Thursday, April 20, 2023

Garbage In, Garbage Out

By Judd Garrett 

God said, “You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.” But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God.” (Genesis 3: 3-5)

Monday Night on Tucker Carlson Tonight, billionaire businessman, Elon Musk discussed the dangers of the development of Artificial Intelligence, known as AI. He said, "Larry Page [founder of Google] and I used to be close friends and I would stay at his house in Palo Alto, and I would talk to him late into the night about AI safety, and at least my perception was that Larry was not taking AI safety seriously enough. He wanted a sort of digital superintelligence, basically digital God if you will, as soon as possible." Like Eve in the Garden, Larry Page and his ilk, want to become as smart as God. He wants AI to become an “electronic God”, to replace God. 

But AI can never become an “electronic God”, because it will always be at the will of whoever designed it. The DNA of the AI will be that of the engineers who wrote its code, and, like human beings, AI will also be at the mercy of the information that it is drawing from. How smart will the AI be if it is solely fed inaccurate or biased information? Garbage in, garbage out.

Is AI self-correcting? Is it learning? Will it be able to identify misinformation and disinformation? Will it be able to fact check? And if so, what are the facts that AI will be using in order to rule out inaccurate or false information? And because all of the information that AI will be using to draw its conclusions, comes from humans who are fallible, who are biased, who produce inaccurate information, how can we be sure that AI will draw the most credible and best conclusions? Garbage in, garbage out. 

Simply because some fallible biased human being like Larry Page, said that AI is an “electronic God”, is that all the credibility that AI needs for humans to follow it blindly as if it were God? Some of the essays that Google’s ChatGPT was asked to create, showed a significant bias in favor of liberals and against conservatives. Is that how smart AI actually is? Shouldn’t AI, which is purported to be infinitely smarter than humans, be able to sniff out and eradicate bias in its own creations? And if it can’t identify bias, then how smart is it? If it is that easily influenced by political bias, then it is no different than the average guy walking through an airport who overhears the CNN commentators on the TV and allows that to influence how he votes in the next election. I would expect an “electronic God” to be better than that. 

ut AI will have the same issues that we have witnessed time and again with other powerful and influential inventions. It will be used in a battle for power and influence over the people. That is why Larry Page wants to label AI an “electronic God”.  If it is indeed “God”, and God is the ultimate authority, then AI should never be challenged, and Larry Page who will control the AI will become God. And that’s what it’s all about, power and control. Why do you think that the Democrats and our intelligence agencies worked so in depth with social media to control the information leading up to the 2020 election? It was all about power and influence. So, once we anoint AI as an “electronic God”, there will be a rush of people who will try to capture control of that power for their own nefarious purposes. 

This is precisely why it is so dangerous to centralize power in one place. We have a disproportionate amount power centralized in Washington DC, and the corrupt, evil, power-hungry have swarmed in to influence and control that power. Billions of dollars are donated to Presidential and Congressional campaigns so the donors can get their hands on that vast power. If the power of the United States of America was decentralized from Washington DC, back to the states, you would see the campaign contributions also be decentralized out of Washington DC, back to the states. Wherever the power settles, is where corruption will gravitate to. And that is why it is necessary to decentralize information away from one all-powerful entity, like AI.

So, the most pressing danger of AI is not only that we may lose control of it and it becomes autonomous like they warn us in sci-fi movies; the real danger is if the wrong people gain control over AI. Imagine if Klaus Schwab or George Soros was able to get control of the AI and inject their anti-Constitutional, Marxist globalist ideology into its programming to create a favorable bias across media platforms to indoctrinate the people. This is what the far left does. We see it in elementary schools poisoning the minds of our six and seven-year-olds with Radical Gender Ideology and Critical Race Theory. It is about indoctrinating people as much as possible. They do not want people thinking for themselves. Free thinking is a danger to them. 

During Covid, the free thinkers, the people who asked questions, were the ones who were vilified, censored, and deplatformed on social media. The drones, the people who simply nodded along with the government narrative, were applauded and rewarded. That more than anything else is the reason why people like Larry Page want to create this “electronic God”. He wants to indoctrinate the entire country and the entire world into his thinking and ideologies. He does not want people to dissent. He does not want people to be thinking for themselves. 

But that is the beauty of humanity and the danger of AI. Humanity is different from animals because we can choose to go against the instincts that are embedded into our genetics and make decisions for ourselves. Humans are different from AI because we can go against our internal programming and AI cannot. We have free will; animals and AI do not. 

