Thursday, December 08, 2022

Elon Musk Fires a Democrat Fox Guarding the Twitter Hen House


(AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato, File)

If you wondered why the Twitter files mysteriously halted after only the first tranche over the weekend, it’s because the person in charge of vetting the files was busily interfering with releasing the files. On Tuesday, Elon Musk fired his a**.

The Twitter files proved conclusively that the FBI and other government actors leaned on the social media outfit to censor the blockbuster Hunter Biden laptop story before the election in a naked attempt to help Joe Biden.

During the release on Friday night, the Twitter files revealed a name you may be familiar with if you’ve read our PJ Media stories about the John Durham probe into the fake, non-existent Trump-Russia collusion fraud.

Former FBI attorney, Jim Baker, who helped spread the false “Russia! Russia! Russia!” story to help 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, exited D.C. to begin a new gig as deputy general counsel at — you guessed it. That’s right: Twitter.

Baker is the one who gave the Twitter censors the cover story that the very real and true story about Hunter Biden’s laptop was hacked material and needed to be censored.

Behold the distinction between his treatment of the fake Russia scandal and the very true Biden scandal.

Musk named independent journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss to be in charge of releasing the Twitter files to the public.

In a series of tweets, Taibbi revealed that Weiss was “shocked” when she learned that the files were being vetted by none other than the same former FBI/Hillary Clinton hack.

He wrote:

On Friday, the first installment of the Twitter files was published here. We expected to publish more over the weekend. Many wondered why there was a delay.

We can now tell you part of the reason why. On Tuesday, Twitter Deputy General Counsel (and former FBI General Counsel) Jim Baker was fired. Among the reasons? Vetting the first batch of “Twitter Files” – without knowledge of new management.

The process for producing the “Twitter Files” involved delivery to two journalists (Bari Weiss and me) via a lawyer close to new management. However, after the initial batch, things became complicated.

Over the weekend, while we both dealt with obstacles to new searches, it was
@BariWeiss who discovered that the person in charge of releasing the files was someone named Jim. When she called to ask “Jim’s” last name, the answer came back: “Jim Baker.”

“My jaw hit the floor,” says Weiss.

The news that Baker was reviewing the “Twitter files” surprised everyone involved, to say the least. New Twitter chief Elon Musk acted quickly to “exit” Baker Tuesday.

 Her jaw hit the floor because she knew who Baker was and that he was involved in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story for the Democrats on Twitter. The files bore his name.

That’s right, the same former FBI attorney who helped push the first Russia collusion scandal, the fake Alfa-Bank Trump-Putin back channel nonsense, to help Hillary’s campaign was found to be again helping a Democrat at Twitter. Shocker. Worse, he was put in charge of determining which of the Twitter files — some of which showed he was complicit in censoring the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story and Twitter account.

Democrats even farmed out the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up story to some of the same reporters who helped spread the false Trump-Russia story.

It’s shocking that Musk didn’t fire the Democrat hack on his general counsel staff the first day he took over. But he finally fired him on Tuesday.

Democrat corruption continues apace in an attempt to cover up one of the biggest scandals that has ever taken place in the White House — the “big guy” running for president whose son possessed evidence on his laptop that he used his official office to enrich himself.

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Raphael Warnock Wins Reelection in Georgia Senate Runoff

 By Spencer Brown |

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

After neither incumbent Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock nor Trump-endorsed GOP challenger Herschel Walker received more than 50 percent of the vote on Election Day in November, the two faced off on Tuesday in a runoff election that saw Sen. Warnock prevail in his reelection bid according in a call that came less than three hours after the polls closed.

Throughout the night as votes were tallied, the lead see-sawed between the two candidates, with Walker leading for a while as day-of votes began to be counted and Warnock taking the lead back as counties around Atlanta reported more votes. 

Despite Walker's performance among day-of voters, Warnock's advantage among early and absentee voters kept the incumbent Democrat ahead of his GOP challenger even as turnout in Georgia's runoff beat records in previous cycles — another repudiation of claims that Georgia's election integrity law would disenfranchise voters and reduce participation in Peach State elections. 

