Thursday, February 29, 2024

Now Here's How Trump's Visit to the Southern Border Went

By Sarah Arnold |

AP Photo/Eric Gay

The same day President Joe Biden trekked down to the southern border— for only the second time during his presidency— former President Trump made the trip to show the real consequences of Biden’s reckless policies. 

Trump unleashed a mountain of criticism on the Biden Administration for allowing nearly six million illegal migrants to cross into the United States without taking a single ounce of responsibility for the massive crisis they have created. 

“We had the most secure border and people weren’t coming because they knew they weren’t going to get in,” Trump said on Thursday. “And we weren’t promising free education, free medical, free everything. I mean, all the promises that are made, no wonder they come.” 

Trump was referring to Democrat-led states such as New York and California, which are handing out freebies to illegal migrants. 

New York recently announced they are giving away pre-paid credit cards with up to $1,000 that will be reloaded monthly to illegal aliens for food. Meanwhile, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) revealed that illegal immigrants will have access to free healthcare. 

“I mean, you look at what this Governor ‘New-scum’ from California, isn’t that his name, ‘New-scum’? What he’s done to California is unbelievable,” Trump said of Newsom. “People are pouring in, they think they’re going to get medical aid. And our soldiers, our vets aren’t being taken care of.” 

Trump highlighted how Biden’s invasion has resulted in crime skyrocketing in just one year under the president’s term. 

"This is a Joe Biden invasion...Last year almost half of all ICE arrests were criminal aliens charged with more than 33,000 assaults, 3,000 robberies, 6,900 burglaries, and 7,500 weapons crimes. This is all migrant crime. 4,300 sex crimes,” he said. 

The former president accused Biden of having blood on his hands after a 22-year-old Georgia University nursing student was found dead after a Venezuelan illegal migrant murdered her in broad daylight while she was running. 

Trump was greeted with a warm welcome as he arrived in Eagle Pass, Texas from a flurry of supporters and those who are fed up with Biden's refusal to do his job. The former president was praised for visiting the epicenter of the border crisis, while on the other hand, Biden made the trip to Brownsville, Texas where the issue is much more stabilized. 

"My agents, they're mad as hell that President Biden went to Brownsville, Texas...rather than coming to Eagle Pass, Texas which has been the epicenter," Border Patrol Union President Brandon Judd said, standing alongside Trump. 



Joe Biden's Border Visit Went Just As Expected

By Sarah Arnold |

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Joe Biden took time out of his precious “busy” schedule of eating ice cream and laying on the beach to make a trip down to the southern border as his immigration crisis hinders his 2024 re-election chances. 

Thursday’s border visit came with confusion and frustration as Biden was seen shuffling his way along the U.S.-Mexico border in Brownsville, Texas. The president’s efforts to secure the border have been non-existent for the past three years. However, now that his presidency is on the line and Americans are fed up with his lack of handling the border, the Biden Administration has decided to do something about it. 

Biden was accompanied by newly impeached Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who also has played a heavy hand in allowing more than six million illegal migrants to enter the U.S. 

The president’s visit left more questions unanswered, as he wrapped up his trip without declaring a plan to make America safe again from illegals. 

Mayorkas, who has been ousted over his failure to keep illegal immigrants out of the country, vowed to continue enforcing “the law and work to secure our border.”

He also used the opportunity to criticize Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX), who has taken countless measures to bring awareness to the border crisis and reveal how Biden’s policies have destroyed the U.S. 

Biden also dared to complain about how long the asylum process takes after undoing former President Trump’s “Remain In Mexico” policy that turned millions of illegal migrants away from the border.

Hours before Biden was set to meet with officials at the southern border, the Border Patrol Union refused to welcome the president, telling him to "keep our name out of your mouth." 

"But even if he were to put the proper policies in place at this late hour, he’d be doing it only to try to save his Presidency. And self-serving actions when time is winding down should always give Americans pause. Common sense dictates that as a lame duck, he’d revert to his open border policies if re-elected," the union said in a statement. "Biden is going to the border now solely to try to save himself. Border security should never be about politics, it should always be about the safety and security of this great nation and the American people." 

Border Patrol Union President Brandon Judd criticized Biden for visiting Brownsville-- which is a more calm area of the southern border-- rather than Eagle Pass, Texas which is the epicenter of the immigration crisis.