AI can create, but it cannot be creative. It cannot create something new. All of its artistic creations, regardless of how aesthetically pleasing they may be, will always be a derivative of something that a human had already created. It has to be because humans programmed it, and all information on art comes from humans. It will not be new. It will not be creative. The art that is created by AI is artificial; it cannot be authentic, because true art reveals the humanity in all of us, human suffering, human frailty, struggle for meaning and purpose to our lives. AI cannot overcome fear or sacrifice for another; it cannot love unconditionally or forgive. These are the struggles that AI can never grapple with on any type of authentic level in order to create the type of art that speaks to those uniquely human experiences. It can have none of the traits that make humans, so unique and special, that make humans, human. AI doesn’t have human consciousness. AI doesn’t die, so it doesn’t fear death or contemplate existence beyond life. Art requires the artist digging deep into his soul. How could AI dig into its soul if it doesn’t have a soul? 

AI will never be able to do what human beings are capable of doing, because AI does not have does not have free will. It will always at the mercy of its programming and the information it is fed, and cannot step outside of that. Whereas human beings, although influenced by our genetics and our culture are capable of stepping outside of and creating beyond those parameters. That is what makes us unique from the animals and from computers. It is called our “self”. It is called our “soul”. And no other entity has a self or a soul. And that is what Jesus came down on earth to minister to, our soul, our spirit. Animals are 100% materialists; computers are 100% materialist. Human beings although inhabiting a material body, have a soul, have a spirit, have free will that animals and computers can never have. And people like Larry Page want to squash our soul, trample our spirit, and imprison our free will, by turning all that makes us unique, that makes us human over to his “electronic God”.

But make no mistake, Larry Page is not creating an “electronic God”, he is creating “electronic devil". He is creating a computer tool, which will do the work of the devil, that will enslave people with lies instead of liberating them with the truth. The devil is the master of deception, the ultimate purveyor of lies. As we see every day across the internet and social media, computers have become the workshop of liars and deceivers, and AI will make that worse, not better. AI will validate the lies and deception. But you may say, computers are not all bad. They do good things, don’t they? That’s exactly how the devil works. When you cut the deal with the devil, it is not a one-sided deal completely in favor of the devil. He gives you some good stuff, sometimes really good stuff. And for that he eventually takes your soul. So, computers have done some good things, some beneficial things, some useful things to society, but they’ve also brought in some really bad things – an explosion of porn addiction, sex trafficking, fraud, manipulation, deception, the warping of the human brain and soul.

So why is this being done? What problem are they trying to solve with AI? Proponents will say that its super intelligence will be able to make better decisions to solve problems. But the problem with humanity is not that we are not smart enough. We are the smartest species on the planet. The problem with humanity is that we are not moral enough. We choose to do bad more often than good. We don’t choose the wrong destructive decision because we are not smart enough, we make that decision because we are not moral enough. The woman who shot up the Christian school in Tennessee and killed six people, didn’t do that because she wasn’t smart enough to know that it was wrong; she did that because she was evil and had been indoctrinated in an immoral ideology. Putin didn’t invade Ukraine because he is not smart enough to know better; he invaded Ukraine because he is immoral, he is evil. President Xi doesn’t have concentration camps in Northern China because he’s not smart enough to know it’s wrong; he has concentration camps because he doesn’t care that it is wrong, because he is evil. The United States government doesn’t pass legislation that crushes the middle class and solves none of the problems facing average Americans because the politicians are not smart enough, they pass that disastrous legislation because they are corrupt and immoral.

We don’t have a lack of intelligence problem. We have a lack of morality problem. Most of the problems that are plaguing humanity are not a result of humanity not being intelligent enough. Our problems are a result of us not being moral enough. It’s not that we are simply making incorrect decisions because we are not smart enough; we make morally wrong decisions because we have compromised our morality. Crime, violence, drugs, corruption, exploitation, neglect, and wars are all caused because people chose evil over good. We all know right from wrong. We have known right from wrong since kindergarten. But people chose to do wrong anyway. In modern society, we have immoral people trying to convince us that good is evil and evil is good, and that all morality is relative, and if it feels good, it is good. So, all we are doing with AI is creating another super powerful tool that the evil among us will eventually take control of and bring even more pain and suffering to the world under their control.