Friday, February 09, 2024

Trump Wins the Nevada Caucus, Takes a Short Victory Lap, and Issues a Dire Warning for America

By Jennifer Oliver O'Connell |

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwelli

Former President Donald Trump took the stage in Las Vegas, Nevada, after what he described as a long and weary day but "a good day." Trump shattered the record of the Nevada Caucus with a staggering turnout —he won 98 percent of the vote.

"We said anything over 80 tonight we'd be happy with. We're at 98 percent! "Trump crowed. Trump was flanked by North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and his wife Kathryn, campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt, and businessman Woody Johnson of the Johnson and Johnson Corporation. 

The audio was choppy for a short period, but Trump managed to introduce the people on the stage and thanked his supporters in the state, including Governor Joe Lombardo and Lieutenant Governor Stavros Anthony. Trump pointed out celebrity golfer Bryson Dechambeau and UFC fighter Sean Strickland among the audience. Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who Trump seemed pleasantly surprised to see, was also in the room. Trump then made mention of the Nelk Boys. At the request of UFC President Dana White, Trump did an interview with them that reached 22 million hits.

On a dime, Trump turned from triumphant to surprisingly somber.

I just want to say that this has been an incredible period of time, I think for our country. For the world. The world has not been like this for many, many years. When you look at the attack on Israel, or the attack on Ukraine with Russia, I know this would have never happened. The Israeli attack would have never happened. Inflation would have never happened. The world would be a much different place right now. And we're going to make sure that we bring it back, and we're going to bring it back fast, and we're going to bring it back very, very strong. Very, very strong. But... and it's so sad to see. So all of the death that you've witnessed with Ukraine and Russia fighting. Again, what happened in Israel. All of the death, and all of the destruction of cities and places that are ancient places in a sense, ancient buildings being knocked down, you can never replace it. But all those people that died, most importantly, would have never happened. And we're gonna change it. We're gonna change it around. We're gonna get it back to normalcy. We can't continue like this. The world is exploding, our country is doing horribly, we're a laughingstock all over the world. We were respected, we were respected. Like never before just three years ago, we are now a laughingstock all over the world, we're not respected even a little bit. 

 Thursday's decision by Special Counsel Hur to not try President Joe Biden on his retention of classified documents from his time as Vice President because Biden is mentally unfit to stand trial came out of left field. The nation now has documented witness to Joe Biden's cognitive decline. Because of the state of our country, no one is taking a victory lap on this news right now, and Trump's tone indicated as much. 

And you understand why, you understand why, You need leadership, and this country does not have leadership, it has no idea what's happening. It's lost its way, it's a failing nation. And we're not going to have a failing nation much longer. 

I just want to really thank the great people of Nevada. You broke the all-time caucus record. [...] This has been a tremendous state. And if we win this state we easily win the election in November. We have to win the election. And you know, great countries are all about a lot of things, but two things in particular: You have to have strong borders, and you have to have free, fair, and honest elections. And... we don't have either. 

Trump recounted his record, then reinforced Biden's failure theater, from the botched Afghanistan withdrawal to the crisis on the Southern Border to emboldening Putin. Trump once again promised to bring the world back to normalcy, refocused on America First, "And it will be peace through strength."

Then Trump turned eerily somber once again. 

We have a country that has tremendous potential. If anything bad happens in this next election. If this election is not won by us, I don't think we're going to have a country anymore.

In light of the day's events, even those who oppose Trump as president probably see how this could well be the case. Of course, it would not be a Trump victory speech without his making a dig at the only rival left in the presidential race: Former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

You know what happened last night, don't you? None of the Above! I'd like to congratulate, "None of the above!" I was one of those none, of ever, aboves, I was one of them.

Trump alluded to the Supreme Court Colorado ballot case and hoped they would do something to help the country and preserve democracy. Trump then asked Gov. Doug Burgum and Woody Johnson to say a few words.

Trump concluded his speech with more warnings about the damage of Biden's mismanagement of the border with the frightening figure that 19 million illegals will have crossed America's borders in four years. A number roughly the size of New York State. However, Trump made the effort to end the night on an encouraging note. 

So, go back home, rest, and then come back—we're going to turn this all around. If we win the state of Nevada it's over for them, and our country's going to be better, greater, bigger, more beautiful than ever before!