Sunday, January 29, 2023

There Is Nothing Democrats Won’t Destroy

 By Derek Hunter  |

AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

If there is some good news out there, count on some leftists to come along and take a huge dump on it. It’s what they do – they are the nail in the tire of your homecoming float, the rock you twist your ankle on while taking the field for the Super Bowl, the open-mouth belch during a moment of silence. Only miserable human beings could be such a destructive force every single time there is something that could actually unite Americans, because unity is kryptonite to the progressive movement.

Honestly, if 9/11 happened today it would take about 5 minutes before some rabid Squad member took to the floor of the House of Representatives to blame an old Trump tweet or something from the Reagan administration as justification for the attack. “What did we expect when we support Israel so fervently!?!?” they’d say. How long before some conspiracy theorist on MSNBC delivered a 20-minute monologue based on a tweet from an account with 3 followers and 7 numbers in its nonsensical name claiming to have experienced some kind of micro-aggression while eating a falafel on the streets of New York and how this is what you get with Kevin McCarthy as Speaker? Maybe the next night?

Democrats can’t let people simply be people, they need us to be groups; groups that can be manipulated to do whatever best suits their needs at any given moment, and any people hurt in the process are expendable. 

After the death of George Floyd there really wasn’t anyone saying the video was really nothing. People saw that long video and were horrified that someone would just sit there for that long on top of a handcuffed man. That didn’t help Democrats, so the division soon started.

“White cops kill another black man” or “This is how police treat minorities.” How many times did you hear about “white privilege” that week? A digital counter for that would make the national debt clock look slow. (Ever hear of Tony Timpa? He died the same way George Floyd did – on camera, saying he couldn’t breathe while a cop sat on him – only 4 years earlier. Tony made the classic mistake of being white, so the CNNs and MSNBCs of the world didn’t bother reporting on it. The guy who sat on him as he died got promoted last year. Maybe Tony should’ve engaged his “white privilege” or something?)

You were either outraged to the point of taking to the street and, just coincidentally, voting for Democrats, or you were the problem. Not a part of the problem, the problem. 

If you were white you were guilty, and if you were black you were expected to be angry. If you weren’t, well, you were worse than white.

The country could have united behind many needed reforms to policing and how people taken into custody should be treated. Instead, we got “defund the police” and “all cops are bastards,” followed by months of “mostly peaceful riots” and the destruction of black neighborhoods and business while “Black Lives Matter” grifters became rich real estate tycoons. Literally the only lives made better through that summer were Democrat politicians and progressive activists who were good at fundraising from idiotic “woke” corporations.

Wealthy, wine drinking, Pilates-doing suburban white women, who wouldn’t even consider driving through the destroyed black neighborhoods in daylight before the riots, opened another bottle of Piot and celebrated their absentee ballot-casting for the very party responsible for the destruction as some sort of accomplishment for people have convinced themselves they’re the only hope for. The White Savior Complex in Spanx. 

Meanwhile, Democrat Party leadership takes a knee in the Capitol rotunda while culturally appropriating clothing they remembered from an old episode of the Cosby Show and lecture everyone who’d done nothing wrong about how they are the problem in the country. 

I’ve never run Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Philadelphia, etc., and neither has any other Republican in the lifetime of 100 percent of the current lost generation failed by the Democrat Industrial Complex. 

Democrats rail about the “school to prison pipeline” and propose to “fix” it by closing the prisons rather than looking at why the schools fail so many of their students. Apparently “Big Warden” doesn’t shovel the kind of money to Democrat candidates the way the teachers’ unions do. Then again, no one does. If the UAW did, Democrats would spend their time justifying new cars breaking down after a year, but since the biggest victims of progressive policy failures are black kids who’ll still vote 80 percent or more for Democrats in elections, these politicians literally ignore the slaughter of innocent people daily because they can’t be monetized or used to mobilize. 

The left has changed the definition of words to help their division. “Woman” has no meaning now, and men win the awards created expressly to celebrate them. It has to be weird for the old feminists, most of whom look like men now, to know they’ve plowed the road for men to dominate as women. Can’t wait till Rachel Levine demands the return of Virginia Slims advertising so he can be on them under the banner, “You’ve come a long way, baby.”

But few words have been bastardized more than “community.” It used to mean your neighborhood and the people in it; from the kids you grew up with to the old guy in the corner house everyone was slightly afraid of but who was secretly always nice. Now it means people who share your skin tone or sexual proclivities. Democrats would rather you care more deeply about something horrible happening to a person you’ve never met who lives thousands of miles away from you because they have sex the same way you do (only certain kinds, not straight sex) or have the same melanin levels as you, than you care about what happens to someone living a few houses down your block who doesn’t share those things.

One has an impact on your world, the other has an impact on Democrat voter turnout. 

Divide TO conquer. 

Everything Democrats have used to drive a wedge between people based on skin color in the last, well, forever, can be found with the skin color of the participants reversed or all the same and they barely rate a mention on the local news. But if it’s something Democrats believe they can exploit (and make no mistake, “exploit” is the exact right word), the preemptive statements start to fly, from the White House on down.

When a local NAACP chapter president from Missouri chimes in with a, “We have set up a system where the police officers do what they please and are immune for their actions,” after 5 black cops were charged with second degree murder, you begin to realize that either morons are in positions of leadership or lying to people to get and keep them angry serves a purpose more important to these political hacks than any lives ever could.

The individual is disposable to Democrat politicians, elected or activist. Not theirs, of course, or the people they personally care about, but everyone else. The death of a junkie fighting police officers caused more fake outrage than all the murders of black people in Chicago over the last two decades, at least, among Democrats. Does anyone really think a single one of them gave a damn about George Floyd? If they did, and he lived his whole life where they have absolute control, why didn’t they do anything to help him while he was alive?

The truth is George Floyd was the type of guy who Joe Biden’s White House staff would’ve cleared off the streets before a presidential visit so Biden could walk, unmolested, down the street for the cameras. And that’s how Democrats view everyone, everywhere, always. 

The horrible death of Tyre Nichols is the latest example of how the left works. Ben Crump gets dispatched and signs the family with promises of justice under the guise of a big settlement, then sits in on every television interview (not off-camera, because what’s the PR value in that?). Al Sharpton shows up, MSNBC sends half their on-air staff. Biden makes a phone call, then a visit is planned – he talks about the family like he spent years vacationing with them when the reality is he can barely remember their names or why he’s there. Then the “think pieces” about how society is really to blame, or something else, and how we all need some kind of reckoning because of it. 

It may not work in this case, since all the police are black and they have been charged with very serious crimes, but the playbook is the playbook, and it must be followed because you never know what events will work best for the party. And you have to be prepared. 

The country watched the video of a man beaten and no medical aid rendered for far too long. That could unify most, if not all, of the country. But that unity wouldn’t be “behind Democrats,” so it’s not useful and must be destroyed. That’s what Democrats do, they destroy.

It hasn’t worked, so far, as of Saturday morning; cities didn’t burn. Not for lack of trying by the media flame-fanners and ratings whores, but Democrats aren’t about to give up on this chance just yet. Time will tell…