Thursday, March 28, 2024

Did the Hosts of 'The View' Do Their Homework When They Invited This Guest on the Show?

 By Matt Vespa |

Screenshot via ABC's "The View

Did the ladies of "The View" do their homework before inviting Coleman Hughes onto the show? Because Mr. Hughes doesn’t spew left-wing talking points, he says he calls ‘a spade, a spade,’ and he’s very much opposed to the race-baiting that progressives find themselves hopelessly addicted to. Hughes, who obviously views Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as one of his heroes, argues in his book “The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America” that we should treat everyone without regard to race in public policy and life. It’s giving the “content of your character” axiom a reboot, something that the progressive Left is chipping away. 

Hughes, like other non-woke liberals, noted that the recognition of progress must be comprehended for us to move forward as a society. ‘Woke kindergarten’ in San Francisco was used as an example of regression in this segment. He also said something that will irritate race-obsessed liberals to no end: policies aimed at addressing disadvantaged in class socioeconomics is the path forward. Non-whites are disproportionately part of the working poor, so policies aimed at enhancing the lives of those in these income brackets will help blacks, Hispanics, and poor whites. Citing Dr. King again, Hughes said this agenda is grounded in the late civil rights leader’s call for a Bill of Rights for the Disadvantaged. 

Whether you agree with Hughes or not, this segment has more sense than anything this show had broadcasted in over a decade. It wasn’t woke-left insanity. And because it wasn’t, Sunny Hostin quietly seethed in her seat, accusing Hughes of being a pawn of the conservative movement. Hughes said he wasn’t a Republican—and he’s not. He voted for Biden in 2020. The guest quietly dismantled Hostin’s shoddy counterpoints while adding, with class, that her ad hominem attacks are part of the regression seen in race discussions (via Fox News): 

"I don’t think I’ve been co-opted by anyone. I’ve only voted twice — both for Democrats. I’m an independent," Coleman said. "I would vote for a Republican — probably a non-Trump Republican if they were compelling. I don’t think there’s any evidence I’ve been co-opted by anyone and I think that’s an ad-hominem tactic people use to not address, really, the important conversations we’re having here." 

Hughes writes for The Free Press and is an analyst on CNN. He told Hostin, "No one is paying me to say what I'm saying." 

"The reason I wrote this book is because, in the past 10 years, it has become to, in the name of anti-racism, teach a kind of philosophy to our children, in general, that says your race is everything," he said at the beginning of the segment. "And I think that is the wrong way to fight racism and that's why I wrote this book at this time." 

And, of course, some race-obsessed dolt like Hostin will find his book flawed: that’s the reaction that every left-winger has when they read things that make sense. There are certainly criticisms in Hughes’ book, but I’d rather hear this man and read his material than be yelled at by these freaks with blue hair. 

Anything that seeks to unite our society and move forward as a whole is seen as a form of race betrayal by some. The Left has an incessant need to cookie-cutter social groups, enhance differences, and make them incongruous pieces because disunity keeps the woke movement alive. We’re seeing the consequences of this trend in public policy areas like public safety, which has become a total trainwreck. Everyone wants to be safe, but these clowns have targeted common sense laws, like going to jail for committing violent acts and using pseudointellectual nonsense to make law and order a race issue. It’s led to bail reform insanity and violent criminals exploiting the new system. Given the conditions in some cities, it almost makes me wish the League of Shadows existed. 

Hughes could have easily assailed Hostin as having a myopic view on bringing change, but that would have been too easy an exercise. We all probably disagree with this man on 90-plus percent of the issues, but we can have a discussion with a liberal, independent like Hughes. 

Also, yes, he works for CNN, and they tried to race-bait him when Claudine Gay resigned from Harvard over her plagiarism scandal. He was not playing that game: