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The FBI Was Also on Trial in Sussmann Russia Collusion Case


Stefani Reynolds/Pool via AP

The jury in the Michael Sussmann case held its first full day of deliberations on Tuesday to determine if the Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Committee (DNC) attorney is guilty of lying to the FBI in a private meeting. They were charged with the case on Friday.

Sussmann says he was doing his civic duty instead of doing Hillary Clinton’s dirty work when he brought faked “research” to the FBI that he and his Democrat cronies claimed tied Donald Trump to the Kremlin-connected Alfa-Bank via a super-secret server. None of it was true. The fallout from that meeting and all other Russia collusion claptrap changed the course of American history and left people disillusioned about their country’s institutions—especially the FBI.

Indeed, the FBI was as much on trial over the last two weeks as Sussmann, the former DOJ attorney-turned white-shoe lawyer with DNC-connected Perkins Coie.

Hillary’s team, including Sussmann, faked intelligence and then seeded the information in the FBI, CIA, and the media. It was like placing timed charges to implode Trump’s candidacy and presidency over time. We don’t know what would have happened in 2020 if Trump had been able to conduct his hard-earned presidency without this election interference from the Obama White House, Hillary Clinton, the lies of Congressman Adam Schiff and his ilk, and the Rachel Maddow conspiracy-media coven.

But it’s worse than mere lies. Politicians do that all day long. It’s their sine qua non. What made this sickening, slow-motion wrecking ball worse was the divisive toll it took on the country.

In testimony during the Sussmann trial, we learned from political operatives, such as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, that Democrats didn’t trust the FBI after what the Alexander Haig of FBI Directors, Jim Comey, did to Hillary’s campaign. Comey listed Hillary’s bill of particulars on national TV and then didn’t indict her. Later, he announced he’d resumed the investigation. Of course, Hillary’s wounds were self-inflicted—destroying emails, trading in State Department secrets, and using her real secret server. You know the rest.

Conservatives didn’t trust the FBI either. They should move that 7th-floor executive suite to the D.C. prison where they’ve got Trump supporters in solitary confinement for “parading” around and inside the Capitol Building after being let in by the cops. By the time the actual violent January 6 protesters get a trial, if they aren’t exonerated, they should be freed for time served.

And then sue their asses for civil rights violations.

Both sides in the trial have taken aim at the FBI.  John Durham’s special counsel prosecutors have argued that the same FBI that took Hillary’s so-called oppo research and used it to frame Trump were somehow duped into believing this tripe. Testimony showed that the line agents were forced to investigate when they knew the information was partial garbage but were ordered to keep going by the 7th-floor executive suite.

At the same time, Sussmann’s attorney argued that those FBI executives weren’t duped at all! He dismissed the FBI investigation into his client as “shoddy” and “an embarrassment.” They knew for whom Sussmann worked—Hillary, the DNC, and his tech executive who helped make up the lies. Notwithstanding Durham’s evidence against Sussmann to the contrary, he argued that nobody at the FBI was duped because they knew he worked for Hillary’s campaign, he argued. Indeed, “Mr. Sussmann had DNC and HFA [Hillary for America] tattooed on his forehead, they (FBI) assumed that’s where the information came from,” he told jurors.  And that means, he reasoned, Sussmann may have lied and said he didn’t come on behalf of any client, but it wasn’t a big, material lie because they should have known he was lying.

This Alfa-Bank case triggers PTSD in so many right-thinking Americans who believed—past tense—in that quaint notion of civil rights and due process and are horrified at this Trump-Russia frame-up. It highlights the cozy relationships between the permanent government elite and their buddies in the FBI and DOJ.

Some of the same players we saw in other iterations of the Trump-Russia collusion operation were the same players involved in the Alfa-Bank scam. They’re all one of a piece. Former FBI top investigator Peter “I smell Trump voters at Walmart” Strzok is also the same guy sent by Comey to set up Mike Flynn in a perjury trap—even though the agents didn’t think he was lying.

FBI Director Comey, who briefed newly elected President Trump on the fake story of peeing hookers in a Russian hotel room so that he could tell CIA Director John Brennan Trump had been briefed on this fake news, did it so that Brennan could call his soon-to-be employer, CNN, to go with the story. Then when CNN broke the story, BuzzFeed printed the wild-eyed Steele “dossier.”

They were some of the same people who lied on a FISA warrant in order to spy on Trump’s campaign.

The FBI chief was unceremoniously fired by Trump, so Comey leaked a story about Trump asking him to go easy on Mike Flynn, which, by the way, didn’t happen. Comey parlayed that leak into more pressure on his replacement and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to call for a special counsel for obstructing an investigation—a crime that Trump had not committed.

Rosenstein, a political tool at the DOJ, talked with post-Comey acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe about possibly wearing a wire during meetings with Trump to see if Rosenstein could get Trump sounding crazy so he could call for invoking the 25th Amendment—something he walked back when they were outed.

Eventually, Rosenstein called for the special counsel to investigate Trump because he was taking so much heat from the Democrats.

The same pattern occurred over and over. Rinse, repeat.

The Sussmann trial highlighted the cozy relationships between Director James Comey and his politicized top brass on the 7th Floor at the FBI—populated by Hillary Clinton acolytes and Donald Trump haters. Donald Trump was so loathed by these people that fail-safes to stop the pollution of their investigations were bypassed. They made their friends Confidential Human Sources to the FBI. And hold their trials in front of a D.C. jury of their peers, not America’s.

