Sunday, September 20, 2020

Mark Levin: Democrats Wanting to Pack the Supreme Court Are Following a 'Stalinist Model'


AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

After the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Donald Trump announced he would nominate Ginsburg’s successor and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said the Senate would vote on Trump’s pick. Yet Democrats have warned that if the Republicans follow the Constitution in replacing Ginsburg, they will respond by packing the Court should Democrats take the Senate and Joe Biden win in November. Fox News host Mark Levin rightly condemned this blackmail, warning the Democrats are following a “Stalinist model.”

“Now, what the Democrats want to do is sabotage this entire process,” Levin said Sunday on Fox & Friends. He cited Dan McLaughlin’s National Review article arguing that history is on Trump’s side in this issue.

“Twenty-nine times in American history there has been an open Supreme Court vacancy in a presidential election year, or in a lame-duck session before the next presidential inauguration,” McLaughlin wrote. “The president made a nomination in all twenty-nine cases. George Washington did it three times. John Adams did it. Thomas Jefferson did it. Abraham Lincoln did it. Ulysses S. Grant did it. Franklin D. Roosevelt did it. Dwight Eisenhower did it. Barack Obama, of course, did it. Twenty-two of the 44 men to hold the office faced this situation, and all twenty-two made the decision to send up a nomination, whether or not they had the votes in the Senate.”

Levin also referenced a recent poll (taken just prior to Ginsburg’s death) finding that 67 percent of Americans say a Supreme Court confirmation should proceed in 2020 should a Supreme Court vacancy emerge.

“According to the Democrats, the whole country should stop, the Supreme Court should stop, the president shouldn’t uphold the Constitution, the majority in the Senate shouldn’t uphold the Constitution, because they hope Joe Biden will be elected president, that they’ll take the Senate,” Levin noted.

“Now, what are they threatening? To pack the court. The last president to do that was Franklin Roosevelt, and you know who stopped him? The Democrat Congress,” the Fox News host recalled. He noted that the Democrats in Congress put country over party on the issue, but now it seems the Democrats aim to put party over country.

On Saturday, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) threatened that if the Senate confirmed a Trump Supreme Court nominee during a lame-duck session after Biden won the presidential election, “the incoming Senate should immediately move to expand the Supreme Court.”

Tragically, this follows a broad pattern of Democrats aiming to change the rules of the game in order to take power and transform America.

“Today, Democrat after Democrat, starting with Biden on down, says they’re going to pack the Court [unless] the president of the United States fails to comply with the Constitution and if the Senate fails to comply with the Constitution,” Levin noted.

 “This party, the Democrat party, is so far off the rails, it is appalling,” he warned. “They want to eliminate the Electoral College, that’s in the Constitution. … They want to overwhelm the state voting systems with mail-in votes that they know will create all kinds of chaos on election night. They’re telling Biden never concede, Hillary Clinton, the rest, ‘don’t concede under any circumstances.'”

“They want to end the Senate filibuster, they want to add four Democrats to the Senate from D.C. and Puerto Rico. The Democrat Party is the party of antifa, the party of Black Lives Matter,” Levin added. “You have Nancy Pelosi calling federal law enforcement ‘stormtroopers,’ you had Jim Clyburn talking about federal law enforcement as ‘Gestapo,’ they were silent for three months while lawless riots were taking place, now they’re encouraging them.”

“So now we have a mob, and the mob has a home, and it’s called the Democrat Party,” Levin warned. “What they have in sight is not even Donald Trump, it’s our Constitution.”

“This is a party that is following a Saul Alinsky, Stalinist model. I can’t put it any other way, and they are taking it into the election,” the Fox News host warned. “Joe Biden was the leader of the pack, destroying the nomination process, destroying the Supreme Court. He was the leader of the pack, which is why he was hiding yesterday because he didn’t want to talk about the vacancy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

Levin also noted that Trump plans to nominate an originalist to the Supreme Court, somebody “who he believes will be faithful to the Constitution. Since when is that controversial? The president wants to nominate people who are faithful to the Constitution and will follow the Constitution and will read the wording trying to discern what the framers of the Constitution and the ratifiers meant and try and apply it.”

“That has become now radical for the Democrat Party,” the Fox News host explained. “They call them right-wingers and regressive and so forth, so now, embracing and following our magnificent Constitution, which the Democrats hate, which the Left hates, which their surrogates hate. That now is considered some kind of extreme right-wing kind of thing.”

Indeed, it seems Democrats have become more and more intent on remaking the Constitution in their own image, altering the terms of the deal so that they can hold power without checks to their radical agenda.

It reminds me of the way Southern Democrats pushed the expansion of slavery in the decade before the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t an abolitionist candidate — he wanted to restrain the spread of slavery, rather than abolishing it altogether. The Democrats and the South at the time had controlled Congress and the presidency for decades, overriding key compromises in their relentless push to open up more land for slavery to expand.

When Lincoln won in 1860, the Southern Democrats refused to accept restraints and the check on their power. Instead, they violated the Constitution, betraying the very federal government they had so recently dominated.

Democrats — with a stranglehold on mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, and in so many sectors of American culture — seem similarly unwilling to brook any restraints on their power. As President Trump pushes back on the radical ideology that has inspired destructive riots across America, Democrats are scheming to remake the Constitution in order to prevent any further checks to their power. If America is on the verge of civil war, it is because Democrats have pushed further and further as Republicans tried to uphold the Constitution and America’s founding values.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.