Thursday, May 13, 2021

Straightforward Truth and Why Americans Fear The Future.

By Rick Hayes | The Daily Hayes 

The destructive capabilities of a Tsunami like the one that hit the Indian Ocean and decimated Japan are unimaginable. But what is far more alarming is its gradualness and the surprise of those trapped in the cataclysmic end.

The disguised slow-moving nature at the onset of a tsunami belies its culminating intensity and destructive power. And such is the lethal force of the ever-growing and unchecked criminal behavior and lies by the Leftists controlling Congress and the propagandized media.

Unlike the rudderless Republican Party, the Left plays a winner-take-all game where the rules are only enforced against their competitor. A game where powerless TV personality, Roger Stone, can face life in jail for a process crime. Yet, Hunter Biden can commit an avalanche of significant criminal offenses and laugh on prime-time TV as he gets enriched to the tune of millions from China.

In the I.R.S. scandal, President Obama, and President Biden, in the Chauvin trial, can inject their opinions during the ongoing legal proceedings, but President Trump would be ruthlessly roasted for voicing an opinion on standing for the National Anthem.

Free America is behind the eight ball because it is without an actual working media, and the Leftist imposter known as "the media" faithfully follows the successful standards set by German NAZI propagandist Joseph Goebbels - "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

Only the brainwashed and small-minded ideologues could ever believe the audacious lie that securing the southern border and stopping the flood of illegal drugs killing American youth is a form of racism? Only fools could believe that eliminating law enforcement will decrease crime rates.

And yet, such utter nonsense is taken as pure genius because the Left controls the system. Hence, the Left can make the most outrageous and absurd claims with a straight face because there is no rebuttal or pushback.

According to the FBI, a murderer has a 40% chance of not serving a day in jail. That's horrifying until one considers the odds of nearly zero that a Leftist member of Congress who commits a crime would face any legal ramifications. Not only do Leftists escape justice almost 100% of the time, but they are usually handsomely rewarded.

Rep. Eric Swalwell was caught having a close relationship with a Chinese spy but continues to sit on the powerful House Intelligence Committee.

Clinton created a private server in her home, yet the propaganda media portrays what she did as having a personal email account.  The dishonest media knows full well that there are no similarities between a private email account and the much more dangerous private server, but they relied on an ignorant public and a corrupt DOJ. to allow Clinton to skate free and run for President.

Former F.B.I. Head James Comey repeatedly lied to a FISA court to illegally spy on American citizens yet is seen laughing about it on late-night television as he sells his book.

So there is a mountain of evidence that there are no consequences for powerful Leftist elites. Americans know only too well that there will be no accountability regarding the Hunter Biden investigations, the Jussie Smollett crime, or the BLM-inspired riots of 2020. 

Like the tsunami that methodically wiped away entire cities, unpunished crimes by Leftists and members of Congress will slowly extinguish the shining city upon a hill envisioned by President Ronald Reagan. 

To be abundantly clear, America is perilously close to turning into Venezuela.  Printing and dumping trillions of dollars into the economy is a recipe for a valueless dollar. When the goal is to destroy America's core, sinking the "evil" capitalist system is intentional.

The disastrous turn away from the Constitution started many years ago and was accelerated under President Obama. Under President Biden, liberty and freedom will soon be a distant memory.

Just as the hypnotically slow beginning of a tsunami ultimately engulfs the lives of millions, socialism via destructive economic policies and lawlessness is progressively invading America like a thief in the night. And one morning, Americans will awake to find massive inflation, shortages of essential goods and services, and their precious freedom gone forever.




Why The Systemic Racism Narrative is Necessary.

 By Rick Hayes

The Left would love to see riots and unrest between blacks and whites. Why? Why would they want that?

Simple. It would avert attention away from the actual obstacle, the core problem facing black Americans: the Left itself.

The policies of the Democrat party and the radical Left have decimated the African American family, slaughtered the unborn innocent by the millions, perpetuated poverty, and packed the inner cities with failing schools.

So, of course, a fraudulent tale of systemic racism must be pounded into the ears of every black American. And what about white Americans?  The Left hopes to force white Americans into hiding and away from assisting their fellow Americans in the real struggle.

The Left hopes to place fear in the hearts of black and white Americans so that the Left's insidious plans for power at the expense of black Americans will be assured. This form of genocide can only happen if we allow it.

