Wednesday, May 18, 2022

BIG GOP PRIMARY WINS: President Trump’s Endorsements Matter!

By Joe Hoft | Gateway Pundit

President Trump’s endorsements are golden.  After Tuesday night, President Trump’s results to date are 81-3-1 (Oz).  

Tuesday night was another huge win for Americans who want to Make America Great Again.  President Trump’s endorsements were big winners.

Here are the results to date and from Tuesday night: Overall Record on President Trump’s endorsements – 81 Wins, 3 Losses*, 1 TBD (Oz)

May 17: Idaho, Kentucky, Oregon, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania (23-2-1 TBD)

Idaho-Senate: Crapo, Mike

Idaho-Governor: McGeachin, Janice

Idaho-01: Fulcher, Russ

Kentucky-Senate: Paul, Rand

Kentucky-01: Comer, James

Kentucky-02: Guthrie, Brett

Kentucky-04: Massie, Thomas

Kentucky-05: Rogers, Hal

Kentucky-06: Barr, Andy

North Carolina-Senate: Budd, Ted

North Carolina-03: Murphy, Greg

North Carolina-05: Foxx, Virginia

North Carolina-07: Rouzer, David

North Carolina-08: Bishop, Dan

North Carolina-09: Hudson, Richard

North Carolina-10: McHenry, Patrick

North Carolina-11: Cawthorn, Madison

North Carolina-13: Hines, Bo

Pennsylvania-Senate: Oz, Mehmet

Pennsylvania-Governor: Mastriano, Doug

Pennsylvania-08: Bognet, Jim

Pennsylvania-10: Perry, Scott

Pennsylvania-11: Smucker, Lloyd

Pennsylvania-13: Joyce, John

Pennsylvania-14: Reschenthaler, Guy

Pennsylvania-16: Kelly, Mike

May 10: Nebraska, West Virginia (3-1)

Nebraska-Governor: Herbster, Charles

Nebraska-03: Smith, Adrian

West Virginia-01: Miller, Carol

West Virginia-02: Mooney, Alex

May 3: Indiana, Ohio (22-0)

Indiana-02: Walorski, Jackie

Indiana-03: Banks, Jim

Indiana-04: Baird, Jim

Indiana-05: Spartz, Victoria

Indiana-06: Pence, Greg

Indiana-08: Bucshon, Larry

Ohio-Senate: Vance, J.D.

Ohio-Secretary of State: LaRose, Frank

Ohio-Attorney General: Yost, Dave

Ohio-Treasurer: Sprague, Robert

Ohio-Auditor: Faber, Keith

Ohio-01: Chabot, Steve

Ohio-02: Wenstrup, Brad

Ohio-04: Jordan, Jim

Ohio-05: Latta, Bob

Ohio-06: Johnson, Bill

Ohio-07: Miller, Max

Ohio-08: Davidson, Warren

Ohio-10: Turner, Mike

Ohio-12: Balderson, Troy

Ohio-13: Gilbert, Madison Gesiotto

Ohio-15: Carey, Mike

March 1: Texas (33-0)

Texas-Governor: Abbott, Greg

Texas-Lieutenant Governor: Patrick, Dan

Texas-Attorney General: Paxton, Ken*

Texas-Agriculture Commissioner: Miller, Sid

Texas-Comptroller: Hegar, Glenn

Texas-Land Commissioner: Buckingham, Dawn*

Texas-04: Fallon, Pat

Texas-05: Gooden, Lance

Texas-06: Ellzey, Jake

Texas-10: McCaul, Michael

Texas-11: Pfluger, August

Texas-12: Granger, Kay

Texas-13: Jackson, Ronny

Texas-14: Weber, Randy

Texas-15: De La Cruz, Monica

Texas-19: Arrington, Jodey

Texas-22: Nehls, Troy

Texas-24: Van Duyne, Beth

Texas-25: Williams, Roger

Texas-26: Burgess, Michael

Texas-27: Cloud, Michael

Texas-31: Carter, John

Texas-36: Babin, Brian

Texas-38: Hunt, Wesley

Texas-SD-08: Paxton, Angela

Texas-SD-11: Middleton, Mayes

Texas-SD-24: Flores, Pete*

Texas-SD-31: Sparks, Kevin

Texas-HD-15: Toth, Steve

Texas-HD-31: Guillen, Ryan*

Texas-HD-61: Frazier, Frederick

Texas-Tarrant Co.-Judge: O’Hare, Tim

Texas-Tarrant Co.-District Attorney: Sorrells, Phil*

*advanced to runoff




Doug Mastriano, Trump-backed Election Integrity Reformer, Wins GOP primary For Pennsylvania Governor’s Race

By Pam Geller | Geller Report

Doug Mastriano was the great election fraud activist. This is a huge win for Trump and election integrity.


HUGE: Trump-Endorsed Ted Budd Wins N.C. GOP Senate Primary

By Geller Report Staff | Geller Report

Ted Budd defeats establishment candidate Pat McCrory, despite McCrory’s massive fundraising operation. Huge win for President Trump. The Trump endorsement is gold for Republican candidates. Just the latest example that the Republican Party is now President Trump’s party.

Bud’s opponent launched $12 million in attack ads. That’s huge in a primary.

Trump endorsed candidates are pulling far ahead.