Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Way of the Dragon

This book by China Smith is a must read and is available on Amazon.

About the author: 

China Smith was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida in humble circumstances, but with a dream in his heart to be a Champion Boxer. China, who turned professional at age 18, went on to establish an outstanding professional boxing record as a heavyweight. He posted 35 wins and 5 losses, and he scored an impressive 26 knockouts. He gained local, national and international acclaim and then took off from boxing for over six years. 

Surprisingly, he then got back in shape and decided to come back to the ring, fighting and winning the North American World Boxing Federation recognition as the former two-time NBA Heavyweight Champion of the World.

China’s record is a statement to his will and determination, but he is more than just a professional heavyweight boxer, he is also a true gentleman with outstanding moral character. One of China’s major attributes, outside of his gentlemanly behavior, is that he is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and is dedicated in his desire to help young people, not only in his community but throughout the world.

China is the executive director of his own 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, China Smith and Friends Inc., which is now called Team China Smith/ TCS Global Entertainment LLC headquartered at the Police Athletic League boxing fitness club in Bradenton, FL. 

He is heavily involved in the development and evolution of the youth within the Sarasota/Bradenton community, spending a great amount of his time counseling them on the conflicts they face and the choices they make that will shape the rest of their lives. He coaches them on how to stay on the straight and narrow path, choose goals for themselves, and he demonstrates how hard work and perseverance will help them to achieve their goals and be respected young men and women.

China encourages all people to stay away from self-destructive activities such as drinking alcohol, smoking, doing drugs or running with the wrong crowd. China has never drunk alcohol, smoked or tried illegal drugs ever in his entire life. That alone sends the right message, loud and clear. China has been a guest speaker at various schools, youth organizations and churches locally and in neighboring communities. 

He has worked extensively with Genesis Health Systems, Boys and Girls Club, Warren Foundation, Teen Court, Franchise Kids Foundation, Compass Center, YMCA, American I-Can, Keeping Sarasota Beautiful, Habitat for Humanity, and Pathways to Excellence. These are just a few of the organizations that China Smith has contributed to over the years.

China communicates to children and young adults in a meaningful and powerful way because they can relate to how he grew up in humble circumstances. He speaks of his personal experiences and provides knowledge on how to become a responsible adult and how to deal with peer pressure. He shares the trials and tribulations that he has encountered along the way, and how he overcame adversity. He shares how he was faced with those who told him to quit after being defeated in the ring. However, because giving up was never an option for him, he was able to succeed, against all odds.

 China’s desire is simple, to be remembered as China Smith aka The People’s Champ, a man who made a strong, positive impact on young people everywhere and on everyone he has met along the way!