Sure, we are getting more information than we ever expected to know about the way this Trump-Russia collusion stuff got started. This is useful for assuring millions of Americans that they weren’t imagining it. Righting the history books is worth the effort, but somebody needs to go to prison. And somebody needs to alert the media since there’s been a dearth of reporting on the Sussmann case.

Let’s remember, it’s OK for people to hate Trump, but framing a president for treason seems pretty treason-y to me and should be met with three hots and a cot in close quarters with Bubba the boy-toy.

And that’s why so many people hope Sussmann is punished for pushing Hillary’s political fairy tale.

He may not be, however. And you’d better be ready for that. But I get the feeling that Durham has more moves to make in the investigation into the framing of Donald Trump.




Sussmann Acquitted of Lying to FBI in Trump Russia Hoax, Delivering Big Loss to Special Counsel Durham


AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Special counsel John Durham suffered a big loss in court on Tuesday when a federal jury found Michael Sussmann not guilty of materially lying to the FBI in a September 2016 meeting.

The jury, which returned Tuesday for its first full day of deliberations after being charged with the case Friday afternoon, came to its decision in less than a day.

Testimony made clear that Sussmann brought the phony Hillary Clintoncommissioned scam — to wit, that Trump was a Russian agent with a super-secret server to communicate with Vladimir Putin’s Alfa-Bank — to the FBI in hopes of launching an investigation that would dirty up the Republican presidential nominee. That investigation continued for two years into Trump’s presidency.

The quick response by the jury, however, means that jurors didn’t buy the fact that Sussmann’s lies were material to the case; meaning that Sussmann’s lie that he was bringing the false information out of duty and not for Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t change the way the FBI did its job.

As I reported at PJ Media, Sussmann’s attorney argued for just such an outcome.

Though Sussmann being found guilty would have been a surprise outcome in the political environment that is Washington, D.C., the trial was not a waste of time by the Durham team. During the proceedings, John Durham smoked out that Hillary Clinton green-lighted the Trump-Russia Collusion scam. That admission came from the lips of her own 2016 campaign manager.

In court, FBI officials admitted that Sussmann and his cronies used them to launder Trump conspiracy theories as they seeded the lies throughout the FBI, CIA, and media without pushback. The trial also made abundantly clear that the FBI gave out the title of Confidential Human Source (CHS) to friends to use their information, whether it was false or not, to trigger an investigation into the man they so loathed.

Former prosecutor Andy McCarthy predicted on his podcast that Sussmann would walk. McCarthy summed up the scam in his book, “Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency.

Durham’s not done, though this is a PR setback to be sure.

The acquittal also points out once again that the Left always seems to get a jury of its peers in Washington, D.C.

Stay tuned.


Monday, May 30, 2022

By Keeping The Past Alive, Memorial Day Can Help Us Save The Future



Memorial Day takes on its deepest meaning when we connect it with our heritage and roots.

Memorial Day is a profound American holiday because it connects the present with so many different points of our past. It was originally known as Decoration Day, a day set aside to honor those who lost their lives in the Civil War—America’s most costly war, taking the lives of at least 620,000 men. Among American holidays, Memorial Day is unique also in that it originated from the vanquished, not the victor.

After the war was over, women from the South—Columbus, Mississippi and Richmond, Virginia—set out to decorate with flowers the gravesites of their fallen Confederate soldiers. But they became so moved in the process that they decided to equally decorate the gravesites of Union soldiers buried alongside their loved ones. That expression was profound, for it showed an amazing forgiveness toward even a merciless Union victor, like Gen. William Sherman, whose scorched-earth military campaigns had committed so many atrocities—ravaging the lives of non-combatants and unnecessarily destroying swaths across five southern states.

Although Abraham Lincoln could have blamed the South for starting the war by seceding from the United States and firing the first shots on Fort Sumter, he expressed no accusation nor bitterness toward the South and held that both sides were to blame for the Civil War. “With malice toward none, with charity for all…let us bind up the nation’s wounds,” said Lincoln in his Second Inaugural Address.

Decoration Day would not become a national holiday for nearly a century, until after the two World Wars and the Korean War cost America another 559,000 lives. During the Vietnam War, Decoration Day was renamed Memorial Day to honor all servicemen who died in the line of duty in any war or engagement. It became an official national holiday when Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act in 1968.

While remembering those who lost their lives serving America in wartime is a central purpose of this holiday, Memorial Day takes on its deepest meaning when we connect it with our heritage and roots. A takeaway from the Civil War era is not only acknowledging the magnanimity and quality of character of most leaders of those earlier times, but also the respect and civility that allowed healing and moving forward as a nation.

One glaring difference between those times and the present is that we have lost much of the civility that facilitated keeping our diverse peoples together in earlier times. The qualities of character and societal norms shaped by Christian influence that were taken for granted through the mid-20th century—which included grace, respect, tolerance, and manners—have been increasingly crowded out by a coarse secular culture, and more recently by a surrogate woke religion that has added to the aforementioned rigid closed-mindedness and loss of spontaneity, humor, and joy.

The deepest meaning of Memorial Day can be found in simply remembering that when Americans sacrificed their lives in military service, it was not just to defend the United States, but it was also to uphold the natural God-given rights of all people that were articulated in the nation’s founding documents. Those established a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. As a result, America became an inspiration for others around the world. Some likened America to being a light to world, like a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.

One cannot help but see and feel this Memorial Day 2022 that America’s light has dimmed with our country’s leadership losing its way on many fronts and even betraying the people. So, it is fitting to reflect on our past and rediscover the threads that not only hold us together, but also provide strength to the patchwork of our national fabric to withstand the storms ahead.

