Saturday, May 15, 2021

Stumbling Along: U.S. Consumer Confidence Crashes 'Unexpectedly'


AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Ok, let’s see a show of hands — who actually finds this perfectly obvious news to be “unexpected”?

No one here? Good.

So just how biased and corrupt is even the financial media now?

It’s this biased and corrupt.

Consumer sentiment in the U.S. has unexpectedly decreased in the month of May, according to preliminary data released by the University of Michigan on Friday.

The report showed the consumer sentiment index dropped to 82.8 in May from 88.3 in April. The decrease surprised economists, who had expected the index to rise to 90.4.

It didn’t take an economist to predict that keeping several large states’ economies closed, the federal government printing money faster than a counterfeiter rolling down the autobahn in a Lamborghini, and Biden deliberately strangling domestic energy producers in the name of his Green New Deal scheme, would bring about inflation.

I’m not an economist. I anticipated it. I bet every reader here did too.

What does it take to see this gigantic freight train barreling down the tracks straight at you? Eyes and common sense.

When inflation hits, taking a bite out of consumers’ paychecks sharper than the bites Air Force One’s stairs take out of Joe Biden’s shins, and it doesn’t appear to have an end in the near future, consumers react. They get negative on their economic prospects. It’s all quite predictable that consumer confidence would drop faster than a cliff diver when inflation rises faster than one of Elon Musk’s sleek rockets.

[Curtin] added, “The average of net price mentions for buying conditions for homes, vehicles, and household durables were more negative than any time since the end of the last inflationary era in 1980.”

Jimmy Carter smiles. Republicans are sure to POUNCE on this news. Perhaps we’re pouncing all over it like a feral cat on a stray chipmunk right now.

Herein is a brief summation of our current national and international situation, with recent foreign policy developments overlayed and placed into proper context, after a little over 8% of the Joe Biden presidency.

Internet meme accurately describing the condition of the United States during the Biden administration. Artist anonymous.



BREAKING: Israel Begins Ground Operation Against Hamas


AP Photo/Hatem Moussa

In the wee hours of Friday morning Israeli time, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) launched a ground operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The military later clarified that troops had not invaded the Gaza Strip, but soldiers had begun attacking. This salvo represents the latest strike in an escalating conflict that began with skirmishes at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City on Monday and Hamas firing rockets at Israel.

“IDF air and ground troops are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip,” the Israeli military announced.

The Israeli army had not entered the Gaza Strip, however. The IDF later clarified that its troops had not entered Palestinian territory but they had begun to carry out an attack “in the Gaza Strip” without boots on the ground, Agence France-Press reported.

Tanks and artillery were deployed, but no ground troops crossed into Gaza, Axios reported. Israel has called up 9,000 reservists and massed at least three brigades on the border with Gaza, which Hamas controls.

Israel celebrated “Jerusalem Day,” marking its capture of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. The march appears to have brought an increased police presence, enflaming tensions regarding six Palestinian families who face eviction in favor of Jewish settlers. Palestinians protested the evictions at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, the Temple Mount, near the third-holiest site in Islam. Rioters reportedly threw rocks at police and police opened fire, injuring hundreds.

Hamas threatened to attack Israel if police did not leave the compound. Hamas fired about 1,600 rockets into Israel, but the Iron Dome interceptor system blocked about 90 percent of them. Even so, the rockets killed one Israeli soldier and six Israeli civilians, including one child.

Israel has responded with rockets of their own, and Gaza has reported at least 109 Palestinians killed, including 28 children. The IDF has claimed to have killed several Hamas commanders in the strikes.

According to the IDF, many of Hamas’ rockets have misfired, so the Palestinian terrorist group may be responsible for many of the deaths in the Gaza Strip. Israel has claimed that Hamas misfired 350 rockets in the last 3 days, killing innocent civilians in Gaza.

While President Joe Biden has defended Israel’s right to defend itself, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) accused him of taking “the side of the occupation.”


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