Friday, December 26, 2014

Black Conservative Son Educates Dad On Democrats Race Lies

By Lloyd Marcus


For the past six years, I have been a passionate, active black member of the Tea Party.  Unlike the vast majority of black Americans, I did not fall for the radical left's Trojan Horse in the form of a shiny new smooth-talkin' black man back in 2008.  When presidential candidate Obama told Joe the Plumber that he planned to spread the wealth around, I knew he was nothing more than another socialist/progressive liberal who hated America as founded.

My 86-year-old black dad, on the other hand, is a lifelong Democrat.  He believed that Dems are for the little guy and that voting Republican is like voting for the KKK.  Despite being a God-fearing Christian preacher and pastor for over 50 years, Dad rejected evidence of Obama's anti-Christian leanings and voted for him solely because he is black.

However, after six years, Dad and other blacks are awakening from their "racial loyalty trumps everything" zombie mindsets.  Amazingly, Dad voted Republican in the 2014 midterm election, contributing to the amazing GOP victory in Maryland.

Recently, Dad asked my thoughts regarding Ferguson.

I told Dad that the people who orchestrated and exploited Ferguson and are promoting national protests (Al Sharpton, the Democrats, and the mainstream media) have no real concern about the deaths of young black males.

Dad was shocked when I cited the high number of young blacks shot and murdered by other blacks in Chicago.  And yet, the same Democrat political hacks who are expressing outrage over Ferguson trash anyone, black or white, who attempts to deal with real problems in the black community – black-on-black crime, over 70% out-of-wedlock births, genocidal high abortions, and over 70% school dropouts.

Fatherless households lead to gang membership, crime, violence, and incarceration.  It is the natural instinct of young males to seek male bonding and mentors.  Sadly, the left has convinced far too many black youths that a thuggish street-cred persona is more authentically black and racially loyal than speaking English correctly and traditional values.  Single-parent households also lead to poverty.

Whites who dare to acknowledge and deal with the elephant in black America's living room are attacked – accused of insensitivity to the plight of being black in America and racism.  Blacks who attempt to free fellow blacks from the Democrats' liberal plantation via an underground railroad of conservatism are also attacked, called Uncle-Tom traitors to their race.

Consequently, all of the moral and cultural issues that create economic problems that have plagued the black community for forty years continue to get worse.

 Meanwhile, Al Sharpton continues to get paid with cash, influence, and power as the Grand Pooh-Bah of clueless black voters, able to create a riot on demand and deliver deceived angry black voters to the polls every election.

The left views the unfortunate deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner as gifts to be exploited for their America-Sucks-So-You-Should-Elect Democrats voter recruitment campaign.

 The left's deplorable campaign promotes the lie that black Americans are victims of a racist America in which white conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party members want to see them dead, and white cops shoot black males simply for walking around being black. 

Who cares if Sharpton and company's shameful, hate-generating, divisive, and extremely evil campaign is tearing our country apart?  Sharpton and company consider their divisive evil mere collateral damage.

I informed Dad that Rep. Andre Carson of the Congressional Black Caucus said the Tea Party wants to see blacks hanging from a tree.  This vile hatemonger politician ignored the fact that many Tea Party folks voted for Obama before he began unilaterally implementing socialist policies – a key component of his hostile takeover/fundamental transformation of America.

For decades, Democrats with the support of their homeys in the MSM have gotten away with deceiving blacks, promoting themselves as champions of blacks, women, and minorities. 

Extremely well-crafted is the image of Democrats riding in on white horses to punish selfish rich white racists while wielding swords of compassion, keeping conservatives, Republicans, the Tea Party, and America's racist police at bay.

Coming from a mindset of placing man above God, it is no coincidence that the religion of the liberalism-controlled Democratic Party always finds itself on the opposite side of the Bible.  The Bible strongly condemns the sin of covetousness, which is regularly promoted and exploited by Obama and his fellow Democrats. 

Covetousness is an unhealthy desire to obtain the possessions of others.  Team Obama thrives on ginning up hate for achievers in the form of class envy/covetousness.  Their absurd, insidious and manipulative message to the poor is "You have too little because they have too much."

Using simple language, I hoped to make Dad understand that Democrats are the ones who have been screwing blacks for over 40 years, contributing to the moral, cultural, and economic decline of the black community.

 Dad did not know that poverty in the black community had been on the decline before Democrat president Lyndon Johnson's 1964 War on Poverty, in which welfare programs were implemented that pushed fathers out of the home and destroyed the black family. 

Many blacks became addicted to government dependency and indoctrinated with entitlement mindsets.

My use of simple language is not meant to insult Dad's intelligence.  He is Dr. Rev. Lloyd E. Marcus.  My point is that many black conservatives on TV seem far too concerned with coming across intellectual rather than communicating to the masses why conservatism equals real compassion and is most beneficial to all Americans.

With Dad being a committed Christian preacher, I strove to enlighten him regarding the horrific evil at the core of what Sharpton and company are doing to our great country.  Though it is obvious to me as a black conservative gladiator in the political arena, Dad gets his news from the MSM, which makes him a low-info voter, unaware that the MSM spin the news to purposely polarize Americans along racial lines to achieve their political objectives.

For example, I heard an announcer on CNN attribute the stunning defeat of 18-year Louisiana incumbent Mary Landrieu to her inability to separate herself from Obama, who is unpopular with "white voters."

The truth is that Louisiana voters rejected Obama's agenda, which Landrieu voted for 97% of the time.  Dear Lord, have they no shame?  CNN's spin on the truth furthers Mary Landrieu's outrageous, insulting accusation that Southern voters are racist and sexist

Other MSM outlets have gone pedal-to-the-metal furthering the left's destructive hate-generating lie that blacks are being severely and systemically mistreated in America.

Dad has an e-mail account but hardly ever checks it.  So even though I have mentioned this truth in other articles, Dad has not read it.

I told Dad that the behavior of Sharpton, the Democrats, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the MSM does not jibe with a real desire to empower blacks.  They elevated thugs Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown to the level of Medgar Evers, a real civil rights hero and icon. 

Meanwhile, they exhibit disdain for extraordinarily successful black role models like Dr. Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Dad was active in the civil rights movement back in 1963, when hero Medgar Evers was gunned down.  Dad thought it incomprehensible to mention Martin and Brown in the same breath as Evers.

 I told Dad that that is only one example of how Sharpton, the Democrats, and the MSM have perverted the cause of civil rights.

Dad advised, "You need to write all this down in a book.  Make it easy to read and understand."