Monday, December 07, 2020

The Pendulum Notches Down


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On their monumental hit, “Sign Of The Southern Cross,” Black Sabbath vocalist Ronnie James Dio proclaims, “I won’t accept it anymore.”

Hundreds of courageous citizens are stepping forward from out the inner-city vote-counting sanctums and finding their voice. Their voices, combined together in a condemnatory chorus, bode ill for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

The evidentiary pendulum notched down last week, ever closer to the lifeblood organs of a concerted and thuggish scheme now strapped down on a slab by Rudy Giuliani and the President Trump legal team. At the very least, any potential Biden/Harris administration is doomed to asterisk from the standpoint of historical legacy. It is in no way clear that they came close to winning the 2020 election.

At best, President Trump gets his rightful four more years.

It may not even be Biden’s fault. It’s quite plausible that he cannot grasp how thoroughly and blatantly the operative apparatchiks plotted to commit the political crime of this or any century. Vice-presidential tag-along Kamala Harris, reeking of Venezuelan-reminiscent totalitarian stacked-deck vote counts, would likely know, however.

In America, even as the “good crisis” represented by COVID is not wasted by the Left, citizens can still come forward and testify. They are coming forward by the score, under penalty of perjury and jail time, some near tears, others with righteous indignation, and some possessed of the quiet calm of people who have witnessed something awesome and terrible. Something that speaks of the end of empires, the collapse of republics.

These brave whistleblowers, along with a winning plurality of Trump voters, are hoping that somebody, some court, some legislature, the Supreme Court, steps in and reverses the targeted plague of Democrat Socialist thievery that becomes more evident with each passing hour.

The cable news media landscape is toxic with fallout from the battle.

At Newsmax TV, new home to countless numbers of Fox News refugees blown out of the ratings water by FNC’s astoundingly bad election night coverage, the overarching mantra is, “It’s not over.” The mantra wavers back and forth between sounding like a “Hail Mary” to sounding prescient.

At the old mother ship, stalwart Sean Hannity sits behind the wheel of a similar mission, to root out and expose an alleged epidemic of election fraud perpetrated under cover of darkness in the battleground states, with Laura Ingraham riding shotgun. On Wednesday, the network ran, live and uninterrupted, Trump’s election integrity speech the president characterized as possibly “the most important speech I’ve ever made.”

But things have changed at FNC, and Newsmax is poised to capitalize on the fact that after years of benefitting from the ratings bonanza garnered by Trump coverage and rallies, the Murdoch brothers’ programming “brain room” is proceeding on the assumption that Biden is the president-elect, despite growing evidence to the contrary.

The major-network Trump-haters cut into the president’s Wednesday speech to decry his message. No shocker, they are lockstep discounting the alleged compromised election integrity story. On election night, CNN’s Van “Crybaby” Jones brushed away his joyful tears long enough to proclaim, in so many words, that leftists shouldn’t be too happy. That after four years (to paraphrase) of an uncouth, corrupted racist bigot in the White House, millions of Americans still voted for Trump.

Jones is right about one thing: the nation did vote again for Mr. Trump, and evidence mounts that 2020 was no squeaker. It is eminently possible that had it not been for Democrat fraud on a grand scale, our 45th commander-in-chief would have won one of the biggest landslides in U.S. history. It is also possible that radical leftist Jones had an inkling that the fix was in, and is only surprised about how strong Trump’s showing was, and how far the vote-count manipulators had to go to stem the tide.

Now, Georgia looms on the horizon like the Southern cross so epically captured in what is possibly the greatest song of Black Sabbath’s Dio era. The run-off will be a sign of whether or not evil can ride again, in the wake of evil. Democrat victories there—despite spotlight focus on every disreputable nook and cranny of the attempted heist—will come as a sure sign that the game of integrity has become inalterably subsumed by leviathan powers that will never countenance a Donald Trump, or America First leadership again.

In the wake of that potentiality, some media analysts predict that cable news ratings will collapse. They will collapse in part because of the absence of ratings-generator Trump; alternate programming choices will rise to the fore. If the COVID vaccines prove effective, the nation may abandon what might become in 2020 retrospect a farcical news media and its empty cycles and liar polling for the experience of actual life itself.

If election results are perceived by a majority of the voting public to be fraudulent, what possible difference will “fair and balanced” make? Who’s going to give a damn about a fixed horserace? For right-leaning voters, if there is no legitimate chance for Republicans to win, why put up with all the palaver? For the older set, why raise the blood pressure?

Conservatives will walk away from paying attention to legitimized fraud. Democrats, having moved the goalposts so many times the game is meaningless, may come to find CNN and MSNBC’s toothless, content-disabled conspiracy-TV diatribes to be so much tilting at nonexistent windmills.

Much more importantly, if Giuliani and company incontrovertibly prove election fraud to the extent that Trump won, and the courts, key elected officials, and elected entities like the state legislatures punt in the interest of “moving on” or dispatching a president and vision they did not find expedient to their purposes, a deathblow will be inalterably dealt to the self-governing ideal that the nation was founded upon.

If Trump’s election integrity pendulum fails to sever the lifeblood viscera of the Democrats’ stolen election, Americans will see the sign: their vote doesn’t matter. And a new American Dark Age will begin.


Mark Ellis is Associate Editor at the Northwest Connection, Portland, Oregon’s only conservative web/print publication. He is the author of A Death on the Horizona finalist in the 14th annual National Indie Excellence Awards in the category of General Fiction. Follow Mark on Twitter.



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