Still, the outcome looks to be closer than the three percent margin that many analysts and pundits predicted in the Georgia runoff, meaning that Warnock did not run away with his reelection bid and was held closer than expected by Walker's campaign, due in no small part to runoff campaign assistance from Gov. Brian Kemp following his reelection in November. 

At the time Decision Desk HQ called the race, Warnock had 50.46 percent of the votes to Walker's 49.54 percent with 83 percent of the estimated votes counted. As expected, Warnock led in the early vote by a not-insignificant margin, underscoring calls by some Republicans, contrary to what former President Donald Trump has said, for the GOP to ramp up its early voting efforts to prevent Democrats from running up leads like the one seen in Georgia Tuesday night. 

But for now at least, the 2022 midterm election cycle is finally, officially over — ending again in Georgia with a Senate runoff — the result of which puts the balance of power in the U.S. Senate at 51 Democrats and 49 Republicans.

The final outcome means that Vice President Kamala Harris will not be needed on Capitol Hill as often to act as tie-breaker on party line votes, and it also slightly diminishes the power of more independent-minded Democrats such as Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Joe Manchin (WV) when it comes to Democrat legislation.

One poll reported by Townhall ahead of the runoff showed, much like in the run-up to Election Day, Walker and Warnock were nearly evenly and separated by a margin within the margin of error, even though Warnock had a slight advantage among independent Peach State voters and Walker had locked up some 94 percent of voters who sent Brian Kemp to victory in November.

“Is ‘Hell No’ An Option” – Kari Lake DESTROYS Leftist Twitter Poll Asking “Should Kari Lake Concede?”

 By Jordan Conradson | Gateway Pundit

The 2022 Midterm in Arizona was stolen from Kari Lake by corrupt Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who challenged Lake for Governor, and Kari Lake is not giving up.

The election was an uncertifiable disaster on Election Day in Maricopa County when voting machines and printers suddenly stopped working at over 30% of voting centers the moment the polls opened. Republican voters were forced to wait in extremely long lines, turned away from the polls, or told to deposit their ballots in the questionable “box 3” for misread ballots.

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday that Katie Hobbs needed to ask Twitter to silence her critics on top of running her own election and threatening to jail County Supervisors if they did not certify her corrupt election win. She is desperate to certify this election and take the Governor’s office without facing questions or challenges.

Kari Lake tweeted the following video on November 21 when Maricopa County was still counting the ballots from November 8.

@TrendingLiberal, a leftist page with 233.5k followers, commented a poll asking, “should Kari Lake Concede?” and they got absolutely leveled by 102,071 votes with 76.6% “no” votes.

Lake: Hi, this is Kari Lake and I have a message to the people of Arizona and all Americans. 40 days ago elections in Arizona officially started when mail in ballots were sent out across our state.

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Employers Rethink Need for College Degrees in Tight Labor Market

By Austen Hufford | The Wall Street Journal

‘I’m not good at academics. It’s not for me,’ said Lucy Mathis, who discontinued her undergraduate studies to enter the workforce. PHOTO: CHET STRANGE FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Google, Delta Air Lines and IBM have reduced requirements for some positions.

The tight labor market is prompting more employers to eliminate one of the biggest requirements for many higher-paying jobs: the need for a college degree.

Companies such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Delta Air Lines Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. have reduced educational requirements for certain positions and shifted hiring to focus more on skills and experience. Maryland this year cut college-degree requirements for many state jobs—leading to a surge in hiring—and incoming Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro campaigned on a similar initiative.

U.S. job postings requiring at least a bachelor’s degree were 41% in November, down from 46% at the start of 2019 ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to an analysis by the Burning Glass Institute, a think tank that studies the future of work. Degree requirements dropped even more early in the pandemic. They have grown since then but remain below prepandemic levels.

The shift comes as demand for workers remains high and unemployment is low. Job postings far outpace the number of unemployed people looking for work—10.7 million openings in September compared with 5.8 million unemployed—creating unusually stiff competition for workers.

