Sunday, May 02, 2021

No, Joe -- You are Not a Nice Guy

By Alison Nichols

Image: Gage Skidmore

No, Joe, you are not a nice guy. Despite your need to keep telling us, we know the ugly truth. You are a pretty nasty guy. You are pugilistic, a plagiarist, a documented racist, a race hustler, creepy with woman and children, the "Big Guy" of a crime family, and have thrown a wrecking ball into America.

Your pugilism is epic. How many times have you garnished your weakness with the threat of taking someone behind the gym?  There is a difference between a bully and a tough guy. The truth is you are the archetypal man of the pampered class. If reporters dare to ask uncomfortable or "unfair" questions, you either freak, cop a few alligator tears, or hastily leave the podium. Mostly you hide.

If you are as bright as you think you are, why do you have a history plagued by plagiarism? Was it necessary for you to commit fraud in law school to get by? And who can forget your plagiarizing leaders such as Neil Kinnock? Do you realize that you were stealing his life story? The curious are wondering what was missing in your own life story.  Adding that to your plagiarism of Hubert Humphrey and the Kennedy brothers classifies you as a first-rate charlatan. And stop taking credit for what Trump did to make vaccines available in "Warp Speed." It is his success, not yours.

Your not-so-thinly veiled racism disgusts the most. You have the nerve to smear our underpaid, overworked police force as systemically racist. It is they, Joe, who risk their lives every day for the safety of all Americans. There are a few bad cops, just as there are bad people in all professions-politicians, teachers, physicians, attorneys, and yes, clergy. The police force is not systematically racist. And the backlash from all your anti-cop rhetoric is that retirements are up and recruitment is down. Is that your intention, Joe? Oh, of course, it was the hero of the hard left, Karl Marx, who signaled that a "socialist society has a withering police force."

Your racism goes way back, Joe. During your political career, you praised segregationist George Wallace, opposed school busing in the 1970s because, as you said, it would lead to a "racial jungle," admired and eulogized a former KKK kleagle, voted for  the 1994 crime bill, and praised Barack Obama as the "first mainstream African American who is articulate, and bright and clean." It is a repulsive record, Joe. A racist record.

For a documented racist, your constant race-hustling from the Oval Office is particularly disturbing. Time and time again, your Marxist ideology dictates your efforts to divide Americans to incite ethnic and racial tension. The Jim Crow reference concerning the new Georgia voting laws outstrips human decency. Your Marxist rhetoric is not only a lie but an insult to every Black American. Joe, you are not a nice guy.

Creepy with women and children is an understatement. Who goes around sniffing women's hair and continually invading a woman's space? And what would you say about another older man who tells the story about the hair on his legs turning blond in the sun and then letting kids rub his blond hairy legs? Sick comes to mind. You are not a nice guy.

While the media and intelligence have chosen to protect you from the investigation, it is clear to most that you are the "Big Guy" of the Biden crime family. Your family has an impressive rap sheet. They have had severe scrapes with the law but never pay for their crimes. How come, Joe? And you, what is your role in making your family millions? How often did you monetize the vice presidency? Anyone with an IQ above their body temperature can figure out what is going on.

Your "Trump Derangement Syndrome" compelled you to reverse the effective border policies of the previous administration. As a result of your derangement, there is a humanitarian catastrophe at our southern border. Do you even care about the miserable conditions? It appears not. And your socialist economic policies are egregious and smell like inspissated bile. How long will it take for America to become Venezuela?

No, Joe, you are not a nice guy by any stretch of the imagination. Please stop trying to convince us. Niceness is akin to money and sex. If you have it, there is no need to brag.