Sunday, August 23, 2020

Signs of a Coming Trump Victory

By Wayne Allyn Root |

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Don't kid yourself. Don't be fooled by the bravado. Democrats behind the scenes are scared and getting more desperate by the day because there are so many signs of a coming Donald Trump victory.

The signs are everywhere.

Polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans don't want to defund police. They want law and order. They support police. Even 80 percent of black voters overwhelmingly disagree with defunding police.

Does anyone with a brain or common sense think this is a good sign for Joe Biden or Democrats? Do you think all these Americans who support the police, want more law and order, and want more police funding are leaning to "law and order Trump" or "defund the police Joe Biden"?

Polls show 83 percent of Americans support President Trump and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson's ending of former President Obama's program designed to fill the suburbs with high-density low-income housing, bringing crime and drugs to the neighborhoods of suburban moms and dads.

Does anyone with a brain or common sense think this is a good sign for Biden or Democrats? Do you think these millions of suburban American homeowners who don't want to see their home value destroyed or their neighborhood turned into war zones like Chicago, Detroit or Baltimore are going to vote enthusiastically for Joe Biden?

Remember, Biden's presidential platform actually puts in writing his goal to supercharge Obama's "destroy the suburbs" program. Biden wants to bring Frankenstein back to life, except twice as big. Goodbye to your safe, peaceful suburban life. Trump wants to protect your neighborhood. I wonder who suburban moms and dads will vote for.

But there are more signs.

The race to escape the big-city crime wave, rioting, and looting is accelerating at warp speed. Ask any suburban realtor. Ask any moving company. Everyone with any kind of ability to move is "getting out of Dodge." The escape from Democratic-controlled big cities is so huge it is the trend of 2020.

Even liberal New Yorkers are running for their lives. Shootings in New York City were up 76 percent from Jan. 1 to Aug. 2, compared with the same period in 2019. Murders are skyrocketing. The purchase of body armor such as bulletproof vests is reportedly up by over 80 percent in NYC. You think these people are voting for Biden?

But it's not just New York. Everyone is selling their homes and moving away from every Democratic big city -- Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis. Defund police? The only group getting defunded is Democratic politicians and government bureaucrats. Bye-bye to tax revenues.

Does anyone with a brain or common sense think this is a good sign for Biden or Democrats? Do you really believe most of these people are running for their lives from deep-blue Democratic cities for the safety of red Republican suburbs just so they can vote for Biden and the Democrats?

According to Rasmussen, 72 percent of likely voters are concerned about the growing violent protests nationwide. Sixty-two percent say it will affect their vote. Do you think this is a good sign for Democrats who support the Black Lives Matter and antifa movements and claim there is no violence?

And then there's the guns. America is selling out of guns. And bullets, too. Since COVID-19 and the rioting struck, practically every gun and bullet in this country has been bought up. All-time gun sale records have been broken month after month. Everyone is locked and loaded.

Does anyone with a brain or common sense think this is a good sign for Biden or Democrats? Do you think any of these record-setting gun buyers is voting for Basement Biden, Kamala Harris, and former Rep. Beto O'Rourke, Biden's gun czar who would be in charge of forcefully taking away our guns?

Then there's Harris. CNN's latest poll shows a 21-point shift away from Biden among non-white voters after he picked Harris as vice president. Yes, I said non-white voters.

Finally, there's the Democratic National Convention. After hearing from all the big guns -- Michelle and Barack Obama; Bill and Hillary Clinton; Jill Biden; and Harris -- Thursday's Rasmussen poll shows Trump moving from 47% to 51% approval. Clearly, the more Democrats speak, the more voters are repelled.

Remember when then-President Jimmy Carter led Republican nominee Ronald Reagan by 10 points during the summer of 1980? Reagan won in a historic landslide.

Remember when Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis was up by 17 points over Republican nominee George H.W. Bush after the Democratic convention? Bush won the electoral vote 426 to 111.

Don't look now ... but it's about to happen again. The signs are everywhere. Trump is about to win in an electoral landslide.