A discussion of Memorial Day would just not be complete without appreciating the significance of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, formally established on what was then known as Armistice Day, three years after the end of World War I. The U.S. Congress had approved the burial of an unidentified American soldier who had fallen somewhere on a battlefield in France at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier came to be recognized as the most hallowed grave at Arlington Cemetery—the most sacred military cemetery in the United States. Here, one of the profound ironies of our history is that this hallowed and sacred ground came from vanquished Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, who despite his defeat in leading the Confederate cause in the Civil War ended up with the highest unspoken national honor.

That honor unexpectedly came from the great loss of giving up his family’s Arlington House plantation, which he and his wife forfeited to the federal government after they sided with Virginia and the South. The 1,100 acres of that seized plantation land would later become the Arlington Cemetery—the most hallowed ground in America—providing a final resting place for future patriots who gave their lives for the cause of freedom and the American republic.

The selection process for the World War II Unknown proved more difficult than that of World War I since American soldiers had fought on three continents. Then the process was interrupted by the Korean War, which resulted in numerous dead who could not be identified.

Finally on May 28, 1958, caskets bearing the Unknowns of World War II and the Korean War arrived in Washington. The caskets were rotated such that each unknown serviceman rested on the “Lincoln catafalque,” a raised platform that held President Lincoln’s casket in April 1865. Two days later on May 30, then the official date of Memorial Day, those Unknowns were transported to Arlington Cemetery, where they were interred in the plaza beside their World War I comrades.

With so many “missing in action” in the Vietnam War, it was decided that the crypt designated Unknown for that war would remain empty. It was rededicated to honor all missing U.S. service members from the Vietnam War on September 17, 1999, with the inscription on the crypt reading, “Honoring and Keeping the Faith with America’s Missing Servicemen, 1958-1975.”

The inscribed words on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of “Here Rests in Honored Glory an American Soldier Known but to God” are an uplifting reminder that all those who died for the American cause should have a special place in our hearts as they do in God’s. The tomb is guarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year regardless of weather by special armed Tomb Guard sentinels.

Anyone who visits the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier cannot but be humbled and even tearfully reminded of what Lincoln said at Gettysburg, “that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Memorial Day reminds us that U.S. military personnel are asked to put their lives on the line. Defending the nation and fighting wars is the most serious and important job of all. There should be no acceptance of political and military leadership ineptitude, such as what led up to throwing away a long and hard-fought victory in Iraq by withdrawing all U.S. forces in 2011—enabling the rise of ISIS; or what led up to the hasty retreat from Afghanistan in August 2021, which unnecessarily cost 13 American soldiers and left behind some $80 billion of U.S. military equipment in what was effectively a surrender to the Taliban.

Similarly, there should be zero tolerance for policies or programs that divide and demoralize our troops such as critical race theory indoctrination, which has been the willful policy choice of Joe Biden’s secretary of defense and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In sum, this year—2022—Memorial Day takes on a greater two-fold meaning than it has previously. We are called to remember those who died in military service to the country and recommit to the conviction that those lives lost shall never be in vain. Equally important, we should remember and deepen our appreciation of a heritage that began with a courageous, brilliant, and faithful group of founders and those that followed who were willing to give their lives to establish, preserve and protect the United States and what it stands for.

While many of us now feel that the light from the City on a Hill has grown dim, our Constitution still stands, and we the people are still in charge. In the face of internal and external enemies seeking our demise, we cannot falter or retreat. We have much to do.

Let us go forward with the biblical admonition that “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will…forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Scott S. Powell is senior fellow at Discovery Institute. This article is a vignette adapted from his acclaimed book, “Rediscovering America,” now Amazon’s No. 1 new release in the history genre. Reach him at scottp@discovery.org


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Record turnout in Georgia primary destroys left's lies about 'voter suppression'

By Adam Brandon | Fox News

Stacey Abrams, Democratic gubernatorial candidate, during a campaign event in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 14, 2022. (Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Georgia voters shattered records in state's last Tuesday primary and left's claims about voter suppression were debunked.

In March 2021, Republicans in Georgia passed the Election Integrity Act of 2021. This bill was blasted as an effort to "suppress the vote" by Democrats ranging from Joe Biden to election denier Stacey Abrams. In the wake of the bill’s passage, the MLB even decided to move their league’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta, which cost the economy of Georgia’s largest city upwards of $100 million.

If the left was right about Georgia’s election integrity law, we would have seen a huge drop in voter turnout in the state’s May 2022 primaries, compared to other recent elections. Not only that, but this would have been felt disproportionately among minority voters, since Democrats, in keeping with doctrine, declared the law "racist." But of course, those on the left who predicted this couldn’t have been more wrong.

According to Tuesday night’s results, early voting in the state of Georgia shattered records, including among minorities. Overall turnout broke primary records, too, with more than 1.9 million Georgians having cast their ballots, compared to 1.16 million in 2018.

 In fact, early voting rates in Georgia’s primaries were even higher than they were before the 2020 presidential election. This is despite the fact that early voting surged to record levels in 2020, and that primaries tend to have lower rates of voter participation than general elections – especially presidential elections.

Taken together, this data totally destroys the left’s narrative that election integrity measures drive down voter turnout, particularly among minorities. If the state’s election law is stopping Black Georgians from voting, why does this group make up a higher percentage of voters in the state than in 2020, before the law was passed?

Predictably, the Democrats have no coherent response to any of this. Replying to her claims about Georgia’s election integrity law being proven false, Stacey Abrams deflected and said that "voter suppression" is "whether or not you make it difficult for voters to access the ballot." But how can it be more difficult to access the ballot, when there’s more voter participation than ever before?

