Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Representation through illegal immigration

By William Haupt III | The Center Square contributor 

In this Tuesday, June 8, 2021, photo, a group of Brazilian migrants make their way around a gap in the U.S.-Mexico border in Yuma, Ariz., seeking asylum in the United States after crossing over from Mexico.  - Eugene Garcia / AP

"We will not turn a single family away who seeks refuge in the state of California." – Gavin Newson

Since America is a nation of independent states, representation has always been and will always be a contentious issue. Out of fear of losing their independence to a powerful central government, this was the number one issue at the 1787 Constitutional Convention. Debates between delegates became so hostile that it looked as though the convention would fail to produce a new constitution.

Small states demanded equal representation in Congress while large states wanted representation based on population. When delegates from Connecticut proposed a two house compromise, one based on population and the other with equal representation, the "Great Compromise" seemed to appease both large and small states. But the fight had just begun – and continues on to this day.

Intense debates went on for weeks since the slave states wanted slaves counted in the population. Finally, delegates agreed to The "Three-fifths Compromise" to count each slave as three-fifths of the population. All states would have two senators and a representative for every 30,000 inhabitants.

"Unless you can beat anybody on any given day, you better learn how to compromise." – Cesaro

In order to accurately assign seats in Congress, the states agreed that at the beginning of each decade, a census would be taken to determine each state's population. The results of that census would be used to re-appropriate the seats in Congress according to changes in every state's total population.

At the time of our founding, all free men and women within the U.S. borders became citizens with the signing of the Constitution. There were no illegal immigrants in the U.S. And that is a problem we have dealt with since. If illegal immigrants don't have rights, why do they have representation in Congress?

Our founders' naivety has been a bone of contention for America since. All attempts to change this constitutional oversight have met with stiff resistance from liberals. They not only see every illegal as a future voter but as a "number" that will increase their representation in Congress each census.

"I consider turning away anyone from our border as totally un-American." – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The census records a person's birth place and citizenship to evaluate current policies and laws and develop services for non-citizens. It is an oxymoron to even think it was meant to be used as a tool to provide illegal immigrants representation in Congress. Since nobody has a right to be in our nation illegally, why would anyone dare think illegal immigrants should have the same representation in Congress as citizens.

While the number of illegal immigrants in America is a matter of debate, over 10 million responded to this year's census. That works out to about 5% of the total of the 2020 Census. That will have a significant impact on how seats are allocated in Congress in liberal, illegal-sanctuary blue states.

Redistricting within states that have a high presence of illegal immigrants dramatically distorts political representation. Including illegal immigrants in the apportionment process robs House seats from states made up primarily of American citizens. And it gives additional seats to illegal immigrant friendly blue states.

An unavoidable effect of allowing large-scale illegal immigration is that Americans who live in areas composed largely of citizens lose political representation. On the other hand, those that reside in areas with large numbers of illegal immigrants gain political power, which favors big government progressives.

Illegal immigration stacks the political deck against Republicans. According to recent Census data where at least one in five adults is not a citizen, just one is represented by a Republican. But where 98% of the populations are citizens only, five are represented by a Democrat. Considering how the left benefits from illegal migrants, it is not rocket science to see why President Joe Biden wants open borders.

The top states seeing a mass exodus are all Democrat-controlled. People fed up with high crime and high taxes last year in New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois, and Maryland fled in record numbers to Republican-controlled states: Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, Idaho, and North and South Carolina. This will affect a minimum of two dozen Congressional seats in about a third of the states.

Facts and sheer numbers prove why Biden and Democrats want open borders. Illegal immigration not only has a negative impact populating Congress, it also gives a voice in the Electoral College to illegal immigrants since those votes are based on total population – not just legal citizens. This disenfranchises the representative rights of all legal citizens in Congress, which is amplified in the Electoral College.

The crisis at the border is a direct result of Biden's radical immigration plan to repopulate the blue state head count. This is key to the left’s master plan to control the Electoral College and bury the GOP. The left's personal political motives are endangering America's sovereignty and our security.

"We do not plan on turning away anyone seeking asylum for any reason in the U.S." – Joe Biden

When Donald Trump tried to exclude illegal immigrants from apportioning House seats and Electoral College votes, this met with instant criticism from the left and the media. But they offered no justification for this show of concern or any reasons why illegal immigrants should have the same representation as citizens.

Democrats painted Donald Trump as cruel to illegal immigrants. But what is cruel about enforcing the law? Biden promised to “welcome them into the states,” even in those that don't want them. Today, cartel trafficking networks are smuggling millions of illegal immigrants into the U.S. to fulfill Biden's promises.

Leonardo da Vinci told us, "Every action is prompted by a motive." Anyone who believes the left has compassion for illegal immigrants must also believe Elvis Presley is alive and hiding on an island in the South Pacific. Democrats have proven they have no compassion for illegal immigrants. To them, they are numbers. If they cared about them, they would not treat them like animals in cages, without health screening, or concern for their safety. Their goal is to process them and get them out to the states.

It took a patriot, President Trump, to assert we exclude illegal immigrants from apportionment. He reminded us of the financial, security and political issues with uncontrolled illegal immigration. Something is not right with a system that punishes red and swing states, and rewards blue states that break the law.

At a time when we hear about the allegedly unfair advantage the GOP holds in the Senate and the Electoral College, we rarely hear how much illegal immigration empowers progressive Democrats.

Democrats are always talking about immigration reform but they do not put their money where their mouths are. True immigration reform is not blanket amnesty but keeping illegal immigrants out of the country completely. "We must fix our broken immigration system. That means stopping illegal immigration. It means welcoming properly vetted legal immigrants just like we have for centuries." –  Nikki Haley