The persistently tight labor market has accelerated the trend that builds on a debate about the benefits and drawbacks of encouraging more people to attend four-year colleges and as organizations try to address racial disparities in the workplace.

Some occupations have universal degree requirements, such as doctors and engineers, while others typically have no higher education requirements, such as retail workers. There is a middle ground, such as tech positions, that have varying degree requirements depending on the industry, company and strength of the labor market and economy.

Lucy Mathis won a scholarship to attend a women in computer science conference. There, she learned about an IT internship at Google and eventually dropped out of her computer science undergraduate program to work at the company full time. The 28-year-old now makes a six-figure sum as a systems specialist.

“I found out I had a knack for IT,” she said. “I’m not good at academics. It’s not for me.”

More than 100,000 people in the U.S. have completed Google’s online college-alternative program that offers training in fast-growing fields such as digital marketing and project management, the company said. It and 150 other companies are now using the program to hire entry-level workers.

The majority of its U.S. roles at IBM no longer require a four-year degree after the company conducted a review of hiring practices, IBM spokeswoman Ashley Bright said.

Delta eased its educational requirements for pilots at the start of this year, saying a four-year college degree was preferred but no longer required of job applicants.

Walmart Inc., the country’s largest private employer, said it values skills and knowledge gained through work experience and that 75% of its U.S. salaried store management started their careers in hourly jobs. 

“We don’t require degrees for most of our jobs in the field and increasingly in the home office as well,” Kathleen McLaughlin, Walmart executive vice president, said at an online event this fall. The company’s goal is to shift the “focus from the way someone got their skills, which is the degree, to what skills do they have.”

A four-year college degree holder has more lifetime earnings than one without. The lifetime earnings of a worker with a high-school diploma is $1.6 million while that of a bachelor’s degree holder is $2.8 million, according to a 2021 report by the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University.

But many people don’t finish college and are left with mountains of debt—more than 43 million people in the U.S. hold a total of $1.6 trillion in student-loan debt. While a college degree can provide specific workplace skills, workers can gain the skills needed for many jobs without a four-year degree.

Black and Hispanic people are less likely to have a college degree compared with white and Asian people, according to the Commerce Department. Men are less likely than women.

“Even though education is supposed to open up doors and windows of opportunity, they have, in some ways, become a means of closing off opportunity,” said Nicole Smith, the chief economist at the Georgetown center.

The Ad Council, a marketing nonprofit that targets issues such as drunken driving, this summer launched a multiyear national advertising campaign aimed at reducing barriers to the workforce for non-college-degree holders. “Rethink bachelor’s degree requirements and discover a world of talent,” says one bus-stop poster.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan in March said the government would review college-degree requirements for every state job. State and local governments have struggled to hire workers in the tight labor market.

Half a year later, Maryland said the program is showing early signs of working as intended. The number of state employees hired without a four-year degree from May to August is up 41% from a year before while the number of all employees hired is up 14%.

Opportunity@Work, a nonprofit that wants to cut degree requirements, worked with Maryland on its program. Bridgette Gray, the chief customer officer, said there are around 70 million Americans over the age of 25 who are in the workforce today and don’t have a college degree. Around four million are already in high-wage careers.

“College is a clear pathway to upward mobility, but it shouldn’t be the only pathway,” she said.

Mark Townend, who leads recruiting efforts for Maryland’s state jobs, said reducing degree requirements was a way to tackle a societal problem and to make finding employees easier for the government. Mr. Townend and his team have been examining and rewriting nearly 2,500 job classifications for nearly 60,000 state workers.

“We basically had a need for more applicants,” he said. “There is a large population of nondegree candidates who are good for our jobs.”

A recent Maryland job posting for an administrative officer paying up to nearly $80,000 a year said that the job required a high-school diploma and three years of experience. That same level job previously required four years of college.

Philip Deitchman, the head of human resources at Maryland’s Department of Juvenile Services, said he previously declined job candidates without the right credentials. The state had specification sheets that had strictly defined job requirements, he said.

“We would say, ‘Wow we want this person,’ but they didn’t have a college degree,” he said. “I’m passing up someone really good.”

