Thursday, December 01, 2016

VIDEO: Newsweek Didn’t Even Read Its Own Recalled President Hillary Commemorative Issue

 By Blake Neff

Newsweek's Matt Cooper on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Before the actual election, Newsweek printed and delivered 125,000 copies of the special commemorative edition in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton victory. Tucker takes on Newsweek's anti-Trump bias.

An editor at Newsweek magazine admitted on Tucker Carlson Tonight that the magazine hadn’t even proofread a commemorative issue honoring Hillary Clinton before having it distributed in anticipation of her winning the 2016 presidential election.
Like many others, Newsweek believed Clinton was a strong favorite to defeat Donald Trump in November’s election. Seeking to take advantage of her win, the company printed out 125,000 copies of a commemorative issue honoring the triumph of “Madam President,” and even had Clinton sign some of them.
Though the issue was hastily recalled after Trump’s victory, the issue has still leaked out, and its contents have made Newsweek the subject of ridicule. Coming in for particular derision was the magazine’s introduction, which bashes Trump’s “deplorable” supporters and their “fear and hate-based conservatism” while praising Clinton for her “issue-based campaign” and status as allegedly the most experienced president-elect ever.
On Wednesday’s night’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Newsweek political editor Matt Cooper appeared to defend the issue’s content. But during the appearance, Cooper admitted that he and other Newsweek editors hadn’t read its content in advance, and didn’t know who wrote it.