Georgia’s law clearly did exactly what it was designed to do. It’s now easier to vote in the state, but harder to cheat. 

So why do Democrats still oppose voter integrity measures like Georgia’s bill, when the numbers show it isn’t any harder to vote? It seems like their real problem with these laws is that they make it harder to cheat.

In 2020, Democratic governors and judges in various states altered voting rules related to mail ballots at the 11th hour, often defying the state legislatures by doing so. One can argue these changes significantly increase the chance of voter fraud, and incentivize corrupt activities like ballot harvesting. 

Still, Democrats wanted to keep these new rules in place forever. This is why Democrats attempted to smear Georgia Republicans who supported election integrity as "racists."

It is difficult to forget President Biden’s disgusting attack on the law, when he called it "Jim Crow in the 21st century."

Of course, Biden didn’t mention that the vast majority of Americans, including the majority of Black Americans, support the common sense election integrity measures at the center of the Georgia bill, particularly when it comes to voting by mail. And if this bill was really "Jim Crow in the 21st century," Black voters in the state wouldn’t be casting ballots in record numbers after the law’s passage.

None of the left’s hand wringing on this issue was ever done in good faith. Instead, it was a clear attempt by Democrats to make their corrupt new voting procedures the norm in American life.

Thankfully, Georgia Republicans saw through this, and have preserved election integrity – all while allowing those who want to legally vote to do so.

But Americans know the truth. The left couldn’t care less about election integrity. They only care about holding on to power.


Saturday, May 28, 2022

Liberals Want the Government to Save Us from Guns, Conservatives Want Guns to Save Us from the Government


AP Photo

Guns aren’t going away. Yes, school shootings are horrific, we all agree. Liberals who whine that “conservatives love guns more than children” are stupid, entitled cucks who have never been punched in the face for their shooting off their mouths. They jump and scream on cue when tragedy strikes but they are nothing more than useful idiots for the REAL reason the far left wants to take away our guns.

FACT-O-RAMA! Liberals are fighting for the right to kill a kicking, heart-beating baby minutes before it’s born but are happy to stand on a pile of dead kids to take away guns from law-abiding Americans.

We Need More Gun Laws!

Your liberal sister-in-law is all over Facebook with this nonsense, but guess what?  New York is as red as Lavrenti Beria’s lucky underpants, and its stringent laws couldn’t stop the left-leaning Buffalo shooter from blazing up a grocery store full of black people.

Stalin would smile at Chicago’s stifling gun laws, but that doesn’t keep the Windy City denizens from perforating each other every time the thermometer hits 88 degrees.

FACT-O-RAMA! Memorial Day Weekend kicks off Chicago’s summer “Festival of Lead.” Check out heyjackass.com for real-time updates of the carnage. As of this writing, Chicago has seen 1,165 of its citizens ventilated this year so far. Let’s check back Tuesday morning to see how many Chicagoans gained 10 grams of weight over the weekend.

Liberals look to politicians to “save” them from the very Constitutional amendment written to protect them. This is a level of stupidity not seen since the introduction of Ayds weight loss candy, which hit the U.S. at roughly the same time as the AIDS virus got to America–and a young Dr. Fauci screwed that up too.

We Need More Gun Training!

I’m all for gun training for sane, law-abiding gun owners, but training is a bad idea for murderous nutters who want to annihilate innocent people. When someone buys a gun to slaughter kids, the last thing you want is to teach him how to do it better.

Conservatives know liberals are too dense programmed to realize gun confiscation and an unarmed population will lead us into two deadly traps:

1) We will be easy pickings for criminals who will NOT give up their weapons. Liberals aren’t even allowed to mention the wildly out of control crime problem ripping up our large cities lest they be seen as “racist.” Better to sacrifice their kids to the crime wave than admit there IS a crime wave.

2) We will be easy pickings for the commies currently running the Democrat party. THAT is the reason the left wants our guns. If you think Joe Biden cares about dead kids please show me a picture of him in Waukesha, WI, after black supremacist Darrell Brooks mowed down almost 70 white people, many of them children.

REMINDER-O-RAMA! Politicians swear to uphold the Constitution. That includes the 2nd Amendment. Those attempting to vaporize the 2nd Amendment are therefore enemies of the state and need to be imprisoned.

Sure, Biden will likely go to Uvalde, TX. It’s a shame it took 19 dead kids to actually get the cabbage-in-chief to the border. But don’t believe the old man’s rhetoric about guns. He doesn’t care about dead kids; he wants you vulnerable.

Biden is a dinosaur in a tar pit. He pretends he hasn’t spewed a lifetime of racism from the same lips he used when sucking up to career segregationists like West Virginia’s favorite klan klown, Sen. Byrd. Gropey Joe knows the Democrat Party has been taken over by pinkos and toes the line to keep his head off the chopping block, or his wife “Dr.” Jill knows the score and does what it takes to keep AOC and her commie squad from sending Joe to the cornfield.

Unlike the pink-haired, gender-free toilet people on the left, conservatives fight to keep children alive from the moment of conception and beyond. The bolshie harpies fight to dismantle a fetus minutes before its birthday, then have the audacity to pretend they care about kids when a crazy train shoots up a school. I’d invite them to bite me but I don’t want a scorching case of monkeypox.

My favorite mouth feces that flies out of lefty lips is this, “Conservatives only care about a baby before it’s born. They don’t care what happens after that!” I invite these dolts to search the words “Catholic adoption agencies.” Now search “Antifa adoption.” Checkmate, prags.

