Friday, September 02, 2016

Average Americans Are Fighting Back Against American-hating Liberals

By Frances Rice

Without a doubt, one method for moving a society toward a totalitarian government is to take away traditions and intimidate citizens into silence. Communist states know this well. Liberals like President Barack Obama and Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton are engaging in similar tactics in order to win elections and expand government control over the lives of average American citizens. Below is an email sent to me from an average American who is fighting back.


Subject:  I thought you might like to see this 

There's an Attorney on my Facebook who posted that she would not stand for the Star Spangled Banner because Francis Scott Key wrote about killing slaves in the poem and he was a prominent anti-abolitionist. I let her know that the British were recruiting American slaves to kill Americans and therefore considered traitors. She said she knows this and went on a rant about Key. So I wrote the following. SHE hasn't replied. LOL how could she, what I wrote is FACT. Thought you might enjoy what I wrote to her and why she went silent.
"if you are going to apply 21st Century "sensitivities" to early 19th Century conflicts giving you reason for not standing when the Star Spangled Banner is played then may I suggest you apply the same logic to the Democrat Party, which gave us the Confederacy, the Civil War, the KKK, Black Codes and Jim Crow laws, then elected the most racist President in U.S. history Woodrow Wilson and then segregationist FDR. Or perhaps you might want to help indict Planned Parenthood who's founder eugenicist Margaret Sanger created the American Birth Control League to help eliminate the Black race. But if for you those events happened "too long ago" then perhaps you could expand your conviction by openly criticizing the present Democrat Party which still enslaves indigent Blacks by addicting them to free money, free food, free housing, killing incentive to accomplish more. And by the way Key was a Democrat."