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BOMBSHELL LEAK: Special Counsel Mueller Will Announce An Indictment On Monday Designed To Destroy The Trump Presidency


By Frances Rice

The left is incensed that President Donald Trump is keeping his promise to put America first, return our nation to economic prosperity and restore our national security.
Spearheaded by the illegally-appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the lefties in the “Deep State” have signaled that the first salvo in their quest to destroy the Trump Presidency will be the announcement on Monday of an indictment of—someone.
Grand Jury indictments are supposed to be kept secret.  Below are articles, which expose the depth to which the anti-American cabal will go to undo an election and thwart the will of the American people.
The only man standing between them and us is Donald J. Trump.
Trump is our champion, fighting for the soul of America, battling the #NeverTrumpers and left-wing political cowards who are hiding behind the shield of a weaponized Justice Department.


Robert Mueller – Reuters

Forgive yourself if you are confused about developments in the Russia, Russia, Russia storyline. In fact, there are so many moving parts that you shouldn’t trust anybody who isn’t confused.
Consider this, then, a guide to the perplexed, where we start with two things that are certain. First, special counsel Robert Mueller will never be able to untangle the tangled webs with any credibility and needs to step aside.
Mueller, whose office is apparently leaking the “secret” news that a grand jury has approved charges against an unidentified defendant, assumed his role with one big conflict, his relationship with his successor at the FBI, James Comey. That conflict has morphed into several more that are fixable only by resignation.
That became obvious last week when events showed that any honest probe must examine the Obama White House and Justice Department. Mueller served as head of the FBI for more than four years under President Obama and cannot be expected to investigate his former colleagues and bosses.
But without that necessary step, his work would be incomplete at best. So it’s time for him to say ­bye-bye.
The second thing we know for certain is that Hillary Clinton had a worse week than Mueller. Much worse.
The revelation that her campaign and the Democratic National Committee secretly funded the discredited dossier on Donald Trump’s supposed connections to Russia rocked the political world. The Clinton connection, denied by the campaign for a year, throws more doubt on the entire Trump-Russia-collusion narrative and shows that Clinton worked with Russian officials to meddle in the election.
The Washington Post reported that her campaign and the DNC paid millions of dollars to a law firm, Perkins Coie, which hired a shadowy company called Fusion GPS, which hired a former British spy, Christopher Steele, to compile the dossier, much of which was said to be based on Kremlin sources.
The bombshell sent Clinton into hiding, and no wonder. She probably thought three degrees of separation from the dossier would be enough to insulate her. In her absence, her defenders offered a dog’s stew of evasions, half-truths and diversionary attacks.
Their claim that nobody in the campaign or the DNC knew anything about the deal doesn’t pass the smell test. When as much as $12 million goes out the window for a document that aimed to win the election — and failed — everybody knows something.
While the link to Clinton answers some questions, it raises others. For example, while it is certain her campaign spread the dossier among the media last summer, it remains uncertain whether the dossier was used by the White House and the FBI to justify snooping on the Trump campaign.
One hint that it was is that Comey, while still in office, called the document “salacious and unverified,” but briefed Obama and President-elect Trump on its contents last January. And the FBI never denied reports that it almost hired Steele, the former British spy, to continue his work after the campaign.
The mystery might soon be solved because the FBI, after months of stonewalling, agreed last week to tell Congress how it used the dossier and detail its contacts with Steele.
If the bureau did use the dossier to seek FISA warrants to intercept communications involving the Trump campaign, it would mean the FBI used a dirty trick from the candidate of the party in power as an excuse to investigate the candidate from the opposition party. Somewhere, Richard Nixon is wondering why he didn’t think of that.
There is also the issue of the “unmasking” of Trump associates caught up in the snooping, with the names leaked to anti-Trump media. It is essential to investigate that angle, but it would lead right to the Obama White House, which is why Mueller is not the man for the job.
As for Clinton, the dossier revelation was not her only new problem. In fact, the second blow might be the most serious yet.
At the urging of Congress and Trump, the Justice Department lifted its gag order on an informant who can now testify to Congress about bribery and other wrongdoing surrounding Moscow’s gaining control of 20 percent of US uranium production.
The 2010 transaction was approved by Obama officials, including Clinton, then secretary of state. About the same time, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech to a Russian bank involved in the transaction. Later, tens of millions of dollars — $145 million by one estimate — were said to be donated to the Clinton Foundation by individuals having a stake in the deal.
The informant’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing, told Fox News the speech fee and the donations amount to a “quid pro quo” for Hillary Clinton’s help.
“My client can put some meat on those bones and tell you what the Russians were saying during that time,” Toensing said.