America’s Choice: Darkness vs. Greatness

By Kevin McCullough | Townhall,com 

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

“Where Joe Biden see’s American darkness, I see American greatness.”

I didn’t hear him say the words. I was working in my studio on Friday and had just glanced at the television long enough to catch the lower chyron. And there it was: "President Trump: Where Biden sees American darkness, I see American greatness."

I eventually would go back and re-listen to President Trump’s extremely low key but upbeat and hope-filled speech to the Council for National Policy.

It was low on emotion, low on volume, very relaxed, and at times very funny.

But that line jumped off the screen when I saw it, and jumped out of the air when I heard it. And my suspicion is—you will hear it a lot in the week and days to come.

Why shouldn’t we?

The Democrats made an enormous mistake in having the most negative, “America is the problem,” convention in history. They largely spoke about things that are untrue, irrelevant, or both. And the final visual they offered the world was their nominee on a stage at essentially a half full drive-in theater with tail lights blinking and horns honking. 

No promises made about how to deal with the greatest challenges of our time. No promises of a new vision.

In fact they doubled down. Their nominee pledged to force mask mandates upon the American people. The day following he pledged to shut the economy back down if “scientists” tell him to. 

So the use of force to mandate masks, and another artificial crash? That’s the vision?

As Trump continued to speak to the CNP, he laid out the challenges he faced the first three years in office. His undoing of 2,000 plus regulations on businesses, the tax reform in which the average family saw more than $2,000 of their own money returned to them, the appointment of 300 judges/justices, his ending of terrorist threats without starting additional wars, and the willingness to hold China and Russia accountable with some of the toughest dealings in history.

As he reeled off the list (considerably longer than this space allows for) you were reminded of something significant: why people “dislike” Trump.

Most Americans grow in their disdain for the president because over time they generally do what they promised they wouldn’t (“read my lips, no new taxes") or they promise a litany of things they will do, but end up only getting one or two completed (ObamacareNo Child Left Behind).

The left in America hate Trump for the exact opposite reason: he’s kept his word. They didn’t like what he campaigned for. They didn’t like that he won. They didn’t like that through all of their abuses of power and ruses that they were unable to dislodge him. But they hate the fact that he now has a long list of promises that he made in sacred oath to the nation—that he fulfilled.

The Democrats foolishly tried to hit him on the handling of the economy. Very foolish indeed because now he gets to go remind people that “he grew the fastest, hottest growing economy in history once, and now he will do it again.” (By the way, three months of all time historic job creation and 10 million jobs created certainly underscore the point).

Before the artificial economic crash and the COVID lockdowns, the economy had more jobs available than unemployed people to find them. He can and will remind them of these facts.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a darkness in some parts of America that desperately need addressing. 

The uncontrolled riots have become a major source of concern for the suburban female voter. The abject refusal to open schools are angering moms across cities and suburbia alike. Mayors and governors who treated their bosses (the voters) as their subjects with gestapo-like check-points, unexplained restrictions on small businesses, and gross abuse of executive powers all add to the feeling of helplessness for voters in those areas. But these areas are all run by Democrats.

For President Trump that just means those cities and states will have more voters seriously considering supporting his vision of growth, freedom, success and life.

Democrats know this too. On Friday I was scheduled for a TV hit to discuss the voter’s reactions to the DNC. My left-of-center opponent doing the hit was so incapable of just hearing my rationale he continually spoke over me until I called him out by saying “this is how the left operates: bully the conversation and silence the opposition.”

That same evening we had dinner with a group where a feisty Bernie Sanders supporter quietly confessed, “Trump’s going to win, and that’s why I’ve begun to focus exclusively on taking the Senate.”

This election is boiling down to some very simple elements.

Trust the guy who, in 47 years, hasn’t fixed even one of the problems he blames America’s darkness for?

Or the candidate who in three years kept 127 historic promises, and is confidently, quietly, but enthusiastically asking for the privilege to “do it again” when it comes to making America great?

My hunch is the American people will prefer greatness.

History says they always have!