It is time for a new coalition to be established—a partnership between blacks and whites based on truth and mutual respect. As clear-thinking Americans, we must peacefully and unwaveringly challenge the Left's usurped authority and invalid influence.

Communication and organizing to unify all Americans wishing to be free from the actual oppression of the Left. No more lies. No more big money propaganda.

A grassroots movement of black and white Americans is unstoppable, more potent than any tyrannical totalitarian campaign.

And the best time to start is now.



‘Dude, Where’s My Workforce?’

By I & I Editorial Board

Graphic: Jim Lillicotch, License: CC0 Public Domain 

It must be a nasty surprise for companies that have slavishly repeated Woke mantras and imposed overtly racist policies on workers and even customers in the name of “racial equality” to now find themselves short of the one thing they need to thrive and grow: workers. They can thank Joe Biden and the Woke Democrats for that.

No question, right now companies are sucking for air, finding it impossible to ramp up fast enough as workers stay home in droves rather than return to work.

People are said to be “scratching their heads” over why, after a year of pandemic-forced business closings, workers aren’t desperate to work and earn. After all, just a few months ago the concern was whether they’d have jobs to go back to.

President Biden’s comment that the economy is “moving in the right direction” after the number of new payroll jobs undershot expectations by nearly 800,000 shows a president out of touch with reality.

There are nearly 15 million jobs going begging, according to online job site ZipRecruiter, far more than the 7.4 million “old economy” estimate of the Labor Department. Yet, data from April’s distressing jobs report shows that nearly 9.2 million Americans remain unemployed, 29% of those for more than a year.

And just 266,000 new payroll jobs were added in April, far short of the 1 million-plus estimated by Wall Street economists, even as unemployment jumped to 6.1% from 6%, rather than than the expected decline to 5.8%.

Meanwhile, there are 8 million fewer active workers today than there were in February 2020, a statistic prominently mentioned by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell in his recent testimony as a sign of economic stress.

Companies desperately need workers, but can’t coax them off the sidelines. And there really is no mystery about this.

Simply put, we’re paying people not to work, thus starving companies of employees and sharply driving up prices for goods and services as companies try to make up for lost productivity.

As recently as March 2019, someone who was unemployed took home about $348 a week on average in federal and state aid. That leapt to $938 in April 2020, part of a temporary plan put in place by President Donald Trump. That plan also included “stimulus” checks. In July of last year, the unemployment benefits fell by $300.

But that still left benefits at $638 a week, where they’re expected to stay at least into September of this year. The results are predictable, since you always get more of what you incentivize.

As the New York Post recently noted, numbers crunched by Bank of America economists show that anyone who earns less than $32,000 a year can earn more from federal and state aid than by taking a job. Benefits for nonworkers now total roughly $16 an hour, more than twice the $7.25 hourly minimum wage.

In other words, it’s a better deal for the able-bodied to stay home. No surprise, then that after April’s nasty jobs report, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce called for an immediate end to the extra $300 a week bonus given to people who stay unemployed.

Companies that ardently embraced the Democrats’ COVID-19 economic “stimulus” and unemployment aid must themselves be feeling foolish these days. It’s yet another chapter in the long saga of misbegotten economic interventions by big government on behalf of business.

Economic historians, the honest ones anyway, will be wondering how a group of supposedly educated American policymakers could have made so many stupid, easily avoidable mistakes to derail what, without the effects of the China virus lockdown, was the healthiest U.S. economy in decades.

More troubling still is that our powers-that-be seem bent on continuing to pursue irrational socialist policies that have failed repeatedly in the past — especially making millions of would-be workers into wards of the state by locking them out of their jobs.

These days, our president’s own PR surrogates barely try to hide his struggles with age-related loss of mental acuity. But even at his best, Biden’s economic knowledge has always been suspect. He views economics as simply an extension of power politics.

People have already forgotten 2010’s “Summer of Recovery” during the Obama administration. President Barack Obama put Vice President Biden “in charge” of “directing” a powerful economic recovery, one that never came. Obama-Biden promised gold, but delivered dross.

Today we have more of the same, as Biden and the far-left Democrats seek to impose their special brand of Woke progressivism on American society. We have labor shortages, soaring inflation pressures, and falling consumer confidence. Another “recovery summer,” anyone?