Thursday, August 27, 2015

President Obama's Two Americas

by Dr. Rich Swier

The two Americas phrase referred to social stratification in American society, made famous in a 2004 speech by former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards. Fast forward to today and we see the realities of President Obama’s two Americas. Obama’s  two Americas is more than the haves and have-nots (i.e. 99% anarchist movement). Much more.

Perhaps President Obama’s two Americas is best understood in the context of the slaughter of two CBS employees by Vester Lee Flanagan, an unemployed angry black homosexual.

Vester Lee Flanagan (a.k.a. Bryce Williams)

Flanagan (a.k.a. Bryce Williams) slaughtered an unarmed white female reporter and her white cameraman in Virginia. Pierre Thomas, Jack Cloherty, Jack Date and Mike Levine via ABC’s Good Morning America, report:

Sources familiar with the investigation tell ABC News that in his attack, Flanagan used a Glock 19 — a firearm similar to one that Cho used in his mass attack.

In Flanagan’s often rambling letter to authorities, family and friends, he writes of a long list of grievances. In one part of the document, Flanagan calls it a “Suicide Note for Friends and Family.”

He says he has been attacked by black men and white females. He talks about how he was attacked for being a gay, black man. He says has suffered racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at work.

He chronicles the “tough times” he’s faced, including some “financial crashes.” He says he used to work as a male escort but, “I am proud of it” because he “made thousands.”


Allison Parker moments before being shot by Vester Lee Flanagan.

Since his election in 2008 President Obama has:

1.      Created a black white racial divide.

2.      Created an economic divide, which created social stratification (i.e. more haves and abandoned the have-nots).

3.      Used government regulations and departments to attack opponents.

4.      Introduced Common Core into public schools nation wide to indoctrinate not educate.

5.      Created a divide between Christians and anti-Christians (e.g. Muslims, homosexuals, satanists, collectivists).

6.      Created a social divide between naturalized citizens and illegal aliens.

7.      Created class warfare (i.e. the 99% versus the 1%).

8.      Created a war on fossil fuels, especially coal, using Environmental Protection Agency rules.

9.      Created a barrier between law enforcement and citizens (e.g. in cities like Baltimore, Ferguson, Detroit)

10.  Created a war against lawful gun owners rather than addressing criminals like Vester Lee Flanagan.

11.  Created a opaque government rather than his promised transparent government.

12.  Created a political divide between Democrats and all others opposed to his policies, including some Democrats.

13.  Created a divide between America and Israel.

14.  Created a foreign policy divide between America and global freedom loving movements.

15.  And on, and on, and on…

Before President Obama Americans did not see issues like being black, Hispanic, homosexual or bulling as important. President Obama has made these policies the keystones of his administration.

Question: Can you see that the slaughter of two white CBS employess by Vester Lee Flanagan, an angry black homosexual, is a natural outcome of President Obama and his policies?