Governments are less flexible and have more stringent requirements than the private sector, economists said, partly because they often have rules intended to reduce corruption and political favoritism.

Mr. Deitchman said since the policy change he is seeing more applicants and higher quality job applicants.

“I would rather have someone with experience,” he said. “It’s just something that should have been done years ago.”

Patricia Bruzdzinski works as an employee specialist for Maryland, helping state workers navigate health insurance and other human-resources issues. Ms. Bruzdzinski said she was hired at a lower level in 2016, partially because she doesn’t have a college degree. She said the new policy should help her advance in her career and open doors for others to get state jobs.

Ms. Bruzdzinski said online training resources and learning on the job have allowed her to gain new skills for her $50,000-a-year position.

“It’s also about self-education,” she said. “I listen to podcasts on Medicaid.”

Monday, December 05, 2022

Heiress 'Brainwashed' by Woke Women's College, Mom Paid $300 a Day to Get Her 'Deprogrammed'

By Bob Hoge |

Mount Holyoke College. (Credit: YouTube/Mount Holyoke.)

What’s worse than paying $60,000 a year to send your child to a woke college so they can be brainwashed into hating men and America? Having to spend three hundred bucks a day to get her “deprogrammed” and brought back to reality.

That’s what faced Melinda Rockwell, who sent her pharmaceutical heiress daughter Annabella to women’s college Mount Holyoke in rural Massachusetts only to see her come back completely “indoctrinated.” Melinda barely recognized the daughter she had raised, telling the New York Post:

“She was no longer the Annabella I’d known all her life. This girl was the most bubbly breath of fresh air to everyone. She lit up a room. But the light was stolen from her at that school. It was extinguished. It was no different than if she’d been taken away by the Moonies or the Children of God.

 Melinda was so distraught by her daughter’s new outlook that she admits to once throwing a vase through a window in frustration. Annabella describes her “educational” experience:

I left school very anxious, very nervous, very depressed and sad. I saw everything through the lens of oppression and bias and victimhood. I came to the school as someone who saw everyone equally. I left looking for injustice wherever I could and automatically assuming that all White men were sexist. My thoughts were no longer my own.

 After Annabella’s graduation, Melinda resorted to hiring a $300-a-day deprogrammer in an attempt to undo the damage. Annabella began to question some of the teachings about the evil patriarchy and the anti-male stance she says she’d encountered at the college. She also thought back on the culture her freshman year when she felt there was a pressure to shrug off gender roles; one student ritual called for cutting off one’s hair into the “MoHo chop.” (Annabella declined to do this.)

It wasn’t until the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, though, that she came to fully realize she’d become radicalized:

“My social media feed was an echo chamber of everything I’d been taught at Mt. Holyoke,” Rockwell said. “Everyone had the black square and it was all ‘no justice, no peace.’ But I was starting to think to myself, ‘Why are we burning down businesses in the name of empowerment? How is this helping black people? It just doesn’t make sense.’ It just began to click in that moment about how hypocritical it was.”

She also credits her mother’s “relentlessness” in helping her realize that she’d fallen into a mindless cult. Ironically, Annabella now works as a fundraiser for PragerU. She doesn’t want to shame her former classmates though:

I don’t want to smear them. They were young and impressionable. It wasn’t fair to anyone that there was so space for discourse. While I was there the school preached all the time about how diverse it was. But diversity of opinion was never allowed. [Emphasis mine.]

The school makes no secret of its activism, saying in a mission statement on their YouTube page:

At Mount Holyoke, the first of the powerful Seven Sisters colleges, social activism is in our DNA. Which is to say that we have long been committed to access and social justice, and to the belief that women of strength and conviction give rise to a better world for all.

Many readers are probably wondering, if you saw that mission statement, why would you ever send your kid to that school? The answer unfortunately is that most major colleges now feature extremely woke mission statements, and unless you send your child to Hillsdale or the like, they’re going to get a healthy dose of progressive ideology. Conservatives have lost higher education to woke administrators and professors, and we must fight back.