I know it can be hard for conservatives who value life and guns to wade through a spate of mass shootings. The lefty politicians and news outlets do that on purpose. For me, the answer is simple: more guns. I find it maniacal that progressives can watch unarmed people get massacred and think, “We need fewer firearms.” What they somehow seem to miss is that EVERY mass shooter is stopped by good guys with guns.

FACT-O-RAMA! Making schools “gun-free zones” is arguably the dumbest thing to come out of Washington D.C. since Nancy Pelosi. You know where mass shootings NEVER take place? Gun ranges, because madmen know that they are FULL OF GUNS.

A man in Las Vegas tried to steal a gun from a gun store. Guess what happened? He got shot by a lot of guns.

The mainstream news is happy to bring you tragic stories of schizos slaughtering innocent people but no one cares to mention how many people stop crimes with firearms.

Memorial Day Weekend is here. Let’s remember those who have died fighting defending the same Constitution the Democrat party is looking to chop up into convenient (for them) bite-sized morsels, leaving out the most important part, the 2nd Amendment, which was intended to stop them from doing just that.


Memorial Day: Commemorating Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice In Service To Our Country


Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


Memorial Day is a day of remembrance. It was commemorated at first to honor the Union dead of the Civil War and was originally proclaimed Decoration Day on May 30, 1868.  Decoration Day officially became Memorial Day in 1967.  This Memorial day, May 30, 2022, is a day to show our solemn respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the United States of America.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Black Christian Leader Rips Ilhan Omar: African-Born, Never Condemns African Genocides, Slave-Trades, Always Attacks Israel

By Hank Berrien | Daily Wire

A black Christian leader who staunchly supports Israel condemned hard-Left anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), pointing out that despite being born in Africa, she has never condemned the slaughter of Africans but always attacks Israel.

Dumisani Washington founded the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI) after serving as Diversity Outreach Coordinator for the over 10-million-member Christians United for Israel (CUFI),

“Ilhan Omar is the Vice Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, the only member born in Africa, and has yet to issue one statement about the Christian genocide in Nigeria, or the African slave trades in Libya and Mauritania. But she constantly attacks Israel,” Washington, the author of “Zionism & the Black Church: Why Standing with Israel will be a Defining Issue for Christians of Color in the 21st Century,” wrote on Twitter.

As The Daily Wire has reported:

Omar repeatedly promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and tropes; has refused to deny that she is an anti-Semite; accused pro-Israel groups of paying off American politicians to have dual loyalties to Israel; accused her Jewish colleagues of plotting to take her down by accusing her of anti-Semitism; suggested Israel does not have the right to exist as a Jewish state; and admitted to supporting anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Israel.

Washington has not feared offending those with woke perspectives regarding Israel; he posted the photo of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler conferring with the former Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin-al Hussein held in the Reich chancellery, then noted, “‘Woke’ reaction to this photo illustrates the No. 1 reason the Mizrahi Jewish refugee story is rarely told. Both men are Jew-hating Nazis, but only one is ‘white’/European and therefore deserving of scorn. The other is ‘brown’ so stop being racist. Gets much worse from here.”

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Real Reason School Shootings Persist

By Lawrence Johnson | The Kevin Jackson Network

Tuesday, May 24th began just like any other day in Uvalde, Texas.

At about 91 degrees, it had the appearance and feel of another beautiful Texas day. However, on this day, residents in this small town of just over 16,000 would never be the same again. At around noon, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos walked into Robb Elementary and began opening fire.

When it was over, at least 20 individuals, including many children under 10, along with Ramos himself-were dead. No matter what details we discover over time and in the coming days, there is one aspect on which all will agree: this was a horrific tragedy.

However, long before all is said and done, many will speculate on the motives of this 18-year-old. They will rummage through his life and social media, looking for clues. Instagram posts where he said “you will repost my guns” will emerge. That will lead people to speculate whether an Instagram user could have stopped him. They will even speculate on why he shot his grandmother prior to his arrival at Robb.

Yet, despite what drove him to commit these actions, one thing will remain: the gun he used did not kill those people- RAMOS killed those people.

The Crime We Never Get Used To

While many school shootings have happened sporadically over the last 50 years, in the last 30 years that number has spiked dramatically. That is because our culture has changed. The world is different, because people are different. It’s not the other way around.

On December 15th, 1791, the 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights was ratified, which gave all citizens the right to “keep and bear arms.” Within the last 25 years, many on the political Left have fought to eliminate or negate this ratification, utilizing in part as political collateral horrific tragedies such as this and those in the recent past:
Sandy Hook elementary, where 26 individuals(including 20 children) were murdered; Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, which resulted in the loss of 17 innocent lives, the Oxford High School shootings, that left 4 murdered and several injured, and of course, Columbine High School, which saw the slaughter of 15 helpless students.

Though clearly not enough to satisfy those that oppose guns altogether, the most extensive and intensive background checks have been put in place as well as greater gun restrictions, all in efforts to deter or decrease gun fatalities. However, studies show that such restrictions have made little difference.

Gun Laws and Their Effectiveness

While cities like Chicago maintain some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation, there were more than 3,200 shootings in 2020 alone, leaving nearly 800 dead: those numbers up more than 50% from the prior year. The expression, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” is not merely a catch phrase; it is a matter of fact.

In 1999, many were quite surprised with the now infamous “debate/attack,” during the run of ‘The Rosie O’Donnell Show.’ While interviewing actor Tom Selleck (a member of the NRA) for his current film, O’Donnell (then known as the ‘queen of nice’), showed her true colors when it came to gun control.

