Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter: Is there any proof that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Easter Sunday?

By Rick Hayes | The Daily Hayes

From a realistic point of view, there is simply no logical reason for the Apostles to have continued preaching the word of Christ after His crucifixion.  He was their leader who was defeated in every way possible.

Jesus Christ was publicly humiliated.  He was crucified, and his message was outlawed.  The Apostles had every rational reason to run away as fast as possible and hide for the rest of their lives.  Still, instead, they inexplicably began openly preaching Christ’s message at significant risk to themselves...and for what?  They were all executed in extremely horrible ways. 

What could have motivated the Apostles to preach a message from a dead and disgraced prisoner.  A man who was seen as a fool and would soon be forgotten?  

Is that a message you preach under the penalty of death?  Would any sane person preach a belief system from a loser who just got killed?

Unless they witnessed his resurrection, then it all would make sense.  

And what about the reported five hundred people who saw Jesus Christ alive after He was crucified?  Is it possible that all 500 people were delusional at the same time? 

Let’s pretend that all these people seeing Jesus Christ alive were delusional?  How long could they all remain delusional?   Three or four days?   What if it was forty days?  For that's what was reported.  That for forty days, hundreds of people saw the risen Christ?  

So to deny that Christ rose from the dead, one would have to believe that a man who lost his friends and his congregation; and was executed was the founder of the largest followings in the world two thousand years later.