Today’s colleges and universities will embrace all people regardless of color, sexual orientation or identification, and some religions (as long as they’re not Christian), but the one thing they will not tolerate: conservative viewpoints.

Sunday, December 04, 2022

Don't Be Fooled — Antifa Is America's Nazis


AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

The key to understanding the Democrats is this: They accuse the Republicans of whatever they are up to. So when the libs call us “Nazis,” it’s time to take a peak under the non-binary, black bloc fashion-wear of their own street thugs and see what they’re really up to.

Antifa violently attacks Republicans, Christians, and conservatives around the nation. They shut down speeches by conservatives like Ann Coulter. Such violence is reminiscent of Hitler’s S.A., which is short for Sturmabteilung (assault division), also known as the “brown shirts.”

FASCISM-O-RAMA! Nazis, commies, and fascists hate democracy. They use/used violence against their political opponents, including shutting down speeches by their ideological adversaries. Antifa also opposes democracyattacks people who disagree with them, and riots to cancel speeches by conservatives. If it walks like a duck goosesteps like a Nazi…

The only difference between Antifa and Hitler’s street thugs is sartorial: Hitler’s thugs preferred wearing brown shirts, hence their nickname, while Antifa fancies the Italian fascist fashions championed by Mussolini’s Blackshirts.

IRONY-O-RAMA! Fifty tears ago, leftist, soap-dodging hippies fought for free speech at Berkeley. Today, their gender-free Nazi/commie/fascist grandkids screech and battle to shut it down.

Below, we see the dames of Antifa sporting matching helmets and black uniforms. In other pictures, you’ll see them carrying shields.

Yet Democrats have historically refused to admit Antifa exists, much less tried to leash their street animals. Let’s not forget:

That “myth” recently planned on burning down Tesla dealerships because, as true fascists, they hate that free speech is back on Twitter. Stupidly, they used Elon Musk’s own Twitter to organize their violence. Musk suspended their accounts, something Twitter refused to do before Musk bought the social media giant.

Though CNN’s Don Lemon has a long history of beclowing himself for his commie masters, one of his most truly spectacular auto-humiliating comments was when he tried to defend Antifa because of their name.

“It says it right in the name, Antifa — Anti-fascism, which is what they were there fighting,” Lemon stated, referring to the 2018 riot in Charlottesville, Va.

Never mind that Antifa attacks political opponents and shuts down free speech — you know, as a fascist would do.

Perhaps Don Lemon can explain Antifa attacking a peaceful Christian group.

Like Hitler’s brownshirts, Antifa enjoys the legal protection of the ruling party. Joe “totally showered with his daughter, Ashley” Biden was happy to drop federal charges against almost half of the Antifa rioters in Portland just after taking office. In other words, keep doing what you’re doing and the Democrats will have your back.

FACT-O-RAMA! Lefty lawyer Urooj Rahman torched an NYPD car and passed out firebombs to other George Floyd rioters, all of which was captured on video. She was sent to prison for 15 months. January 6 protester Jacob Chansley, also known as “the Qanon Shaman”, was sent to the hoosegow for 41 months, though he didn’t touch or torch anyone.

Antifa not only finds comfort in the arms of high-ranking Democrats but they are also coddled by Pravda news outlets like the L.A. Times.

The L.A. Times “reviewed” right-wing journalist Andy Ngo’s book, Unmasked, which details Antifa’s history of violence. The paper mocked Ngo and questioned the cerebral hemorrhage he suffered after an Antifa beating. It even suggested Antifa’s violence was “provoked” by Ngo, who dared to dress as an Antifa anarchist to cover the group’s violence.

For a “mythical idea,” Antifa seems to be pretty well organized and funded. Those shields and battle duds don’t pay for themselves, and pallets of bricks aren’t free. Who is coughing up mad stacks for Antifa to dress for success when smashing and burning our nation?

Project Veritas released an undercover video purporting to show that Antifa gets some of its cheddar from billionaire bolshie George Soros, as well as leftists from Silicon Valley.

