Monday, December 18, 2023

Democrats Have Gotten Even Worse

By Derek Hunter |

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

When Barack Obama refused to leave Washington DC at the end of his term, it broke an important precedent of former Presidents leaving town when their terms were over because we only have one President at a time. That’s part of what drives me nuts about referring to these people by the titles they used to hold – it’s almost a title of nobility, the kind our Constitution expressly forbids.

It's kind of funny, given all the whining Democrats do about Donald Trump “breaking norms,” that they are the ones who pioneered doing just that. Losing the 2000 election, something broke in the Democrats. “NOT MY PRESIDENT” became that face tattoo of the activist left, a mantra they chanted as they demanded “NO WAR FOR OIL” as the anti-war movement goose-stepped through the country. 

When Barack Obama won in 2008, the anti-war movement evaporated. Where did they go? No one knows. The wars they insisted end immediately didn’t end, yet they shoved Cindy Sheehan into a suitcase and left the stage. 

Throughout all of it, the left whined about “the extreme right!” They were doing this or that, threatening to take away this or that. Pretty much making anyone not a committed leftist a monster was all Democrats had. And it worked.

Never underestimate the stupidity of a large percentage of the population to whom it simply never occurs to question anything authority tells them. If you ever wondered how the Nazis could get their population to embrace such horrible things, look no further than what Democrats have been doing for the last 30 years.

The last 2 Republican presidents were declared “illegitimate” by Democrats because they didn’t get a majority of the popular vote (though Bush did the second time). Curiously, this rule didn’t apply to Bill Clinton, who twice failed to get 50 percent of the popular vote. 

Democrats also challenged election results, attempting to overturn them in 2000 and 2016. They’re lucky that only became the greatest threat our democracy could ever face in 2020, or else they’d have to be called hypocrites and pigs. 

They also bastardized the language, turning their literal attempts to intimidate members of the Electoral College into changing their votes into heroism, while bringing legal action to challenge state voting law changes imposed by a governor expressly against the plain language of the Constitution as an attempted coup. 

For the left, “truth” is a teenage girl and they’re all Jeffrey Epstein, which makes sense considering how many of them were disturbingly close to that pervert (and how they’re still scrambling to hide things like his flight logs from the public).

Institutions were only trusted when Democrats controlled them, subpoenas were “Congressional subpoenas” when issued by a Democrat-controlled House and defiance of them got your home raided and the full weight of the Justice Department dumped on you. Now they’re “Republican subpoenas” and defying them is brave, especially when done accompanied by a declarative “middle-finger” of a statement outside the Capitol building. 

Nothing is sacred to the left except their own power. They’ve spent years declaring every loss they suffer in the Supreme Court as a “right-wing court imposing its will on the public.” And now, they’ve gone even further. 

They are actively using language designed to inspire violence, possibly assassination of their opponents – I don’t think they care about how far it goes, they just want more James Hodgkinsons. And now they’re fundraising off the idea of “Trump’s Supreme Court.” 

A fundraising email not from some fringe left-wing group, but the Biden/Harris campaign itself, opens “Trump’s Supreme Court is at it again.” We don’t have a Republican Court and a Democrat Court, we only have one Court. But anything that displeases the left needs to be authorized and destroyed. Its legitimacy needs to be questioned and destroyed. 

The damage they cause is irrelevant, the end result and their own power is all that matters. When some violent leftist activist snaps and tries to kill a Supreme Court Justice simply because they don’t like a ruling, well…that’s already happened, hasn’t it? The inconvenient story was quickly swept under the rug, as the President and most Democrats never bothered to condemn it. They hate it when their plans don’t come to completion – all the hard work for nothing. 

The idea of a “Trump Supreme Court” is the latest action by the left to divide the country, and probably their worst so far. The natural progression of their actions is something horrible and violent, which is exactly what they want. Division and all that comes with it is all they have left. As bad as they’ve been in the past, as their agenda is threatened by the idea of voters having their say, they will only get worse and worse.