Monday, April 01, 2024

Trump PAC Creates 'Biden-Mart' Grocery Store, Shows You Mind-Blowing Price Hikes Since 2021

By Bob Hoge |

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File

The Make America Great Again Inc. Trump super PAC has built a Biden grocery store website where you get to pick your items, and then it tells you what the final bill would have been under Trump.

Then it shocks the pants off you with what it now costs after three years plus of Bidenflation

It's funny and sad at the same time; it's funny because it mocks Biden and his failed policies, but it's sad because those policies have hurt regular Americans.

I stopped by and was greeted with the message: 

Putting food on the table has become harder than ever thanks to "Bidenomics." As costs for everyday items continue to rise, American families are struggling more and more to foot the bill.

Check off the items from the list below to compile your weekly grocery list and see how much more expensive your bill has become under Joe Biden.

I figured I’d get me some ribs for dinner, skirt steak for tomorrow, potatoes, carrots, grapes, and coffee and ice cream for dessert. Nothing crazy. In 2020, this would have cost me $38.61, but nowadays it would come in at $55.48—a 45.69 percent increase. (And I'm guesstimating that it would be considerably more in California or NYC.)

Thanks, Joe.

The site says it makes its calculations based on “USDA DATA, JANUARY 2021 AND JANUARY 2024.”



carly austyn @barlybucci

Check out the new grocery store in town: BIDEN-MART

Your grocery bill is sure to go up at least 50% 

Calculate for yourself at this link.


The people behind the website explained their goal:

'Every time you go grocery shopping you are reminded of the failure of Bidenomics,' Alex Pfeiffer, spokesman for Make America Great Again Inc. told 'Joe Biden's inflation is robbing hard-working Americans of their money.'

The Super PAC effort highlights one of the top issues of the presidential election in the United States in 2024.

Grocery prices have jumped by 25 percent over the past four years as Americans are routinely shocked by the cost of a typical visit to the store.

Inflation and the border crisis are often listed as the top concerns of voters in recent polling, and Trump has made them focal points of his presidential campaign: 

'People are going through hell,' he said in an interview on CNBC earlier in March. 

'The middle class in our country has been routed and the middle class largely built our country and they have been treated very, very badly with policy,' he continued.

I encourage people to go to the website themselves and give it a whirl; it's eye-opening. But it's not only grocery prices that are making Americans miserable—virtually everything else has shot up too, including energy, gas, chocolate easter eggs, you name it. 

And now Biden is proposing a $7.3 trillion budget bloated with social justice efforts and green energy giveaways. It would almost certainly send inflation even further through the roof. It has little chance of passing in its present form, but it once again shows how Biden simply doesn't care—about this subject and so many more.