Clinton called the accusations “baloney,” but that’s what her team said about any connections to the dossier — before the truth came out.
Finally, another event is worth mentioning: the release of thousands of files from the JFK assassination trove. There were lots of juicy tidbits, but no final clarity, which raises the horrifying idea that, 50 years from now, we might still be waiting for the truth about Russia, Russia, Russia.
Heaven help us.


He Fights
By Evan Sayet
My Leftist friends (as well as many ardent #NeverTrumpers) constantly ask me if I’m not bothered by Donald Trump’s lack of decorum. They ask if I don’t think his tweets are “beneath the dignity of the office.”
Here’s my answer:
We Right-thinking people have tried dignity. There could not have been a man of more quiet dignity than George W. Bush as he suffered the outrageous lies and politically motivated hatreds that undermined his presidency.  
We tried statesmanship. Could there be another human being on this earth who so desperately prized “collegiality” as John McCain?
We tried propriety – has there been a nicer human being ever than Mitt Romney?  
And the results were always the same.
This is because, while we were playing by the rules of dignity, collegiality and propriety, the Left has been, for the past 60 years, engaged in a knife fight where the only rules are those of Saul Alinsky and the Chicago mob.
I don’t find anything “dignified,” “collegial” or “proper” about Barack Obama’s lying about what went down on the streets of Ferguson in order to ramp up racial hatreds because racial hatreds serve the Democratic Party.
I don’t see anything “dignified” in lying about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and imprisoning an innocent filmmaker to cover your tracks.
I don’t see anything “statesman-like” in weaponizing the IRS to be used to destroy your political opponents and any dissent.  
Yes, Obama was “articulate” and “polished” but in no way was he in the least bit “dignified,” “collegial” or “proper.”
The Left has been engaged in a war against America since the rise of the Children of the ‘60s.
To them, it has been an all-out war where nothing is held sacred and nothing is seen as beyond the pale. It has been a war they’ve fought with violence, the threat of violence, demagoguery and lies from day one – the violent take-over of the universities – till today.
The problem is that, through these years, the Left has been the only side fighting this war.  
While the Left has been taking a knife to anyone who stands in their way, the Right has continued to act with dignity, collegiality and propriety.
With Donald Trump, this all has come to an end.
Donald Trump is America’s first wartime president in the Culture War.
During wartime, things like “dignity” and “collegiality” simply aren’t the most essential qualities one looks for in their warriors.
Ulysses Grant was a drunk whose behavior in peacetime might well have seen him drummed out of the Army for conduct unbecoming.
Had Abraham Lincoln applied the peacetime rules of propriety and booted Grant, the Democrats might well still be holding their slaves today. Lincoln rightly recognized that, “I cannot spare this man.  He fights.”
General George Patton was a vulgar-talking, son-of-a-bitch. In peacetime, this might have seen him stripped of rank. But, had Franklin Roosevelt applied the normal rules of decorum, then Hitler and the Socialists would barely be five decades into their thousand-year Reich.
Trump is fighting.  And what’s particularly delicious is that, like Patton standing over the battlefield as his tanks obliterated Rommel’s, he’s shouting, “You magnificent bastards, I read your book!” That is just the icing on the cake, but it’s wonderful to see that not only is Trump fighting, he’s defeating the Left using their own tactics.
That book is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – a book so essential to the Liberals’ war against America that it is and was the playbook for the entire Obama administration and the subject of Hillary Clinton’s senior thesis. It is a book of such pure evil, that, just as the rest of us would dedicate our book to those we most love or those to whom we are most indebted, Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer.
Trump’s tweets may seem rash and unconsidered but, in reality, he is doing exactly what Alinsky suggested his followers do.
First, instead of going after “the fake media” – and they are so fake that they have literally gotten every single significant story of the past 60 years not just wrong, but diametrically opposed to the truth, from the Tet Offensive to Benghazi, to what really happened on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri – Trump isolated CNN.  He made it personal. 
Then, just as Alinsky suggests, he employs ridicule which Alinsky described as “the most powerful weapon of all.”
Everyone gets that it’s not just CNN – in fact, in a world where Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow, Paul Krugman and Nicholas Kristof are people of influence and whose “reporting” is in no way significantly different than CNN’s – CNN is just a piker.
Most importantly, Trump’s tweets have put CNN in an untenable and unwinnable position.  With Trump’s ability to go around them, they cannot simply stand pat.  They need to respond. This leaves them with only two choices.
They can either “go high” (as Hillary would disingenuously declare of herself and the fake news would disingenuously report as the truth) and begin to honestly and accurately report the news or they can double-down on their usual tactics and hope to defeat Trump with twice their usual hysteria and demagoguery.
The problem for CNN (et al.) with the former is that, if they were to start honestly reporting the news, that would be the end of the Democratic Party they serve. It is nothing but the incessant use of fake news (read: propaganda) that keeps the Left alive.
Imagine, for example, if CNN had honestly and accurately reported then-candidate Barack Obama’s close ties to foreign terrorists (Rashid Khalidi), domestic terrorists (William Ayers), the mafia (Tony Rezko) or the true evils of his spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright’s, church.
Imagine if they had honestly and accurately conveyed the evils of the Obama administration’s weaponizing of the IRS to be used against their political opponents or his running of guns to the Mexican cartels or the truth about the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the Obama administration’s cover-up.
This makes “going high” a non-starter for CNN. This leaves them no other option but to ratchet up the fake news, conjuring up the next “nothing burger” and devoting 24 hours a day to hysterical rants about how it’s “worse than Nixon.”
This, obviously, is what CNN has chosen to do. The problem is that, as they become more and more hysterical, they become more and more obvious.
Each new effort at even faker news than before and faker “outrage” only makes that much more clear to any objective observer that Trump is and always has been right about the fake news media.
And, by causing their hysteria, Trump has forced them into numerous, highly embarrassing and discrediting mistakes.
Thus, in their desperation, they have lowered their standards even further and run with articles so clearly fake that, even with the liberal (lower case “l”) libel laws protecting the media, they’ve had to wholly retract and erase their stories repeatedly.
Their flailing at Trump has even seen them cross the line into criminality, with CNN using their vast corporate fortune to hunt down a private citizen for having made fun of them in an Internet meme.
This threat to “dox” – release of personal information to encourage co-ideologists to visit violence upon him and his family -- a political satirist was chilling in that it clearly wasn’t meant just for him. If it were, there would have been no reason for CNN to have made their “deal” with him public.
Instead, CNN – playing by “Chicago Rules” – was sending a message to any and all: dissent will not be tolerated.
This heavy-handed and hysterical response to a joke on the Internet has backfired on CNN, giving rise to only more righteous ridicule.
So, to my friends on the Left – and the #NeverTrumpers as well -- do I wish we lived in a time when our president could be “collegial” and “dignified” and “proper”?  Of course I do.
These aren’t those times. 
This is war.
And it’s a war that the Left has been fighting  without opposition for the past 50 years.
So, say anything you want about this president – I get it, he can be vulgar, he can be crude, he can be undignified at times.
I don’t care.  I can’t spare this man.  He fights.

