Monday, April 22, 2024

A Spring Semester Final Exam for Democrats

By Allen West |

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

All across these United States of America college and university students are preparing for Spring semester final exams. Well, maybe not so much on the campus of Columbia University, where they are busy chanting intifada and revolution—serious calls to violence. I want to honor this special time, which is a rite of passage for college students, and still, to this day, a cause of nightmares for me when I have dreams. I am still in college and have not studied. I have created a Spring semester final exam for Democrats. Please submit your exam responses to

Each question on this exam is worth 10 points, and the maximum score is 200. Red marks will be used to evidence wrong responses and deduction of points, regardless of how it may hurt your feelings. There will be no averaging of exam scores because I do not believe in mediocrity or equity—the forced implementation of equality of outcomes.

1. Recently, the Democrat-controlled US Senate dismissed the impeachment charges against DHS Secretary Alejandro Majorkas. Is it acceptable to lie to the US Congress, meaning the American people, and support a policy that undermines the sovereignty of the United States of America? Is it only acceptable for members of a Democratic administration to lie and enable policies that violate our Constitution?

2: Do you believe that America is a sovereign nation?

3: Is America a Constitutional Republic or a Democracy? Please explain your answer.

4: Do you believe that allowing illegal immigrants to participate in American elections, at any level, is a threat to our representative democracy? Do you believe that including the counting of illegal immigrants in the US census presents a threat to our representative democracy?

5: There have been millions of illegal immigrant single military-age males, including tens of thousands of Chinese males, who have been granted entry into this Constitutional Republic. Recently, an Obama-appointed federal judge from Illinois wrote a legal opinion asserting that illegal immigrants are entitled to Second Amendment rights. Do you agree with the Federal judge? If so, explain why you would grant those who violated our Constitution a constitutional right?

6: Do you believe that the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans due to fentanyl poisoning, a chemical developed in China and illegally infiltrated into America, constitutes a chemical warfare attack by the Communist Chinese Party? Do you consider the Biden administration’s open border policies as an enabler of the deaths of Americans?

7: Human and sex trafficking have become disconcerting issues facing America since the open borders policy of the Biden administration. Do you believe that this policy is aiding and abetting human and sex trafficking? How would you explain the loss of some 85-90K children?

8: Do you believe that the Mexican cartels are a transnational narco-criminal terrorist organization? What would you propose as a solution to undermine their rise in power?

9: Does violating the Constitution and failing to execute the prescribed enumerated duties and responsibilities articulated constitute a high crime and misdemeanor for a President?

10: Do illegal immigrants deserve taxpayer-funded benefits and be prioritized over American citizens and our Veterans?

11: What is your definition of sedition and treason? Does openly supporting an Islamic terrorist organization, or any organization, that has killed Americans constitute sedition and treason?

12: Should elected officials who took an oath to the Constitution of the United States of America be allowed to support terrorist organizations, openly displaying their banners and spreading their propaganda?

13: The Biden administration is currently in violation of the Taylor Force Act by giving financial aid and support to entities that support terrorists and their families. What should be the consequences for the Biden administration?

14: Please provide historical and empirical evidence of a nation, kingdom, or sovereign entity called Palestine. Also, give a short explanation of how that designation came to be applied to the littoral region where the Mediterranean Sea touches the Middle East. Also, what other names have been used to refer to the same region?

15: Please explain why there should be a ceasefire against a non-state, non-uniform belligerent on the battlefield which is designated as a terrorist organization that has in its charter the genocide of an entire race of people and a recognized Nation, especially after crossing the sovereign border and killing 1,200 men, women, and children of said sovereign Nation.

16: Prior to the Biden administration, Iran was functionally bankrupt as a Nation, having less than $5 billion in cash reserves. The Biden administration has sought to re engage the Iranian nuclear agreement (bypassing the US Senate), has enabled enriching Iran by easing sanctions against their oil and gas industry exports (China being their #1 customer), and has sent billions in cash to the number one financier of Islamic terrorism. Is the Biden administration guilty of aiding and abetting terrorism and providing material support and comfort to the enemy? Remember, Iranian-supported Hezbollah was responsible for the deaths of 234 Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers on October 23, 1983, and the distribution of the deadly EFPs (Explosive Force Penetrator) improvised explosive devices into Iraq.

17: China, Iran, and Hezbollah are all working with the Maduro regime in Venezuela. These entities are paying the Mexican cartels to transport them across our open border, a policy of the Biden administration. Do you believe that the Biden administration has created a national security threat for America?

18: Kate Steinle, Lakin Riley, Lisbeth Medina, and Mollie Tibbets all share a common demise. Do you believe that illegal immigrants are more important than their lives?

19: What should be the consequences for those who are supporting an Islamic terrorist organization and its survival, who are obstructing and disrupting official government proceedings such as Congressional hearings?

20: Objectively describe and explain if you agree with the Biden administration’s National Security Advisor that the Middle East is the most peaceful it has been in 20 years.

This final exam can also be utilized by all Americans as a policy guide as you prepare for the biggest Fall final exam this Country may ever face on November 5, 2024. Stay tuned, we just may have a study guide we will produce in October 2024 to assist with exam preparation.

Let me reiterate the famed words of a great American, Eugene Francis Kranz, aka Gene Kranz, who once asserted, "Failure is not an option.” America can ill afford to fail the Fall final exam in November 2024, meaning we cannot allow those who will fail this Spring semester final exam to EVER find themselves in elected power in our Constitutional Republic.

Now is the time to prepare for when they fail in November because just like an imbecile, temperamental, spoiled brat student...they are going to throw a tantrum.

Steadfast and Loyal.