Selleck’s response to her barrage of questions is as valid now as it was then, stating:

“The troubling direction in our culture and where I see consensus, which is what I think we ought to concentrate on in our culture, is [that] nobody argues anymore (whether they’re conservatives or liberal), whether our society is going in the wrong direction.

They may argue trying to quantify how far it’s gone wrong or why it’s gone that far wrong; whether it’s guns or television or the internet or whatever- but there’s consensus saying that something’s happened. Guns were much more accessible 40 years ago. A kid could walk into a pawn shop or hardware store and buy a high-capacity magazine weapon that could kill a lot of people, and they didn’t do it. The question we ought to be asking is…

Look, suicide is a tragedy; it’s a horrible thing, but 30 or 40 years ago, particularly men- (and even young men) when they were suicidal, they went and unfortunately blew their brains out. In today’s world, someone who is suicidal sits home, nurses their grievance, develops a rage and is just as suicidal, but they take 20 people with them.

Selleck’s grasp of the reality concerning guns is one that escapes far too many.

As difficult as it was to hear the mother of Telemachus Orfanos (the 27 year-old that was among the 12 murdered at the Borderline Bar & Grill in 2018) say she wanted, “Gun control, not prayers”, many of us already know that gun control is not the answer. Clearly, it never was. Those on the political Left would have us to believe that all they want is gun control, but we know the truth; gun control is not the end; it is the beginning.

Ironically, leftists ignore statistics that prove guns are not the problem. A CBS report explained that according to the FBI, across the United States in 2018, there were: 1,515 deaths by knives or cutting instruments, 443 people were killed with hammers/clubs/other blunt objects, 672 people were killed from fists/feet/’personal weapons’ compared to the 297 killed by (any) rifles. The reason leftists can’t acknowledge facts like this is that it completely renders their arguments moot.

Every Democrat Presidential candidate in the 2020 election ran on this very platform and promise. Michigan Radio host simply known as ‘Renk’ once put it this way: “I believe that the outcry we are hearing today for gun control has nothing to do with protecting Americans and legal citizens from violence. I believe it must do simply with hatred. Hatred of people who do not believe in the same government policies as others. I believe if we look further, you will find that the side that wants gun control really just cannot stand that the other “team” will not go along with their governmental policies of “controlling” the people.”

In other words, the plan that you hear is not the real plan.

It is a smokescreen- the ‘old bait n’ switch, or “the rope a dope.” The truth is you cannot make guns behave. They are inanimate objects with no moral compass, no sense of right or wrong. Obviously, they are just machines; no different than an automobile. Yet, while gun murders claim 39,000 lives each year, and deaths by car accident are only slightly behind at 38,000, there is still (as of this writing) no call for car control. So, rather than deal with the issue honestly, the Left would rather eliminate the guns.

Regardless of what you hear, our 2nd amendment is designed so that we would be able to protect ourselves and our families. Thus, what better way to control people than to take away their ability to protect themselves? Be not deceived. Gun control is people control. If you don’t understand that… you are part of the problem.

The Real Reason School Shootings Persist | The Kevin Jackson Network (theblacksphere.net)



Following Texas school shooting and Buffalo tragedy, leaders should ask this question

By Tucker Carlson | Fox News

Image of suspected Uvalde, Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos. His mother, Adriana Reyes, was looking for him when she returned to the city Tuesday night after seeing her mother in a hospital, whom he allegedly shot before going on a rampage at an elementary school, according to mother of her boyfriend.  (Uvalde Police Department)

Tucker Carlson explains shooting suspects Payton Gendron and Salvador Ramos were obviously mentally ill

In the past 10 days, two separate teenage boys have committed horrifying massacres in public places. On May 14th, 18-year-old Payton Gendron murdered ten shoppers in a grocery store in Buffalo and then yesterday, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos killed 19 small children and two teachers at an elementary school in Texas.  

Both Gendron and Ramos were very obviously mentally ill. The people around them knew that. Both killers had told other people they planned to commit a mass shooting and then they did. So, what can we learn from this? Well, the first most obvious answer is that the system in place didn't work. Gendron's teacher sent him to a mental hospital for evaluation. They knew he was a threat. They tried their best. He committed a massacre anyway. So, we know for a fact that what we're doing isn't working, but we should also be honest enough to acknowledge that it's very hard to know what to do instead.  

Despite what you may have heard, the problem isn't that we don't care enough. There's not a person in this country who was not horrified by the sight of murdered children. It's the worst thing, and everybody thinks that. The problem is that the human mind is much more complex and harder to control than we like to admit.

A person who is intent on committing violence is very hard to stop under any circumstances. An act of Congress isn't going to do it, neither will gun control. There are more guns in this country than there are people. There always have been. However you feel about that fact, you can acknowledge that we will never get rid of all of those guns. The Constitution prohibits that, and you would set off a civil war if you tried to do it. 

So gun control, whether you find the slogans appealing or not, will not stop the next Payton Gendron or Salvador Ramos and every rational person knows it. The only way to stop these killings is to figure out why American society is producing so many violent young men. There is a reason they are acting this way. What is that reason? And it's not just mass shooters, by the way, the ones you see on television. It's gang bangers and carjackers and armed robbers and indiscriminate haters who put strangers in front of subway trains. We have a lot of people like that in this country all of a sudden, more than you like to think about.  

Why are they acting this way? That's the only question that matters. Of course, it's the only question our leaders hate to address because there's nothing in it for them. 