One supposed anarchist flat-out admitted Soros offered him money, health insurance, and a retirement fund to burn the nation down. He also claims he never got paid. Poor lamb.

Former President Trump once claimed Antifa was funded in part by “stupid rich people.” The Post Millennial reported that New York’s favorite communist, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was pimping for a pro-Antifa group, “Unicorn Riot.”

The good news is that a bunch of Antifa prags has been arrested and/or convicted lately for violent crimes. The not-so-good news is that many have been been given probation instead of prison time. It’s yet another reminder that despite embracing Nazi tactics and terrorizing cities — and citizens — across the nation, Antifa enjoys the protection of the powerful left, from mayors and prosecutors all the way up to the Big Guy in the White House — just like Hitler’s brown shirts.

Saturday, December 03, 2022

Twitter Document Dump Exposes Shocking Messages From Democrat Lawmakers

By Bonchie |

Screenshots from alleged iCloud

Elon Musk’s release of Twitter’s Hunter Biden files, dealing with the company’s collusion with numerous entities to suppress the bombshell laptop story prior to the 2020 election, is the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many emails to sift through and so much to discuss that it’s hard to know where to begin.

With that said, there are two major parts to this. Obviously, Twitter’s role in the partisan corruption that took place is important, and it exposes a rot that still exists at the other major social media companies. On the other side, though, is the role government officials played in possibly violating the rights of Americans by proxy, which could place some in legal peril.

On Friday, we learned that the FBI was meeting weekly with social media companies to discuss what accounts and content to suppress. Now, with the release of these files by Twitter, we are learning that Democrats in the House and Senate were also lashing out behind the scenes, and to put it succinctly, what was being said is downright disturbing.

The Democrats were in agreement: social media needs to moderate more because their corrupting democracy and making all “truth” relative. When pushed on how the government might insist on that, consistent with the First Amendment, they demurred: “the First Amendment isn’t absolute.”

Not that it was a big secret that the left has zero respect for constitutional rights, but it’s still stunning to see this stuff out in the open. You had Democrat congressional members as well as the Biden campaign running to Twitter to describe what they knew was a factual story as disinformation, demanding that it be censored. Worse, Twitter did their bidding.

That goes well past the public expressions of discontent, which were dishonest enough. The government is not legally permitted to collude with private companies, using them as a tool to violate the rights of Americans. Yet, that’s exactly what appears to have happened here. That it possibly swung a presidential election only adds to the level of malfeasance that took place.

What this boils down to is a small group of political elites who decided they had the moral authority to essentially rig the 2020 election. Who could forget that infamous TIME article admitting as much shortly after Joe Biden’s inauguration? In that sense, Musk’s document dump isn’t telling anything new as much as it is confirming what we’ve known all along.

Most frustrating is the continued reality that there will be no accountability. No one will pay a price for this, and Democrats will just move on to their next underhanded, possibly illegal scheme to hold onto power. Still, there’s immense value in knowing the truth, and the truth is now out there. On that front, Musk has done the country a great service.



Bombshell: DNC Had Twitter Go After James Woods, According to Files

By Nick Arama |

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File)

We’ve seen some bombshell revelations in the Elon Musk Twitter drop about the suppression files including those surrounding the Hunter Biden laptop story. There are freakouts underway on the left and we see a fascinating take by Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) who expressed concerns about the First Amendment. Twitter should have paid attention to that because it looks like they went far over the edge with what they did.

As the records showed, the Biden team was reaching out and getting people suspended from Twitter.

Among the revelations was an incredible record that indicated the DNC had asked Twitter to take down actor James Woods.

You can see this note they took down another account but then referred Woods’ account to “Safety” — Twitter Safety — for an evaluation since he was a “high profile” person.

Not only does this show that Twitter was operating under direct requests from the Democrats but it also involved specifically removing information that could be harmful to their candidate Joe Biden, because it concerned his son.

If the government was involved, it could potentially implicate constitutional questions.

It is believed that this is the tweet that might have been in question. It looks like it’s Hunter Biden smoking crack.

