Sunday, January 10, 2016

THE RULE OF FIVE - The One Rule To Follow

By Victor Young
Executive Producer

Entrepreneurs live by one rule. The rule is "BREAK ANY RULE AS NEEDED".

However, there is one rule that I highly recommend following at all times to measure your professional development. The RULE OF FIVE. This rule allows you to benchmark your professional development with others in your direct network or industry. Find a salon owner, realtor, fellow student or executive in your industry or field of study and rate their current success compared to yours.

They should have verifiable accomplishments that you would like to reach. They should also share moral, ethical and compliant characteristics that you agree with.

You will need two of these trailblazers to follow up the ladder of success. The goal will be to meet or exceed their performance within a predetermined timeframe.

Once you pass them up, they may become your bottom two and you will need to find a new top two for motivation and knowledge.

Next you should identify two up and coming individuals who turn to you for insight, but bring an innovative and fresh approach to your industry.

They will keep you on your toes and prevent you from becoming complacent.
Smart people without lots of money and resources often create processes and technology which allows them to compete with their larger competitors.

You will become a sounding board for the development of these processes and technology.
This could give you the opportunity for a strategic partnership or growth within your organization while providing them with the industry knowledge to develop their idea fast enough to get ahead of their competition.

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