Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Devastating New Poll For Biden Shows Trump With 7 Point Advantage

By Carmine Sabia | Conservative Brief

Getty Images

The news continues to get more disastrous for President Joe Biden as a new poll shows that former President Donald Trump is destroying him.

The new poll, done by ABC/Washington Post, shows former President Trump with a whopping 7 point lead over President Biden, Mediaite reported.

“According to the survey, the president trails his predecessor by 7 points in a hypothetical 2024 general election matchup. Respondents were asked whether they would ‘definitely’ vote for Trump or Biden, ‘probably’ vote for Trump or Biden, or vote for someone else or not vote at all. Among those who ‘definitely’ prefer one candidate over the other, Trump leads Biden 36-32. But when those ‘probably’ voting are added to the tally, Trump’s margin balloons to 7 points — as he holds a 45-38 advantage over Biden,” the report said.

“The poll found Biden would fare only slightly better if the Republican nominee were Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL). The president is tied with DeSantis 32-32 among those ‘definitely’ backing a particular candidate. But when the ‘probably’ category is added, DeSantis pulls ahead 42-37.” It said.

“President Biden’s approval numbers, according to the new ABC/Washington Post poll, are nothing short of dismal. Only 36 percent of voters approve of the job the president is doing, compared to 56 percent who do not. The approval number is down 6 points from February, the last time ABC and the Washington Post released a poll, and represents an all-time low for him in that particular survey,” it said.

And it actually gets worse for President Biden when respondents were asked who they trusted more with the economy as 54 percent chose former President Trump and 36 percent chose President Biden.

And from there it is more downhill for the president as a mere 32 percent of those polled believe he has the mental sharpness to be president whereas 54 percent believe former President Trump does.

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos said it best on Sunday when he said “This poll is just brutal for President Biden!”

Dick Morris, a former top political adviser to then-President Bill Clinton, doesn’t see much good coming from a second Joe Biden term, but he does see a lot of positives coming from a second Donald Trump term.

Morris tells Newsmax that, contrary to the left’s characterization of “MAGA Republicans” as political extremists, their leader is the one who can bring together both left and right.

“You don’t need somebody warm and fuzzy and nice to build the coalition,” Morris told Newsmax’s “Saturday Report.” “You need somebody strong and independent and determined to resist their propaganda and barrel through their vulnerabilities and expose the center and talk about the virtue of the positions that the left and right of sharing in common.”

Morris believes that there are several issues that both sides agree on, and despite the left’s efforts to maintain power by attacking former President Trump, he remains a unifying force that can bring the divided country together, the outlet reported.

“On a host of those issues many, many more on the left and the right essentially agree, and they disagree with the establishment that’s in the center that wants to protect those powers,” Morris said in his interview with host Rita Cosby. “Donald Trump is uniquely positioned to deal with that. He gets all or most of his money from small donations. He doesn’t get much from big donors, so he’s independent financially.

“He doesn’t like the people in the power structures. He hates the FDA. He hates the CDC because he’s dealt with them. He has all kinds of negative things to say about the intel community, because they persecuted him, and he has the independence and the standing and the power to forge this relationship between the left and the right,” Morris continued.

“And I think he should be talking about a lot of issues with both of them [having] the same thing in common and make common cause against the establishment and against the center,” he told Cosby.

The former Clinton adviser-turned-Trump whisperer has recently written a great deal about “the politics of fusion.”