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The Heritage Foundation: Combatting The Radical Left To Save America



Jun 01, 2021

Greetings from Washington, D.C., where we are confronting the dangerous advance of critical race theory in the military. We are also trying to make the monstrously huge Biden spending plans comprehensible—not an easy task. And we are defending our Election Fraud Database against lies told by the left. There’s also our upcoming Resource Bank meeting in Texas, which will bring together conservatives from around the country to exchange ideas and strategies. There’s more to explore in this week’s Agenda.


The Woke Takeover of Our Military Endangers Us All
Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier was commander of a U.S. Space Force unit until he spoke up against critical race theory and its rapid incursion into America’s armed forces. That got him fired. Lohmeier is just one casualty in the left’s woke offensive against the military, and he won’t be the last. “The American people and our elected representatives should not only be aware of what is going on within the Department of Defense, but speak out as boldly and courageously as has Lohmeier,” write Heritage senior fellows Dakota Wood and Mike Gonzalez. Read the full commentary to learn more about the risk critical race theory poses to our military.


Five Ways to Understand Biden’s $6.4 Trillion Tax-and-Spend Plan
President Joe Biden released three enormous spending plans within three months in office, which together total a mind-boggling $6.4 trillion. That sum is hard to fully comprehend, so Heritage policy analyst David Ditch breaks it all down to make its vast scale more understandable. For example, that’s more money than was spent on World War II and Obamacare—combined. Read the full commentary to understand what the plans entail and why we should oppose them.

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No One Knows Election Fraud’s Full Extent. That’s Why We Track It.
The left continues to insist that election fraud is a myth dreamed up by conservatives to justify new “voter suppression” laws. But fraud exists. The only thing we don’t know is how extensive it is. That’s why Heritage has been tracking election fraud for years, notes John Malcolm, vice president of the Institute for Constitutional Government. In fact, the Election Fraud Database now contains more than 1,300 proven cases of election fraud. “The integrity of our elections and the current vulnerabilities in the system are too important to ignore,” he writes. Read Malcolm's commentary to learn more about Heritage’s database, and the lies the left is telling about it.


Heritage President Kay C. James mourned the loss of Foster Friess, a successful businessman and philanthropist. Heritage honored Friess with the John Von Kannon Patriot Award at the Annual Leadership Conference last month. Read more about Friess’ amazing life.

Elan Carr will join Heritage as a visiting fellow to help combat the increasing threats of antisemitism. Carr served as the senior diplomatic representative of the United States and the senior adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding antisemitism. Read more about this exciting addition.

Heritage's Tom Spoehr testified before the Senate Budget Committee. The hearing focused on defense spending and whether the Defense Department’s current auditing practices effectively measure its financial status. Find out what Spoehr had to say.


Heritage is hosting its annual Resource Bank meeting in Austin, Texas, this week. We are bringing together the best minds from think tanks across the country, activists, community leaders, elected officials, new media voices, and rising young leaders to tackle the challenges we face in 2021. Featured speakers include podcast host Dave Rubin, Sen. Ted Cruz, former Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, and many more. Learn more or watch online.


This week on “Heritage Explains,” Ellie Cohanim, former U.S. deputy special envoy to combat antisemitism, talks about the conflict between Israel and Hamas and rise of antisemitism. Listen to the podcast.

On "SCOTUS 101" a fascinating discussion with Judge Douglas Ginsburg about his career, clerking for Justice Thurgood Marshall, and why he felt the need to escape the Harvard faculty even though he had just received tenure. Listen to the podcast.

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Biden's Open-Borders Policies Have Failed the American People
Heritage visiting fellow Chad Wolf joined Fox News’ “Hannity” to talk about the border crisis and why the Biden administration's border agenda has let down the American people. Watch the interview.

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Pay heed to the Gipper’s insight as President Joe Biden pushes his $1.8 trillion American Families Plan, which claims to help American families but would undermine them.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The Heritage Foundation released a press release announcing Kay C. James's resignation along with that of Executive Vice President Kim R. Holmes. Holmes's resignation is effective on April 16. Though she is resigning, James will remain a part of the organization's board of trustees, a role she has held since 2005. James wrote that she is committed to a “smooth transition” as the Heritage Foundation board seeks her replacement.