Monday, May 15, 2023

What Are All These Illegals Going to Do?

By Mark Lewis |

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

So, the gate to illegal entrance into America is now open wider than it was before.  Well, since Biden became President, there hasn’t been a gate.  By the time he leaves office, there will many people illegally in the United States, having crossed our non-existent southern border, by far the greatest breakdown of the federal government whose first job is to protect Americans from invasion by those who are not legally allowed into the land.  This will be Biden’s most horrendous legacy historically—the worst of all his failures.  

What will the total figure end up being?  25 million?  30 million?  There is no way we will know, until they are all given amnesty, which will happen eventually.  That’s what the Democrats want and, well, what else can we do with them?  Ship them back across the Mexican border and let them die in the desert?  They are here to stay, folks, you know it, I know it, they know it, and Biden knows it.  And that’s been the plan all along.

But what will they do?  Well, a variety of things, none good because they are here illegally—at least for a while.  But here are some possibilities to keep them occupied.

    1.  Pick crops.  Many of them are already doing that, and have been for years.  They shouldn’t be doing it, of course, not just because they shouldn’t be here in the first place, but because they are taking work from American citizens.  How about starting with the hundreds of thousands of homeless that are on the streets?  They need jobs.  Round ‘em up and send them to the fields.  But can’t do that because Democrats need them on the streets for—something.  Political gain surely.  Young people could start their careers by doing farm labor, but they are too lazy to work, period, so it would be hard to coax them to do it.  So, bottom line, lots of the newcomers will be in the fields as well.  At least they will be working.  They will have jobs that Americans don’t want to do, and that says something about the country.  And also about leadership, in all areas, which is not encouraging especially young people towards the virtues of hard work and diligence.  But people on welfare means votes for politicians.

2.  Some illegals will sell drugs.  That’s what many of them came to do—work for the cartels.  They can make pretty good money killing Americans.  Frankly, I place most of the blame here on the people who take drugs.  It is an utterly useless, dangerous, stupid thing to do.  Nobody forces anybody to take drugs, although I’ve heard a few fentanyl deaths were innocent.  But I really struggle to feel sorry for people who ruin their lives, or die, by voluntarily putting something into their body that doesn’t belong there and can only harm them.  The drug problem in America is completely the fault of the fools who take them.  I have never smoked one weed in my life or taken a single illegal drug, and that by choice.  I’m not very smart, but I’m not THAT stupid.  We could stop the drug problem tomorrow if every American would just have the sense to quit using them.  But that isn’t going to happen, and thus there is a tremendously lucrative market for drugs.  So many of the illegals will be in America getting rich off the recklessness of the millions who take drugs.

    3.  Menial jobs, welfare, homelessness, crime.  Very few of the illegals are skilled laborers (except for picking Nancy’s crops), so they won’t be able to get high paying jobs.  They will live together in hovels, 8, 10, 12 to a house, or on the streets, and be in poverty.  Many will, of course, get on welfare and you and I will take care of them through our tax dollars.  There are a lot of other criminals crossing the border as well, and thus the Democrat-caused crime wave will escalate.  All this chaos is exactly what the Left wants because...

4.  These people are a revolution waiting to happen.  The illegals are going to discover that Joe Biden’s America is not what it was advertised to be.  Most of them will exist in squalor and deep poverty, with no easy avenue of escape.  Many children will end up in some kind of child labor or maybe even sex slavery to help their families subsist.  It is a horrible situation Biden is creating.  Many of these people left their countries to get away from this, but they will find a concomitant situation in the United States.

If we think a revolution cannot happen in America, then we are only deluding ourselves.  Adolf Hitler actually came to power legally, but Mao Zedong required a civil war.  Lenin took advantage of mass discontent to take over Russia, and that appears to be the most likely scenario in America.  The Democrats are creating hatred of America in many groups, especially blacks and millennials.  Thus, they will have no qualms about rebelling against a country they despise, which they believe is unfair, unequal, and full of injustice.  This is a classic recipe for revolution.  And just what the Democrats crave.  

And if the situation proves intolerable for the illegals, they, too, will become a discontented mass, angry, and ripe for Leftist propaganda.  In history, when this kind of brew is stirred into a national pot, it usually takes a strongman (dictator) to step forth and subdue it, taking away everyone’s liberties in order to create stability.  Once he gets power, he never gives it up.  It happened in many countries in the 20th century, and it can happen in the 21st, too.

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America, deliberately manufactured.  An increasingly seething, boiling cauldron of discontent.  I have no answers to this one.  I’ve seen it too many times in history.  Once the avalanche starts, there is no way to stop it.