There’s nothing that would appear violative of the terms of service as far as I can tell in that picture. There’s nothing physically visible apart from Hunter smoking. But that would be harmful of course to Joe Biden’s campaign as it would show there was validity to the laptop because of the picture of Hunter Biden. So suppressing it was helping the Biden campaign. This was at a critical point in October, right before the election, with Woods being a big influencer with a very active Twitter account. Many accounts were suspended or locked during that period if they had anything to do with trying to spread the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Looks like they have a smoking gun here and more on the way. Break out the popcorn.

The Activist Media Is Still Pretending Elon Musk Will Destroy ‘Black Twitter’

 By Jeff Charles |

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

In the latest episode of “Let’s Pretend We Care About the Blacks,” CNN became the latest activist media outlet to deceptively imply that Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter will somehow hurt African Americans using the platform. Left-leaning “news organizations” have been using their typical strategy of exploiting black folks as political weapons against people they don’t like, in an effort to attack the new CEO for daring to promote free speech on the platform.

CNN reported that “Black Twitter is mourning the possible end of the influential community they found on Twitter more than a decade ago,” and that “users are split between finding a new app or staying put.”

One user told the activist media outlet:

I’m not ready to go because I feel like that’s the case with a lot of things. Black people bring culture, community and love and so much energy and spirit and soul to whatever places we inhabit, and then someone else comes in and totally disrupts the energy and we leave, and they benefit from what we built.

Black Twitter is an online community consisting of mostly African American influencers and users on the platform. Mia Moody-Ramirez, professor of journalism and public relations at Baylor University, said it is a “grassroots movement” on the site that fosters discussions on black-related topics like Black Lives Matter and others. Users typically use the #BlackTwitter hashtag when participating in these conversations.

“Since Elon Musk took over Twitter in October, the future of Black Twitter has led to debate among scholars and its users,” said the CNN report.

AndrĂ© Brock, a professor of Black digital studies at Georgia Tech indicated that African American users will likely remain on the platform. “We’re going to live wherever we are, even if the circumstances aren’t perfect for us, but when have they ever (been)?” he said.

Musk’s detractors have implemented a series of strategies to force him to continue the politically-biased censorship practices that were employed under Twitter’s prior management. Accusing him of fomenting white supremacy on the site has been one of their primary – if not most predictable – tactics. Even after it was revealed that the uptick in racial slurs being used on the platform shortly after Musk took over was artificially inflated by a small number of mostly-bot accounts, critics insist that the new CEO is trying to pander to a racist, far-right element.

An article in The Root accused Musk of belittling Black Twitter and his African American employees. The author argued that “his notions of ‘free speech’ on the platform mean greenlighting the comeback of Donald Trump and other hatemongers and as a manager he’s fired thousands of employees who were part of an intentional internal strategy to attempt to make the company as diverse as the voices on its platform.”

The author also slammed Musk for posting a now-deleted tweet discussing the false narratives surrounding the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Here’s the bottom line: Black Twitter isn’t going anywhere.

For starters, there aren’t many alternatives to Twitter that are as effective when it comes to reaching a wider audience. Progressives and media activists have been trying to persuade people to migrate to sites like Mastodon in protest of Musk’s takeover, but to no avail.

Additionally, it is not likely that Twitter’s new content moderation policy – which has not yet been fleshed out – will allow for any activity that would realistically drive a significant number of black users off the platform. Despite what leftists are claiming, Musk is not going to allow more of a proliferation of “hate speech” on the site than already exists. Indeed, earlier he announced that the Twitter team had decreased these types of tweets to levels that were lower than before he took the helm.

Currently, the site is losing advertisers who are concerned about this issue. He is not going to allow anything that will make companies less comfortable with advertising on the platform – he indicated as much shortly after buying the organization.

In the end, this is nothing more than mindless fearmongering on the part of progressives whose true concern is the notion that opposing views will have a more level playing field than in the past. The era of politically-biased censorship on the site is coming to an end, and this is what these people are afraid of. Nevertheless, they are going to have to get used to it.

