Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Here Are 10 Ways Elon Musk Vows to Change Twitter


(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Now that Elon Musk’s $44 billion deal to buy Twitter has been approved by the social media company’s board of directors, what does the tech whiz plan to do with it?

Musk says he hopes his haters will remain on the platform “because that is what free speech means.”

You already know that Musk demands more free speech on the social media platform, after woke Twitter executives sent their flying monkeys to censor scores of conservatives, including President Donald Trump, and killed stories that made Leftists look bad, such as Hunter Biden’s laptop. But there are other key things Musk wants to change.

Besides reducing censorship on Twitter, here are 10 other ways Musk will change the social media platform.

1. Open the Vault

Musk wants to reveal the Twitter algorithm. He told a Ted Talk interviewer last week that he wants to make it open source like Linux and put it on GitHub to invite improvements, like C Plus Plus, Java, and other big programs.

2. Editing Function

Musk wants an editing function on Twitter. That would be nice; it’s a bummer to find out that your tweet with several retweets was struck by the autocorrect demons after you typed in the right word.

3. Mysterious Promoted Tweets

Musk wants to reveal why some tweets are promoted and others are not.

4. Less Advertising

He believes that there should be less advertising on Twitter. As a possible way to make up for the loss of revenue, Musk could allow “Twitter Blue” customers who pay for more features to receive a coveted checkmark (not the usual blue checkmark) that denotes them as a paying customer.

5. Working for Free

Have the board of directors work for free.

6. Stop the Bots

Get rid of bots and scammers on Twitter

7. Shadow Banning

Stop shadow banning. I know all about this.

8. End the Endless Threads

Allow for longer tweets.

9. Private

Take the social media company private to keep politics out of it.

10. Cut Staff

The Wall Street Journal reports Musk might reduce the number of ones and zeros working at the Silicon Valley firm.

Anything Musk does with Twitter will be an improvement. He’s not a savior, but he is appreciated. Go, Elon, go.