Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Don’t Be A Useful Idiot

By John Nantz | Townhall.com

AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin

Our country is mid-slide over a crumbling precipice into catastrophe because of useful idiots — some Republicans, but every current member of the Democrat party and their fellow travelers. The term useful idiot has been ascribed to Russia’s Lenin, Stalin, and even to the father of the Austrian school of economics, Ludwig von Mises.

The Urban dictionary ascribes the phrase “useful idiot” to Vladimir Lenin and defines it as “communist sympathizers in the West (America).” Lenin and the Soviets held useful idiots in utter contempt, viewing them as tools for dispensing communist propaganda to other countries. 

Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals, was a big fan of the useful idiot. His entire theory of marxist exploitation and infiltration was based on the skillful manipulation of the political rube. Chief on that list are Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama — fawning fans of Alinsky. Hillary penned her college thesis in homage to the sly, greasy Stalinist, playing the cackling Biblical False Prophet to Alinsky’s anti-Christ.   

As the Biden administration shoehorns marxist-statist policies into every nook and corner of American life and politics, western society steadily devolves into a languid stupor. Things are so bad that Dodge can’t sell Challengers or Chargers, the modern muscle cars, to a feminized generation of Beta males. Production of the powerful hotrods are scheduled to be discontinued in 2024. 

Instead, Dodge is promoting a new line of hybrid wokester mobiles designed to appeal to passives consumed by conformity and a trained obsequiousness before cultural and political masters. It’s a line of lithium chugging, coal powered go-carts for which raw materials are clawed from the earth by child slave labor enterprises in the Congo.

But, just like anything else that supports the anti-American, anti-energy independence left, the useful idiots in legacy media happily gloss over the absolute degradation of human life. Kids are just cannon fodder in the marxist machinery for world domination. 

And, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, the cool iPhone, which houses a big lithium battery from which TikTok woke, totalitarian movements like BLM, ANTIFA, and those stupid anti-oil useful idiots who glue themselves to things (by the way, the glue is a petroleum product), comes from the torn, bleeding fingers of enslaved kids. So long as crony capitalist, big tech oligarchs like Tim Cook funnel endless rivers of cash into D.C. coffers, no one really cares. 

So much for liberal moral outrage about anything. Like Voltaire said, “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Democrats have forged chains of wantonness and greed so deviously that sexual perversion and class envy are viewed as virtues. 

The public school system and our institutions of higher learning are sewer pipes, disgorging torrents of human flotsam, perfectly indoctrinated useful idiots with mouths guppy breathing for the latest in approved thinking. 

It’s all a concerted effort to destroy the foundations of the civil society — the nuclear family and the Judeo-Christian principles that are the cradle of inalienable rights. These are a bulwark against the incursion of marxist-statist ideologies for which Saul Alinsky was the American high priest.

Alinsky espoused eight mechanisms of useful idiot control. First, healthcare: he knew that giving the government the power to dole out life saving care gave it boundless control over the people. Second, poverty: enslaving as many people in poverty as possible creates an underclass permanently bound to the government as it provides for every necessity. Third, debt: increasing national debt increases the level of poverty and taxation. Fourth, gun control: it excludes the possibility of citizens resisting marxist-statist tyranny and ensures the creation of a police state. Fifth, welfare: another powerful mechanism designed to give the state control of all aspects of domestic life (food, housing, and income). Sixth, education: the mind of children and adolescents will be the playthings of marxist-statist theoreticians. Seventh, religion: eradicate belief in God since the principle of the Divine challenges the complete authority of the state over mankind. And, eighth, class warfare: pit the wealthy and the poor to create class envy and social destabilization into which the state may assert and from which it may usurp authority. 

We see every element of Alinsky’s mechanisms of useful idiot manipulation in play as Democrats pursue their statist agenda.

It may seem oxymoronic, but the surest way to preserve liberty is to submit oneself to the requisites of Biblical principle. Self-control, practiced en-masse, is the only path toward smaller, less intrusive government. It’s also true on an individual scale. It’s partly what Jordan Peterson means by finding meaning in taking responsibility. 

Only the individual who aligns himself with God’s moral universe finds meaning and enjoys true liberty in responsibility. This is what the Declaration of Independence means by “the pursuit of happiness” — the liberty to pursue the good. Unrestrained license is ultimately nihilistic, profoundly self-destructive. 

Not being a useful idiot requires being steeped in truth. If you’re intimately familiar with truth, falsehood readily becomes apparent. You’ll be proofed against the falsehoods rampant in our society and politics. You’ll forever be immune to the lies of totalitarians and statist charlatans, that’s why they hate the Bible so much. 

The best source of practical truth in all of literature is the Biblical book of Proverbs — its thirty-one chapters of wisdom from the wisest man to ever live, King Solomon. I challenge you to find any other single source of practical advice in all the world. It will change your perspective on politics and bring you into agreement with God on matters of importance to your daily life.

And, for the upcoming Republican and Democrat debates, it’ll give you a framework from which to evaluate the practicality of policy and its relationship to how free you are to pursue happiness right where you live. You may not care much about politics, but you’re either a useful idiot or you’re a citizen of a free republic. There’s no middle ground.