Friday, December 02, 2022

Chinese Anti-COVID Lockdown Protests Have Morphed Into Anti-Regime Demonstrations



Protests in China have been frequent over the years, caused by issues as diverse as air pollution, mistreatment by police, and illegal land grabs as the Chinese Communists flagrantly disregard their own laws.

But long-time China-watchers at the BBC are shocked about the protests that have erupted in the last 48 hours. The latest demonstrations began as protests against the endless and maddening COVID-19 lockdowns.

But on Friday night, a fire in an apartment complex that killed ten people was the focus of protests against the Chinese government. The anti-COVID lockdown was being blamed for the slow response to the fire.


It is extremely dangerous here to publicly criticise the Communist Party’s general secretary. You risk being put in prison.

And yet there they were on the Shanghai street (Wulumuqi Lu) which carries the name of the Xinjiang city where a fire had killed 10 residents, and zero-Covid restrictions were blamed for hampering the rescue effort.

One protester calls out: “Xi Jinping!”

And hundreds reply: “Step down!”

Again and again: “Xi Jinping! Step down! Xi Jinping! Step down!”

The chant also went out: “Communist Party! Step down! Communist Party! Step down!”

For a political organisation with no greater priority than remaining in power, this is as big a challenge as they come.

This is why the Communists can’t allow these protests — referred to by some as the biggest protests since the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989. Any challenge at all to its legitimacy must be met with the most brutal and bloody crackdown.

On dozens of university campuses, students held gatherings or put up posters to grieve the dead from the Xinjiang fire and speak out against zero-Covid. In several cities, residents in locked-down neighborhoods tore down barriers and took to the streets, following mass anti-lockdown protests that swept Urumqi on Friday night.

Such widespread scenes of anger and defiance – some of which stretched well into Sunday – are exceptionally rare in China, where the ruling Communist Party ruthlessly cracks down on all expressions of dissent. But three years into the pandemic, many people have been pushed to the brink by the government’s incessant use of lockdowns, Covid tests and quarantines.

The ratcheting-up of restrictions in recent months, coupled with a series of heartbreaking deaths blamed on an over-zealous policing of the controls, has brought matters to a head.

Lambs to the slaughter. We can admire their courage, but there is no chance that Xi will change his policies given how much the CCP has invested in them. The parameters of what triggers a lockdown must change — probably framed as a response to the “success” of Xi’s policies. That’s the only way that the Chinese Communists will alter their lockdown policy.

And the only relief in sight for the Chinese people.



WATCH: Crazy Scenes From China's Anti-Lockdown Uprisings, Journalists Being Attacked

By Bonchie |

AP Photo/Vincent Yu

Things are touching off in China with people taking to the streets to oppose yet more lockdowns as part of the Chicom’s “zero-COVID” policy. Dictator Xi Jinping had recently ordered a fresh round of confinement following outbreaks in Wuhan and other cities.

Videos of the unrest are starting to come out of the normally tightly-controlled country. Protesters are clashing with police, tearing down barricades, and gathering in sizes not seen since the Tiananmen Square massacre some 30 years ago.

There have been reports of intense protests in Wuhan, Chengdu, and Shanghai, and Chinese authorities are beginning to organize their response. Journalists aren’t escaping their wrath. In one disturbing scene, a CNN reporter on the ground tried to get a comment from a police officer. He responded with an expletive.

In another instance, a BBC reporter was violently attacked, though his identity is a bit of a mystery. Hopefully, he’s alright and hasn’t been detained.

Videos of armored vehicles are being shared, signaling that the crackdown is coming. The Chinese government is so powerful, that street protests likely won’t pose much of a threat to it. Their police and armed forces number in the tens of millions, and because of that, we could be on the precipice of another massacre. I certainly hope that’s not how this ends, but that’s where things are heading.

Freedom is a beautiful thing. It’s also something that typically demands sacrifice. Where this goes from here will depend on just how much Chinese citizens are willing to give up to pursue it.

Here are the videos.



"This is why we have the second amendment. When the government comes for Americans, it is our right and our duty to shoot back. The Chinese people have no weapons and nothing to fight back with."


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