Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Black Republican and Trump Advisor Bruce LeVell Exposes Impeachment Hoax in TV Interview



Democrats have proven, yet again, they have no problem ignoring the will of the American people and THE TRUTH. Contrary to the lies Democrats are spreading, there was:


The President has been completely transparent & released the complete transcript of his phone call with the President of Ukraine, but that doesn't matter to Democrats. They don't need evidence to call for our President's impeachment. Stop the madness!


Highlights from the Trump Administration

  • Presidential Message on Rosh Hashanah (read here)
  • President Trump has Reached Agreements with Japan to Improve Trade Between our Nations These agreements achieve concrete outcomes from negotiations, which were launched at last year’s meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. As such, Japan will open markets to approximately $7 billion in American agricultural exports and more. (read here)
  • Education Freedom Agenda Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, kicked off her 2019 Back-to-School Tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin highlighting the Trump administration's education freedom agenda. Most recently joining education reformers at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), to discuss how students, parents, and educators would benefit from the administration’s Education Freedom Scholarships (read here
  • The President Addresses the 74th United Nations General Assembly President Trump met with leaders from across the globe and delivered results at UNGA. During the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump and his administration renewed our standing on the world’s stage, making it clear that we will remain a global leader focused on bringing peace and prosperity to our nation and countries around the world. (read here)
  • National Hispanic Heritage Month Proclamation (read here)

Articles of Interest

  • Peter Navarro: Trump's two big wins for farmers, manufacturers, workers vs. Dems' impeachment squad (read here)
  • Impeaching Trump Is Against Blacks' Economic Interests (read here)
  • The Ill-Advised Rush To Impeachment (read here)