Friday, January 21, 2022

Bipartisan Senate Majority Kills Democrats' 'Voting Rights' Lie


AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

 Sane citizens of this still-great Republic can breathe a sigh of relief after last night. The Democrats’ mad plan to turn the United States of America into USSR 2.0 was thwarted by the thinnest of bipartisan margins.

The dual defeats came just hours after a barely coherent Joe Biden rambled through a fictionalized version of his first year in office, then let his babysitters in the press coddle him.

Our Townhall colleague Spencer Brown has more on what happened later:

The United States Senate delivered more bad news for the Biden administration late Wednesday night in the form of two votes: one that failed to move Democrats’ federal takeover of elections forward and a subsequent unsuccessful attempt by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to nuke the legislative filibuster in order to force the Democrat power-grab through with their razor-thin majority.

Vice President Kamala Harris presided over the first vote, just another in a string of defeats she’s ended up personally announcing in the Biden-Harris administration’s first year. This one may have stung even more, though, as “reforming” elections in the United States was one of the policies Biden tasked Harris with shepherding through Congress.

We probably shouldn’t breathe that aforementioned sigh for too long because the Democrats aren’t going to stop barking “Voting Rights!” like trained seals between now and November.

Of course, they’re going to get plenty of help from their flying monkeys in the mainstream media.

The federal hijacking that was staved off last night was intended to permanently dilute elections to the point that anyone paying attention would know that their votes were practically meaningless. The MSM hacks are doing nothing but parroting the DNC talking points, which are all lies. Everything that the Democrats say about voting and elections now is a lie.


If they can’t make the 2020 election anomalies federal law, you can be sure they’ll still work feverishly to keep the pandemic panic going strong enough to take “emergency” election measures again.

Last night was an important win, but the Democrats are laser-focused on transforming the U.S. into a communist hellhole.

There’s a lot of fighting yet to be done.