Evan Sayet is the author of The KinderGarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks. His lecture to the Heritage Foundation on this same topic remains, some ten years later, by far the single most viewed lecture in their history.

Are we a society of cowards or heroes?
By William Haupt III |

Thomas Paine - Shutterstock photo

Cowards die a thousand deaths: The valiant taste of death but once.”
– William Shakespeare

Why are there more cowards today than heroes? Because it’s easier to take the cowards way out.
When we hear the word "coward," we envision those whimpering away out of fear under the guise of convenient escape.
But there’s other cowards. Some run from trouble; others run from themselves.
Those with no spine avoid taking a stand and slither from sight, rather than join the fight and leave those they promised to support battling on their own.
A coward is afraid to question the source of rumors and crippled into inaction. They chasten friends and allies and align with their foe.
The fear of the crowd dictates they that lay all moral character to waste, since there is safety with others like them.
Heroes courageously seek out the truth. Those who bow to group appeal at the expense of principles are cowards.
“Cowards suffer many deaths; but a hero suffers but one.”
– Jayne Shaw

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to be forsaken by friends, allies or family.
If we choose a moral cause or political side they dislike, forgoing interaction, cowards hide to please the majority.
If the cause is unpopular or difficult, they show their jauntiest face to endear the masses.
When you reach for support, they can’t be found.
The majority over-ruled trust and morality.
Cowards do only what’s “safest” for them.
“It is better by noble boldness to run the risk of being subject to half of the evils we anticipate than to remain in cowardly listlessness for fear of what might happen.”
– Herodotus

There are many despicable acts of cowardness, but none no more contemptible than character assassination.
This is the ultimate ad hominem used by a coward to avoid doing what is right or to appease the crowd.
Although slander is a punishable crime, it is the coward’s best weapon.
They disable someone to discredit their moral standing by destroying their credibility and reputation.
Few know the consequences until they are on the outside looking in.
It is then they comprehend the damage done by a person or a group that wants to spoliate anyone for their own personal benefit.
“The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.”
Proverbs 28:1

