Tuesday, June 11, 2024

It's Been a Fantastically Terrible Few Days for Hamas Monsters and Their Sick Supporters

By Guy Benson | Townhall.com

AP Photo/Adel Hana

By now, you've seen the sensational news that Israeli forces managed to rescue four innocent hostages from Hamas captivity over the weekend.  This is a victory for basic humanity and decency, and a blow to Hamas and its legions of supporters.  It comes on the heels of the terrorists rejecting yet another ceasefire deal, as the Hamas-started Gaza war entered its ninth month.  The successful rescue operation was daring and complex.  It also clearly relied on very reliable and detailed intelligence, which must be concerning to Israel's enemy.  It is hard to imagine the joy and relief that must have washed over these families as they were informed of the news that their loved ones had been saved from the monsters who've held them against their will for three-quarters of a year.  In case you've missed them, here are some of the dramatic scenes:



Israel Defense Forces @IDF

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE from the helicopter that brought Noa back home from Hamas captivity:



I'd bet that nearly every person involved in these embraces were not sure this day would ever come. What a blessing. Bravo to every single person involved in the rescue, especially the fallen Israeli hero who died in the service of others. Like clockwork, this incredible feat by the Israelis touched off fury among Hamas apologists and fans around the world, such as the evil death cultists recently spotted in New York City. What a sad and frustrating day it must have been for these Islamist ghouls.



Parmis🇮🇱 @ParmisLJavan

Shocking! Pro-Hamas supporters disrupt the Israel rally today in NYC with these atrocious signs.


Imagine aligning yourself with these twisted psychos.  I'll give them half a clap for clarifying candor.  

Behold, the (hidden) faces of the pro-Hamas, anti-American, "anti-Zionist" movement.  Congratulations to the so-called 'progressives' -- like these bigoted, embarrassing lunatics -- who ally themselves with these degenerates.  Let's be clear about the critics, who are citing Hamas-furnished, inevitably exaggerated 'civilian death' statistics allegedly related to the operation.

The anti-Israel fanatics aren't upset about the civilian casualties here, if there were any.  They're upset that Israel got some of their hostages home.  It really is that simple.  Remember, every single death in this war is the fault of Hamas, which started the war and refuses to end it.  Every single one.  This disturbing reality also complicates the concept of "innocent" Palestinians.  Some Gaza residents surely are innocent victims, caught in the crossfire of a war they don't want.  Others, however, are morally culpable.

And why would CNN insist upon regurgitating wholly unreliable terrorist propaganda, especially after so many previous lies from those genocidal maniacs have been exposed? 

Directly relatedly, this past weekend was also a rough on for Hamas sycophants in the West because the Associated Press decided to do some journalism that dismantled the terrorist organization's bogus 'death toll' statistics, which are intentionally invented to turn global sentiment against the Jewish state.

Mayer writes: 

Hamas claims about both the overall number of casualties and the proportion of women and children among the total are contradicted by Hamas's own data, which is itself based on a mishmash of sources, all of which lead back to the terrorist group itself...the AP's analysis of Hamas's own data shows that, as recently as the end of April, the actual proportion was about half – a civilian casualty ratio of approximately 1:1 that is both among the lowest in the history of modern urban warfare and wholly consistent with Israel's claims since the start of the war.In addition, Hamas itself acknowledges that its overall figure of roughly 34,600 war casualties includes nearly 10,000—29% of the total—who are curiously "unidentified," suggesting that the ratio may be even less convenient for the terrorist group than the data it does disclose shows.

This is not a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention, and who understands that Hamas lies like it breathes.  Finally, it has been a painful stretch of days for Team Hamas because one of their nastiest and most bigoted public figures in the United States finally lost her job over her despicable conduct (yes, previous tweets like this make her overdue and deserved fate more delicious).  And a modicum of accountability is arriving for the Hamas brigade and their enablers on various US campuses.



Steve McGuire @sfmcguire79

NEW: The 13 protestors who occupied Stanford President Saller’s office have been charged with felony burglary.


May all of these people take many more L's in the coming days.