Thursday, February 01, 2024

DeSantis Secures Total Victory Over Disney, Last Gasp Attempt by 'The Mouse' Goes Down in Flames

By Bonchie | RedState,com

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Gov. Ron DeSantis earned a victory lap on Wednesday after Disney's last-gasp lawsuit against him failed in federal court. 

The judge in the case dismissed the much-ballyhooed move against the governor based on a lack of standing and the plaintiff's failure to state a claim. With that, total victory against "The Mouse" has been secured.

Every step of the way, DeSantis has bested Disney, though some of his critics on the right boasted that this particular lawsuit proved the governor had "lost to Mickey Mouse." That was always ludicrous, and there was always a good chance it would not prevail.

I'm not going to call them out by name because frankly, I don't want to give them the publicity, but some right-wing "influencers" who favored another candidate in the primary spent a lot of time running their mouths, claiming that DeSantis had been beaten by Disney. They should open their mouths again, but with apologies leaving them this time.

Nikki Haley, who invited Disney to move to South Carolina instead of taking the side of the most conservative and successful Republican governor in decades, should probably update her commentary as well. That was a low point for her, in my opinion, and I'll leave it at that.

Regardless, sometimes winning takes time, and a politician being sued does not denote a loss. It simply means there's more work left to be done. Now, with this lawsuit dismissed, Disney has no other moves to make (aside from a possible appeal). They've already lost the battle over their special district, and despite all the false claims that having this fight would lead to higher taxes on normal residents, things have worked out just as DeSantis said they would.

If I seem a little salty about this, it's because I am. Republicans have enjoyed precious few victories over the last half-decade. To see ostensible allies go out of their way to trash DeSantis and take the side of Disney simply out of short-sighted political pettiness was eye-opening. It never should have happened, and those who chose that path deserve to be taken just a little less seriously next time.