We are developing more cowards than heroes.
It’s a product of our political left DNA, especially in cloistered communities.
The righteous morality that made us live in the likeness of our Creator, led us to bravery.
But now our politicians produce more cowards each generation through progressive engineering that restricts religious exposure.
They restrain free will and regulate moral character to fence in our horizons with immoral laws and dare us to defy them.
This is born in our classrooms, invades our families, friendships, workplaces, politics and courts which procreates more cowards.
“Moral political and intercourse has turned into jousting tournaments to trade insults.”
– Lady Austin

Character assassination involves spreading rumors and innuendos and deliberate misinformation that taints one’s morals and reputation to defile integrity.
It is common in our political campaigns today.
Spinning information that has a half ounce of truth, but a pound of false actuality is commonplace.
Candidates present misleading partial facts, avoiding actual context, to damage an opponent.
How many times have we heard President Donald Trump "paid too little tax or none at all in a certain year?"
Yet that accuser failed to reiterate that he did not owe any taxes.
The left claims Trump is a party hack for the GOP when they ganged up with progressives to derail his campaign!
“You can't throw kindling on a fire and deny you kept it burning. Right now, cowardice is that kindling.”
– Elen Waters

The greatest group of character assassinating cowards is traditional media. This has replaced all ethics in their playbook.
News headlines claim brutality is prevalent when it involves a minority or a controversial innocent.
This is followed by banners about investigators who are dismissive of the facts.
The media has become a coward for other cowards.
They are a pawn of far left candidates to do their dirty work under the mask of the Fourth Estate.
It’s common to spin a progressive talking point into factitious public news.
“If you're a liberal, anything you say is protected.”
– Laura Schlessinger

Cowardness has even replaced moral professionalism in our court system today.
Our great legal profession has turned into a kangaroo court of insults, false truths and ad hominem insults to deface and destroy the character of the opposed by each attorney.
This is far easier than actually practicing the real law of those great orators of ancient Athens and Rome.
“Lawyers are the only persons who can commit perjury without being punished.”
– Jeremy Belen

Enlightenment thinkers illuminated our global horizons.
Yet they’ve been the subject of carnage by cowards more than any others in history.
They were chastised for setting trends to change the tide of antiquity into futuristic progress.
They were scorned for refuting an immoral and cowardly society with laws that deprived men of their natural rights.
Some met the gallows and others met the fate of character assassination to silence them.
Their reputations endured fatalistic carnage until history exonerated them.
“The future exonerates good men as it spits in the faces of cowards.”
– J. Riddell

The greatest act of character assassination in history occurred in our nation against the patriot who started our revolution, Thomas Paine.
Few know he is not named a founder and was denied entrance to the Convention in 1776 for his opinions on slavery and universal suffrage.
Yet without the genius of Paine, we’d be subjects instead of citizens today.
Ben Franklin printed his book Common Sense for free, which Paine used to enlighten the patriots.
He got nary a shilling for his work, which he read to the war-torn troops during the Revolution.
Yet he was banished to France in 1777. He was buried in New Rochelle, N.Y., in 1809, and only eight people attended his funeral. He died forsaken.
“The first casualty during a reform movement is the truth. It is forsaken for propaganda.”
– Harry Brower

Bertram Shaw wrote, “Insults cast afar only demonstrate how spineless a person you are.”
Those who chasten one’s character covertly or openly achieve temporary goals.
To win a quarrel, election or get even with one who thinks differently by tarnishing their reputation has harsh legal and moral emanations.
Only cowards of the worst kind stoop that low.
And they will pay dearly the very day their victim is emancipated.
Today, cowardly indignation is strangling too many feasible solutions to remedy legal, political, social and global injustices.
Cowardice destroys while heroism creates remedies.
“There is nothing like character assassination to do the difficult work for you.”
J. Gandi

America’s political divisions have transformed our morals and ethics into a graveyard for personal attainment.
The distrust we have for government has spread to our communities and every crevice of our lives.
Everyone is affected by those using straw men to do their dirty work for them.
It’s easier to impute to win than to seek a truth through discourse.
Heroes seek the truth.
Cowards hide from it.
They are the first ones to lose their liberty and the last to admit it.
Like Rome, we will fall from within through moral decay if those of us who are heroes do not stand up against the cowardly enemies of our beloved republic.
We need more heroes!
All change starts in our own back yards.
“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”
– Ronald Reagan

Top of FormWilliam Haupt III is a retired professional journalist, author, and citizen legislator in California for over 40 years. He got his start working to approve California Proposition 13.