Saturday, July 01, 2017

Help American Soldiers And Military Families

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WAR HEROES will be a TV series to help American soldiers and military families.
The creator of WAR HEROES is Jack Thomas Smith who is a feature film/TV director, writer and producer. His previous films include the psychological thriller DISORDER, which was released by Universal/Vivendi and Warner Brothers, and the psychodrama INFLICTION, which was released by Virgil Films & Entertainment.

Jack is strong supporter of our men and women in uniform and he is presently developing this pro-military docu-series TV show WAR HEROES to help American soldiers and military families. His company, Fox Trail Productions, is seeking donations in the amount of $1 per individual to shoot the pilot episode so that we can pitch the show to networks. 

 Benghazi hero Kris Paronto
is attached as the host of

WAR HEROES personalizes American combat soldiers, focusing on their struggles after service or their ultimate sacrifice in battle. Each episode will be compelling, informative, and inspiring. The series will focus on such stories as fallen soldiers and the families they left behind; soldiers reunited with nurses, who saved their lives; and veterans’ long term struggles with PTSD and physical disabilities. Each episode will end with a community event, donation, or memorial tribute to help the soldiers or the families they left behind, our Gold Star families. 

Our goal is to secure a TV network deal for the series so that ongoing revenue generated by the show can also benefit the soldiers and their families. This is a project we are all passionate about. 

A donation in the amount of $1 per individual will be greatly appreciated to help shoot the pilot episode. 

WAR HEROES will give back to our men and women in uniform, who fight to defend our freedom and way of life.
Donations can be made online via PayPal by clicking the button or link below:

Information about Jack Thomas Smith can be found at the below links. 

Official Website -


(USA Retired)
I support the creation of WAR HEROES and will make two donations
in memory of my spouse's parents:
ROBERT ALTON RICE (1919 – 2010)
Robert Alton Rice enlisted in the US Army (Infantry) in early 1939. 

He served in the Panama Canal Zone, Iceland, and the United Kingdom prior to landing in Normandy with the 10th Infantry Regiment (5th Infantry Division) in July 1944. They fought across France, Luxembourg (Battle of the Bulge), Belgium, Germany and ended the war in western Czechoslovakia.

He received the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart medals.

After the war, he was the commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post # 3019 and a member of the executive board of the American Legion Hice-Shutes post # 170, both in Three Rivers, Michigan.



Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Anne Elizabeth Rice worked in the Royal Ordnance Factory in Wales during World War II where she performed tests of the chemistry of explosives.

She met Robert Alton Rice in Northern Ireland and, after the war, married him in the United States in 1946.
She worked many years for the Three Rivers Hospital and was active also for many years in the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary.