the things that the left and the media characterize him as being, not even close. He is exactly what he says he is. He wants to make America great again. That’s it. And that means doing everything opposite of what the globalist elites want. And that is why they have to destroy him, that is why they have to kill him if necessary. But when they finally kill him, we are next. And when they do come after us, we can’t go away; we can never surrender. We must stand up with a balled fist and Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!



Mr. Garrett is a graduate of Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.