Friday, February 24, 2023

Neighbors Beat The Tar Out Of Armed Teenager After He Allegedly Tried To Carjack Grandma With Cancer

 By Cullen Linebarger | Gateway Pundit

Washington, DC – Neighbors beat up a 15-year-old teenage thug after he allegedly tried to carjack an elderly lady known as “Grandma” on her way to get chemo treatment.

The incident took place last Friday around 8:30 a.m. in the 22nd St. Southeast neighborhood, according to WJLA. DC Police say the suspect entered the elderly woman’s car and demanded her keys.

The woman told the teenager that would never happen.

“Next thing I know, he walked up talking about, ‘Give me your keys, I got a gun.’ “Grandma” told WJLA. ‘Baby, you better shoot me, because you’re not taking my car.’”

“He pushed me to the door and I got up and grabbed him and was hitting his ass, and hitting him and fighting him and I said, ‘You not going to take my car, youngin.’”

The woman then yelled for help and her neighbors darted out to assist her.

The suspect attempted to flee but the neighbors caught up to him. They proceeded to beat the tar out of the teenager for violently threatening "Grandma."

“They caught him and I said, ‘Oh, you going to jail today. You definitely going to jail, yes you are,” said "Grandma."

The teenager suspect was then transported to the hospital. A fake gun was found on the teenager according to police.

The old woman said the police were amazed the suspect was still alive after the brutal beatdown considering how rough the neighborhood is.

"And they said it’s a wonder he wasn’t dead," she told WJLA. "On 22nd Street? He must didn’t know where he was. Nobody has seen this boy before."

According to WJLA, there have been 82 carjackings this year alone and just 14 arrests in DC this year. "Grandma" is quite fortunate to have avoided becoming the latest victim.