Last night, the president of the United States went on television just hours after 19 small children had been murdered. He didn't do that to uplift or unite the country, which was already united in its sorrow. Instead, he took the opportunity to once again harangue anyone who didn't vote for him, and he did it, as always, with a series of stale talking points leftover from the 1980s. It was a shameful display. Here's part of it.  

PRESIDENT BIDEN: As a nation, we have to ask: When, in God's name, are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? When, in God's name, we do we all know in our gut needs to be done? What, in God's name, do you need an assault weapon for except to kill someone? The deer aren't running through the forest with Kevlar vests on, for God's sake. It's just sick and the gun manufacturers have spent two decades aggressively marketing assault weapons, which make them the most and largest profit. For God's sake, we have to have the courage to stand up to the industry.  

U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the grounds of Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., January 11, 2022.  (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Children are dying because the gun lobby is profiting. It's disgusting he would say something like that. It's also untrue. It's mindless. The New York Times, by the way, said the same thing within hours of the shooting. The gun lobby. Please. The NRA declared bankruptcy last year. The NRA is a husk. In 2021, for example, the tech company spent more than $70 million lobbying Congress.  

Big Pharma spent $92 million lobbying Congress in the first quarter of 2021 alone. The NRA spent just $2.2 million total lobbying in all of 2020, a presidential election year. Spare us. Whatever the problem is, it's not the gun lobby. They're not the reason those children were murdered yesterday. It's insulting and divisive and stupid. This is too serious a moment for nonsense like that. Stop.

 But over at MSNBC, they were completely convinced. Watch.  

JOE SCARBOROUGH: And again, as President Biden said, I thought he did an extraordinary job last night and I really do. I feel sorry for those who actually saw that and were actually forced to say something really s----- about him after he did it. I mean that that's how they make their money. It really makes me really sad for them that they have that dark of a soul, that they're that twisted.  

Oh. Joe Scarborough said a naughty word on TV. This must be serious. And fact, i is very serious. In fact, it's too serious for tired partisan platitudes from the Reagan era. Update your profile. Politicians offering solutions to the tragedy that in the end serve only to make their political party more powerful should be excluded from this conversation. It is too important. They are speaking in bad faith, obviously, and so is anyone whose bodyguards carry extended magazines or other so-called weapons of war. They're hypocrites. They have no standing.  

Get back to us when you follow your own demands and anyone on TV who's been accused of a crime should also take this opportunity to be very quiet. No wants a moral lecture from you, but unfortunately that's essentially all we're getting, more wind, at a time when we need more than that. Beto O'Rourke, who is running for office again because he has no marketable skills, just stormed a press conference to berate Texas officials. He did this in front of the families of some of yesterday's victims. Watch.  

DAN PATRICK: Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.  

BETO O'ROURKE: The time to stop this was after Santa Fe High School.  

TED CRUZ: Sit down.  

PATRICK: You're out of line and an embarrassment.  

CRUZ: Sit down and don't play this stuff. 

Democrat Beto O'Rourke, who is running against Greg Abbott for governor in 2022, interrupts a news conference headed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in Uvalde, Texas Wednesday, May 25, 2022.  (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)

O'ROURKE: It was after El Paso, Texas. The time to stop the next shooting is right now and you are doing nothing. You are offering us nothing.  

UVALDE MAYOR DON MCLOUGHLIN: No, he needs to get his a-- out of here. This isn't the place to talk this over.  

O'ROURKE: You said this is not predictable. This is totally predictable when you chose not to do anything.  

MCLOUGHLIN: Sir, you are out of line. Sir, you're out of line. Sir, you're out of line. Please leave this auditorium. I can't believe you're a sick son of a b---- that you would come to a deal like this to make a political issue.  

O'ROURKE: It's on you until you choose to do something about it.  

MCLOUGHLIN:  It's on a------- like you. Why don't you get out of here? 

Oh, come on. That's saving lives? That's making us a better country? Beto O'Rourke sounds like one of those lunatics from the Westboro Baptist Church, gets off on making a scene, but that's essentially the answer we've gotten to how to fix and prevent what happened in Uvalde. Please, anyone who talks like this should be quiet for a minute and leave it to everybody else to figure out why this is happening and this is bigger than a single mass shooting or even two of them in 10 days. There has been a huge increase in violence in America on our streets, on public transportation, in our schools. It's not a guess, it's measurable.  

From January 1st to April 10th of this year, robberies in the New York transit system are up more than 70% year over year. Felony assaults in the subway have increased by 28%. Grand larceny, according to NYPD, is up by more than 100%. Those are all crimes of violence and that's just underground. The same thing is happening on the streets and if you don't know it, you just got back to the country after a while.  

According to ABC News, "about 11% of violent crime in the city of Los Angeles involved a homeless person in 2018, 13% in 2019 and 15% in 2020." If that was a graph, it would look like that. Keep in mind, the homeless make up about 1% of the total population of Los Angeles, but they're involved in nearly a fifth of all violent crimes in the city. Oh, but ignore it. It's not happening. And yet everyone who lives here knows that it is happening because the numbers go up every year and if you have kids, you know what's happening because it's the same story in the schools. 

The executive director of the National Association of School Resource Officers, Mo Canady, told Fox Business that schools are, "seeing more aggression in terms of fights. Sometimes they're shoving matches and sometimes they're flat-out assaults. It's more misbehavior, thefts and those kinds of things" in schools. It didn't used to happen. It's happening now. Why? It's not guns. It's not a gun lobby. 

More American families had guns at home 50 years ago than they do now. According to the Rand Corporation, which studied this, 45% of American homes had a gun in 1980. In 2016, that had dropped to 32%. So the problem is not that we're more armed than we were. The problem is that people have changed. Young men have changed. They are more violent. Why?

That's the bipartisan conversation we need to have now. And that conversation has been drowned out by lunatic attention seekers who are hoping to win the next election, but we don't need them now. Never mind your election. There's something really wrong and we can figure it out if we try.  

There are probably a lot of causes. The use of antidepressants in this country is increasing dramatically. Between 1991 and 2018, total SSRI consumption increased in the US by more than 3,000%. 3,000%. Remember, these are supposed to reduce mental illness. Now, that's a real stat. It was published in the medical journal "Science of the Total Environment" and it's not just this country.  

In Canada, state-funded antidepressant prescriptions for young people doubled over the last decade. Then during the lockdowns, SSRI prescriptions increased even more. A pharmacy group called "Express Scripts" reported that antidepressant prescriptions went up by more than 20% during COVID. According to latest figures, more than 40 million Americans are now taking psychoactive drugs. That's roughly 1 in 10.  

So, again, the point of these drugs is to make you healthier mentally, to reduce suicide and violence, and yet suicide rates and rates of violence are spiking. Now, we don't know that that's causation, but it's worth looking at. Of course, it's immoral to criticize Big Pharma. Could we use an honest conversation about this? Yes, immediately. Clearly, something's going on. Watch.  

GILLIAN TURNER: Three major medical associations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, have together declared a national state of emergency in children's mental health caused by COVID. Parents report grief, anxiety and depression among children, citing school closures and forced isolations as the primary culprits. Suicide attempts among adolescents are rising sharply, most acutely among 12 to 17-year-old girls by 51% since the start of the pandemic.  

Oh, so the lockdowns dramatically increase the incidence of mental illness among young people and in 10 days, we've seen two mass shootings by mentally ill young people. Could there be a connection? Now, that's not finger-pointing. It's not to blame Fauci for yesterday's shooting. We're not that low. We're not Joe Biden, but if people are becoming mentally ill because they're disconnected from others, what can we do to connect them to others and thereby reduce the incidence of mental illness? That's a real conversation. Is there a more important one?

Meanwhile, more than 100,000 people just died of ODs and the pandemic is responsible for some of that. Watch.

GEOFF BENNETT: New numbers out today from the CDC show how drug overdoses have surged during the pandemic. More than 107,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2021. That's the highest annual death toll ever recorded and a 15% increase from the year before. Deaths involving fentanyl, meth and cocaine rose sharply.  

Ok. So, people are doing more drugs, they're more unstable, they're killing themselves more often and in some rare cases, they're killing others. Now, what kind of mindset would it take to go murder children in an elementary school? You are so disconnected from other human beings that that seems okay to you. What could be adding to the feeling of disconnection we have from one another?

Well, in 2020, adults in the United States spent an average of 8 hours every day on digital media staring at a screen. The lockdowns made it worse. They're not the only cause, but they definitely exacerbated it. That's a 20% jump from 2019.  

One of the people who spent an awful lot of time online during the pandemic was the shooter in Uvalde. He reportedly played a lot of Call of Duty instead of going outside. The shooter in Buffalo also spent a lot of time online as well. In fact, he blamed the Internet for radicalizing him: "I spent almost a year planning this attack," he wrote on April 26. "Oh, how time flies. If I could go back, maybe I'd tell myself to get the f off 4Chan and the worldtruthvideos and get an actual life. Too late for that now." 

Now, that's not an argument for censoring those or any other sites. It's an argument for experiencing real life, nature, other people, animals, anything but a screen. Staring at a screen all day puts you into your own world, and in some small number of cases, it drives you insane. It makes you mentally ill and violent. That's very obvious. That's one of the reasons that people in Silicon Valley, the tech executives, don't – their own kids – lose themselves in their stupid iPads.

Back in September of 2013 after a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, the late Charles Krauthammer identified the problem. We have a lot of mentally ill people and we need to stop ignoring them. Obviously, we've ignored that warning, so here it is again.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: He needed help. 30 years ago, the cops would have brought him to a psychiatric emergency room. He probably would have gotten antipsychotics and he probably would have been hospitalized for a couple of weeks. That's the way it was done in the seventies when I practiced psychiatry, but today that doesn't happen. The cops left. He was left on his own. He was a man who shouldn't have been on his own. He should have had the state looking after him and he ended up killing people in a way that. Look, you want to respect the civil liberties of everybody, but there is a point in which if you don't take control of people who are clearly out of touch with reality, you are damaging them, exposing them, and, of course, tragically exposing a lot of innocents around them.  

Yeah, exactly. The stuff is complicated, the human mind is complicated and if the environment changes, so does the mind. People can't go outside or talk to other people or spend 8 hours a day staring at a screen. If they're on brain-changing chemicals in huge numbers, tens of millions of people, you think that has an effect?  

Yeah. What effect? Well, is anyone studying what murderers, not just mass murderers, but all murderers, have in common? Apparently not. It would be nice to know. Instead of telling us about the gun lobby. Please, no one believes that. And why, by the way, is the answer to mass shootings always universal gun confiscation?  

Shouldn't we be focused on the people who did it, on the dangerous people? It's like forcing the entire population into drug rehab in response to the fentanyl crisis. Probably better to focus on the addicts. Why did they get addicted? How can we help them?

Let's be serious about this. Children died. It's real. Stop with the talking points. Be honest.